Belfast Commercial Chronicle - Saturday, 2 March 1805


Lately, at Crevagh-lane, Limerick, Thomas Kelly, aged eighty-nine, to Bridget Maddison, aged fourteen years!!!

The nuptials between Lord Ormond and Miss Clarke have at length been celebrated. -- The amiable bride, besides an estate of 18,000/. per annum, posses 80,000/. in ready cash.


On the 26th ult. in the 35th year of his age, Mr. Samuel Carson of this town, Merchant, who was a real friend, an honest man, and sincerely regretted by his friends and a numerous acquaintance.

At the Hot Wells, Bristol, James Hamilton, Esq., son and heir of John Hamilton, of Brownhall, in the county of Donegall.



WANTED, a Man of sober good Character, and a good Workman, will have constant employment; apply to WM. NEWSAM. Belfast, Feb. 26.



William Sinclaire, Merchant, Plaintiff. William Chambers, of Belfast, dealer, Defendant.

TO be SOLD by the Sheriff of the County of Antrim, on Tuesday the 12th Day of March next, at noon, at the House of WM. JAMESON, North-street, Belfast, by virtue of a Writ of Fieri Facias in this Cause, marked 313/. 4s. 4d. all the Right and Title of the Defendant in and to a substantial Tenement, situate in the Fore Plantation, Belfast, held for the Term of 69 Years from May 1792, subject to the yearly Rent of 3/. Sterling -- Dated 25th Feb. 1805.





On Monday, the 1st Day of April next; and Possession given on 1st May following, if not sooner disposed of by private Contract.

THAT commodious and well established INN, situate in English-street, Downpatrick, known by the name of THE PRICE'S ARMS; together with a 4-Acre Field immediately adjoining the Town, held by Lease under FRANCIS SAVAGE, Esq. for three Lives, two of which are still in being, at the yearly Rent of 52/.. 2s. 2½d. The House and Offices are in good repair; there is a large and well-enclosed Yard, with great sufficiency of Stabling, excellently lofted. Also will be sold, whatever stock of Hay may be on hand, the Horses and two Post-Chaisers, with a great varIety of Household furniture.

Proposals, in writing (post-paid) will be received by Mr. THOMAS NEVIN and Mr. HUGH STRAIN, Downpatrick; or Mrs. LAW, on the Premises.

Downpatrick, Feb. 16.



The Courier, John Greg, Master, sailed for Bristol on Friday with a fair wind.


Lady Mount Stewart, from Whitehaven, Coals.
The Betsey, and the Success, from Irvine, Coals.
Two Friends, from New-York, with 743 hogsheads Flaxseed, 204 barrels Ashes, 70 bales Cotton-wool, 229 barrels Rosin, 15,500 Staves.
Friendship, from Maryport, Coals.
James, from Irvine, Coals.


Kitty, for Ulverstone, Ballast.
Helena, for Workington, Ballast.
Lady Mount Stewart, for Bangor, Ballast.
Betsey, for Bangor, Ballast.
Fairly, for Sligo, with bleaching Salt, Vitriol, Soap, Glass, Grates, Barilla, American Ashes.



THAT HOUSE and GARDEN, adjoining Malone Turnpike, lately occupied by JOHN M'CLENAGHEN. Immediate Possession can be given. Apply to SAM. GIBSON.

Belfast, Feb. 28.




At the stores of JOHN GRAHAM & Co. Ann-street,
On Tuesday next, the 5th inst. at One o'Clock,
TWENTY-THREE BAGS GINGER, partly damaged on board the Barbara and Isabella, CAPTAIN BIRD, on her Voyage from Jamaica to this Port.

Belfast, March 2.



PROPOSALS fro building a METHODIST CHAPEL will be recieved by SAMPSON CLARK, No.53, Castle-street, any time prior to the 12th Inst. who will also shew the PLAN to any Person willing to engage in the above work.

All the Materials wil be furnished (except Mortar Boxes and Scaffolding) on Security be given by the Contractor.

Belfast, March 8.



A HANDSOME POST-CHAISE, at ATKIN'S, Coach, Sign, and House-Painter, CARRIAGE REPOSITORY, Princess-street, Belfast.


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Belfast Commercial Chronicle - Monday, 4 March 1805


On Monday last, Mr. John Sharp, Merchant, Colerain, to the agreeable Miss Eliza Scott of same place.


A new Colony is about to be founded in the Eastern Hemisphere. We learn, by the last letters from Botany Bay, that a number of settlers and convicts had been removed from that parent colony, and Norfolk Island, to a new settlement, established in an advantageous situation called Port Dalrymple, on Van Diemen's Land, to the south of Bass's Straits. This third establishment in the East, founded in consequence of positive instructions from the Government, was deemed of such importance, that Mr. Patterson, the Deputy Governor of Sydney, removed to Port Dalrymple, for the purpose of superintending it.




A CONSIDERABLE Quantity, of a SUPERIOR QUALITY, at 5s. 5d. per 112lbs.

Belfast, March 2.



HAS just received for Sale the following Articles, which he will sell on moderate terms:

CANVAS, for Window-Blinds.
HAIR WEB, for Chairs.
LINENS of almost every Description.



JAMES BRADFORD has just received, per the Nightingale, Captain Bowen, from Newport, a Cargo of WELSH SLATES of an excellent Quality, which will be Sold out of the Vessel, at the Quay, on reasonable Terms, for Ready Money.

Store-lane, Belfast, March 2.



To be Sold by Auction, at the Donegall Arms, Belfast, on Friday the 15th March next, at One o'Clock, and Possession given on the 1st May next.

THE LEASE of the HOUSE and DEMESNE of PINE HILL, in the County of Down, within fives Miles of Belfast, and three of Lisburn, containing 33A. 2R. 32P. Cunningham measure, held for one very good life and a few years. The House and Offices are in thorough repair, and the Graden and Lands in the highest order, having been lately manured at a considerable expence. The Deeds, and aMap of the concern, are in the hands of P.CONNOR, N. P. Belfast; and further particulars may be known, by applying to Mr. SMYTH on the Premises.

Pine Hill, Feb. 23.



Dispatch, Dobbin, arrived here yesterday, and loads for Dublin.
The Hawk, Capt. Downie, is loading at Dublin, for Belfast.
Arrived safe in the Downs from hence with convoy, the Factor, Conway, 23d ult.; The Fame, Smith, 25th ult.
The St. Patrick, Captain Campbell, arrived safe in the Downs from Scilly, the 23d February, under convoy of the Helena.
The Eagle, Captain Dillon, and Jane, Captain M'Donnell, arrived safe in the Downs, 26th February, under convoy of the Argus.
The Hibernia, Montgomery, from hence for London, is in the Roads, ready to sail the first fair Wind, under convoy of the Rosario.


Swallow, from Greenock, with caols, coperas, cotton-yarn, black soap, haberdashery, sugar, and spades.
James, from Irvines; coals.
Rose, from Marypost; coals.
Bellona, from Oporto, with wine, corkwood, lemons and oranges.


Jenny, for Larne, brilliant; and Rose, for Carrickfergus, coals.


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Belfast Commercial Chronicle - Wednesday, 6 March 1805


A few days ago, at Ballygowan, county Down, Robert Rolle Reid, Esq.

On the 26th ult. at his house in Killead, Mr. Samuel MacMaster, aged 83 years. He was an affectionate husband, a good father, an honest man, and a good christian; his memory will be long respected by all who knew him.

In London, at the house of his son, in Percy-street, in the 76th year of his age, Dr. William Buchan, the celebrated author of :The Domestic Medicine," &c.

Lately at his house in Queen-street, Edinburgh, Sir James Stirling, Bart. formerly Lord Provost of that city.

Mr. Archibald Grant, eldest son of Sir Archibald Grant, of Monymusk, Bart. He was one of the unfortunate passengers who perished in the Abergavenny.

In America, in April last, James Thomas, in the 130th year of his age. He lived very temperately, and to the last year of his existence could read without spectacles.




A PARCEL of BLACK SOAP, from one of the first Manufacturing Houses in Paisley.

He has just now a supply of COD LIVER OIL, form the London and Greenock Markets; the former has been well approved, and will be found superior to what is commonly used here. He daily expects the arrival of about 30 Tons of CHEPSTOW OAK BARK.

He will dispose of the above goods on very reasonable terms for good payments.

Belfast, March 4.



JAMES T. KENNEDY & CO. have for sale, a parcel of the first quality, in Pockets; also, a large stock of
imported by themselves direct from Oporto and will be sold as cheap as any of equal quality in this Market. The are also well supplied with Red Spanish Wines, Claret, Sherry, Lisbon, and Tenerife, in wood and bottle, which, with best Jamaica Rum, Brandy, Dublin and Belfast Whiskey, will be sold on the lowest Terms.




WILLIAM SEED and ROBERT BAILIE will Sell by Auction, at their Stores, Weigh-house-lane, on Friday next the 8th March instant, precidsely at One o'Clock, 100 MATTS ALICANT BARILLA ASHES. -- Terms at Sale.

March 1.



JAMES BRADFORD has just received, per the Nightingale, Captain Bowen, from Newport, a Cargo of WELSH SLATES of an excellent Quality, which will be Sold out of the Vessel, at the Quay, on reasonable Terms, for Ready Money.

Store-lane, Belfast, March 2.




THE NEW ROPEWALK COMPANY have on Sale a large Quantity of Clean, Outshot, and codills HEMP, with a variety of Oils, Colours, and Ship-Chandlery Articles.

No. 5, Chichester-quay, Belfast.

N.N. Cables, Hawsers, Sails, and Furnace Bottoms, made, as usual, at the shortest Notice.

An Apprentice wanted for the Office, a Fee wil be expected.



The Insurance Companies in this city have come to the conclusion jointly to fit out the brig Ann Maria, Captain Coffin, with men, provisions, and other necessaries, to cruize off the coast for the purposes of aiding our merchantmen into port, and to succour the distressed whenever they may be found.


We are happy to find a Subscription is about to be entered into for the purpose of ornamenting with cut stone the intended Bridge, over the Black-staff river, on the new line of road from Malone Turnpike into Arthur-street; and have no doubt but that public spirit which the inhabitants of this town and neighbourhood are so much distinguished for, will be fully evinced on this occasion; particularly as it must so much tend to the embellishment of the principal entrance to the town.


On Friday morning, a man named Murray Lowry was found dead at the side of a ditch, on the road between Ballywalter and Ballyobigan. -- It is supposed he perished through the inclemency of the weather.


The fleet which sailed from Cork on the 27th January, under convoy of the Proselyte frigate and Elk brig of war, for the West Indies, were all well on the 8th of February, in lat. 37, lon. 17 West. 129 sail in company.


The recent aggression of certain nocturnal revellers in Mill-street, who wantonly destroyed the lamps that are lighted up only for the convenience and safety of the inhabitants of the town, yesterday morning, will probably become the subject of legal prosecution, as our vigilant and offended Magistrates are making every effort to discover those gentlemen who have so far lost sight of decorum as to violate the public tranquility, at an hour devoted to rest and peace.


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Belfast Commercial Chronicle - Saturday, 9 March 1805


On Tuesday last, of a few days illness, at Antrim Castle, the Right Hon. Clotworthy, Earl of Masareene [sic], aged 62 years, a Nobleman possessed of many great and good qualities; among others he was a good landlord, a kind master, and a sincere friend, than whom no man was more attached to is King and Country, which he strongly evinced when he, at the head of his own Yeomanry corps, defended the town of Antrim on the memorable 7th day of June, 1798, against several thousand Rebels.

Lately, of a wound he received in cutting a French prize out of harbour, in the East Indies, Mr. Z. Betty, son of the late Apothecary General to the forces in the West Indies and first cousin to the Young Roscius.

At his house, near Bray, Clotworthy Rowley, Esq. a gentleman regretted for his excellent character and aimable qualities, he was one of the commissioners for compensation, and for upwards of 50 years M.P. for Downpatrick.

At his house, at Lilliput, on Sunday last, Mr. Henry Welsh, at the 58th year of his age, formerly a merchant in this town.

On the 21st ult. Mrs. Hood, of Rescum, near Loughbrickland.



HOUSE and DEMESNE of HARRYMOUNT to be Let, for such Term of Years of Lives as may be agreed on, from 25th of March, and immediate Possession given. The House being roomy, and beautifully situated, could be made most comfortable, with little expense. The Demesne consists of 60 Acres and upwards, Irish Plantation Measure, of good Arable Ground, exclusive of a large quantity of excellent Turf-Bog, within a few Fields of the HOuse. It is situated within a short distance of Lurgan, Warringstown, and Magheralin, in a highly improved Country. -- Proposals in writing will be recieved by HENRY PORTER, Esq., Mallow, or THOMAS DICKSON, Esq. Portadown.

March 2.




BEGS leave to inform the LADIES and GENTLEMEN of the Town of Belfast, and its Vicinity, that he has lately removed to No. 34, Castle-street, where he has fitted up an Apartment for the accommodation of his Friends, who wish to employ him in the Line of his Professin, and he will attend each Day from 12 to 2 o'Clock for this purpose.

Ladies' Head Dresses, and Gentlemen's Perukes made in the newest Fashion, and shortest notice, and he has laid in a General supply of Perfumery of the best kinds, which he is determined to dispose of on the most reasonable Terms.

March 4.



The Spanish brig Estrella Divina, from Vera Cruz to Barcelona, with 268,930 dollars, and a valuable cargo, was taken 8th ult. by the Endeavour, M'Millan, Liverpool, and since taken possession of by the Egyptienne frigate, who took out the specie, and is arrived at Falmouth.

A very valuable Spanish ship, from the River Plate, was taken by a Jersey privateer, re-taken by the General Perignon French privaterr, since taken again by the Nautilus sloop, and arrived at Plymouth 23d ult.

The Spanish ship America, alias El Yiedo, from the Havannah, is taken by the Diana privateer of Jersey, and arrived at Plymouth.

A valuable Spanish ship, called El Metis, prize to the Tribune frigate, arrived Portsmouth 26th ult.

The Thetis, Ormiston, laden with coals, taken by the Prosper privateer of Boulogne, was lost near Calais 3d ult. crew saved.

The Janus, Waterman, from Turk's Island to Virginia, was abandoned at sea by the crew.

The Cecilia, Brown, from Dublin to New-York, was spoke with 23d January, in lat. 39 long.62, and the Favourite, -------, from London to New-York, in lat.42. long.56. on 26th January, by the Tor Abbey, Touzel, arrived at Guernsey, from Virginia.

The Diana, ------, from New-York, is lost in Honduras.

The Margaret, M'Kaun, from Lisbon to New-York, was driven on shore near New-York 20th January.

The Sea Flower, Staples, from St. Domingo to Bolton, was taken 28th December by A French privateer.

The Cato, Updehl, from Jamaica to New-York, was lost 16th January on Long Island.

The Polly and Peggy, Beale, from Antigua to Virginia, was lost 20th December.

The Alert, ----------, from Nantz to Boston, was lost near Boston, 24th December.

The Salsbury, Swain, from the Havannah and New-Providence to Liverpool, was wrecked off Sheet Harbour, Nova Scotia, and totally lost, with nine of the crew, on the 30th January, part of the cargo saved.

The Mary, Tedbull, sailed from Mew-Orleans on the 8th Oct. last, bound to Liverpool, and has not since been heard of.

The General Angereau French privateer, mounting fourteen 12-pounders and 87 men on board, was taken 13th ult. in latt.45. long.5. by the Topaze frigate; sha had been out seven weeks, and made no prizes.

The Aurora, Bleer, from Lisbon to Cherbourg, is detained by the Caroline privateer of Whitehaven, and sent into that port;the same privateer has detained the Hooende, Zieman, from Lisbon, and sent her into Kinsale.

The Britannia, Peters, from Waterford to Liverpool, is stranded near Holyhead.

Te Spanish Brigs Santissma Trinidad, from the Havannah to Barcelona, and the Maraquiter, from Cuba to Corunta, put into Bermuda the 12th January.

The Mars, Hughes, from Cork to Philadelphia, was deserted on 8th Jan. in lat.37. 51. long.56. by the captain and crew, who arrived at New-York, on 1st Feb. in the Guardian from Dublin.

The Geotye, Wyatt, from Bristol to London, has been taken and carried into Boulogne, where her cargo was discjHarged, and since retaken on her passage from thence to Calais, and carried into Dover 20th ult.

A large ship from the Coast of Africa, arrived in the river Plate, on the 28th of November, supposed to be the Brooks, of Liverpool.

The Ruth, Warden, from Newfoundland to Clyde, having lost her rudder, and making much water, gave themselves up, on the 27th Jan. to the Braave, French privateer, in lat.49.3. and 22.3. lon. On the 8th inst. she was recaptured by the Janvrin privateer of Guernsey, Naftel, who remained four days by her, and succeeded to fix a temporary rudder, and sent her for Guernsey, where she arrived 21st ult.


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Belfast Commercial Chronicle - Monday, 11 March 1805


The 6th inst. at O'Hara Brook, James Greer, Esq. of Ballynewry, county of Armagh, to Miss O'Hara, daughter of Henry O'Hara, Esq.



INFORMS his Friends, that he is now enabled to forward LINEN CLOTH and other Goods, without a risk of disappointment. He is licenced to conduct AUCTIONS, and Act as a NOTARY PUBLIC, in which he hopes his conduct has been satisfactory. HIs Stores are open for the reception of Goods, which he will sell either publicly or privately. He will pay particular Attention to Instructions, and charge moderately.

Belfast, Feb. 18.

An Apprentice wanted.



INFORMS his FRIENDS, he is, as usual, supplied with Sound WATCHES and CLOCKS, warranted.

Likewise, that he has this day received, from the first Manufacturing Houses in Dublin, a large Quantity of the most fashionable ROOM PAPERS, consisting of Trellas, Full Sattin, Half Ditto, and Common Papers, with suitable BORDERINGS, &C. all of which he is enabled to dispose of on the most reasonable Terms.

Belfast, March 7.



A COLOURED MAN, who is a Native of Jamaica. He can attend Table, dress Hair, and understands the Management of Horse and Carriages.

For further particulars apply to JAMES ROBINSON, No. 15, Hanover-quay.

Belfast, March 8.


In the matter of JOHN DAVIDSON, a Bankrupt.

THE ASSIGNEES to the Commission of Bankruptcy awarded and issued against said Bankrupt, will, on Monday the 1st day of April next, begin to sell by Auction, the SHOP GOODS belonging to said Bankrupt, on the Premises, consisting of a great Variety of


Also, the Household Furniture, Farming Utensils, &c. &c. -- and on Monday the 8th April will be set up for sale, at same place, the following Concerns, the property of said Bankrupt, viz.

No. I. -- The Lease of the valuable Concern in Bridge-street, at present occupied by said Bankrupt, held by Lease, 41 years from November 1781, at the small yearly rent of 23/.

No. II. -- Lease of a good substantial new House, three stories high, in Graham's Entry, the second House from Rosemary-lane, well adapted for any public business, held by Lease, 51 years from 1792, yearly rent 5/.

No. III. -- Lease of a Farm in Ballyrushboy, for three lives, all in being, containing 6 acres, 2 roods, and 10 perches, yearly rent 15/. 15s.

No. IV. -- Lease of a Piece of Land adjoining No.3, containing 3 acres, 3 roods, and 30 perches, held by Lease as No. 3, on which is erected a Cabin; the Land is in very fine heart, yearly rent 11/. 4s 6d.

No. V. -- Lease of an Orchard, two Houses, and a Field, in Mount Pottinger, containing 1 acre, 1 rood, for 41 years, or three Lives from 1st May 1784, yearly rent 8/. leased for 21 years from November 1799, at 20/. per annum.

No. VI. -- Lease of a House and Field in Ballymacarret, end of the Long Bridge, held in perpetuity, containing 3 roods 36 perches, yearly rent 3/. 6s. 6d.

Terms declared at time of Sale.

N.B. The Assignees have to request, that all those indebted to the estate of said Bankrupt, and also to the estate of DAVIDSON and PATRICK, may immediately pay their respective Debts to WILLIAM DAVIDSON, who is empowered to receive the same and to give receipts. Those who do not comply with this request, will be prosecuted for recovery of these Debts.





THAT HOUSE, No. 45, Donegall-street, at present occupied by RICARD DOBBS, Esq.:-- or, if more agreeable to the Tenant, the LEASE of it will be Sold, subject to a Rent of Thirty-one Pounds a Year. -- Apply at the Post-Office.

The Situation is one of the most pleasant and healthful in the Town, and there is an Entrance to the Rear from Church-street.



PORTSMOUTH, MARCH 4, -- Sailed the Tribune, to cruize off Cherburg. Previous to her sailing, 130,000 dollars were shared to the officers and crew on the capstan head. Each man received 125 as his proportion.

PLYMOUTH, MARCH 3. -- A prize to the Veteran, of 64 guns, Captain Newman, arrived at Torbay two days since. She brings an account of the squadron which escaped from Rochefort having got into Ferrol to join the Dutch, Spanish, and French squadrons there; and that the five sail of the line, detached from the Channel fleet, of which the Veteran was one, had joined Admiral Cochrane's squadron on that station.



A very remarkable circumstance occurred last week in Dean-street. -- Mr. Moser, a reputable tradesman, had been for some time indisposed, and, at his request, Mr. Jackson, his partner, was sent for, who had been in the country on business. The day the latter arrived in town, his friend was found dead in his bed, and Mr. Jackson had scarcely entered the house, when he dropped down and expired instantly. They were both young men of temperate habits and excellent characters.

A singular instance of good fortune occurred in the case of Mr. Carr, Distiller and Brewer, of Montrath, in the Queen's County. -- He came to town on Thursday, and ensured his Distillery and Brewery last Friday, 1st of March, at the Globe Insurance Office, for 10,500/. and on Tuesday he received an account of a most alarming fire on the premises -- he ran directly to the Globe Offices, much agitated at so unexpected a circumstance, where he was desired to go directly to the country, and ascertain the damage done.


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Belfast Commercial Chronicle - 13 March 1805


On Monday morning, Mr. James Carson, Jun. of Ann-street. His remains were this morning escorted to Newtownbreda by the Belfast Merchants' Corps (of which he was a member), accompanied by the Belfast Volunteer Company, and interred with military honours.

On Friday last, at Ballyclare, Mr. Paul Douglass.

After a short sickness, at Rock-Lodge, where she was on a visit, on the 4th instant, in the 71st year of her age, Mrs. Jane Hood, widow of the late Mr. William Hood, of Newtown-Stewart, and formerly relict of the Rev. Robert Peebles, of Cuckold-hill. -- The various offices of daughter, wife, mother, widow, and friend, were discharged by her in a truly christian and exemplary manner.

At Bath, on Tuesday se'night, Governor Pownall, in the 85th year of his ages. He left directions to be buried in Walcot Church, and that he might be laid in an oaken coffin, without ornament or inscription; that eight men should carry him to the grave, without any pall, and that a new suit of clothes should be given to them, of any colour they might choose. He was to be attended only by his housekeeper and man-servant. His body has been opened, and it was ascertained that his death was not from decay of the system, but that a gangerine had formed about the heart, which had stopped the circulation.




THAT HOUSE, No.45, Donegall-street, at present occupied by RICHARD DOBBS, Esq.:-- or, if more agreeable to the Tenant, the LEASE of it will be Sold, subject to a Rent of Thirty-one Pounds a Year. -- Apply at the Post-Office.

The Situation is one of the most pleasant and healthful in the Town, and there is an Entrance to the Rear from Church-street.



On the Premises, on Tuesday the 2d Day of April next, at 12 o'clock,

A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY VILLA, situate One Mile and a Half from BELFAST, in the Townland of BALLYNAFOY (County Down); commands a very extensive View of the Town and Harbour of Belfast, and the adjacent Country. The HOUSE is large and roomy, is newly built, and of the very best materials. The GARDENS are fully stocked with Fruit-Trees, Plants, Shrubs, and Flowers of the best kinds, has complete Melon and Cucumber Yard. The Land consists of Six Irish Acres, all of which is Meadow, in very high Condition, and planted with Clumbs of Forest-Trees and Hedge-rows.

For Particulars apply to the Proprietor in Belfast.


Belfast, March 9.


PLYMOUTH, MARCH 3. -- Last Monday a Court Martial was held on board the fleet at Torbay, on Captain BLIGH, of the Warrior, of 74 guns, on charges preferred against him by one of his Lieutenants (who was tried some time since for disobedience of orders, and acquitted). After a trial, which lasted the whole of the day, Captain B. was reprimanded, with an admonition from the President in Court, and restored to the command of the Warrior.

D. Campbell, a seaman of the Tribune, at Portsmouth, was tried by a Court Martial, on Wednesday, for desertion, and sentenced to receive 150 lashes. As the crime for which he stood charged with upon the books of the ship precluded him from the benefit of prize-money, the ship's company, on receiving a share arising from their late success, gave him, each man, a dollar, and the midshipmen, 5 dollars each. This act is characteristic of British seamen, and evinces the general good conduct of the man.



The Lively, of Jersey, arrived at Portsmouth yesterday, from the Mediterranean, reports that the Arrow Sloop of War, with a Bomb and about 25 sail of Vessels out of 30, under their convoy, from Malta, are captured of Toulon by two French Frigates.

The Margaretta Dorothes, -----------, from Rochelle to Embden, is detained by the Favourite Sloop, and sent into Portsmouth.

The St. Anna, alias Notres Hermanos, from Vera Cruz to Cadiz, with 20,000 Dollars, and a valuable Cargo, is taken by the Lady Frances Privateer, of Liverpool, and arrived at that port.

The Spanish ship Pastora, from the Havannah, is taken by the Pallas Frigate, and the Spanish Letter of Marque, El Grauoz, of 4 guns and 29 men, from St. Andero, is taken by the Veteran M. W. and both arrived at Plymouth.

The Vrow Catherina, Floor, and the Ferdinand, Finch, both from Bayonne to Embden, are detained by the Cruizer Brig, and sent into Yarmouth.

The Harmony, Ley, from Bristol to Portsmouth, which was on shore on the Isle of wight, is got off, and put into Cowes, with loss of rudder, ancor, cable, &c.

The Aurora, Donald, from St. Kitt's; the Hardware, Maclock (?), from N. York; teh Orwell, Parr, and the Britannia, Burn, which were on shore near Liverpool, are got off.

The Caminhando Portuguese brig, of about 120 tons burthen, laden with wine and fruit, was totally wrecked on the 1st inst. near Barmouth; about 90 pipes of wine saved.

The Helena, Spurs, from Quebec to Newcastle, which was stranded near Hartlepool, is got off, and carried into Hartlepool harbour.

The William, Holmes, from Limerick to London, has put into Rutland (North of Ireland) in great distress, and must unload to repair.

The Suphy, M'Vicar, from Liverpool to Halifax, was spoke with the latter end of January, at the entrance of the Cut of Canso, much damaged in her sails, &c., and then 80 days out.

The King George, Caffray, from Whitehaven to Jamaica, has put into Liverpool with loss of anchors and cables.

The Mary, Rodgers, from Greenock to Virginia, was spoken with 18th January, in lat. 39. 46. long. 65. 12. by the Crom, Parker, from Havannah; the Mary had her bulwarks and long boat carried away, and was in want of water and provisions.




SAMUEL BROWN will Let or Dispose of the Lease of the HOUSE he at present occupies, No. 9, South-Parade, 84 Years of which are yet unexpired.

Permission can be given 1st May next.

Belfast, March 13.



The William. M'Crea, Lagan, M'Connell, and Mary, Foster, are in the roads, ready to sail first fair wind for London, under convoy of the Rosario.

The Ceres, Martin, for Liverpool, is detained by contrary winds.

The Draper, Taylor, arrived from London on Monday, after a short passage from the Downes.


Neptune, from Liverpool; sugar, cotton yarn, rod-iron, tobacco, earthenware, hardware, wollen, coals, mustard, and indigo.

Susannah, form Bristol, with lead, rod-iron, glass bottles, pints, and pig-iron.

Draper, from London, with sugar, seeds, trees, furniture, tea, spices, gunpowder, drugs, salt-petre, lime-juice, paint, and pepper.

Queen Charlotte, from Workington, coals.

Isabella and Mary, from Irvine, coals.


Nightingale, for Cardigan, ballast.

Mary, for Carrickfergus, ballast.


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Belfast Commercial Chronicle - Saturday, 16 March 1805


At Culcavey, near Hillsborough, on Monday last -- Mr. Richard Davis. -- As a member of the Lower Iveagh Cavalry his remains were interred with Military Honours.

At Wigton, in England, Mr. Michael Andrews, formerly of Annsborough, County of Down.




A MIDDLE-AGED MAN, with a Family, who has had considerable experience in the rearing and management of CATTLE, HORSES, and SHEEP. -- He has had the charge of an Estate for some years, and has been chiefly employed in the improvement and cultivation of MOSS, which has been carried on according to the most improved practice adopted in Scotland; but, in consequences of the death of his Employer, that part of the Estate has been let to a Tenant.

The most ample certificates of his character, abilities, and attention, may be had, by applying to Dr. Coventry, Professor of Agriculture in Edinburgh; Donald M'Laghlan, Esq. of M'Laghlan; Hector M'Donald Buchanan, Esq.; Mr. Donaldson, Surveyor of the Military Roads, residing also in Edinburgh; or ARCHER and WARD, Belfast, the last of whom will inform as to further particulars.



HAVING seen a Printed Notice, signed by or on behalf of the present HENRY EARL OF MASSEREENE, dated the 7th day of March, inst. and directed to the Tenantry of the Estates of his late Brother CLOTWORTHY EARL OF MASSEREENE, situate in the Counties of Antrim and Monaghan, requiring them on no account to pay any Rent, or arrears of Rent, due by them to any Person claiming the same as Devisee, under the Instrument purporting to be his Lordship's last Will and Testament, as a Caveat had been entered against the same; and that a Person would, on teh course of a few days, be duly authorised by said HENRY EARL OF MASSEREENE, as Heir at Law to his said Brother, to receive the said Rents:

Now I, ELIZABETH COUNTESS OF MASSEREENE, the Widow and Devisee named in teh last Will and Testament of teh said CLOTORTHY,late EARL OF MASSEREENE in Ireland, that I am the only Person now legally entitled to the said Tenants from paying their Rents to any person whatsoever, except to except to me or to my order; and that I intend immediately proving the Will of my said Husband in due form of Law, and maintaining my Title to his Estaes as his Devisee.

Dated this 11th Day of March 1805.




HOUSE and DEMESNE of HARRYMOUNT to be Let for such Term of Years or Lives as may be agreed on, from 25th March, and immediate Possession given. The House being roomy, and beautifully situated, could be made most comfortable, with little expense. The Demesne consists of 60 Acres and upwards, Irish Plantation Measure, of good Arable Ground, exclusive of a large quantity of excellent Turf-Bog, within a few Fields of the House. It is situated within a short distance of Lurgan, Warringstown, and Magheralin, in a highly improved Country. -- Proposals in writing will be received by HENRY PORTER, Esq. Mallow, or THOAMS DICKSON, Esq. Portadown.

March 2.


The Parishioners of Ahiohill, county of Cork, have recently been presented with a chapel, field, and school-house, by the Earl of Bandon. This is the second instance of his Lordship's benevolence and munificence to the Roman Catholics in his neighbourhood, having not long since conferred a similar favour on them in teh town of Bandon.


Denis M'Bride, who was convicted of burglary and robbery on Mr. Venables' house, was executed on Saturday se'nnight, at the front of the New Prison, pursuant to sentence.



His Majesty's sloop L'Espeigle, Capt. Morris, arrived in this harbour, from Dublin, on Thursday, as convey to the Linen Ships, in place of the Rosario ordered to Cork; Captain Morris gave sailing instructions to the merchant ships early yesterday morning, at which time the fleet were in Bangor Bay, waiting a favourable breeze to clear the harbour.

The Kelly, Captain Pendleton, sailed for Liverpool on Thursday.

The Courier, Captain Greg, for Bristol, put into Fishgard by contrary winds, and sailed again on Sunday last.

The Hawk, Captain Downie, from Dublin, arrived here on Thursday last, and loads for that Port.

Te Friendship, Cummins, fro Newry, sailed yesterday.

The William, M'Crea; Lagan, M'Connell, and Mary, Foster, for London, are still detained in this harbour by contrary winds, and will sail under convoy of his Majesty's sloop of war, L'Speigle, Captain Morris.

The Ceres, Martin, for Liverpool, sailed on Thursday last.



FROM the ROYAL MARINES (Recruiting at present in Belfast), DAVID KENNEDY, about 21 years of age, 5 Feet 7 Inches high, fair Complexion, brown Eyes, brown Hair, stout made, and marked with the Small Pox, by Trade a Weaver. He was born in the Parish of Knock-Breda, County of Down.Had on, when he left teh Party, a dark Drab Coat and Corduroy Breeches. His relations live in the Neighbourhood of Hillsborough.

Whoever will apprehend said said Desterter, and lodge him in any of his Majesty's Jails, shall receive TWO GUINEAS Reward, (over and above his Majesty's usual allowance), on applying at the Royal Marine Rendezvous, WM. M'GROTTY's, Caddel's-Entry.

March 16.



From first May next, for such Terms as shall be agreed on,

ALL that HOUSE and STABLES, opposite the Old Market-House, No. 87, High-street, lately occupied as an Inn, known by the Name of HARP and CROWN. The Tenant can be accommodated with a few Tons of good HAY. -- For further particulars, apply to teh Proprietor, JOHN IRELAND.

Belfast, March 14.


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Belfast Commercial Chronicle - Monday, 18 March 1805




THAT HOUSE, NO.45, Donegall-street, at present occupied by RICHARD DOBBS, ESQ.:-- or, if more agreeable to the Tenant, the LEASE of it will be Sold, subject to a Rent of Thirty-one Pounds a Year. -- Apply at the Post-Office.

-> The Situation is one of the most pleasent and healthful in the Town, and there is an Entrance to the Rear from Church-street.



are this day landing


THEIR Spring Assortment of WOLLENS, FANCY WAISTCOATTING, &c. &c. which being chosen by one of themselves, they can recommend to their Friends.

Belfast, March 14.



EDWARD CLARKE respectfully informs his Friends and the Public, that he intends to REMOVE, about the 1st of May next, to the House at the lower end of High-street, where Mr. JOHN QUIN formerly lived, for the greater convenience of carrying on his Manufactory.

He intends to Sell his interest in his House in Market-street, or to Let it for any term of years, or lives, that may be agreed on. In situation, in the centre of Market-street, renders is as agreeable and advantageous as that of any House in Newry, either for the Haberdashery of Grocery Business. The House and concern are in excellent repair, having been improved at a considerable expence, within these last 10 years. Possession wil be given on the 1st May next

Newry, March 6.




THE RESIDENcE of the late Mr. VAL. JOYCE. This LODGE is situated on White House Shore, distant from BELFAST four miles, commands a beautiful and extensive view of the Harbour and adjacent Country. The House is neat and commodious; would accomodate a genteel family. The FARM contains nearly seven acres, is planted with a variety of Forest Trees, all registered. There is an excellent Kitchen Garden, and Orchard, stocked with a choice collection of Fruit Trees, held under G. A. STEWART, Esq. for the term of 41 years from May 1801, yearly rent 6d.


A FARM of Nineteen Acres in DUMANY, held under THOMAS STEWART, Esq. for the term of 31 years, from May 1800, rent 20/. 8s. 6d. at present let for sixteen years, from November, 1791, at the yearly rent of 27/. 12s. 10d. is situated on the road leading from the shore to Carnmoney Church; the prospect equal in beauty with that of Rath Park; is worthy the attention of any Gentleman wishing to build.

Proposals, in writing, will be received by WILLIAM STEVENSON, Esq.

Belfast, March 15.



TRHE HOUSE AND STORES, at present occupied by Mr. SAMUEL FALCONBRIDGE, being one of the first Situations in Lisburn for any Business.

Inquire at ANN & JOHN KENNEDY.



We We hear it is intended by the Irish Government, immediately to have two encampments formed on a very extensive scale; the one at Cork, the other on the Curragh of Kildare.

The brig Elizabeth, from Bristol to Waterford, has been obliged to put into Dungarvan with the loss fo her sails.

On Sunday last his Majesty's ship Argus, Capt. Kittoe, arrived in Cork harbour from a cruise, and on Wednesday arrived his Majesty's sloop Drake, Capt. Drury, with a number of merchantmen form Portsmouth, to join the West India Convoy.

Yesterday a woman was apprehended, who was in the practice of enticing children to unfrequented places, and there stripping them of their wearing apparel. She was in the very act of inveigling a child for that purpose into Sycamore-alley. At the time she was detected, three children were produced, who identified her as being the person who stripped them. The method she generally took was to give the children a bit of paper or a rag to light for her, at the same time taking off their jocks or coats, and telling them she would keep them safe until their return: and it appears, a bit of cotton rag she gave to one of the children is part of the bedgown she at present wears.



The Regulus French privateer, of 12 guns and 84 men, from Guadaloupe, is taken by the Princess Charlotte frigate, and arrived at Jamaica 9th Jan.

The Elizabeth, Scarlet, of and from Dunbar to London, was captured 27th ult. 10 miles south of the Dudgeon Light, by the Alert French lugger privateer, of 4 guns and 45 men, and retaken by the three Berwick smacks, and is arrived in the river; the privateer had been out ten days from Dunkirk, and taken five vessels besides the Elizabeth.

The brig Sally, Watts, was boarded about 12 leagues from the bay of Roses, and no person found on board, her masts and rigging gone, by Captain Ulrickson, of the Danish ship Fidelitas, arrived from the Coast of Spain.

The Ruby, M'Intosh, bound to Port-----, and the JOhn, Williams, bound to Edenton, both from Jamaica, are lost on Fortune Island, one of the Bahamas.

The Sally, Holdswort, from Jamaica to N. York, upset at sea on the 1st Oct. Crew saved.

The SChooner, Jefferson, from St. Domingo to Philadelphia, was taken 22nd December by a French Scooner Privateer, retaken the next day by the brig Louisa, Capt. Donaldson; the Louisa arrived at Jamaica 25th December.

The Lucy Ann, Butler, from Baltimore to Curacoa, has been taken, retaken, and carried to Jamaica.

The Performance, ---------, from N. York to Curacoa, is detained by the Francise Frigate, and sent into Jamaica.

The Scar Familia, --------, from vera Cruz, with sugar, and logwood, and 149,000 dollars; and the Fortuna, --------, from Vera Cruz, with mahogany, logwood, and 432,000 dollars, are taken by the Pallas frigate; the former arrived at Plymouth the 7th inst.

The Arno, Grayden, of Sunderland, is totally wrecked near Hartlepool.

The Brig Dublin, -------, from Leith for Newcastle, is wrecked off Holy Island.

The Cupid, ------, of Burlington, from Wales, with Coals, is lost on the Pan Sand, near Margate.

The Alexander, --------, of and from Peterburgh to Bourdeaux, is lost on the Coast of Holland.

The Thorley, Green, from Newcastle to Jamaica, is totally lost near Annotta Bay; Crew saved.

The Vrow Catharina, ------, from Antwerp to Bourdeaux; and the Friendship, Edrich, from Rotterdam to Bourdeaux, are detained by the Rattler Sloop, and sent to Portsmouth.

A Letter from Guernsey, dated 6th March, states, that three Spanish prizes have been carried into St. Maloes by some of the enemy's Privateers.

The Princess Charlotte, Logan, from Madras to the Northern Ports, and from thence to return to Madras, is taken by Linois's Squadron, and sent for the the Mauritius.

The Gram Para, from Lisbon, arrived at Madras, 12th Sept.on 22d Auggust, spoke the Walthamstow, bound to Bombay, in Lat. 32. 6. Long. 76. E. all well; she had parted from the fleet off Madeira.

The Jamaica, Walker, from Jamaica to London, was lost near Ambleteuse, 9th ult. crew saved, and prisoners in France.

The following vessels were detained, and sent into Jamaica previous to the 26th of January.

A Spanish corvette of 12 guns, from Spain to the Havannah, by the Surveillante frigate. The Spanish brig El Cestino, from Cadiz to Carthagena, by the Diana frigate. A Spanish ship from Carthagena to Barcelona, with 35,000 dollars, by the Princess Charlotte frigate. The Mariner, ------, from Santa Cruz to Curacoa, by the Franchise frigate. The Bella Maria, ------, from N. York to Curacoa, by the Franchise frigate.The American schooner Experiment, from Wilmington to Jamaica, by the Pelican brig.

From French Papers.

The brig Venus, Yoxley, of North Yarmouth; teh Antwerp, packet, Bowden, from Dublin to London, are taken and carried into Calais.

The Friendship, Featherstone, from Dublin to London, taken by the General Perignon privateer, is carried into a port near Brest.

The Farna privateer from Vigo has taken a vessel under Prussian colours, from London to Lisbon, with dry goods.

The Spanish ship El Carina, from Mounteveido, taken by an English frigate, is retaken by the Sorciere privateer, of St. Maloes, and carried into Minden, at the entrance of the Loire, 21st Feb.




The Mary, Southwell, from Rotterdam, with Flax-seed, geneva, Clover-seed, Smalts, Maddre, Sugar of Lead, &c.
The Globe, Persell, from Lisbon, with Cotton, Wool, and Wine.
Mary, Fame, Perseverance, Economist, and Cyrus, from Maryport, with Coals.
James, from Irvine, with Coals.
Lady Montgomery, from Dundalk.
Hawk, from Dublin, with Mead, Madder, Cork-wood, Bark, Tallow, Flour, Whiskey, and Wine.
Kitty, from Strangford, Malt.
Rambler, from Strangford, Wheat.
Industrious, William and John, from Strangford, Barley.


Queen Charlotte, for Maryport, Ballast.
Fame, for Drontheim, Rum and Coffee.
Ceres, for Liverpool, Linen Cloth, Bacon, Butter, and Tongues.
James, for Irvine, Ballast.
Mary, for Bangor, Ballast.
Isabella, for Larne, Ballast.
Dispatch, for Dublin, with Alabaster, Linen, Paper, Leather, Canvas, Cordage, Timber, Turpentine, Coffee, and Hemp.
Friendship, fro Newry, Barrilla, Flax-seed, and Fish.
Billena, for Londonderry, with Flax-seed, Ashes, and Porter.
Perseverance, Economist, and Cyrus, for Bangor, Ballast.
Selina, for Strangford, Ballast.



TO THE GROCERY BUSINESS, apply to Mr. JAMES KILBEE, at the Old Sugar House.

A FEE will be expected.




A VERY EXTENSIVE CONCERN at the lower end of MILL-STREET, which is a central Situation. It would answer well for COTTON or other Manufactory, having abundance of Water (taken form the River) in the driest Season, with a large Range of Stores, Dwelling-Houses, &c. &c. -- For further Particulars apply to the Proprietors,

Castle-street, Belfast, March 18.


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Belfast Commercial Chronicle - Saturday, 23 March 1805




THE RESIDENCE of the late Mr. VAL. JOYCE. This LODGE is situated on White House Shore, distant from BELFAST four miles, commands a beautiful and extensive view of the Harbour and adjacent Country. The House is neat and commodious; would accomodate a genteel family. The FARM contains nearly seven acres, is planted with a variety of Forest Trees, all registered. There is an excellent Kitchen Garden, and Orchard, stocked with a choice collection of Fruit Trees, held under G. A. STEWART, Esq. for the term of 41 years from May 1801, yearly rent 6d.


A FARM of Nineteen Acres in DUMANY, held under THOMAS STEWART, Esq. for the term of 31 years, from May 1800, rent 20/. 8s. 6d. at present let for sixteen years, from November, 1791, at the yearly rent of 27/. 12s. 10d. is situated on the road leading from the shore to Carnmoney Church; the prospect equal in beauty with that of Rath Park; is worthy the attention of any Gentleman wishing to build.

Proposals, in writing, will be received by WILLIAM STEVENSON, Esq.

Belfast, March 15.






WHEREAS, we have received information that James Martin, of the Parish pf Bangor, and John Scott, of the Parish of Bangor, in the County of Down, Farmers, -- John Quin, Weaver, -- Patrick Duggan, of Downpatrick, in the County of Down, Labourer, -- John Loughlin, of the Parish of Echlinvale, in the said County, Farmer, and Archibald M'Conn, of the Parish of Killinchy, in said County, Labourer, being lawfully confined in the prison of Belfast, on charges of treasonable practices, did, on the night of Saturday the twenty-ninth day of September last, effect their escape from the said prison, and it is supposed are now unlawfully at large.

Now we, the Lord Lieutenant and Council, being determined, as far as in us lies, to bring the said James Martin, John Scott, John Quin, Patrick Duggan, John Loughlin, and Archibald M'Conn, to speedy and condign punishment, do, by this our Proclamation, publish and declare, that if any person of persons shall, within the space of six months next after the date of this our Proclamation, apprehend, or procure to be apprehended, the said James Martin, John Scott, John Quin, Patrick Duggan, John Loughlin, and Archibald M'Conn, or any of them, so as that they, or any of them, may be lodged in some of his Majesty's jails in this his kingdom, such person or persons shall receive as a reward, the sum of One Hundred Pounds, for each and every of the said offenders.

And we do hereby strictly charge and command all Justices of the Peace, Mayors, Sheriffs, Bailiffs, Constables, and all others Hos Majesty's loving subjects, to use their utmost diligence in apprehending the said Offenders, and every of them.

Given at the Council Chamber in Dublin, the 6th Day of October, 1804

Chas. Dublin Norberry Henry King
Ely Even Nepean S. Hamilton




Letters from Naples of 1st January state, that the last advices from Malta mention that 34 Spanish and 37 neutral vessels had been sent into that Island.

The Marquis of Wellesley, Le Blanc, was all well in November last in latt. 1. 30. S. long. 93. E. proceeding to Penang, under convoy of Admiral Rainier.

The Hope, Dunbar, sailed from Sauger Roads, 12th August, for London, and had not arrived at St. Helena 13th January.

The Freda and Friendscaft, if Lubeck, Joel, from Mantes to St. Andero, is detained by the Nile lugger, and sent into Plymouth.

The Blackhouse, Bunker, of London, was all well round Cape Horn 5th August.

The Teutonia, of Bayonne, Pundt, from Bayonne to Lisbon, is detained by the Naiad frigate, and sent into Plymouth.

The Triton, Kuhl, and the Friendship, Henson, have been cut out of Dunkirk Roads by the Cruizer brig, and sent into Yarmouth.

The Buon Anna, Paulsen; the Belle Juditte, and a Danish vessel, name unknown, from Leghorn to the West Indies, are taken by a privateer belonging to Tostola, and carried into Antigua, where they are condenmed.

The Shaw, Byramgore, --------, from Madras to Bengal, was taken in September last by a privateer, but given up, as the French could not man her, and arrived at Bengal.

The Minerva, -------, from Rochfort, for Lisbon, is detained by the Naiad frigate, and sent into Plymouth.

The Sterling Castle, from Bengal to Columbo, is reported to have been taken in the Bay of Bengal in September last by a Privateer.

Te Candidate, Fell, of Bombay, foundered in July in a gale near the Sand H[----].

The Britannia, Robinson, country ship, was lost in August offSauger Sands.

The Falson, Ford, from Newfoundland to Operto, was captured off Viana about the middle of February by the Fama Spanish schooner, which had previously taken the the Embden packet from London fro Lisbon, and both carried into Vigo.

Teh Admiral Duncan, --------, from Gaspee; the Stadt Altona, from Penzance; an American schooner, partly laden with sugar; and a Spanish poleacre, with hides, were wrecked at Naples, during a violent gale on the 21st January. Crews and part of the cargoes saved.

The Princess Royal, of and from Workington, in ballast, bound to Liverpool, sank off the Isle of Man, 10th inst. Crew saved.

The Maria, Hewson, from Quebec to London, was taken within three miles of Beachy Head, and carried into Calais, the 12th December.

The Canunha, -------, from Oporto to London, was totally wrecked near Barmouth, 1st Jan. 100 Pipes of Wine saved.

The Ship Nancy, from the Gulf; the brig Creole bound to Bussorah; the Fly, Company's Cruiser, from Bussorah, and the Ship Shrewsbury, were taken in the Gulf of Persia in September and October last, by La Fortune, French privateer, which is since taken by the Concord frigate.

The Lucy Maria, Dawes, from Bengal to China, having lost nearly all her Crew by sickness, was obliged to put into Amboyna, where she was taken possession of, and sent to Batavia.

The Flora (of Stettin) Hott, bound to Hambro', was totally lost, 5th inst. on the Rocks of Hellegoland; one man drowned.

The Maryann, Mortimore, from Liverpool, is reported to be lost on the Coast of Africa.

The Lark, -------, from Newfoundland to Poole, is taken and carried into France.

The Lady Jane Dundas was in Dock at Bengal, having sprung a leak.



The Venue, Captain Caughey, arrived from Liverpool on Friday, after a short passage.
The Kelly, Captain Pendleton, arrived at Liverpool on the 16th instant, and loads for this port.
The Courier, Captain Greg, arrived at Bristol the 17th instant, and loads fr this port.
The Liverpool Packet, for Liverpool, clears this day, and sails first fair wind.
The Neptune, Captain Davidson, is loading for Liverpool.
The Jane, Captain M'Donnell, from London for this port, cleared the 16th instant, and sailed.
The Eagle, Capt. Dillon, is loading at London for this port.
The Hibernia, Captain Montgomery, for London, is still detained by contrary winds, with the convoy.
The Draper, Captain Taylor, is loading for London.
The Hawk, Captain Downie, loading at this port, for Dublin, will sail in a few days.


Countess of Cassillis, from Greenock, herrings.
Providence, from Swansea, coals.
Commerce, from Liverpool, rock-salt, wrought iron, woollens, earthenware, cheese, and cotton-yarn.
Roberts, from Glasgow, coals, cotton-yarn, vitriol, and machinery.
Brothers, from Maryport, coals.
Accushnet, from New-York, flax-seed, cotton-wool, tobacco, rosin, tar, clover-seed, ashes, and staves.


Lady Montgomery, for Irvine, linen-yarn.
American for New-York, linen-cloth, and coals.
Rambler, for Strangford, ballast.
Brothers, for Bangor, ballast.
Providence, for Aberdovey, ballast.



MR. O'NEILL respectfully informs the Public, that the Compnay engaged to perform at the CIRCU in Donegal-street, are entirely under his Direction, and no way connected with Messrs. PARKER, SMYTH, DAVIS, and CROSSMAN, who stile themselves of teh Olympic.



THE Public are most respectfully informed, that the above Place is now open, and will continue till further notice;

When a great Variety of New Performances will be brought forward, consisting of the following Entertainments:


And Clown, Mr. SHORT.

A New COMIC SONG by Mr. DAVIS, called the AMOUROUS QUAKER (as originally sung by him at Saddler's Wells, upwards of 50 nights, with great Applause).




Pupil of Mons. St. PIERRE.

A COMIC SONNG by Mr. DAVIS, called Live Lumber; or, Old Maids and Bachelors.

SPRERIOR HORSEMANSHIP, by Mr. SHORT; who will take several ASTONISHING LEAPS over Whips, Handkerchiefs, Garters, and over a BOARD OF LOIGHTED CANDLES (a Feat never performed here.)

The whole to conclude with an entire new HARLEQUIN PANTOMIME, called
With entire new Music, Dresses, Scenery, and Decorations.)

Harlequin, - - - Mr. SHORT.
Old Man, - - - Mr. FARREL.
Officer, - - - Mr. WEBSTER.
Devil, - - - Master DAVIS.
Waiter, - - - Mr. Minch.
Recruits, - - - Messrs. POWELL and HILL.
Clown, - - - Mr. DAVIS.
In which he will introduce the favourite Song of "My Grandmother's Eye-water."
Cottage Women, - - - Mrs. HILL and Miss HEMING.
Columbine, - - - Mrs. DAVIS.

The STAGE Department under the Direction of Mr. DAVIS.
The RING Department under Mr. SHORT.
Leader of the Band, Mr. CLARKSON.

Tickets, and Places for the Boxes, to be taken at the Circus, from 11 till 3 o'Clock.

BOXES, 3s.3d. -- PIT, 2s.2d. -- STANDING-PLACES, 1s.1d.

Doors to be opened at Half past Six, and to begin at Half past Seven o'Clock.





On Friday 29th March, at the EXCHANGE COFFEE-ROOM, precisely at One o'Clock, the House now occupied by the Reverend Mr. Drummond.

It has a good Coach-House, stable, and Hay-loft, with every accommodation for a genteel Family. There are 31 Years of the Lease unexpired. Possession to be given on the 1st of May.

For further particulars inquire at the Premises.




THAT HOUSE, No.4, Back of the River, at present occupied by Mr. CAMPBELL SWEENY. Apply at the Office of Messrs. DOUGLAS and SWEENY.

March 22.



TO THE GROCERY BUSINESS, apply to Mr. JAMES KILBEF, at the Old Sugar House.

→ A FEE will be expected.




TO BE SOLD by the SHERIFF of said County, on Tuesday the 2d day of April next, at the House of JOHN M'COMB, Innholder, Lisburn, at Two o"Clock in the Afternoon, by virtue of a writ of fieri facias in this Cause, marked 141l. 4s. 9d. all the right and title of the Defendant in and to TWO TENEMENTS situate in Castle-street, Lisburn, held under Rev. PHILIP JOHNSON, for the term of 31 Years from May 1798.

Dated 20th March 1805


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Belfast Commercial Chronicle - Wednesday, 27 March 1805


On Monday last, Capt. Manly, 63d Regiment, to Miss Crawford, daughter of Hugh Crawford, Esq. Merchant.


A few days ago, in the 94th year of his age, Val Jones, Esq. of this town. He was an eminent merchant, and a Gentleman of the first respectability.

Early on Sunday morning last, Capt. STEWART, of the 13th Reserve. His remains were interred on Monday, at Shankhill, with military honours. It is a singular circumstance respecting the death of this gentleman, that had he lived but a few hours longer, when the reduction of that part of the Army of Reserve in which he was attached took place, his family would not have been entitled to the provision allowed to the widows of officers of his rank.


One of those famed Literati, a country sculptor was ordered to engrave on a tomb-stone the following words:
"A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband."

But the stone being small, he engraved it --
"A virtuous woman is 5s. to her husband."



The William, M'Crea; Lagan, M'Connell, and MAry, Foster, for London, sailed yesterday with convoy.
The Hawk, Captain Downie, loading for Dublin, will sail in a few days.
The Dispatch, Captain Dobbin, is loading at Dublin for Belfast.
The Hibernia, Montgomery, for London, sailed this morning with a fair wind, under convoy of the Espiegle sloop of war.
The Liverpool Packet, M'Connell, for Liverpool, sailed on Monday morning last.


Trail, from Washington, coals.
Laurel, from Irvine, coals.
Jane, from London, with iron-liquor, flax, seeds, and trees.
Elizabeth, from Rotterdam, with flax-seed, geneva, smaks, starch, madder, clover-seed, vinegar, and flax.
Blessing, from Workington, coals.
Hope, from Maryport, coals.


Laurel, fror Larne, ballast.
Blessing, for Donaghadee, coals.
Hope, fro Bangor, ballast.
Trail, fro Bangor, ballast.



WANTED TO BORROW, for which a MORTGAGE on a Freehold Property, situate in the Count of Antrim, will be given, and the Interest paid regularly in Belfast. Application to be made to RAMSAY & GARRET, Attornies, at their Office, 18, Rosemary-lane.

Belfast, March 26.



THE SHOP and PARLOUR, with FIXTURES, No 38½, Chichester-quay. -- Apply at No. 64, High-street.

Belfast, March 26.




THAT large and commodious DWELLING-HOUSE, No. 25, Millfield, with a good Stable and Hat-Loft --


West-street, of which a good Lease can be given. -- Apply to Belfast, March 25.




JANE MARTIN, truly grateful for past Favours, respectfully informs Friends of her House, and the Public in general, that in order to enable her to carry on the Business there extensively, she has erected and completed a large convenient HOUSE, with STABLING, &c. as formerly, adjoining her former Concern, where she is enabled to give every accommodation to Travellers, &c. in the most comfortable manner.

The two Houses next to the above (which sha has just removed from), will be Let for such term of Years as may be agreed on. One of these Houses has a front Shop, which could be fitted up to answer any RETAIL BUSINESS.



On Monday, 8th April next,

A DWELLING-HOUSE, Three Stories high, with Back-Yard and other Conveniences, No. 33, Castle-street, occupied by Mrs. GRIFFITH. The PREMISES are in good order, and equally situated to a Retail Trade or Private Family, held by Lease, 18 Years of which are to come from May next, at the yearly Rent of 15l. 18s. 6d.

For further particulars in quire at the Premises, or at JOHN HERDMAN, No. 180, North-street. If not disposed of by Private Contract before 8th April, the Sale will begin on the Premises, at One o"Clock of that Day, when the Terms will be declared.

Belfast, March 25.


On Saturday se'nnight, about seven o'clock, a new house, situate at the Wilderness, about a mile from Clonmell, was set on fire by some evil-minded person or persons, and was entirely consumed.

The cause of this depredation is supposed to be occasioned by the tenant who occupied these lands, and who got very deeply in arrear, not being willing either to pay any part of his rent, or surrender the land, the owner was forced to seize on the stock, which consisted of some milch cows, a horse, &c. which, on a petition being sent to the Lady whose property it is, she with much humanity, gave up the entire, and a receipt in full. We lament that such outrages should be committed by those receiving undeserving lenity and bounty from the owner, whose benevolence merited better treatment.


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Belfast Commercial Chronicle - Saturday 30 March 1805


A few days ago, Mr. William Livinston of Larne, to the agreeable Miss Lindon of Parkgate.

On the 25th March inst. William Tennent, Esq. of Belfast, Merchant, to Miss Elenaor Jackson, daughter of H. Jackson, Esq. of Cremorne, County Monaghan.

Lately, Mr. Thomas Wood, of Butterwick, to Mrs. Jane Dudson, of Stanton, both of the East Riding of Yorkshire. -- The united age of this happy couple is 163 years! She is the bridegroom's fifth wife, and he her third husband!


On Wednesday, at Ballyleady, Col. M'Ilwrath, aged 65. Trained to a military life, he was well skilled in the duties of a soldier. Integrity and honour marked every transaction of his life; and he possessed a kind and benevolent heart.

In London, on the 18th March inst. Stephen Haven, Esq. This Gentleman, who was a native of Belfast, having, at an early period of life, gone to America, after there experiencing the misfortunes of Revolution, and the losses incident to loyalty to his Sovereign, went and settled at Nassau, in the Bahamas. Here he commenced the business of the Law, and in some short time, received an appointment to the situation of his Majesty's Solicitor General. -- By great assiduity and merit in his profession, he realized, with an unsullied character, a handsome fortune, and had returned to Europe a few months ago, intending to spend, amongst his former connexions, the remainder of his days; but it pleased Providence to shorten them, and to remove him, leaving to his friends only the consolation of reflecting, that throughout an arduous life, he conducted himself with fortitude, integrity, and honour.




A FEE will be required.

Colerain, March 9.



AN APPRENTICE, to the Wholesale Silk Manufacturing Business.

A Line, post-paid, directed to MINNITT and SHORTT, 41, Castle-street, Dublin, will be duly attended to.



IS hereby given, that the APPLOTMENT made by the Committee of Twenty-one, under the Act of Parliament, lies in the hands of JOHN SMYLIE, Clerk to the Commissioners of Police, at No.31, Chichester Quay, for the inspection of the Public; and if any Person taxed therein chooses to appeal therefrom, it must be done in writing, and lodged with the said Clerk in eight days from the date hereof. The Commissioners will meet on Wednesday the 3d April, at One o'Clock, at the Castle Office, to hear and determine said appeals, if any appear.

JOHN SMYLIE, Clerk Belfast, March 25.

N.B. Wanted, three stout active Men, to assist at working the Fire Engines, application to be made to JOHN GRAHAM, No.15, Chichester Quay.



A PERSON to act as PRINCIPAL INSPECTOR of the several Public Works and Workmen, to whom a Salary of FIFTY GUINEAS per Annum will be given. He must be an active Man, who will devote his whole time to this Business, and capable of keeping Workmen's Accounts in a correct manner. Further Information will be given, and Application in Writing received by

JAMES HYNDMAN, Clerk to the Committee.

Belfast, March 25.




BEGS to inform his Friends and the Public, that he has removed from Purdysburn to the West Side of Smithfield, Belfast, where he carries on the Turning and Wheel-Wright Business, with correctness and dispatch. He returns thanks to his Friends for the countenance hitherto experienced, and begs to solicit a continuance of their Favours.

Smithfield, Belfast, March 20.



On Monday the 1st April next, at One o'Clock, on the Premises,

THAT VALUABLE CONCERN, No.6, Donegall-street, held by Lease, at the yearly Rent of 60 Guineas, 17 Years of which are unexpired at November last. -- The House is neat, and in complete repair, and the Warehouse conveniently fitted for extensive Business.

Possession wil be given the 1st Day of May next -- Terms Gold -- 50l. Deposit, and the remainder in approved Note or Bill at Three Months.

Belfast, March 21.



Apply to JOY DAVIS,

March 23.

∴ He will have an opportunity of learning the Business in various Branches.



The NS. del Peley, alias Fortuna, from Vera Cruz, is taken by the Paflas Frigate, and arrived at Plymouth.

The Vitoria, -------, from Monteveido to Cadiz, is taken by the Wasp sloop, and sent into Lisbon.

The Carpenter, Meyer, from Naples, is arrived at Stangate Creek, spoke the following vessels, viz. at Cerilla, the American brig President, Lynch, for London, to sail the 10th or 12th of March. -- At Messina, the brig Mary,of and for London, to sail in February. -- At the same port, the brig Britannia, of London, just out of quarantine, 27th January. -- On 21st Feb. spoke the Chesterfield, Brame, of and for London, out 18 days. -- On the 5th March, the wind being at East, and the Bank of Gibraltar being West by compass, passed within half a mile of the Chesterfield, beating to windward, and by the number of men seen on her decks, and not answering when the carpenter hoisted her colours, it is supposed she was captured by the Spaniards.

The Pomona, -------, from Sunderland to Topsham, was captured of Pentland 26th instant, by a French privateer, since retaken by the Greyhound revenue cutter, and sent into Weymouth.

The Sportsman, Stanton, from Lisbon to Gibraltar, is taken, and carried into Algeziras.

The Aurora, Apecer, from Newfoundland, is lost at Gibraltar; crew saved.

The Union of Jersey, Le Brun, from Malta to Jersey, one of the Arrow's convoy, was seen on her beam ends, in a heavy gale.

The Blaydes, Hopper, and the William, Roskruge, from Trieste to London, parted from the fleet in a gale in February.

The North Star, Harker, from Liverpool to Berbice, is on shore at Holyhead.

The Laurel, Taylor, from Liverpool to Greenock, is totally lost in the Mull of Galloway; crew saved.

The John Morgan, Howard, from Liverpool to New York, has been on shore near the Red Noses, Liverpool, but got off with considerable damage.

The Lyka Ock, Welgang, from Penzance to Trieste, was lost 26th January, near Trieste.

The Christina Frances, from Berbice for Liverpool, sailed from Tortola 26th October, under convoy of the Emerald frigate, and has not since been heard of.

Elsinore, 4th March -- "The Saturnus, Hipley, of Coningsburg from England, is driving in the ice off Falkenburg, with loss of rudder; Captain dead."



Arrived, the Factor, Capt. Briggs, from Norfolk, Virginia, with a cargo of leaf tobacco, for Robert Getty, Merchant.

The Hibernia, Montgomery, for London, with the convoy, put back on Wednesday evening, and sailed again on Friday, with a fair wind.

The Neptune, Captain Davidson, sails first fair wind, for Liverpool.

The Susanna, for Bristol, clears on Monday.

Seventeen sail of a convoy have arrived at Cork, laden with sugar, coffee, and cotton, from Surinam, after eight weeks passage, under convoy of his Majesty's ship Imogene. The Imogene foundered at sea 12 days ago near the Western Islands, the crew were saved by the ships. The Captain has his pendant on board the ship Lord Forbes of Liverpool, one of the convoy. (Cork Mer. Chron.)

Saturday morning the West India Fleet, amounting to 88? sail, under convoy of his Majesty's ship Jason, Capt. Champagne, and Drake sloop of war, Capt. Drury, sailed from Cork.



THE Property of Mr. THOS. FERGUSON, Hyde-Park, stryed from his Owner in this Town, 22d instant. He is a stout made Dog, with white Face and Breast, answers to the Name of Don: Whoever brings him to Mr. JAMESON's, Inn-keeper, North-street, shall be rewarded for their Trouble. -- If in Possession of any Gentleman, he is requested to have him sent there, or give Notice where he may be found.

Belfast, March 20.




RETURNS most grateful Thanks to his Friends and the Public; for the liberal Encouragement experienced by him in the PRINTING BUSINESS, and respectfully informs them, that he ahs fitted up


in the Rear of his House, No. 9, Skipper's-lane, where he will execute whatever Orders he may be favoured with, in a most and correct Manner. -- Orders addressed to him in Bridge-street, will be punctually attended to.


Or the Interest in the Lease sold.

THAT COMMODIOUS CONCERN, No.75, High-street consisting of an Extensive SHOP, completely fitted up with Mahogany Counters, &c., a Hall, Parlour, Kitchen, a large back House, and two Yards, into which the pipe water is introduced. On the second floor, a very large Drawing Room, with Marble Chimney-piece, &c. a Closet, and Bed-chamber. On the attic storey are three Rooms and a Closet, also three Apartments in the Garret.

For further particulars apply to the Proprietor on the Premises.

Belfast, March 30.

N.B. If the above Concern is Sold, the Purchaser may have possession the first of May, with all the Fixtures, and part of the Furniture, at a valuation. The Shop and Parlour is let at present.



RESPECTFULLY informs his Friends and the Public, that he has now ready for Sale, at his Manufactory, No. 27, High-street, a General Assortment of Gold, Gilt, and Silver WATCHES; CLOCKS and TIME PIECES, warranted of the first Quality.

Also a quantity of Silver Spoons, Spectacles, Reading Glasses, Microscopes, Thermometers, and Weaver's Counting Glasses.


Died -- Lately, aged 60, Eliz. Clayton, of Wells, in Sommersetshire. This woman, from an early propensity for masculine employments had worked as a ship carpenter at a dock-yard upwards of forty years, and always in man's apparel; she used to drink, chew tobacco, and keep company only with the workmen; yet would never enter into the matrimonial state. She was a strong robust woman, and never permitted any one to insult her with impunity.


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