Belfast Evening Telegraph - Monday, 10 June 1878


BARKLEY -- June 9 at Huntley Cottage, Greenisland, the wife of Captain Barkley, of a daughter.

DRYNAN -- June 8, at 7, Upper Townsend Street, the wife of James Drynan of son.

HIGGINBOTHAM -- June 5, at the Ulster Bank, Granard, the wife of Ralph Higginbotham, of a daughter.

M'NEICE -- June 9, at Oberon Villas, Ballynafeigh, the wife of the Rev. John M'Neice, of a daughter.

M'VEIGH -- June 7, at 17, Napier Street, Belfast, the wife of Mr. Patrick M'Veigh, R.I.C., of a daughter.

NELSON -- Jure 6 at Lisburn, the wife of Samuel J. Nelson, of a daughter.

WATSON -- June 8, at 11, Cooke Terrace, Ormeau Road, Belfast, the wife of Mr. James Watson, of a son.


DEMPSTER--CLARKE -- June 8, in Mountpottinger Church, by the Rev. David Thompson, Mr. William Dempster, Belfast, to Miss Christiana Clarke, Clontonacally, Co. Down.

HOGG--HANNAH -- June 8, at York Street, Presbyterian Church. Belfast, by the Rev. Thomas Hamilton, M.A., James Hogg, San Francisco, to Frances Eliza, second daughter of James Hannah, Cherrymount, Belfast.

MARTIN--FRY -- June 6, at St. Thomas's Church, Belfast, by the Rev. Thomas J. Welland, John, third son of Mr. William Martin, Mullapike, Glasslough, County Monaghan, to Matilda Fry, York Street, Belfast.


SPARROW -- June 10, at 29, Ship Street, Belfast, Francis, youngest son of Charles Sparrow, aged 9 months. His remains will be removed for interment in the Borough Cemetery on to-morrow (Tuesday) afternoon, at three o'clock. Friends will please accept this intimation.

BLACKBURN -- June 9 at 64, Dover Street, Belfast, Annie, niece of Robert Blackburn, aged 16 years.

DANE -- June 9, at 13, Carlisle Street, Belfast, John Dane, aged 76 years.

DUNLOP -- June 6, at 11, Henrietta Street, Derry, Wm. Dunlop, printer, aged 36 years.

ELLIS -- June 5, at her residence, South Wall, Derry, Sarah Anne, second daughter of the late Wm. Ellis, Esq.

GEDDES -- June 10, at 177, St. Helens, Mountpottinger, Matilda Sarah Wray (Tilly), third daughter of James Geddes, aged 5 years.

M'FERRAN -- June 9, at Druid's Cottage, Islandmagee, Martha, wife of Thomas M'Ferran.

WHITE -- At 16, Hanna Street, Belfast, Mary Ellen, wife of Samuel White, aged 37 years.


BELFAST ROYAL HOSPITAL. -- A labourer named James Moore, 50 years of age, was admitted into the Royal Hospital on Saturday evening suffering from a compound fracture of the leg, caused by being knocked down by a 'bus while engaged at work.


FIRE IN NEWTOWNARDS. -- Last night, shortly after eight o'clock, it was discovered that a fire had broken out in the Belfast Warehouse -- a branch of Messrs. Hawkins, Robertson, Ferguson, & Co. The engine belonging to the Town Commissioners was brought down by a party of the North Down Rifles, but it was not required. The damage, which is considerable is, it is understood, covered by insurance. -- Cor.


RESCUE FROM DROWNING. -- On Saturday evening a private soldier of the 54th Regiment, who had been on furlough, was taking leave of some friends at Donegall Quay previous to the departure of the Fleetwood steamer, when he slipped and fell into the water. He was rescued by Harbour Constable Christy and a sailor belonging to the steamer Princess of Wales. After some little delay he was able to go on board the steamer and proceed on his journey.


NEWTOWNARDS CONSTABULARY. -- Sub Constable D. Brennan has been transferred from Newtownards to Donaghadee; Sub Constable Hannan from Portaferry replaces him; and Sub Constable Smith is changed from Ardglass to Portaferry. -- Cor.


ROYAL NORTH DOWN RIFLES. -- To-day the "old hands" of this regiment, to the number of about 600, assembled at Newtownards for their annual training. -- Cor.




On Saturday, a lad named John Warren, aged about seven years, died under most distressing circumstances in the townland of Derryadd, near Lurgan. It seems that he had been out playing with a cousin, of about the same age as himself, and that in the course of the play he struck his cousin. The latter returned the blow and the deceased immediately fell and expired. An inquest on the body was held before Edward D. Atkinson, Esq., coroner, when the above facts having been deposed to, a verdict was returned accordingly.



[Before J. C. O'Donnell, Esq., R.M.)


John M'Donnell, a young man with no defined occupation, was put forward in custody of Sub-Constable Baines, charged with having been concealed with intent to commit a felony in a school yard off Cromac Street. There was a second charge against the prisoner of having assaulted the constable when taking him into custody. Mr. Coulter prosecuted. Sub-Constable Baines deposed that between four and five o'clock yesterday morning while on duty in Cromac Street he saw the prisoner look in a suspicious manner round a corner and then ran away. Witness followed and found the prisoner concealed in the yard of Mr. Hazlitt's Sabbath school in Reilly's Place. He took him into custody, when he became very violent, and made his escape over an adjoining wall. Complainant followed him into a yard where there was a large dog, which he endeavoured to "set on" the policeman. The dog, however, did not molest him, and after a severe struggle he succeeded, with the assistance of another constable, in bringing him to the Police Office. The Court sentenced the prisoner to three months' imprisonment for the concealment, and six months for the assault -- nine months in all. His Worship complimented Sub-Constable Baines for his vigilant and courageous conduct, and directed Head-Constable Furey to bring the matter under the notice of his superior officer.


John White was brought up in custody of Sub-Constable Shanahan, charged with have been drunk, disorderly, and riotous in Isabella Street on Saturday evening. The constable stated that the prisoner cursed the Pope. His Worship imposed a fine of 40s and costs, or, in default, one month's imprisonment.


Joshua Hewitt was brought up in custody on warrant by Sub-Constable Thos. Kelly, charged with having assaulted Mrs. Frances Wilson in her own house off Blackstaff Road, on the 10th May. Mrs. Wilson deposed that the prisoner came into the house on the 20th May, and abused and assaulted her. The prisoner said he could produce witnesses, and his Worship adjourned the case till Wednesday, allowing the accused out on his own recognisances in the meantime.


George and Jeremiah M'Court, brothers, were brought up in custody, charged, the former with having been disorderly, and assaulting Sub-Constables Busby, M'Manus, and Geddis, and the latter with having attempted to rescue his brother from custody. His Worship sentenced George to three months' and Jeremiah to one month's imprisonment.


Margaret Robinson was brought up in custody of Detective-Constable Kenny, charged with having stolen two blankets, two shawls, and other property belonging to Mrs. M'Millan, Spencer Street, with whom she had lived as a servant. The prisoner was remanded in custody until Wednesday.

Sarah M'Millan was brought up on remand, charged with having stolen and illegally pawned a pair of boots, the property of a soldier belonging to the 77th Regiment. The prisoner pleaded guilty, and was sent to jail for six months.


Daniel Gallagher, a man apparently about sixty years of age, was put forward in custody by Sub Constable M'Grane, charged with having been disorderly and disturbing worshippers in Ardoyne Roman Catholic Chapel on Saturday evening. Mr. Coulter prosecuted. The constable stated that he was on duty on Saturday evening at Ardoyne, when one of the clergymen complained to him that the prisoner was disturbing the worshippers in the chapel. A witness was examined who said he was in Ardoyne Chapel on the evening in question. He saw the prisoner go up to the altar, take hold of the carpet, and pull up about two feet of it. To Mr. O'Donnell -- There was no service going on at the time. There were several people waiting on the clergymen. Witness was there for worship, and went up to prisoner and told him not to pull up the carpet. He said he was told to do it. The prisoner was removed, but came back a second time, and attempted to do the same thing. Prisoner -- I beg your worship's pardon, I was saying my prayers, when I heard a noise down-stairs, and a voice told me to go and pull the carpet up. (Laughter) I am bad with sound in my head. His Worship -- You had no right to go there and disturb the people at prayers. Prisoner -- I could not help it. I was told to pull the carpet up. His Worship -- Are you a fatalist? Prisoner -- I am very sorry for it, but I could not help it. I was told to pull the carpet up. (Laughter.) His Worship (to witness) -- Is he in his right mind? Witness -- I don't think he is. He seemed to be all right at first. He took it all in a second. The prisoner's wife appeared before the Court and said her husband's head was a little astray. Ha had been in the "medical ward," and only came out on Saturday week. His Worship -- Well, take him home with you now, and take him to a dispensary doctor. The prisoner was then discharged, and left the court in company with his wife.



The only daughter of Jenny Lind (Madame Otto Goldsmidt) has been married to Captain the Hon. Francis Maude, R.N., one of her Majesty's naval aides-de-camp. In August the marriage of Mdlle. Albani with Mr. Ernest Gye, son of the impressario of the Royal Italian Opera, will take place.


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