Belfast Newsletter - 4 January, 1825


At the Observatory, Armagh, on the 23rd ult, the Lady of the Rev. T.R. Robinson, of a daughter.

At No. 10, Cochrane-street, Glasgow, on 18th ult. Mrs BURNSIDE a daughter.

At Spreull's Court, Glasgow, on 24th ult. Mrs MAC ARTHUR, a son.


On the 1st Jan. in St Ann's Church, by the Rev. Mr. Smith, Mr THOMAS FERGUSON of Downpatrick, to Miss MARY RUSSELL, daughter of the late Captain Russell, of this port.

On the 29th ult. by the Rev. John Cowan, Mr WILLIAM MEGAW, Eary, to ELIZA SARAH, daughter of Mr. John George, Merchant, Coagh.

On Wednesday morning last, by the Rev. John Mitchel, the Rev. JOHN BLECKLEY, Monaghan, to CATHERINE, daughter of the late John Mollan, Esq. Newry.

On the 28th ult. at Gill's Cottage, county of Londonderry, by the Rev. A. M'Calden, JAMES GAMBLE, Esq. of Dromore, to CLAUDIA, second daughter of Capt. Dalrymple.


On the 27th Dec. aged 37, Mr ANDREW ARMOR, of this town.

At Lambeg, on the 25th ult. Mrs. BARCLAY, relict of the late John Barclay, Esq. of that place.

At Cashel, on the 25th ult. of typhus fever, Mrs HOLMES, wife of the Rev. W.A. Holmes, late of Hollywood.

At Ballywillan, on the 17th ult. in the 24th year of her age, Mrs HARPER wife of Hans Harper, Esq. M.D.

On the 20th ult. at Lisburn, in the 21st year of her age, Miss CLOSE; a female, whose goodness and sincerity of heart, united with an engaging and cheerful disposition, endeared her to a numerous circle of friends and acquaintances, by whom this amiable young woman's death is now deeply lamented.

At Montreal, in Canada, on the 9th November last, THOS. BURNETT, Esq., Civil Engineer. He had been engaged for the last four years in superintending the making of the La Chine Canal, with great credit to himself, and to the entire satisfaction of the Commissioners for carrying that work into execution. In the characters of husband, parent, and friend, he has left few to equal him; and the general feeling of regret expressed for his death, in a country where he was known only for a short time, was, perhaps, the best proof of his worth and integrity.

Lately, at Pentrobin, near Hawarden, Flintshire, JOHN BEAVAN, aged 87; he had 9 children, 60 grand-children, and 120 great-grand-children, making a total of 189, of whom 162 are now living.


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