Belfast Commercial Chronicle - Monday, 1 April 1805


To be Sold, at my Office, in Donegall-street, precisely at One o'Clock, on Friday the
12th day of April next.

THE HOUSE and FARM of TUSHPARK, containing nearly 7 acres, situated on Whitehouse Shore, 4 Miles distant from Belfast; commands an extensive view of the Harbour and adjacent Country, and would accommodate a genteel family. There is an excellent Kitchen Garden and Orchard, stocked with a choice collection of Fruit Trees, and a variety of Forest Trees all registered; held for 41 Years from May, 1801. -- Yearly Rent Six Pounds.

A FARM of 19 Acres, in Dunany, held for 31 Years from early 1800. -- Yearly Rent 20l. 8s. 6d. at present let for 15 Years from Nov. 1791, at 27l. 12s. 10d. yearly; situated on the Road leading from the shore to Carnmony Church; commands a beautiful prospect, and is worthy the attention of any Gentleman wishing to build.

An excellent MEADOW FIELD, in Buttles-lane, immediately behind the Poor-House, held for 21 Years from November 1795. -- Yearly Rent 16l.

A DWELLING-HOUSE, No.23, on the East side of Donegall-street; held by Lease fro 60 Years from May 1800. Yearly Rent 30l. -- This House has been lately fitted up in a genteel manner, and may be entered upon without any expense whatever, -- The Possession of each can be given immediately. Terms will be declared at the Sale; and in the interim, any further information respecting these Concerns will be given on application to JAMES HYNDMAN.



BEGS to inform his Friends and the Public, that he has removed from Purdysburn to the West Side of Smithfield, Belfast, where he carries on the Turning and Wheel-Wright Business, with correctness and dispatch. He returns thanks to his Friends for the countenance hitherto experienced, and begs to solicit a continuance of their Favours.

Smithfield, Belfast, March 20.



On SATURDAY the 13th April next at One o'Clock, at the Donegall Arms,
If not disposed of by Private Sale previous to that Day,

THE LEASE of LILLIPUT HOUSE, with a GARDEN and MEADOW, containing nearly 2½ Irish Acres, in the highest order. The Garden is in full bearing. -- 18 Years of the Lease is unexpired, from 1st May, subject to the yearly Rent of 40 Guineas. It being only about Five Minutes walk from Belfast on the Carrickfergus road, renders it an object worthy of Attention.

Lilliput, March 23.



On the Premises of BROOKHOUSE, near LOUGHGALL, County ARMAGH, on Thursday, teh 4th of April next, at Ten o'Clock,

ALL the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE of the late GEO. ROE, ESQ. together with Farming Utensils, Hirses, Cows, Cars, and a large Quantity of Turf, and some well saved Hay. -- At the same time will be disposed of, the LEASE of the HOUSE and FARM of BROOKHOSE, containing about 30 Acres, for two good Lives, the same being pleasantly and conveniently situated, the Land in very high order, some of it having been lately limed. -- Terms of Payment will be declared at Sale.

March 26.



The William M'Crea; Lagan, M'Connell, and Mary, Foster, for London, with convoy, is detained by contrary winds.

The Kelly, Pendleton, from Liverpool for this port, is clear to sail first wind.

The Hibernia, Montgomery, for London, has again returned to this port with convoy, in consequence of contrary winds.

The Susanna, for Bristol, sails first fair wind.




JAMES LACKEY, late of Hillsborough, Weaver, about 5 Feet 8 Inches high, stout and well made, with dark Hair, which he generally wore tied.

Whoever will apprehend and lodge the said Deserter in any of His Majesty's Gaols in Great Britain or Ireland, and give Information thereof to Mr. JAMES BRADSHAW of Hillsborough, shall receive the Sum of FIVE GUINEAS as a Reward for doing so doing.

Hillsborough, March 23.


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Belfast Commercial Chronicle - Saturday, 6 April 1905


On Sunday evening last, Mr. Thomas M'Murray, junior, of Waringstown, to Miss Eliza Magee, daughter of the late Rev. William MAgee, of Lurgan.

At Dublin, Mr. Bartholomew M'Cauley, formerly of Ardee?, merchant, aged 72 years, to Miss Dillon, of Harelo's Cross, aged 18, being his sixth wife.


On Thursday last, at the Cave Hill, near this Town, Mr. Abraham Whelan.

At Calcutta, on the 27th of August last, after a short illness of three days, Henry Kennedy, Esq. M.D. second son of John? Kennedy, late of Cultra, in the county of Down, Esq. an Physician in the Honourable the East India Company's service. Suddenly cut off in the flower of his age, and in a distant quarter of the World, his loss is the more severly felt by his friends and relations. A sound understanding, added to talents of a superior nature, promised fair (had he lived but a few years), would have raised him to the first rank in his profession. In him, a family have sustained an irreparable loss, his profession has been deprived of one who would have been, to it, an ornament, of society at large, an useful and valuable member.



HOUSE and DEMESNE of HARRYMOUNT to be Let for such Term of Years or Lives as may be agreed on, from 25th of March, and immediate Possession given. The House being roomy, and beautifully situated, could be made most comfortable, with little expense. The Demesne consists of 60 Acres and upwards, Irish Plantation Measure, of good Arable Ground, exclusive of a large quantity of excellent Turf-Bog, within a few Fields of the House. It is situated within short distance of Lurgan, Warringstown, and Magheralin, in a highly improved Country. -- Proposals in writing will be received by HENRY PORTER, Esq. Mallow, or THOMAS DICKSON, Esq. Portadown.

March 2.



THE FALLS COTTON MILL, at present in possession of MILLFORD's and CO. formerly occupied by Mr. ROBERT ARMSTRONG, with the fixed MACHINERY, namely, 20 Water Frames, with Shafts, Drums, and Geiring, will, on the first day of May next, be sold by public Auction, at the hour of One o'Clock, at the Exchange Coffee-room, Belfast.

On this Concern there has latterly been expended very considerable sums, on useful improvements, and from the extent and connectness for carrying on business in the Cotton Spinning, &c. afford to those inclined to extend, or commence said business, an opportunity such as rarely offers, of purchasing a situation eligibly situated, within five minutes walk of BELFAST. The Buildings on said concern consist of the COTTON MILL, extending in length about 160 feet, by 38 in breadth, with Stores, Stabling, and Dwellings for Managers and Workers; also, MANSION-HOUSE, Offices, and walled0in Garden; together with a large range of Building, extending in length about 150 feet, which consists of a House four stories high, about 70 by 30 feet, filled with Machinery; also, Dye House, Singeing House, Drying Lofts and Finishing Lofts, capable of finishing 100 pieces of Fustiana weekly; with Furnaces and fixtures of every desription for carrying on said business in the most complete and extensive manner.

The whole Concern, with 9 Acres and 20 Perches LAND, is held under DANIEL BLOW, Esq. for 31 Years from January 1787, renewable, without any Fine, at 70l. a year.

The Public need scarcely be informed, that this Concern is supplied by two never-failing Rivers, with w Fall of about 20 Feet. The MACHINERY consists of 21 Water Frames, 21 Mules, 13 Spinning Jennies, with carding and preparation complete; the whole drove by an excellent Water-Wheel, from the centre of the House, 8 Feet by 24 Feet: The Dye-stuff Mill down by a separate Wheel.

There is a Fall of 14 Feet on said Premises, unoccuoied, on whihc is erected a Wheel, 18 by 4 Feet, which might answer valuable Purposes.

One-fourth part of the purchase-money to be advanced on Sale; remainder may, if required, remain with Purchaser for Two Years.

Falls, March 30.

N.B. The remainder of the Machinery, consisting of Mules, Jennies, Cards, &c. will be Sold by Auction on the Premises the ensuing Day, at the Hour of Twelve o'Clock.




THAT large and commodious DWELLING-HOUSE, No. 25, Millfield, with a good Stable and Hay-Loft --


120 Feet of BUILDING GROUND, in West-street, of which a good Lease can be given. -- Apply to JOHN WHITE.

Belfast, March 25.



The Henrietta, Ford, and another vessel arrived at Surinam the 19th Jan. parted company with the Hanover, for Jamaica, and about 36 sail of vessel; part of the Hyæna's convoy, on 12th Jan. in lat. 13.41. Long. 47.20.

The Camilla, ------, from Monyvido to Corunna, is taken by the Nautilus sloop, and sent for Plymouth.

THe Hazard, Williamson, from Jersey to Cork, was captured off the Smalls, by a French privateer, 23d ult. and has been found at sea plundered, and carried into Kinsale.

The Venna, ------, from London, arrived at Cork, was attacked by a privateer about 50 miles S. E. of Cork Head, which she beat off.

The Woodland Castle, ------, from Smyrna to London, has put into Palermo.

The Ruby, of and from Dublin to Jamaica, was parted with by the Fleet on 7th Jan. in lat. 28. 20 N. Long. 22. 30. W.

The Enterpe, Kennert, from Rotterdam to Bourdeaux; the Argus, Onderwater, from Embden to Rotterdam; the Vrow Margaretta, Steers, from Amsterdam to Brest, are detained, and sent into Yarmouth.

A Spanish ship (formerly the Duke of York Packet) from Boston to Vera Cruz, is sent into Jamaica by the Princess Charlotte frigate.

The Intrepide Spanish privateer, of 10 guns, and 75 men, is captured by the Immortalite frigate, and arrived at Portsmouth, she had taken three prizes -- one a bark belonging to Dartmouth (since retaken); an American ship from New-York to Falmouth; and the Danish vessel Copenhagen, Schwensen; the later she captured 17th inst. and sent for Corunna.

The Young Roscius privateer arrived at Scilly 24th ult. with the Spanish brig Tigre, from Monteveido to Corunna, taken with hides, tallow, and cocoa, which she captured of Cape Ostegal. The Tigre was first taken by a Liverpool privateer, and afterwards retaken by a Spanish galliot privateer about the 6th inst. in the Irish Channel. The Spanish prisoners report that there were four Spanish privateers (fitted for two months cruise) cruising in the mouth of the Irish Channel; two rigged as brigs of 14 guns each, and two as galliots of 10 guns.

The Upton Castle, Pavin, from Bristol to Cork was taken by an 80 gun ship and two frigates, the 18th August last, and carried into the Mauritius the beginning of November.

The Perseverance, -------, from Bristol to Cork was taken 23d ult. near the Snells, by a privateer, retaken 25th by the Decade frigate, and is sent into Plymouth.

The Anna Margaretta Dorothea, Ehlers, from Stettin to Cadiz, is detained by the Greyhound revenue cutter, and sent into Weymouth.

The Queen Charlotte, Clark, form Surinam, was burnt yesterday morning off Dungeness.


On Tuesday last the dead body of a new-born male child was found near Donaghadee. A Jury was formed, and two medical gentlemen attended, who gave their opinion that the child had been murdered. A subscription has been set on foot to defray any charges that may be incurred, in endeavouring to discover the perpetrator of this horrid deed, who is generally supposed to be the mother of the child.



Chronicle Office, 5 o'Clock. -- We stop the Press to state the following intelligence from Youghal: "The Collector received positive information from the Master of a Vessel arrived here last night of a French privateer being off Ardmore Head, schooner-rigged, and painted black, with a sloop in tow. -- Youghal, March 31."

An express arrived in town this day from Youghal stating tha a French privateer of 22 guns was seen late on Saturday last, off that harbour. -- Cork Evening Post.

We are sorry to hear that the ship Commerce, with a cargo of King's provisions from this port for London, has been lately captured and carried into Calais; and also that the New Kerrison, bound on the same voyage, was wrecked on the French coast. Crew saved.



The Willam, M'Crea; Lagan, M'Connell; and Mer, Foster, for London, sailed on Thursday last, under convoy of the L'Espeigle sloop of war.

The Packet, M'Ferran master, arrived from Greenock on Thursday the 4th inst.

The Roberts, Bisset, arrived at Glasgow on Monday last, after a short passage of 24 hours, and is loading again for that Port.

The Hiberna, Capt. Montgomery, sailed for Londonderry on Thursday morning, under convoy of his Majesty's sloop L'Espeigle, with a fair wind, which continues.

Admiral Drury has appointed the Dryad frigate to convoy the Draper, M'Donnell, from hence to the Downs, and to sail with the first fair wind after Saturday the 6th inst.

The Neptune, Captain Davidson, sailed fro Liverpool on Thursday last.


CORK, MARCH 30. -- Yesterday evening, the Resolution revenue cutter, Captain Elsmere, returned to Cove. -- She had been sent by Admiral Drury, to cruise off Scilly for the privateer which lately captured the Perseverance, Captain Donovan. On last tHursday morning, at day break, she descried a sail considerably to windward, and at eight o'clock discovered her to be a brig with French colours flying. Upon nearing her, the brig fired a gun to bring the cutter to, which not being answered, a sort of running fight commenced till nine o'clock, from which time till twelve, a close engagement was maintained, when the Resolution was obliged to relinquish the unequal encounter, having then but one gun serviceable. The Frenchman made two attempts to board, which the dexterity of Captain Elsmere prevented. On the receipt of this intelligence, Admiral Drury immediately ordered the Brilliant and Dryad frigates to put to sea, though the wind blew directly into the harbour's mouth. The Brilliant succeeded in turning out in the evening. The Dryad sailed at an early hour this morning. From the promptitude of these orders, and the hardy impudence of those contemptible privateers, we may soon expect to hear, in the sea phrase, "a good account of them."


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