Belfast Weekly News - 7 February, 1857


February 2, at Donaghadee, the wife of Mr. William Brown, of a son.

February 1, at Ballyscullion House, County Londonderry, the wife of H. S. B. Bruce, Esq., of a daughter.

February 3, at 28, Pembroke Road, Dublin, the wife of Daniel Delacherois, Esq., of a daughter.

February 1, at Tandragee, the wife of Mr. A. Quinn, of twins, both boys.

January 30, at 3, Hamilton Street, the wife of Mr. James G. Stevenson, of a daughter.


January 23, at Magherafelt, by the Rev. James Smyth, A.M., Pastor of Drimbolg, Mr. Wm. Adams, Ballyneas, to Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. J. Johnston, Dunornan, Magherafelt.

January 29, in the Presbyterian Church, North Street, Carrickfergus, by the Rev. James White, Mr. James Allan, eldest son of Mr. William Allan, of Woodburn Cottage, to Mary Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. John Larmour, Carrickfergus.

February 3, at Dundonald, by the Rev. Mr. Martin, Mr. James Bolton, to Miss Sarah Donaldson.

February 5, in the Presbyterian Church, Great George's Street, by the Rev. Thomas Toye, Mr. James Carlile, to Miss Amelia Duke, both of Belfast.

January 30, at West Woodhall, Berks, by the Rev. A. Mullan, Robert John Glass, Esq., of Melbourne, Victoria, formerly of Portaferry, Ireland, to Mary Ann, fourth daughter of the late Samuel Taylor, Esq., Hambridge, Somersetshire.

January 31, at St Mary's, Cheltenham, by the Rev. Charles Evans, John Johnston M'Clelland, Esq., only son of the late Joseph M'Clelland, Esq., formerly of Glenville, County of Armagh, to Louise Letitia, eldest daughter of John Shore Dumergue, Esq., Bengal Civil Service.

February 2, in Townsend Street Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Wm. Johnston, Mr. Thomas M'Connell, late of H.M's transport ship, Euchunga, to Miss Eliza Brady, of Belfast.

February 3, by the Rev. D. Hamilton, York Street, Mr. John M'Kittrick, of Dunmurry, to Lizzie, daughter of the late Mr. John M'Dowell, Drumbo.

January 27, in the Second Presbyterian Church, Rathfriland, by the Rev. George Ligate, Mr. William Watt, Mill Street, Belfast, to Mary, second daughter of Mr. David Moorehead, Kilkinamurry.

February 4, at St. Anne's Church, in the city of Dublin, by the Rev. Francis C. Young, A.M., Wm. Young, Esq., late Lieutenant 20th Regiment, son of the Rev. William Young, Ballywillwill, County of Down, and grandson of the late Sir Neal O'Donel, Bart., to Jane, only daughter of the late Saml. Delacherois, of Donaghadee, Esq..


January 27, at her residence, Blind-gate Street, Coleraine, Alicia, aged 85 years, relict of the late John Brittan, Esq., for many years Collector of her Majesty's Customs at Ballyshannon.

February 4, Mr. Thomas Craig, aged 37 years.

February 4, Anne, wife of the Rev. William Crozier, Ballynahinch.

January 28, at Earlsgate, County Tyrone, the Hon. and Rev. Charles Douglas, brother of the Earl of Morton, and son-in-law of Captain Rich, Portstewart, in the 66th year of his age.

January 30, at Bath, Mary, the beloved wife of Mr. Thomas Galbraith, late of Belfast.

January 22, at Coalisland, Anna, relict of the late James Gray, of Coalisland House, Co. Tyrone, Esq.

January 2, James Hanna, of Whitespots, near Newtownards, aged 81 years.

February 3, at her residence, Lagan Village House, Jane Ellen, wife of Mr. John Jamieson, aged 46 years.

January 28, after a very short illness at school in Westmoreland, aged 13 years, Ellen Jane, second daughter, of the Rev. R. M'Clelland of Montalto Glebe.

January 31, in Dublin, George Moffatt, son of the Rev. George B. Moffatt, Rector of Drumlane, County Cavan, aged 17 years.

February 1, at 71, Earl Street, Mrs. Eliza Montgomery, aged 62 years.

January 30, at Lisburn, Mary Morris, widow of the late William Morris, of Carlow.

February 1, at 37, Great Edward Street, Mr. James O'Neill, aged 59 years.

January 25, at Newtownlimavady, Alex. Patton, aged 7 years, and 10 months, eldest son of the late J. Patton Esq., Professor of Mathematics, Elphistone College, Bombay.

February 2, at Worcester, Ann, relict of the late Michl. Thomas Sadler, Esq., M.P.

February 1, at his residence in Cavan, Zachariah Wallace, Esq., proprietor of the Anglo-Celt.

January 29, at No. 3, Mountjoy Street, Dublin, Mr. Robert White, aged 45 years, late of Belfast.

January 24, at Bridge Street, Coleraine, Mrs. Jane Young, relict of the late Mr. James Young, aged 75 years.


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Belfast Weekly News - 14 February, 1857


February 8, at Fort Breda, the wife of W. Bottomley, Esq., of a daughter.

January 15, at Montreal, Canada, the wife of the Rev. John Cordner, formerly of Newry, of a daughter.

February 5, at Bower's Hill, Belfast, the wife of Mr. Thomas Jacobs, of a son.

February 9, at Ballykilbeg House, Downpatrick, the wife of Wm. Johnston, Esq., of a daughter.

February 5, at Glastry House, Kirkcubbin, the wife of the Rev. Thomas N. Kearney, LL.D., Vicar of Ballyhalbert, of a daughter.

At 10, Grange Villas, Brompton, London, the wife of John Riach, Esq., of a daughter.

February 2, at Dromore, the wife of Hugh Spratt, Esq., of a son.

February 5, at Ballymena, the wife of Wm. Williams, Esq., County Inspector of Constabulary, of a daughter.


February 4, by license, at St. Peter's, Everton, Liverpool, by the Rev. S. B. Sutton, Mr. David Bowman, of Belfast, to Mrs. Janet Carlyle.

February 2, at Ahoghill Church, Mr. Allen Campbell, only son of Mr. Allen Campbell, United States, America, to Sarah, youngest daughter of Mr. John Mulholland, Watercloney, Ahoghill.

February 5, at the Rock Chapel, by the Rev. William Close, brother to the bridegroom, Mr. Patrick Close, to Miss Lackey, daughter of the late Mr. George Lackey, Stoneyford.

February 3, at the First Presbyterian Church, Ballymoney, by the Rev. Robert Park, A.M., David Cunningham, Esq., Munater Farm, Cork, to Mary Jane, only daughter of Mr. James Mitchell, late of Ballymoney, Co. Antrim.

February 3, at the Presbyterian Church, Ballycopeland, by the Rev. Julius M'Cullough, Mr. H. M'Connell, Tulnagardy, Newtownards, to Miss Ellen Boyle, Whitechurch, Ballywalter.

February 10, in the Wesleyan Church, Donegall Square East, Belfast, by the Rev. Robert G. Jones, Mr. John Montgomery, Portadown, to Lizzie Eleanor, second daughter of Mr. Edward B. Cooper, Rathmines, Dublin.

Feb. 5, in the First Presbyterian Church, Donaghadee, by the Rev. Wm. J. Patton, Dromora, assisted by the Rev. John Macauley, John White, Esq., Ballyskeagh, Newtownards, to Mary Helen, third daughter of the late Alexander Macminn, Esq., Donaghadee.


February 1, Christina, infant daughter of William Campbell, Esq., English Street, Armagh.

January 26, at his residence, 90, Kings Street, Aberdeen, Wm. Catto, Esq., merchant, in the 64th year of his age.

February 9, at his residence, Foyle Villa, Bootle Village, Liverpool, Captain Richard Crompton, aged 52 years, for upwards of 25 years commander of steamers sailing between Derry and Liverpool.

February 7, of scarletina, at Loughbrickland Police Barrack, County Down, William Whiteford, eldest son of Sergeant Douglas, aged four years and six months.

February 5, in Clare Street, Dublin, Christopher, third son of Christopher Graham, Esq., of Lowtherstown, aged 24 years.

January 30, at Ballyclare, Mr. Samuel Gregg, aged 58 years.

February 10, at 10 Stanhope Street, Mr. John Grenan.

February 12, Joseph, the youngest son of Samuel Hunter, aged 12 years 11 months.

February 5, William, son of Mr. John M'Cann, Ballycullen, near Newtownards, aged 27 years.

February 6, at Peckham Rye, of consumption, Jane, wife of Mr. Randal M Murtry, London.

February 7, at Great James Street, Derry, Mr. Alex. M'Pherson, in the 84th year of his age.

February 6, at his residence, of inflammation of the lungs, accompanied with typhus fever, Robert Campbell M'Vea, third son of the late Mr John Orr M'Vea, Solitude Place, near Newtownbreda, in the 20th year of his age.

February 6, at Bradbury Place, Malone Road, William, only surviving child of Mr. James Martin.

February 2, at Marine Villa, Ramsey, Isle of Man, aged 21 years, Catherine, second daughter of John Shillington, Esq., Portadown.

February 6, at Cogry, near Ballyclare, Isabella, relict of the late Mr. Robert Wilson, aged 82 years.


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Belfast Weekly News - 21 Febuary, 1857


At 2, Albert Place, Ballymena, the wife of Mr. John Andrews, of a daughter.

February 9, the wife of Mr. James Campbell, Bangor, of a son.

February 13, at Newry, the wife of Robert Jocelyn Crawley, solicitor, of twin daughters.

February 6, at Baylotte, Inch, the wife of Henry Creswell, Esq., of a son.

February 18, at 94, Durham Street, the wife of Mr. Thomas Shanks, of a daughter.


February 13, in Great George's Street Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Thomas Toye, Mr. James Barton, to Miss Anna Smith, both of Belfast.

February 17, by the Rev. John Orr, Portaferry, Mr. John Cole, Irish Hill, Dundonald, to Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. Henry Coates, Portaferry.

February 11, at the Second Presbyterian Church, Ballynahinch, by the Rev. David Edgar, John Cowan, Esq., Corbally House, Dromara, to Margaret, second daughter of Mr. John Osborne, Ballynahinch.

February 9, in Dervock Church, by the Rev. Thomas Hincks, Mr. Thomas Glynn, late of the Dervock Constabulary, to Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. William Scott, Mosside.

December 16, at the English Church, Buenos Ayres, by the Rev. G. Ogilvie, Assistant Chaplain, Wilfred Haughton, Esq., of Dublin, to Mary, eldest daughter of John Ferguson, Esq., late of Belfast.

February 12, at the Parish Church of St. George, Dublin, by the Rev. Andrew Creery, Incumbent of Dunseverick, and brother to the bride, Wm. Ford Hutchinson, Esq., of Stranocum House, County Antrim, to Alice, youngest daughter of the late Ven. Leslie Creery, Archdeacon of Connor.

February 14, at the Remonstrant Meeting-house, Carrickfergus, by the Rev. M. Getty, Mr. Thos. M'Donald, Sutton, County Dublin, to Miss Agnes Haggan, Whitehead, County Antrim.

February 13, in the Linen Hall Street Presbyterian Church, Belfast, by the Rev. W. Breakey, Mr Hugh G. M'Neight, of Lisburn, to Anne, daughter of Mr. Hugh Hall Cochran, late of Lurgan.

February 13, in St. Malachy's Chapel, by the Rev. Mr. Macauley, L.S. Shiel, Sergeant of Constabulary, Cavan, to Miss Martha M'Clusky, of Belfast.

February 18, at Fisherwick Place Church, by the Rev. Dr. Morgan, James W. T. Smith, M.D., to Jane, eldest daughter of the late Robert Neill, Esq., Belfast.

February 12, at St. John's Church, by the Rev. Chas. Seaver, Mr. R. C. Stephenson, to Anna Eliza, eldest daughter of Mr. Charles Davidson, Mount Pottinger.

February 13, in St. Anne's Church, Dublin, by the Rev. Eugene O'Meara, the Rev. James Whiteside, of Crumlin, County Antrim, to Elizabeth, the eldest daughter of Anthony Kilroy, Esq., of Omard, County Cavan.


February 15, at Pau, Charlotte, wife of Robert Batt, of Purdysburn, Esq., in her 42nd year.

February 12, at Fort Breda, near Belfast, Anne, wife of William Bottemley, Esq.

February 14, at Dublin, the Hon. Charles Brownlow, infant son of Lord and Lady Lurgan, aged four months.

February 17, at Downshire Place, Mrs. Edgar, aged 81 years.

February 13, at the residence of his mother, 13 Ormeau Street, Mr. James Graham, pawnbroker, Lancaster Street.

February 16, at 35 Mary Street, Dublin, Mr. Robert Grass, compositor.

February 12, Joseph, youngest son of Samuel Hunter, aged 12 years and 11 months.

February 2, at Baldock, Herts. Mrs. Mary Ind, in the 100th year of her age. She lived to see 195 descendants.

February 13, at 54, May Street, Mr. John Jamieson.

February 9, at Townsend Street, Thomas Johnston, formerly of Lisburn, aged 67 years.

February 14, at his residence, 2, Milford Street, Daniel M'Cann, aged 53.

February 14, at her residence, Moira, relict of the late Mr. John M'Kinley.

January 30, at Balnamore, Ballymoney, after a few day's illness, Jane, youngest daughter of Mr. James M'Master, aged 17 years.

February 13, Andrew George, infant son of the late Dr. Malcolm, Belfast.

January 25, at Wolverhampton, in his 73rd year, Mr. James Scruton, musician, father of the late Mr. Cunningham, of the Theatre Royal.

February 7, at Ballylenan, Mrs. Sterret, at the advanced age of 104 years.

February 4, at Saintfield, Howard, son of Mr John Thompson, aged 12 months; also, on the 13th instant, Lydia, wife of Mr. John Thompson, aged 30 years.

February 16, at 19, Brougham Street, Mary Oswald, wife of Mr. Wm. Wilson.

February 18, at 9, Dock Street, Mr. Robert Young, son of the late John Young, Esq., aged 30 years.



When it is considered that the Weekly News is in existence little more than a year and a- half, it will appear obvious that our success has been extremely rapid and satisfactory. Heartily do we thank our subscribers, agents, and friends, for their cordial support; and we trust in the future to merit still more deservedly the continuance of their approbation and patronage.

Our principles are now well known to the public. Our politics are constitutional Conservatism. We advocate the interests of all the Evangelical Churches of the country, and labour to promote among them forbearance, unity, co-operation, and mutual love. We plead for a reform in the Romanised National System of Education, that it may become a vast blessing in the land. We oppose the modern cry of all those who demand a Revision of the Scriptures, and who would have us to cast aside the present time-honoured translation of the Bible.

We have always urged the claims and upheld the rights of the working classes. The Saturday half-holiday movement had our earnest support; and we shall not cease to advocate the factories weekly-payment system.

We furnish regularly the amplest agricultural reports and statistics for the benefit of farmers; and, for their perusal, as well as for the information of the public generally, we give regularly all the leading metropolitan and provincial market notes. The Weekly News contains every Saturday the rates of the London, Liverpool, Dublin, and Belfast markets of the preceding (Friday) afternoon.

The Weekly News is the cheapest weekly journal in Ireland; and from its increasing popularity, we anticipate that it will eventually supersede those Romish penny journals - the Morning News and Morning Post- published in this town; and which, because of their low prices, have hitherto been shamefully patronized by Protestants. We trust the time is near at hand when these Papal organs will be read and supported only by priests and Romanists. May we entreat our friends and the friends of Protestantism to continue their efforts to advance the circulation of the Weekly News? As we have already stated, we will use all exertions to make our journal worthy their heartiest support.

Advertisers will find it to their advantage to make use of the columns of the Weekly News. While it is read largely by the agricultural and working classes, we have on our subscribers' lists a great number of the leading gentry and clergy of the country.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Local Intelligence:

Early Lambs: - Mr Smyth's flock of 100 ewes, at Orlands, have already produced 90 lambs - a great part of which are in a forward state, and look exceedingly well.

Early Spring: - Two lots of wild primroses, in beautiful bloom , uprooted from Colin Mountain, and some other vicinity of Belfast, have been pulled, indicating the approach of an early Spring.

Re. J.B. Morgan has resigned the office of Assistant-Secretary to the Down and Connor and Dromore Church Education Society, and Mr W. Lightbody has been appointed to succeed him as Clerk. The Honoury Secretaries are- Hon. and Rev. H. Ward, Rev. E.J. Hartrick, and Rev. John Wrixon.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


The fourth annual ploughing match of this thriving society took place on Tuesday, 17th instant, in a field on Mr John Gray's Clady farm, a short distance from Templepatrick. There were nineteen ploughs at work during the day, and executed their allotted task in a very superior style. The judges were- Messrs. Thomas Jamieson, Ballyhamage; John Carlile, Purdysburn, and Samuel Clawson, Newtownbreda, who performed their task with considerable difficulty, as the ploughing in general was excellent. There were several crack ploughmen present, and, when the decisions were announced, there was much disappointment as to the result of the day's proceedings. The ground was well chosen, and the attendance of spectators was considerable. Mr Gray's hospitality was freely enjoyed by the strangers present on his farm during the day, which added much to the pleasure of the occasion. The prizes were awarded as follows: -

1. J.Gray, Clady farm, Rickamore, W.J. Aiken
2. Wm. Reid, Ballycushan, F. Morrison
3. Captain Brooke J.M'Groogan
4. H. Shannon, Cloughanduff, Wm. Shannon
5. John Watt, Straidballymorris, J. Montgomery
6. John Miller, Kilmakee, By self
7. John Ritchie, Umgall, Wm. Barnett
8. David Bill, Cloughanduff, By self.

The members and friends of the society, numbering upwards of seventy, dined together in the evening in Mr Gawley's Hotel, Templepatrick. The dinner comprised all the "good things" of the season in abundance, and elicited the universal approbation of those present.

The chair was occupied by G.T.Brooke, Esq., J.P. The Vice-Chairmen were - Messrs. Hugh Swan, Clady Lodge; and John Johnston, of Aughnabrack. Amongst those present were- Rev. T.B Adair, Loughinmore; Rev. T.M.Morrow, Muckamore; Messrs. Thomas Jamieson, John Gray, John Carlile, Samuel Clawson, David Dunlop, Robert Craford, James Neill, J.S.Cunningham, Wm. Boyd, Samuel Bell, James Gardiner, James M'Burney, Joseph Wiley, John Courtenay, James Watt, Wm. Lewis, D.Bell, Thomas Or, N.Williamson, John Miller, H.Barron, Wm Johnston, S.Patterson, R.Barron, William Morrison, John Reid, Andrew M'Keown, &c...

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


Wednesday evening, about thirty emigrants, principally farmers sons, left this port by the Blenheim, for Liverpool, on their way to Melbourne. On Tuesday evening, a similar number left by the Semaphore for the same destination.


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Belfast Weekly News - 28 February, 1857


January 21, at Halifax, Nova Scotia, the lady of the Right Rev. Dr. Binney, Bishop of the Diocese, of a son.

February 18, at Glenside, Holywood, the wife of Allan Clarke, Esq., of a son.

February 21, the lady of Captain Dames, of a son.

February 18, at Northland Row, Dungannon, the wife of Dr. Hamilton, of a daughter.

February 21, at Scottsborough, County Fermanagh, the wife of Richard Scott, Esq., of a daughter.

February 19, in Herbert Place, Dublin, the lady of John Whyte, Esq., of Loughbrickland, of a daughter.

February 17, at Hamilton Terrace, Whitehaven, the wife of Mr. William John Wilson, Baptist minister, of a daughter.

February 22, Mrs. W. A. Young, Tullymore Lodge, Ballymena, of a still-born son.


February 24, at Rostrevor, by the Rev. Edward Evans, the Rev. John Henry Freke, Rector of Tyrella, to Selina, eldest daughter of the late Rev. William B. Forde, of Seaford, County Down.

January 10, at Dresden, by the Rev. S. P. Hildreth, Marvyn Humphreys, Esq., of Pleasant Valley, Ohio, America, to Miss Mary C. M'Cann, late of Carragullin, Killinchy, County Down.

February 19, in the Roman Catholic Church, Rathmines, Dublin, Francis Lynch, Esq., of Micknanstown, County of Meath, to Mary Eliza, daughter of the late Captain Maguire, of Gortoral House, Co. Fermanagh.

February 17, by the Rev. Mr. Denham, Mr. John M'Fadden, of Lakeview House, Cranfield, to Mary Anne, daughter of Mr. James Esler, of Annaghmore House, Cranfield.

February 24, in Mary's Abbey Presbyterian Church, Dublin, by the Rev. W. B. Kirkpatrick, D.D., Mr. Thos. Ogston, of Belfast, to Emily, third daughter of the late John Sheills, Castleblayney.

February 19, at the Baptist Chapel, Academy Street, by the Rev. W. S. Eccles, B.M., Mr Robert Smith, Ballymacarrett, to Miss Jane M'Clelland, Garden Cottage, Ormeau Road.


February 22, Mrs. Sarah L. Bell, Matron of the Newry Workhouse, aged 33 years.

February 26, at Fort Breda, Anna, the infant daughter of William Bottomley, Esq.

February 15, at Ballyscullion House, Co. Londonderry, the infant daughter, and on Feb. 23rd, Florence, youngest daughter of H. S. B. Bruce, Esq., aged one year and four months, both of scarletina.

February 22, at Kells, Dr. Caldwell, formerly of Coleraine, aged 72 years.

December 27, at Meerut, India, suddenly, of disease of the heart, while out riding, Mr. William Carroll, late of H.M.'s 60th Rifles, 1st Battalion, aged 35 years.

February 24, at Limnaherry, Mary Anne Craig, second daughter of Mr. Robert Craig, aged 26 years.

February 24, at Mullyar, Belcoo, Robert F. Fausett, Esq.

February 19, at Springfield Crescent, St. Helier's, Jersey, the Rev. Simon Foot, of Glennaghy, Portadown, County Armagh, eldest son of the late James Foot, Esq., of Banville, County Down, J.P.

February 24, Samuel, son of Mr. Edward Gilmore, Donegall Pass, aged seven years.

February 16, Mr. James Clendinning, of the Eglinton Tavern, Eglinton Street, aged 53 years.

February 24, at Cargycroy, near Lisburn, Mr. John Graham, in his 84th year.

February 16, William Harrison, of Little York Street, aged 96 years.

February 26, Thomas, youngest son of Mr. Robert Henderson, Ann Street, Belfast.

February 21, at Templecorran House, the residence of his brother-in-law, the Rev. J. Stuart, William Henry Esq., Demerara.

February 24, at his residence, Murray's Terrace, in the 90th year of his age, the Rev. Thomas Dix Hincks, LLD., M.R.I.A., formerly Head Master of the Classical School, and Professor of Hebrew in the Royal Belfast Academical Institution.

January 20, at Plantation, Bellevue, Demerara River, Alexander Holmes Kirkpatrick, member of the late firm of Johnston, Brothers, & Co., Georgetown, Demerara, and late of Larne.

February 20, at No. 4, Clifton Terrace, Monkstown, Harriett, wife of John Littledale, Esq.

February 20, at Drumreagh House, County Tyrone, the residence of her father, Mary Grace, daughter of William Lowry, Esq.

February 18, at the residence of her son, Mr. Robert M'Clenaghan, No. 20, Mill Street, Belfast, Mrs. Francis M'Clenaghan.

February 19, at her residence, Shipquay Street, Derry, Jane, wife of Arthur M'Corkell, Esq., solicitor.

February 19, after a protracted illness, aged 6 years and 7 months, John Gilmour, eldest son of Mr. Robert M'Vicker, of Derry.

February 22, at his residence, Seymour Street, Lisburn, Mr Henry Mulholland, aged 86 years, having been upwards of sixty years connected with the linen trade.

February 22, Eleanor, wife of Mr. Samuel Quinn, Millview, Saintfield, aged 44 years.

January 25, at Wolverhampton, at the house of his friend, H. J. Mitchell, in his 73rd year, Mr. James Scruton, musician, father of the late Mrs. Cunningham, of the Theatre Royal, Belfast.

February 16, at her residence, Killygarven, near Rathmullan, in the 96th year of her age, Catherine, relict of the late Mr. Thomas Smith.

January 26, at sea on his passage homeward, Lieut. James Julian Smith, 8th Madras Native Infantry, eldest surviving son of the Rev. James Smith, Strabane.

January 21, at Boston, U.S., of rheumatism in the heart, from exposure, Henry Mant Smyth, aged 26 years, eldest son of the late Rev. Wm. St. John Smyth, Rector of Ballymoney, and Chancellor of Down, greatly beloved and respected for his amiability and strict integrity of character, leaving a widow and two infant children.

February 18, at his residence, Whitehall, Co. Antrim, John White, Esq., aged 71 years.

February 18, at Bow Street, Lisburn, Elisa, second daughter of Mr. William Young, aged five years.

February 20, at Ballynafeigh, Mr. Hugh Young, late of Malone, aged 80 years.



On Wednesday a man named Patrick Kelly, in rather comfortable circumstances, and living on the banks of the canal at Athlone, was married to a woman named Greene. Kelly was a widower, aged about 65, and had children by his first wife. The bride was "fat, fair, and forty". During the performance of the marriage ceremony at the parish chapel Kelly's daughters broke into the house and divested it of every moveable article, which so affected the old man that he took to his bed, where in a few hours he was found by his wife a cold and stiffened corpse. An inquest was held on the body the following day, and a verdict of "Death by apoplexy" found by the jury. - Westmeath Independent.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


On Thursday night week, as Mr James Young, of Tubbermore, was returning home from Magherafelt market, he was followed by three men and beat in a most unmerciful manner. When the party came up, one of them spoke friendly, and instantly seized Young, while sitting in the cart. Young soon extricated himself, but the remainder of the party coming up, maltreated him in a brutal manner, and while lying on the ground they attempted to drive his own horse and cart over him. The cries of Young brought a man to his rescue who threatened the party, and then they decamped. It appears that the party were all known; one of them is named M'Glone, from Killynumber; the other two are sons of James Brodley, of Anagh, better known in this locality by the name of "The Ribbonmen". Summonses are granted, and the case is pending the sitting of the Petty Sessions Court when it will be fully investigated. - Armagh Guardian

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


Five lives lost by drowning.- An inquest was held on Monday, the 16th instant, at the Chapel of Aughnacloy, near Culdaff, by Hugh O'Donnell, Esq., M.D.,Coroner, on the bodies of James Bradley, Neill Doherty, Edward M'Loughlin, Patrick Crampsey, and David Bradley. It appears that these men left home on Saturday, the 14th inst., and proceeded to Port Redford, to bring home a boat which put in there for shelter the day previous. The sea being very rough, and three of them being very young and inexperienced, the boat capsized, and the above five were unfortunately lost. A sixth man, David Bradley, was saved byJohn M'Loughlin and James M'Carron, whose humanity and daring are most praiseworthy. Two of them have left a wife and family to mourn their loss. The five funerals proceeded together, on Monday, to Aughnacloy, where the wails of the friends and relatives of the deceased were most heart-rending. These people all belong to the townlands of Glengad and Carthage.- Derry Journal.


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