Belfast Newsletter - 27 June, 1856


June 21, at Albert Terrace, the wife of the Rev. John Browne Wilson of a son.

June 24, at Old Park Terrace, Belfast, Mrs Samuel Shaw, of a son.

June 18, at Limerick, the wife of Andrew Ross, Esq., of the Provincial Bank of Ireland, of a son.

June 20, at Rutland Gate, Lady Edward Fitzallan Howard, of a daughter.


June 5, at the Emmanuel Church, New York, by the Rev. A.S. Leonard, J. Giles Brown, of Pole, Illinois, to Annie L, eldest daughter of Leslie Frazer, both late of Belfast.

June 23, in London, Joseph Guillemard, youngest son of the late Joseph Fincher, Esq., of Brompton, to Isabella Anne, eldest daughter of the late Lieut.-Colonel Blyth, 49th Regiment.


June 22, at Derramore, near Newry, Isaac Smyth, Esq., aged 74 years.

June 19, Sarah, relict of the late Andrew M'Clelland, Esq., Ballygowan House, Banbridge.

June 24, at his residence, Sackville Street, Robert Foster, Esq., merchant, Derry.

June 24, at Corballis, County Meath, aged ten months, Isabel Hart, second daughter of Professor Allman, L.L.D.

June 23, in Eccles St., Dublin, Nicholas Kerron, Esq.

June 21, at Passage West, Cork, Mary, relict of T. Panney, Esq., aged 80 years

June 2, (or 22 - blotch on paper) at Springfield, Massachussetts, United States, Elisa, widow of Edward Fitzgerald, Esq. M.D.

June 22, in Westbourne Terrace, General Sir John Wilson, K.C.B., Colonel of her Majesty's 11th Regt.



A gardener for the neighbourhood of Belfast, where there is a Conservatory, and a small Kitchen Garden, with Orchard and Wall Trees.

Salary from 35 to 40 per Annum.

None need apply who does not understand their business, and can be well recommended.

Apply to Mr ORR, Seedman, No.5 Castleplace, Belfast.


A situation as Coachman, by a person who perfectly understands his business; has long and satisfactory Discharges; and can be highly recommended by gentlemen he has had the honour to serve. Is a Protestant.

Any orders addressed to Mr BATHURST, Belfast Coach Factory, will be duly attended to.


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