Belfast Newsletter - Friday, 8 September, 1837


On the 2d inst. at Killinchy, the Hon. Mrs. Henry Ward, of a son.

On the 29th ult. at Lisrenny, county Louth, the Lady of William Filgate, Esq. of a son.


On the 22d ult. by the Rev. William Wallace, Donegore, the Rev. David Edgar, Ballynahinch, to Nancy, daughter of the late Mr. William Graham, New Park, near Antrim.

On the 5th inst. by the Rev. William Graham, at Millmount, near Dundonald, Mr. David Robinson, Beaver-hall, to Letitia, third daughter of Mr. William Galway.

On the 18th ult. by the Rev. Mr. Elder, at her father's residence, at Maddakeel, parish of Finvoy. Miss Jane M'Elree, third daughter of Mr. Robt M'Elree, to Mr. Samuel Mathers, clock and watchmaker.

At Maralin Church, on the 5th inst. Alexander Kingston Handy, King's county, Esq. to Mary, eldest daughter of the late Ralph Richardson, Springfield, county of Down, Esq.

On the 29th ult. at Kilronan Church, by the Rev. Robert Allan Scott, Chaplain to the Right Hon. Lord Forbes, Robert Saunderson, Esq. of Drumkeen, and Ravenswood Lodge, county of Cavan, to Thomasine Sophia, only daughter of the late Colonel Tenison, of Castle Tenison, county of Roscommon.


On the morning of the 3d inst. Thomas O'Neill, son of the Rev. Dr. Cooke. As a candidate for the Ministry in the Presbyterian Church, he had passed one year in Trinity College, Dublin, as a pupil of the late lamented Rev. S. J. M'Clean. During a protracted illness of more than four years, he never uttered a single complaint; and, in reply to a question put to him by his father, his last words were -- "I know that my Redeemer liveth." On this dying expression of faith, the Rev. J. Morgan most appropriately commented at his funeral service; after which the Rev. Dr. Hanna offered up an appropriate and most impressive prayer. His remains were conveyed to the grave by a number of the students of the Synod of Ulster, who had requested permission to perform this last office of kindness and friendship.

In May last, at Cranfield, near Kilkeel, co. Down, Mr. William Cluness, of the Coast Guard service. His active and upright conduct had procured him promotion, whilst his exemplary piety ensured the affection of all who had the pleasure of knowing him. During his illness he gave continued testimony to the experience and the prospects that result from saving faith, till at length he was privileged "to depart and to be with Christ."

On the 3d inst. at Ben Neagh, Crumlin, Patrick Boyle, infant son of James Gairdner, Esq. of Glasgow.

On the 3d inst. Mrs. Kelso, wife of Mr. John Kelso, merchant, Fivemiletown, much regretted by all who knew her.

At her house in Downpatrick, on the 4th inst. Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the late James Cumine, Esq. of Killough.

On the 29th ult. at Fintona, Andrew Creery M'Dowell, Esq. of Sligo.

On the 3d inst at the Glebe, Newtownards, Esther, wife of S. J. Cassidy, of Magherafelt, Esq. in the 29th year of her age.

In Newry, on the 30th, Mr. John Shevlin, aged 32.

In Liverpool, on 26th ult. after a short illness, in the 32d year of his age, Mr. Isaac Gelston, merchant, formerly of Ballysallagh, county Down.



Major-General -- Sir J. W. Adams, G.C.B. East India Company's Service.

Captains -- May, 41st Foot, at sea on passage from Madras; Copley, Royal African Colonial Corps, Gambia; Muscat, Royal Malta Fencible Regiment, Malta; White, half-pay 40th Foot; Wilmot, half-pay Fish's Corps; Rumann, half-pay 4th Line Battalion German Legion.

Lieutenants -- Walton, 2d Foot, Hurnee; Heming, 26th Foot, at sea; M'Leroth, 38th Foot; Freeman, Royal Artillery; O. Scott, late of Royal Marines; Jenkins, half-pay 1st Dragoons; Pass, late of 4th Royal Veteran Battalion; Longworth, late of 10th Royal Veteran Battalion; Gooday, half-pay 18th Foot; Steele, half-pay 18th Foot; Bailie, half-pay 19th Foot; Barker, half-pay Royal African Corps; H. Cochrane, Unattached; Schultz, half-pay Brunswick Infantry; Dumas, half-pay 82d Foot.

Paymaster -- Green, 57th Foot.

Adjutant -- M'Kinnon, half-pay 86th Fot.

Quarter Masters -- Webster, half-pay 11th Dragoons; Talbot, half-pay Somerset Fencible Cavalry.

Barrack Master -- E. Mockler.

Medical Department -- Surgeon Broughton, 2d Life Guards; Assistant-Surgeon Paterson, 74th Foot; Assistant-Surgeon Dr. Tonge, half-pay 3d Royal Veteran Battalion; Assistant-Surgeon Schuntermann, half-pay 3d Line Battalion GermanLegion.




Sept. 4 -- Maid of Galloway, Hasling, Stranraer.
Ruby, Rogers, Larne, flour
5 -- Hibernia, (st.) Williams, Dublin
Rapid, (st.) White, Glasgow
Falcon, (st.) Head, Liverpool
6 -- St. George, Porter, Portaferry, grain
Napoleon, M'Cappin, Quebec, timber
Emerald, Wilson, Quebec, timber
Flora, Evans, Portmaddock, slates
Tartar, (st.) Stewart, Glasgow
Athlone, (st,) Williams, Liverpool
7 -- Maria, Johnston, Alicante, barilla and cane reeds
7 colliers.


Sept. 4 -- Thames, (st.) Donnan, London
Tartar, (st.) Stewart, Glasgow
5 -- Corsair, (st.) Gowan, Liverpool
Maid of Galloway, (st.) Hasling, Whitehaven
6 -- Rapid, (st.) White, Glasgow
23 colliers and 10 other vessels in ballast.

The steam-ship Corsair, Gowan, for Liverpool, sails on Tuesday, at six o'clock in the evening.

The steam-ship Falcon, Head, for Liverpool, sails on Thursday, at eight o'clock in the evening.

The Ranger, Davies, for London, clears on Saturday.

The steamer Rapid, White, for Greenock and Glasgow, sails to-morrow, at four o'clock afternoon.

A steamer for London, (calling at Dublin, Falmouth and Plymouth,) sails every week or ten, days.

A steamer sails from Dublin, for Plymouth and London, every Saturday.

The steamer Athlone, Williams, for Liverpool, sails on Saturday, at three o'clock afternoon.

The steamer Hibernia, Williams, for Dublin, sails on Wednesday, at eleven o'clock morning.

The new steamer Tartar, Stewart, for Greenock and Glasgow, sails on Monday, at seven o'clock evening.

The ship Napoleon, of Belfast, Captain M'Cappin, from Quebec, arrived here on Wednesday (sailed 2d August), with timber, deals and staves. -- John Dunn, Consignee. The following vessels were spoken by the Napoleon, viz.:-- 19th Aug. barque Gleaner, in lat. 48. 49. long. 30. 23. -- Aug. 20. brig Catherine M'Donald, in lat. 48. 12. long. 27. 48. -- Aug. 21, brig Devereux, in lat. 48. 44. long. 23. 53. -- Aug. 25, barque Royal Tar, in lat. 52. 2. long. 22. 50. -- Same day, the brig Home, in lat. 50. 2. long. 22. 50.

Arrived at St. John's, N.B. from Belfast, on 29th July, the Camilla, Captain Warnock -- passengers and crew all well.

The Thomas Battersby, of Belfast, from Liverpool, has arrived at Maranham.

The Regatta, of Belfast, J. Blaney, master, from Archangel, at Liverpool.

The Barbara and Elizabeth, Davis, from Belfast to Dunkirk, arrived out on the 31st ult.

The Planter, Captain Finlay, of and from Belfast, and the Triton, Duncan, for Ballyshannon, cleared at St. John's, N.B. prior to the 22d July.

The Sarah, from Belfast for New York, was spoken on the 23d July, in lat 40. long. 67.

The Favourite, Taylor, of Belfast, was spoken in long. 26. all well, by the Sapphire, from America, arrived at North Shields.


Passed the Sound from the 22d to 26th August inclusive -- 1 vessel, for Scotland with wheat, 1 for England with flour, and 1 with provisions. Passed upwards for Baltic ports, 2 vessels with salt, 9 with coals, 9 with herrings, 5 with goods, 1 with sugar 1 with yaru, 1 with cotton, 1 with bricks, and 42 in ballast.


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