Belfast Newsletter - 28 January, 1840


On 17th inst. at Dunmore, the Lady of Robert M'Clintock, Esq. of a daughter.

On the 21st inst. at Cavanacor, county of Donegal, the Lady of Captain Humfrey, of a daughter.

On the 6th Nov. at Sultanpore, Oudh, the Lady of Rowley Hill, Esq. Oudh Auxiliary Force, of a son.


On the 15th inst. by the Rev. Mr. M'Callister, Mr. Charles Brown, Merchant, Armagh, to Mary, second daughter of Mr. John Allen, Land Steward to his Grace the Lord Primate of Ireland.

On the 21st inst, by the Rev. Josias Wilson, Townsend-street, Mr. John Bell, cutler, of Belfast, to Miss Margaret Johnston, late of Glasgow.

On the 22d inst. at Dunmurry, by the Rev. Dr. Montgomery, Mr. Thomas Frith, engineer, to Arabella, third daughter of the late Mr. James Carmichael, of Dunmurry.

On the 15th inst. by the Rev. Mr. Doherty, Comber, Mr. James Frame, Surgeon, to Mary, second daughter of Mr. James M'Kibbin, Maghereagh, county Antrim.

On the 23d inst. at Craigmore, by the Rev. Alex. Crawford, of Randalstown, Mr. Wm. Henderson, to Miss Butler, daughter of Mr. Thomas Butler.

On the 21st inst. in Lurgan, by the Rev. H. Dobbin, Mr. George P. Wood to Miss Margaretta Kennedy, both of that town.

On the 17th inst. by the Rev. James Porter, Drumlee, Mr. Alexander Adair to Miss Betty Bingham, both of same place.

On the 23d inst. in Killaghtee Church, by the Rev. Chas. Welsh, Stewart Betty, Esq. of Enniskillen, to Eliza, second daughter of the Rev. Joseph Welsh, Rector of Killaghtee, county of Donegal.

On the 10th of Dec. 1839, by the Rev. Charles Reid, Mr. Hugh Seed, son of the late Mr. Hugh Seed, of Ballyculter County of Down, Ireland, to Miss Sibillah Ryan, of Stringtown, Lawrence county, Illinois, America.


On the 23d inst. of fever, at the house of her uncle, Thomas Grimshaw, Esq Whitehouse, Sarah, third daughter of Conway Blizard, Esq

On the 24th inst. Mrs. Hannay, of York-street, aged 55 years, relict of the late Mr. James Hannay, of Bangor.

On the 18th inst, in Dublin, at the house of her son, Lieut. Walsh, of the 19th regiment, Anna, widow of the late Col. Walsh, R.A. and sixth daughter of the late Hugh Crawford, Esq. of Orangefield, county Down.

On the 23d inst. at his house, in Gordon-street, aged 51 years, Mr. Will. Murray, a most respectable and highly-esteemed character.

On the 26th inst. at the advanced age of 82, Margaret, the beloved wife of Mr. James Kennedy, Little York-street, Belfast.

On the 17th inst. at Glasgow, suddenly, Mrs. Louisa Jane Tinsdale, formerly of Belfast.

On the 21st inst. Janet Martin Vint, aged 10 years, second daughter of Mr. James Vint, of Ballyduff, Carnmoney.

On the 22d inst. Robert, son of Mr. Wm. Campbell, Lisbarnet, Killinchy.

On the 23d inst. Sarah Miniss, wife of Mr. Robert Miniss, formerly of Ann-street.

On the 19th inst. aged 75 years, Jane, wife of Mr. Moses Woods, of Ballyvarley, much regretted by all who knew her.

On the 18th inst. after a lingering illness, Mr. Sam. Taylor, of Knockbracken.

At Cookstown, of fever, in the prime of life, and universally regretted, Mr. Wm Lynd.

On the 20th inst. at Aughnacloy, in the 78th year of his age, Edward Moore, Esq. For more than forty years he held the office of Magistrate for the county Tyrone.

On the 21st. inst. at Rosemount, county Donegal, of a short but painful illness, Edward Murray, Esq. solicitor, in the 46th year of his age.

On the 18th inst. John Kelly, Esq. of Rassan, after a painful illness of 15 days.

On the 18th inst. at Cootehill, James Phillips, Esq. aged 67 years.

On the 21st inst. at his father's residence, Rahan, near Letterkenny, Mr. David Torrens, formerly of Derry, in the 35th year of his age.

On the 15th inst. at his residence, Ardmore, Mr. Samuel Cairns, aged 85 years.

On the 18th inst. in Dublin, Lieut.-Colonel Hugh Stacpoole, late of the 45th regiment.

At Canterbury, Major-General Sir G. Teesdale, K.H.

On the 10th inst. in his 65th year, Commander John Yule, R.N. (1805.) He was 27 times engaged with the enemies of his country, and on three of these occasions, viz,:P -- Cornwallis's retreat, the battle of the Nile, and that of Trafalgar, as one of Nelson's Lieutenants in the Victory -- he received the public thanks of his country, which was accorded by the vote of Parliament.




Jan. 24 -- Aurora, (st.) Anderson, Glasgow; Athlone, (st.) Davies, Liverpool. 26 -- Vulcan, (st.) Hardy, Glasgow


Jan, 23 -- Vulcan, (st.) Hardy, Glasgow. 24 -- Solway, (st.) Burton, Carlisle; Birmingham, Church, Dublin; Belfast, Cameron, Dundee. 25 -- Aurora, (st.) Anderson, Glasgow; Athlone, (st.) Davies, Liverpool. 26 -- Industry, --, Liverpool; 4 colliers and other vessels in ballast.

The steamer Maid of Galloway, Haswell, for Stranraer and Glasgow, sails on Saturday, 1st Feb. at 10 o 'clock morning.

The steamer Lochryan, Gillespie, sails for Whitehaven on Tuesday, 28th Jan. at 4 afternoon, and from Whitehaven to Belfast, on Thursday, 30th.

The steam ship Reindeer, Head, for Liverpool, Sails on Thursday, at 6 o'clock evening.

The Courier, Smyth, for London, clears on Saturday first.

The Millman, for Jamaica, Glenview, for New Orleans, and William Turner, for Bombay, sailed from Belfast Lough yesterday.

The Trevor, of Newhaven, Lind, master, from Marseilles to Belfast, ashore in Dundrum Bay, 26th instant, cargo of brimstone.

Arrived at Liverpool on the 23d inst. from St. John's, N.B. in 30 days, the new barque Haidee, John Marshall, master -- all well.

The Brigand, from Liverpool to Antigua, has arrived safe.

Part of the wreck of the William Huskisson has come ashore at Portpatrick.

The Chilton, of Liverpool, has been abandoned at sea, water-logged.

During the gale on Monday night last, the schooner Red Rover, bound from Newfoundland to Liverpool, was driven on shore, high and dry, near Waterloo, in the Mersey.

The Maid of Mostyn, of and for Glasson-dock from Dublin, foundered outside of Dublin bar on Sunday night, with all hands.

The Resolution, Forrest, sailed from Liverpool for Maranham, 11th inst.

The schooner Kilvington, Captain Melhuish, from Liverpool for Waterford, laden with rocksalt and a general cargo of merchandise, was wrecked last Wednesday night on Arklow Banks - crew saved.

On Tuesday morning, at two o'clock, the ship Eliza and Abbey, bound from Wilmington, North America, to Liverpool, with a cargo of cotton and turpentine, was wrecked on the borough of Ballyteigue -- all hands saved. -- Wexford Paper.

SOUTHPORT, JAN. 20. -- The barque on shore at the mouth of the Ribble is the Margaret Miller (formerly of Belfast) from Halifax to Liverpool -- crew saved.

MARYPORT, JAN. 18 -- The Mona, Collins, and the Jane, Campbell, (formerly reported on shore), have both been got into the harbour.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

The Rev. Richard Waddy has received the sum of £4 from Samson Moore, Esq. of Ballynacroe, for the benefit of the poor of the parish of Finvoy

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --



17th Light Dragoons -- Lieut, the Hon. H.S. Blackwood, from 84th Foot, to be Lieut. vice Mitchell, exchanges.

Coldstream Foot Guards. -- Lieut. Colonel the Hon. E. Stopford, from Half-pay 22d Light Dragoons, to be Captain and Lieut.-Colonel, vice H. Armytage, exchanges; Lieut. and Captain F. Paget to be Captain and Lieut.-Colonel, by purchase, vice Stopford, retires; Ensign and Lieut. the Hon. C. Grimston to be Lieut. and Captain, by purchase, vice Paget; Ensign C. L. Cocks, from 54th Foot, to be Ensign and Lieut. by purchase, vice Grimston.

Scots' Fusilier Guards-Lieut. and Captain G. Moncrieffe, to be Captain and Lieut.-Colonel, by purchase, vice Hornby, retires; Ensign and Lieut. M. P. Drummond, to be Lieut. and Captain, by purchase, vice Moncrieffe; Lord G. Fitzgerald to be Ensign and Lieut. by purchase, vice Drummond.

12th Foot -- J.C. Bloomfield to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Wilson, retires.

14th -- Ensign R.W. Romer to be Lieut, by purchase, vice Mellis, promoted.

36th -- Quartermaster W. Stuart, from Royal African Colonial Corps, to be Quartermaster, vice Wakefield, appointed to 71st Foot.

43d -- Ensign the Hon. P.E. Herbert, from 44th Foot, to be Ensign, vice Cholmondeley promoted.

44th -- Frederick Shelton to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Herbert, appointed to 43d Foot.

71st -- Quartermaster W. Wakefield, from 36th Foot, to be Quartermaster, vice T. Creighton, retires upon half-pay.

84th -- Lieut. W.M. Mitchell, from 17th Light Dragoons, to be Lieut. vice Blackwood, exchanges.

Royal African Colonial Corps -- Sergeant F.B. Shaw, from 11th Light Dragoons, to be Quartermaster, vice Stuart, appointed to 36th Foot.

UNATTACHED. -- Lieut. H. BertIes, from Adjutant of a Recruiting District, to be Captain, without purchase; Lieut. J. Mellis. from 14th Foot, to be Captain, by pur.

STAFF -- Lieut. D. Hanson, from 13th Light Dragoons, to be Adjutant of a Recruiting district, vice Bertles, promoted.

MEMORANDUM -- The Christian names of Ensign Halfhide, of 49th Foot, are C. Alexander, and not R. Sampson, as stated in the Gazette of 21st June, 1830.

Captain W. Briggs, upon half-pay Unattached, has been allowed to retire from the service, with the sale of an unattached company, he being about to become a settler in New South Wales.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

BIRMINGHAM RAILWAY. -- On Monday evening an inquest was held near the Watford Station, on the body of Charles Jones, one of the constables employed upon the line, who was killed on Saturday night. The remains of the deceased presented n dreadful appearance, the head being smashed to atoms, the whole of the ribs broken, and the right leg broken in several places. The deceased. had recently been appointed a policeman on the line, and his duty was to watch the trains as they passed; and on the night in question, he was in the act of showing the light of his lamp upon the rails near the tunnel while the down train was passing, and at the same time the uptrain, which had arrived twenty minutes before its usual time, came up, and the deceased, not being able to get out of the way, was knocked down by the "buffer" of the carriage, and driven upon the rails, and the whole of the train passed over him, crushing him in the frightful manner above stated. Verdict -- "Accidental death."

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

SUICIDE OF AN ENGLISHMAN AT CALAIS. -- A few nights ago, the report of a pistol was heard by the custom-house officers at Calais, and proceeding to the spot, they found a well-dressed person lying on the jetty, weltering in his blood, and having a pistol in his hand. Several pieces of his skull, which had been shattered, were near him, but he still gave signs of life. The wounded person was removed to the depot of the Humane Society, where his wound was dressed, but it was found to be mortal. It was ascertained that he was a young Englishman of 18, named Vaughan Wood, who had been staying at Middleton's Hotel. He expired thirteen hours afterwards. He had just obtained a commission in the artillery in England, and he was on his way to join it, but was stopped at Calais by want or funds. After staying at Calais for three weeks without receiving a remittance, he had resolved in despair to destroy himself. Only a few minutes before he expired the British consul at Calais received a remittance for him from his father.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Madame Gans, a lady at Berlin, distinguished for her talents, her large fortune, and her encouragement of literature and literary men, on returning home from the theatre on the night of the 3d inst., found her house surrounded by an immense crowd. Having reached her chamber, she there saw a body of armed police engaged with five robbers, who had broken open the doors and got in, while a sixth was dying on the sofa, the blood flowing from two wounds in his breast. The shock of this horrible sight was so severe that Madame Gans, who was in her 74th year, fell down in a fit of apoplexy, and expired almost instantaneously. -- Paris paper.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

INDIA. -- We have learned from a most respectable source, that an express had overtaken the army of the Indus, under General Lord Keane, with the intelligence that Dost Mahomed, the usurper, had appeared with a strong armed force in the vicinity of Ghuznee, and threatened to repossess himself of that fortress. The retrograde march of our troops was instanter countermanded to prepare, by forced marches, for another visit to Ghuznee, in order to protect it from the hostile demonstration of Dost Mahomed's numerous followers. -- Limerick Chronicle.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

ALGIERS. -- The Moniter of Monday gives a long despatch from Marshal Valee, containing official details of the action of Blidah on the 31st ult. of which ample accounts have been published. It appears that Abd-el-Kader, instead of fighting the enemy in the manner of his own country, attempted to form his troops into regular infantry, and with them commenced an attack on the French; Marshal Valee saw their error, and by a skilful manoevre placed them between two [?]res, and then charged them with his cavalry, upon which the Arabs fell into inextricable confusion, and fled, and in their flight became an easy prey to their pursuers, who cut them to pieces. This defeat seems to have stricken them with such terror, that they hare not dared to appear since on the Algerine side of China.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

DEATH FROM WANT. -- On Wednesday evening last, a man, between 70 and 80 years of age, was found lying on the footpath of the Falls road, at a place known by the name of Derry-walls (opposite the Belfast District Asylum), in a state of the greatest destitution, and almost speechless. A person of the name of Wm. Hannan, returning home after six o'clock, from work, to his place abode, at Derry-walls, and seeing him in so helpless and miserable a condition, carried him into his house, and most humanely ministered, in every way possible, towards alleviating the dying man's pitiable and forlorn condition, who lingered on throughout that night, and until the forenoon of the following day, when death terminated his earthly sufferings. The only information the deceased gave about himself was, that he lived at 15 Millfield; but, on inquiry being made thereat, nobody knew any thing of him. Information of the circumstance was then given at the Police-office, when an investigation before Wm. Johnson, Esq and another Magistrate, was entered into on Friday, and the body ordered to be removed from Hannan's, and interred. Too much praise cannot be given to Hannan, who (in a confused dwelling and with a wife and three children) thus acted the part of the good Samaritan; and who, moreover, lost two days of his time, as a carpenter, in this melancholy affair which he and his family could but ill afford. -- Whig.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

INSOLVENT DEBTORS COURT. -- Northern District. -- Drogheda, 19th Feb.; Dundalk, 20th; Downpatrick 22d; Carrickfergus, 24th; Londonderry, 27th; Lifford 28th; Omagh, 29th; Monaghan, 2d March; Armagh, 3d; Cavan, 23d; Enniskillen, 24th; Sligo, 26th; Castlebar, 28th; Roscommon, 30th; Carrick-on-Shannon, 31st; Longford, 1st April; Mullingar, 2d; Trim, 3d.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

The distillers in Ireland, in consequence of the overstock of whiskey (caused by the temperate habits of the Irish people), are now seeking a mart in the West Indies and Portuguese markets.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

POOR LAWS -- DOWNPATRICK UNION -- Names of Guardians returned on Friday last for the following divisions: __Hollymount, Mr. Robert Gordon; Inch, Mr. Robert Martin; Leggygowan, Mr. Hans Cosby; Killyleagh, Mr. Robert Harper; Killinchy, Mr. R. Pettor; Crossgar, Mr. James Johnston; Kilmore, Mr. Robert Johnston; Dunmore, Mr. John Davidson; Ballynahinch, Mr. James Graham; Seaforde, Mr. John Cromey; Rossconnor, Mr. James Brown; Clough, Mr. Charles Russell; Castlewellan, Mr. Owen M'Mullan; Dundrum, Mr. James Murland; Ardglass, Mr. Thomas Gracey; Ardkeen, Mr. John Magrath; Portaferry, Mr. Wm. Groen, Mr. James Warnock; Quinton, Mr. John Murphy. The following divisions are likely to be contested: __Downpatrick, eleven persons being nominated, and three guardians only required. Raholp, two nominations, and but one Guardian required. Strangford, Killough, and Tyrella are similarly circumstanced, and in Dunsford, three persons are nominated where only one is required. -- Down Rec.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

EARTHQUAKE. -- On the night. of Wednesday, the 8th instant, about ten o'clock, a smart shock of an earthquake was felt in the parishes of Carndonagh and Clonmany, in the county of Donegal. In some places those who had tired to rest felt themselves shaken in their beds, and others were thrown off their chairs, and greatly alarmed. It is said to have been partially felt, at the same time, in the vicinity of Moville, and also within a few miles of this city. We believe this to be but the second instance of an earthquake having been felt in any part of Ireland. -- Derry Sentinel.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

On Monday, the 20th inst. Alexander Buchannan, Esq of Omagh, was occupied the whole day at the house of his brother, John Buchannan, Esq. distributing blankets shirts, shifts, &c. to the poor.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

John M'Clintock, Esq. junior, of Dromisken House has been appointed High Sheriff of the county of Louth

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

DEATH FROM THE SEVERITY OF THE WEATHER. -- We are informed that a man named James M'lntire, of Knockbraragh, foundered on Mulloughmore hill on last Monday night. -- Newry Telegraph.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

THE CONSTABULARY. -- By a recent order of Lieut. Colonel M'Gregor, Inspector-General of Police, Head Constables of the constabulary force are allowed to marry.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

BURGLARY, AND APPREHENSION OF THE BURGLARS. -- On Thursday night the shop of Edward Moore, in Market-street, was broken into, and robbed of cash and other articles, to a considerable amount. The robber contrived to dislodge a brick, as a new front, had lately been put in, and a hole was made sufficient to admit one person, who, after breaking open the desk, and taking out cash to the amount of £14, and, also, other articles opened the door and walked off. The police were informed of the robbery, and that meritorious officer, Leslie Johnston, accompanied by acting Constable Agnew were on the alert at an early hour, and succeeded in apprehending nine individuals, whom they lodged in Bridewell. An investigation took place, in the course of the day, before the Magistrates, and the result was, the committal of three persons, named Patrick Doherty, Wm Pollock, and Francis Hanlon, to take their trial at the ensuing Assizes for the offence. -- Newry Examiner.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

DESTRUCTIVE FIRE. -- At two o'clock on Thursday morning a fire broke out in the extensive saw-mills of Messrs. M'Dowell and Miller, Montgomery-street, Dublin, which raged for some time with considerable violence The Caledonian and other engines were promptly on the spot; and the effective fire brigades, aided by the indefatigable Inspector of the C division, Mr. Murphy, succeeded in preventing the flames from spreading beyond the concerns. Property to the amount of nearly £2,000 was, we understand, destroyed. The premises were not insured.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

KILLROOT AND NORTH-EAST DIVISION OF CARRICKFERGUS FARMING SOCIETY. -- The fourth annual ploughing match of this society was held on Mr. James Craig's farm, North-East Division, on Wednesday the 22d inst. when 17 ploughs started to compete for the premiums, which were awarded as follows:-- 1st, Mr. Samuel Saunderson, New Seat, plough held by his son. 2d, Mr. James Craig, North-East Division, plough held by himself. 3d, Mr. Wm. Hogset, Kilroot, plough held by Sam. Blackwood. 4th, Mr. John Borthwick, Killroot, plough held by Wm. M'Meekin. 5th, Mr. Sam. M'Meekin, Bella-hill, plough held by his son. 6th, Mr. Sam. Davey, Leafield, plough held by his son. 7th, Mr. Joseph Quirey, Thornpark, plough held by his son. 8th, Mr. Thomas Hogset, Killroot, plough held by Wm. M'Atamney. 9th, Mr. Charles Hamill, Killroot, plough held by Wm. M'Causland. 10th, Mr. Trevor Hill, North-East Division, plough held by himself. On this occasion the ploughs were in much better order, and the horses appointed in a superior style, which is highly creditable to the farmers of the district. It is but justice to the unsuccessful competitors to state that there was a very decided improvement in the ploughing generally when compared with previous years. If they continue to progress in the same degree they will, ere long, be able to compete with the districts which are more advanced in agricultural improvement. The Judges were Messrs. Wm. M'Ferran, Cogry; John Murphy, Cairncastle; and James Alexander, Doagh. In the evening a party of upwards of 50 dined together in the Assembly Room, Carrickfergus. James Cowan, Esq. ably discharged the duty of Chairman, and Dr. M'Gowan acted as Croupier. In the course of the evening, a number of appropriate toasts were given, and responded to by Edward Bruce, Esq. J.P. Scotbush; Messrs. Borthwick, Murphy,Rowan, &c. &c. The dinner was provided by Mr. Sam. Erskine, and was got up in a style that reflects the highest credit upon the establishment. -- N. Whig.

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