The Banner of Ulster - 7 October, 1842


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On Tuesday, in Ballymacarrett Church, by the Rev. Thos. Leonard, A.M., WILLIAM BEATH SEARIGHT, Esq., Magherafelt, to MARY, eldest daughter of Wm. Radcliff, Esq., Ballymacarrett.

On the 2d inst., at St. Anne's Church, by the Rev. Richard Oulton, Mr. WILLIAM HUNT, of county Kilkenny, to JANE, eldest daughter of Mrs. M'Manus, Cottage, near Randalstown.

At Balteagh Church, by the Rev. Robert Henderson, WILLIAM CLENDINNEN, Esq., of Newtownlimavady, to ANNE JANE, second daughter of the late John Colhoun, Esq., of same place.

On the 29th ult., by the Rev. Sampson Jack, Mr. WILLIAM REID, Glebe Hill, to Miss LETITIA MITCHELL, White Hill, both of the parish of Gartan.


September 26, at Monasterboice House, county of Louth, after a few days' illness, CATHERINE, wife of William Drummond Delap, Esq.

September 24, at Rathmines, CARHERINE [sic], wife of the Rev. Richard Hamilton, of Redford, county of Donegall.

September 25, at Ball's Grove, Drogheda, George Ball, Esq.

At Cottown, near Raphoe, on Saturday the 17th ult., much and deservedly regretted, JANE, wife of Mr. Joseph Browne, aged thirty years.

At Ballyholey, near Raphoe, on Thursday last, JANE, the beloved wife of Mr. Robert Kincaid, aged forty-four years.


Military and Naval Affairs.

The Army.

DOWNING STREET, Oct. 4, 1842. 00 The Queen has been pleased to appoint General Sir Thomas Wilson, Knt., to be Governor and Commander-in-Chief in and over the city and garrison of Gibraltar; and her Majesty has been further pleased to appoint the said Sir Richard Thomas Wilson to be Vice-Admiral of the same. The Queen has been pleased to appoint Major H. Havelock, of her Majesty's 13th Regiment of Foot, to be a Companion of the Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath. Her Majesty has further been pleased to appoint the following officers, in the service of the East India Company, to be Companions of the said order:-- Brevet Major J. Fraser, of the 11th Regiment of Bengal Light Cavalry; Brevet Major Augustus Abbott, of the Bengal Artillery; Brevet Major C. E. T. Oldfield, of the 5th Regiment of Bengal Light Cavalry; Brevet Major G. Broadfoot, of the 34th Regiment of Madras Native Infantry; Brevet Major (local rank in Affghanistan) George Hall M'Gregor of the Bengal Artillery.

CAPTAIN SMITH. -- We perceive, by the London Gazette of Friday, that Captain Smith, of the 27th Regiment, has been promoted to a brevet majority for his gallant and successful resistance, and ultimate defeat, of the rebel boors at Port Natal. This appropriate and well-timed reward is, we are assured, the Duke of Wellington's spontaneous and unsolicited act. Captain Smith commenced his professional career in the navy, from which he transferred his services into the 27th Regiment, in June, 1813. He has since had his fair share of hard fighting both in the Peninsula and at Waterloo.

Lieutenant-General Sir Charles Balbiac is gazetted Colonel of the 4th Light Dragoons, vice the late Lord Edward Somerset; and General Newbery, Colonel of the 3d Dragoon Guards, vice Sir C. Dalbiac.[sic.]

The Navy.

PORTSMOUTH, Oct. 1. -- The Daphne, 20, sailed on Wednesday for South America. She has since put into Plymouth. The Salamander steam vessel arrived this morning from the eastward, and proceeded this afternoon to Plymouth, to take on board the Right Hon. Henry Ellis, Special Minister to the Brazils. The Imaum, intended to replace the Magnificent as guard-ship at Port Royal, Jamaica, sailed on Sunday. The Cambridge, 78, is ordered home from the Mediterranean to be paid off. The Vindictive, 30, in her late progress to the China seas, reached Java Head, in the Straits of Sunda, in seventy days from Torbay. In some days, from noon to noon, she logged 300 knots. The Samarang, 26, is ready to receive men and officers, and, it is understood, will be commissioned by Captain Belcher, for surveying service in China. The St. Vincent (flag-ship of the Commander-in-Chief), at this port, is ordered to be rated as a second-class third-rate, with a compliment of 640 men. The Orestes, 18, was taken out of the basin on Tuesday. Her destination is the Mediterranean. In harbour -- St. Vincent, Victory, Excellent, Royal George, Warspite, Bellone (Austrian), Orestes, Nautilus, Rocket, Alban and Echo steamers, and Sylvia tender.

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SUICIDE OF A CLERGYMAN. -- On Sunday week, the Rev. Jonathan Gibson, curate of Billingham, near Stockton-upon-Tees, put an end to his existence by hanging himself in his garden. He had preached twice during the day, and buried a corpse. It appears that, for some time past, Mr. Gibson, owing, it is believed, to deep study (to which he had addicted himself), had manifested symptoms of mental aberration, and the members of his family were cautioned to pay a vigilant attention to his conduct.


THE MAGISTRACY. -- John Mininch, Esq. of Thornvale, has been appointed a magistrate for the King's County, at the recommendation of the Lord Lieutenant of that county.

DEATH OF LORD TEYNHAM. -- It is our melancholy duty to announce the death of Lord Teynham, on the 23d ult. at Upper Baggot-street, Dublin. His Lordship was in his 54th year, and had only survived his father six months and seventeen days. His title goes to his brother, the Hon. George Roper Curzon. The antiquity and high descent of this noble family, as connected with the great and good Sir Thomas More, is well known. -- Dublin Evening Mail.

COMMITTAL OF A POOR LAW GUARDIAN FOR FORGERY. -- Committed to the jail of Longford, on the 23d of September, Thomas Bracken, who stands charged on the oath of Mr. Thomas Clarke of Kildably Abbey, county Meath, that he forged the name of the said Thos. Clarke to a bill of exchange for 65, and which was passed to the National Bank of Athlone, on the 14th or 15th of June last. -- Longford Journal.

The late Master of the Rolls had his life insured for 25,000.

The Dowager Countess Ilchester expired at Abbotsbury Castle on Friday night.

The whole of the prisoners at Dublin, confined for debt, are now being removed from the other prisons to the Four Courts Marshalsea, which will in future serve as the one debtor's prison in Dublin.

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FUNERAL OF SIR MICHAEL O'LOGHLEN. -- The mortal remains of the late respected Master of the Rolls arrived in Dublin, from Liverpool, on Wednesday; and, the same day, were conveyed, accompanied by a public procession, on their way to the family burying-place in Clare.

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DUEL. -- A duel, happily ending without bloodshed, was fought on Thursday at Westport, between Lord James Browne, second son of the Marquis of Sligo, and G. P. Higgins, Esq. The quarrel arose out of an election of Poor Law Guardians.

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ENORMOUS TURNIP. -- Mr. Joseph Wilcock of Longber, near Burton-on-Lonsdale, has a field of turnips now growing of unusual size. One was selected which weighed twenty-seven pounds, and measured one yard and three inches in circumference. It is of the common white variety.

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Shipping Intelligence


ARRIVED, September 30. -- Duchess of Kent (steamer), Phillips, Liverpool, goods and passengers. -- October 1. Duke of Cambridge (steamer), Williams, Dublin, goods and passengers; Aurora (steamer), Anderson, Glasgow, goods and passengers. -- 2. Sisters, Alexander, Derry, bark; James Crawford, Young, Liverpool, salt; Industry, M'Kay, Glasgow, salt; Elizabeth, Kirmichan, Runcorn, stones; Mermaid, Hind, Killough, grain. -- 3. Elizabeth, Roberts, Portmahomack, herrings; Maid of Galloway (steamer), Haswell, Stranraer, goods and passengers. -- Tartar, Nichol, Cadiz (via Dublin), wine; Birmingham (steamer), Church, Dublin, goods and passengers; Reindeer (steamer), Head, Liverpool, goods and passengers; Albion, Prince, Bangor, slates; Williams, Fullerton, Liverpool, salt; Humility, M'Cullough, Bangor, slates; Isabella, Warnock, Liverpool, salt; Emerald Isle, Magee, Liverpool,, salt.

SAILED, October 2. -- Marquis of Abercorn, Edgar, Liverpool, ballast. -- 3. Brothers, O'Hara, Glasgow, potatoes; Duke of Cambridge (steamer), Williams, London, goods and passengers; Aurora (steamer), Anderson, Glasgow, goods and passengers. -- 4. Countess of Lonsdale (steamer), Lamb, Whitehaven, goods and passengers; Maid of Galloway (steamer), Haswell, Stranraer, goods and passengers; Antelope (steamer), M'Pherson, Carlisle, goods and passengers; Falcon (steamer), Gowan, Liverpool, goods and passengers; Albion, Clegg, Liverpool, rags,


For Carlisle, the Antelope, M'Pherson, on Tuesday, at twelve o'clock, night.

For Greenock and Glasgow, the Aurora, Anderson, to-day, at seven o'clock, evening.

For Liverpool, from Warrenpoint, the Hercules, Tallan, to-morrow, at ten o'clock, night.

For Liverpool, from Strangford Lough, the Eclipse, on Thursday, at five o'clock, morning.

For Liverpool, from Londonderry, calling at Portrush and the Giant's Causeway, the Maiden City, Crompton, on Friday, October 14, at four o'clock, after-noon.

For Glasgow, from Derry, calling at Campbelton, the Rover, Coulter, on Tuesday, 6ctober 11, at seven o'clock, morning.

For Halifax and Boston, the Caledonia, steamer, Lott, 19th instant.


On Saturday last, the John and Robert, of Belfast, M'Kechnie. from Quebec, with oak, elm, ash, and fir timber, staves, deals, and battens. -- John Harrison, owner and consignee.

The Tartar, Nichol, from Cadiz (via Dublin), with wine, &c. -- John W. M'Cracken, consignee.

At Liverpool from New York, 1st ultimo, the Virginia.


At Quebec from this port, 8th ultimo, the Ann Hall, Valpey, with passengers; all well.

At Quebec from Derry, the Macao of Coleraine, Milligan, with passengers; and cleared for Portrush, 30th August.

At Malta from Newcastle, 12th ultimo, the Cumberland Lass, of Belfast, Campbell.

At Liverpool, 30th ultimo, the Dolphin, from this port.

At Onega, 11th ultimo, the Eleanor, Brown.

At Miramichi, from New York, 5th ultimo, the John Bull, of Belfast, Rodgers.

At St. John, N.B., from Liverpool, 4th ultimo, the Brothers, of Newry, Daniels.

At St. John, N.B., from Derry, 23th ultimo, the Londonderry, Hatrick, with passengers; all well.

At New York, from Liverpool, the Bradshaw, Brooklyn, Mersey, United States, Hibernia, England, Russell, Glover, Garrick, and Lancashire.

At Vera Cruz from Liverpool, the Guadaloupe, iron steamer, Charlewood.


From London to Derry, the John and William, Williams -- at Falmouth 27th ultimo.

From London to Belfast, the Triton, Carnell -- at Falmouth, 27th ultimo.

From St. Petersburg to this port, the Spruce, of Belfast, Austin -- at Elsinore, 26th ultimo.

From Leith for Belfast, 1st instant, the Venture, Cochrane.

From Newport, Monmouthshire, for this port, 1st instant, the Union, Evans.

From Gibraltar to this port, the James, Blundell -- put into Lisbon, 23rd instant, with top-sides leaky.

At Elismore, 27th ultimo, the Wardlow, of Belfast, Lightbody, bound from St. Petersburg to Dublin.


From Liverpool for Bombay, 29th ultimo, the Mertoun, of Belfast, Kenn.

From Liverpool to Riga, the Hammond, of Belfast, M'Nabb -- at Strangford.

From Hull for Riga, 1st instant, the Earl of Durham, of Belfast, Martin.

From Liverpool for New York, 30th ultimo, the Clifton, Ingersoll.

From Liverpool for New York, 30th ultimo, the Alfred, Myers.

From Southampton for St. Thomas, 1st instant, the Forth, Royal West India mail steamer.

From Southampton for Alexandria, 1st instant, the Great Liverpool steamer, M'Leod.

From this port for London, the Lagan, Thompson -- put into Falmouth, 30th ultimo.


At Liverpool for New Orleans, the Independence, of Belfast, M'Cappin.


At Quebec for this port, August 31, the Nelson Village, of Belfast, Barclay.

At Quebec for this port, 6th ultimo, the Catherine, of Belfast, Scott.


The Great Western steam-ship, from Liverpool to New York, 2d ultimo; all well; had experienced severe weather, with heavy gales from S. to S.W.

The Birkenhead, from Liverpool for St. Andrew's, N.B., 5th ultimo, in lat. 46., long. 60., by the Scotland, Robinson, at New York from Liverpool.


LEITH, September 29. -- The Evander (coal -laden), from Grangemouth to Hull, foundered last night, in the Frith; crew saved.

MUNDESLEY, September 30. -- The Hamburg, bell, from Dundee, for Abbeville, on shore at Sheringham, has knocked her bottom out and sank.

CALAIS, September 28. -- The Dolphin, Wickborg, from Hull to the Brazils, is on shore near this port; master and one man drowned.

GRIMSBY, September 30. -- The John and Mary, Marfleet, from Hull to this port, was upset, in a sudden squall, nearly opposite the harbour, and sank; two boys drowned.

The brig Philander, of Kirkaldy, timber-laden and abandoned, was passed 10th August, water-logged, and with loss of foremast, bowsprit, and topmast.

HALIFAX, September 6. -- The Garland, from St. John, Newfoundland, was totally wrecked, 16th ultimo, at the northern head of Bridgeport. The Sable, Kennedy, was lost during a gale, on the coast of Labrator [sic], 21st ultimo; crew and part of cargo saved.

HALIFAX, September 12. -- The brig Loyalist, Marshall, timber-laden, for Hull, was totally lost, on the island of Langlois, 20th ultimo, during a dense fog; crew saved.

PARIS, September 27. -- The Adolphe, Brodaeu [sic], of Havre, from Martinique (in ballast), was wrecked on Avis Island, 29th July.

-- -- -- --

STATISTICS OF BRITISH SHIIPING. -- The following results are derived from official documents: -- The number and tonnage of sailing and steam-vessels registered on the 31st of December, 1841, at the ports of Great Britain and Ireland, distinguishing those under from those above fifty tons register, was as under: -- Sailing vessels, under fifty tons, 8,319; tonnage, 249,996; above fifty tons, 13,638; tonnage, 2,540,952. Total of sailing vessels, 21,957; of tonnage, 2,790,948. Steam vessels, under fifty tons, 325; tonnage, 8,168; above fifty tons, 465; tonnage, 87, 512. Total of steam vessels, 790; of tonnage, 95,678. Gross total of vessels, 22,747; of tonnage, 2, 886,626. The number and tonnage of vessels that entered and cleared coastwise at the ports of Great Britain and Ireland (including their repeated voyages) between the 31st December, 1840, and te 31st December, 1841, was -- Sailing vessels (inwards), 133, 016; tonnage, 9,673,380; (outwards), 128,819, tonnage, 9,961,352. Total of sailing vessels, 261,835; of tonnage, 19,598,732. Steam vessels (inwards), 15,136; tonnage, 2,903,784; (outwards), 15,004; tonnage, 2,648,146. Total of steam-vessels, 30,140; of tonnage, 5,541,930. Gross total of vessels, 221,975; of tonnage, 25,140,662. The number and tonnage of vessels that entered and cleared from and to the colonies, at the ports of Great Britain and Ireland (including their repeated voyages), between the 31st December, 1840, and the 31st December, 1841: -- Sailing vessels (inwards), 6,350; tonnage, 1,484,253; (outwards), 6,382; tonnage, 1,471,118. Total of sailing vessels, 12, 732; total of tonnage, 2,955,371. Steam-vessels (inwards), 244; tonnage, 37,233; (outwards), 232; tonnage, 38,571. Total of steam-vessels, 476; of tonnage, 75,804. Gross total of vessels, 13,208; of tonnage, 3,031,175. The number and tonnage of vessels that entered and cleared from and to foreign ports, distinguishing British from foreign, at the ports of Great Britain and Ireland (including their repeated voyages), between the 31st of December, 1840, and the 31st of December, 1841: -- British sailing vessels (inwards), 9,803; tonnage, 1,516,283; (outwards), 9,863; tonnage, 3,112,549, Foreign sailing vessels (inwards), 9,015; tonnage, 1,231,996; (outwards), 9,262; tonnage, 1,270,435. Total of vessels (inwards), 1,938; tonnage, 322,442; (outwards), 1,987; tonnage, 324,324. Gross total of British vessels, 23,592; of tonnage, 4,760,315. -- Morning Chronicle.


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