Belfast Evening Telegraph - 21 December 1896


Important Notice

The Belfast and District Fleshers Protection Association wish to draw the attention of the meat-eating public of Belfast to the Certificate of Membership

Exposed to the view in the Shops of the undersigned Members, which certifies that they slaughter in the City Public Abbatoir, where all Cattle undergo a rigid Inspection by the City Meat Inspectors before, during, and after being slaughtered and the Association would also respectfully draw the notice of the Public to the important fact that one of their rules strictly forbids the Members to traffic in Diseased Cattle or Cattle that are in an impoverished condition.

Rule VI SAYS - "That, where a carcase of Beef, the Property of a member is confiscated by the Authorities, the Owner shall be compensated for the loss of same, provided that said beast was bought in a bona-fide way, showed no signs of disease, and was not evidently in poor condition at the time of purchase."

Francis Foley, 292 York Road, President
Patrick McGowan, 67 Durham Street, Vice-President
Wm. Yarr, Cromac Street, Treasurer
John McArdle, 167 New Lodge Road, Secretary
Arthur Close, 49 Castle Street, Auditor
James Dean, Albert Street
Peter Mohan, North Queen Street, Inspection Committee
John Murphy, Shankhill Road, Inspection Committee
Joseph Robinson, Peters Hill, Inspection Committee
David Adgey, 274 Shankhill Road
John Allen, 12 Shankhill Road
Patrick Boylan, 110 Mount Street
John Bell, Newtownards Road
Wm. Bell, Newtownards Road
Robert Brownlee, 244 Shankhill Road
John Beattie, Sandy Row
Samuel Barr, Shankhill Road
John Britton, Shankhill Road
Robert Burke, 102 and 104 Cromac Street
Wm. Bowles, Woodstock Road
Thos. G Close, 34 Falls Road
Isaiah Clements, 154 Grosvenor Street
James Commerton, Falls Road
Thomas Campbell, Grosvenor Street and Old Lodge Road
David J Carlisle, 164 Newtownards Road
Charles Campbell, Shankhill Road
William E Eardley, 79 Falls Road
Robert Graham, 132 North Queen Street
John Godfrey, 176 York Road
Thomas Hamill, 182 York Street
Robert Hyland, Sandy Row
Robert Hyland, Grosvenor Street
Rudolph Hoffman, Newtownards Road
Robert Hamilton, 226 Shankhill Road
Frederick Herriott, Donegall Pass
Joseph W Irwin, Mountpottinger Road
John Jervis, Templemore Avenue
Hugh Kirkwood, 130 Shankhill Road
Edward J Kavanagh, Divis Street
John Livingston, Agnes Street
Samuel Munce, Shankhill Road
Andrew Munce, Shankhill Road
James Munce, Shankhill Road
William J McConnell, 225 York Road
Daniel McArevey, Bridge End
Robert McComb, Woodstock Road
Joseph McLean, Old Lodge Road
Mrs McKeown, Shankhill Road
Hugh McKelvey, Crumlin Road
John Patton, Durham St
John Quee, Shankhill Road
Patrick Ryan, 153 Oldpark Road
James Rolleston, Oldpark Road
William Rankin, 232 Shankhill Road
William Russell, Newtownards Road
James Scott, 60 and 62 Albert Street
Frank Todd, Shankhill Road
George Thompson, Castlereagh Road
James Williamson, Donegall Pass
Robert Wilson, Albertbridge Road
Daniel Ward, Falls Road


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