Belfast Telegraph - 15 May, 1916



A further batch of Dublin casualties is issued containing ten names of killed and 56 wounded. Amongst them are the following:--


Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers:-- Knox, 27861, F.W. (Wicklow)

Royal Irish Rifles:- Coyle, 6427, Co. Q.M. Sergt. J (Middlesborough); Duggan, 5470, C. (Belfast Enlt); Holohan, 8874, T. (Waterford); M'Clelland, 7610, A.(Down).


Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers:- Ferguson, 17803, H(Belfast); Foley, 9823, ? (Cork) Gerrard, 27512, F. (Navan); M'Alonen, 10519, Sgt. J (Belfast);

Royal Irish Rifles:- Atkins, 5341, M. (Kilkenny); Cleyland, 7371, W.D. (Belfast); Cunningham, 5415, J. (Youghal); Doyle, 5247, L. (Dublin); Gould, 1802, S. (Manchester); Graham, 3383, A. (Manchester); Irvine, 7512, G. (Newry); Mangan, 7885, Cpl. J. (Dublin) Patton, 5344, S. (Ballymoney); O'Reilly, 5592, E. (Stillorgan); Smyth, 5762, W. (Carrick-on-Shannon); Taylor, 8380, Co. Sgt. Major, W.H. (Athlone); Wilson, 5493, C, (Waterford).

Royal Irish Fusiliers:- Beatty, 20652, R. (Killigar, Co.Leitrim); Burnison(?), 23825, J. (Lurgan); Carroll, 1126, E. (Manchester); Clarke, 23439 (23459?) J. (Newbliss); Padmore, 13649, Lance-Cpl, B. (Saltley); Somerville, 22839, G. (Lurgan).

Royal Dublin Fusiliers:- Smyth, 24943, R (Dromore, Co Down)


DUBLIN, Sunday:-- A list of 203 prisoners removed from Richmond Barracks, Dublin, and lodged in Stafford Detention Barracks was issued this afternoon.

The list includes the names of the following:- J. O'Kane, 4 Divis Drive, Falls Road, Belfast. B. M'Mackin, Belfast. P. Nash, 52 Gibson Street, Belfast. T. Sharley, 7 Dublin Street, Dundalk. J. Barrett, 13 Dublin Street, Dundalk. P. Halpin, Burns Row, Dundalk. M. Kavanagh, Castle Conor, Co. Sligo. T. Clear, 57 Agincourt Avenue, Belfast. J. Barnes, St. James' Park, Falls Road, Belfast. M. Carolan, 80 Chief Street, Belfast. P. Casey, Castletown Road, Dundalk. J.J. Walter, Maxwell Terrace, Dundalk. H. Osborne 69 Smithfield, Belfast.