Belfast Evening Telegraph - Tuesday, 1 May 1888


GILBERT -- April 29, at Charlemont Cottage, Bessbrook, the wife of Henry Gilbert, of a son.

JACKSON -- April 28, at the Park, Templemore, the wife of George Jackson, of a son.

QUIN -- April 25, at Pelham Grove, Sefton PArk, Liverpool, the wife of the late Dr. Laurence Raymond Quin, Government Medical Service, Spanish Town, Jamaica, W.I., of a son (stillborn),


FRIZZEL--DUNCAN -- April 28, at Comber, by the Rev; George Smith, James Frizzel, Killymann, County Tyrone, to Annie Jane, eldest daughter of William Duncan, Comber, County Down.

LOGAN--CURLEY -- April 24, at Ballylinney Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Mr. Williams, David Logan, youngest son of the late Daniel Logan, Straidnahanna, to Mary Curley, third daughter of the late Francis Curley, Lisnalinchy, Co. Antrim.


BOYD -- May 1, at 179 Crumlin Road, Wm. M'Cance Boyd, aged 14 years. His remains will be removed for interment in Comber Churchyard on Wednesday, at two o'clock. SAMUEL H. BOYD.

DRENNAN -- April 30, at his residence, 3 Faulkiner Street, off Glenalpin Street, David, second son of W. Drennan. The remains of my beloved son will be removed for interment in Drumbo Burying-ground on Wednesday, May 2, at two o'clock. Friends will please accept this intimation. WILLIAM DRENNAN.

MENEELY -- May 1, at 39 Merview Street, Selina, youngest daughter of Lowick Meneely.

M'CLEAVE -- May 1, at Ballylesson, Maria M'Cleave. The remains of my beloved mother will be removed for interment in the family burying-ground, Ballylesson, on Thursday afternoon, at three o'clock. Friends will please accept this intimation. GEORGE M'CLEAVE.

SMYTH -- April 30, at 23 Lindsay Street, Isabella, only daughter of George and Mary Smyth.



(Before the Hon. Colonel Forbes, R.M.; Dr. Browne, R.N., J.P.; and J. Taylor, J.P.)


Hugh Hamilton was charged with embezzling £3 3s from his employer. Mr. Spiller prosecuted. The prisoner is a breadserver in the employment of Mr. Geddes, and a few days ago he sold a quantity of bread. He returned the basket, but kept the money. In reply to his Worship, Geddes said the prisoner had been an honest man, but was in the habit of taking drink. He believed Hamilton would return the money to him ultimately. The prisoner was discharged.


Rachel Thompson, was charged with embezzling a pair of boots. The accused was, after evidence, discharged.


A young fellow named Caldwell was put forward in custody of two constables, charged with having assaulted a old man this morning at the head of Brougham Street. The old man was proceeding to his work at about half-past nine o'clock, when he met the defendant, who, as alleged, without slightest provocation, struck him with his fist. He also abused a girl, but the police were unable to have her in court. Dr. Torrens stated that he had examined the prisoner, and found him to be suffering from mental aberration. Their Worships committed the accused to the Belfast Asylum.


A workman from Messrs. Harland & Wolff's yard, named M'Gowan, was charged with having failed to pay his wife the sum of 6s per week, which had been awarded to her by the Court sometime ago. Mr. Sheals was for the accused. Mr. Sheals stated that the defendant had agreed to pay his wife the sum specified on the undertaking that she would not interfere with or annoy him in anyway. She had not left the Court until she began to abuse him in presence of the Court, and the gentlemen who then acted for him stated that as she had broken faith with the Bench, he should not pay her, as the condition above alluded to was a most important element in the case. The wife had deserted her husband, and the fault was entirely hers. The prisoner said he was willing to pay his wife the amount he had agreed to, and the case was adjourned on this understanding.


A hairdresser -- John Collins -- was charged with having been drunk and stolen 15s from James Kilburn, a barber. He pleaded guilty, and was fined 2s 6d for drunkenness, and was sentenced to one month's imprisonment for the larceny.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


W.A. Rowe, the champion bicyclist of America, who is credited with riding the marvellous distance of over 22 miles in one hour, has again been beaten on Saturday last, 28th inst., by R. Howell, the English champion, who rode as usual the celebrated Rudge Bicycle, which has so often carried him to victory. The race took place at Wolverhampton, the distance being one mile. The rider of the "Rudge" simply left the American Flier, winning easily by 20 yards. Mr. John Alexander, Auctioneer and Valuator, 38 Royal Avenue, Belfast, is Sole Agent for Ulster for the Rudge Cycle Company, Limited.

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THE WEATHER. -- The wind yesterday shifted from north-west to south, and toward's evening increased to a gale, the merry month of May opening amidst a blinding storm of wind and rain, which continued through the night. In accordance with an intimation from the Meteorological Department the south cone was hoisted at six o'clock.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

BOYCOTTING OF A POLICEMAN'S FUNERAL. -- The Cork Herald says -- Last week the remains of Sergeant Otes, late police swearer, were remove from Macroom Workhouse Hospital to Kilmurry for interment. The funeral consisted of Canon Foley, P.P., Kilmurry; forty-eight members and ex-members of the R.I.C., the petty sessions clerk and two women, publican's wives; and M. Desmond, D.J. Murphy, F. Cunningham, and J. Fitzgerald, Lissards. When the funeral cortège arrived at the grave a grave-digger could not be obtained, although the tempting sum of £2 was offered, and the police had to perform the duty themselves.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

FIRE IN MOUNTPOTTINGER. -- Yesterday evening, about half-past eight o'clock, the premises of M'Comb Brothers, 32 Albertbridge Road, were discovered to have taken fire, and when the brigade, under Superintendent Reilly, arrived on the scene the flames had obtained a firm hold on the house, while adjoining houses were just being threatened. By prompt action all fears of extension were soon put at rest, and in about two hours and a half the flames had been subdued, not, however, before Messrs. M'Comb's premises had been completely gutted. The damage, which is considerable, is, we believe, covered by insurance.


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