Belfast Weekly News - 3 February, 1894


CALDER -- January 27, at Hassendean, Knock, County Down, the wife of James M. Calder, of a son.

CRAIG -- January 22, and Springvale, Tipperary, the wife of T. Craig, Inspector of Schools, of a son.

BROWNLOW -- January 23, at St. Columba House, Knock, the wife of Claude Brownlow, J.P., of twins -- son and daughter.

BUCHANAN -- January 22, at Island View, Lisburn, the wife of T. G. Buchanan, of a son.

HARVEY -- January 27, at Glendun, Ballymaconaghy, the wife of William Hardy, of a son.

HERON -- January 29, a Railway View, Armagh, the wife of a A. G. Heron, of a daughter.

HYDER -- January 25, at 193, Clonliffe Road, Dublin, the wife of C. J. Hyder, of a daughter.

LUCAS -- January 15, at Hibernian Bank, Mullingar, the wife of Valentine Lucas, of a daughter.

LYONS -- January 25, at Arnoldella, Rosetta Park, Belfast, wife of Robert S. Lyons, of a daughter.

PRIESTLEY -- January 24, at 2, Westbourne, Windsor Avenue, the wife of George Priestley, of a daughter.

REBURN -- January 27, at Belturbet, the wife of George Reburn, of a son.

REES -- January 20, at Fawney House, Dunamanagh, County Tyrone, the wife of the Rev. George Rees, Rector of Kilmore--Erris, Diocese of Killala, and County Mayo, of a daughter.

SCOTT -- January 25, at 3, Yarrow Terrace, Crumlin Road, Belfast, wife of James M. Scott, of a daughter.

YOUNG -- December 24, at Las Palmas, Argentine Republic, the wife of Robert Andrew Young, Kintullagh, Ballymena, of a son.


ALLEN--De WIND -- January 29, at Comber Parish Church, by the Rev. Canon George Smyth, James Graham Allen, Comber, to Catherine Anne, eldest daughter of A. H. De Wind, C.E., Comber.

APPERSON--GIBSON -- January 31, at First Presbyterian Church, Holywood, by the Rev. William Wright, Newtownards, Francis, youngest son of James Apperson, Newtownards, to Mary (Minnie), youngest daughter of the late Samuel Gibson, Newtownards.

BOYD--NEVIN -- January 24, Terrace Row Presbyterian Church, Coleraine, Rev.R. B. Wylie, LL.D., Robert J. C. Boyd, Ballyrobin, Margaret Conn, elder daughter of Thomas Nevin, Coleraine.

BRISTOW--WHITE -- January 25, at the Parish Church, Stillorgan, by Rev. Canon Bristow, Rector of St. James', Belfast (father of the bridegroom), assisted by Rev. Joseph Carson, D.D., Vice-Provost Trinity College, Dublin (uncle of the bride), Rev. J. H. Kennedy, D.D., Rector of Stillorgan, and Rev. John Gwynn, Regius Professor Dublin University, Rev. J. Berkeley Bristow, Rector of Dunluce, County Antrim, to Harriette, eldest daughter of Robert P. White, Esq., Woodview, Stillorgan, County Dublin.

CALVERT--M'DONALD -- January 24, at Belmont Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. William Witherow, William John (Willie), second son of Hans Calvert, Belfast, to Augusta, youngest daughter of George M'Donald, of Rosebank, Sydenham.

CARUTH--MOORE -- January 23, at Elmwood Church, by the Rev. Hamilton Moore, M.A., Parish Minister of Loudon, Scotland, uncle of the bride, assisted by the Rev. Samuel M'Comb, B.D., Norman C. Caruth, second son Alex. Caruth, of Drumard, Ballymena, County Antrim, to Jeanie, second daughter of the late Rev. John C. Moore, of Connor, County Antrim, and granddaughter of the late Rev. John H. Moore, D.D., Elmwood.

DOWNING--GREEN -- January 24, and Fisherwick Place Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Dr. Williamson, assisted by the Rev. W.J. Ainslie, M.A., James Morgan, youngest son of the late Mr. John Downing, "Belfast News--Letter," to Frances Ellen, second daughter of John Green, Esq., both of Belfast.

IRWIN--HOLME -- January 30, at S. Michael's Church, Great Lever, Bolton, by the Rev. C. Myers, Incumbent of S. Bartholomew's, Bolton, Rev. Jeremiah Irwin, Rector of Derrygortreavy, Dungannon, County Tyrone, to Ethel, eldest daughter of the late Thomas Holme, Esq., Lever Bank, Little Lever, near Bolton, and granddaughter of the late Thomas Web, Esq., of Irwell Forge, Bury, and Holly Bank, Southport.

LEATHAM--SHAW -- January 27, at Fitzroy Avenue Church, by the father of the bride and the Rev. William Colquhoun, Charles Western Leatham, County Inspector R.I.C., to Marion, second daughter of the Rev. Geo. Shaw, Belfast.

MALONE--BELL-MAGUAINE -- At Donnybrook, by the Rev. S. Burke, T. R. Malone, to Elizabeth Eugenie, only surviving daughter of the late General Robert Bell-Maguaine.

M'PHAIL--LINDSAY -- January 29, Wicklow Church, by the Rev. Canon Rooke, D.D., Frank M'Phail, "Wicklow News-Letter," to Martha S. A. Lindsay, Wicklow (formerly County Down).

RICHARDSON-GRIFFITHS--SCHWABE -- January 17, at the Parish Church, Lymm, by the Rev. G. W. Guest, M.A., Captain Charles Du Plat Richardson-Griffiths, the Bedfordshire Regiment, eldest son of the late Lieutenant-Colonel, T. Richardson-Griffiths, of Armagh, to Florence Eleanor, eldest daughter of Henry A. Schwabe, of Lymm, Cheshire.


AIKEN -- January 25, at 69, Waverley Terrace, Agnes Street, William Aiken, aged 76 years.

BOOTH -- January 28, at her residence, Kilkeel, County Down, Agnes, the beloved wife of R. W. Booth.

BRETHERICK -- January 24, at his residence, 22, "Shear Brow," Blackburn, Thomas Bretherick, Consulting Engineer, and formerly Manager for Messrs. Victor Coates & Co., Limited, of Lagan Foundry and Prince's Dock Works, Belfast.

BROWN -- January 28, at 3, Connsbrook Terrace, Constance Brown, infant child of Michael Brown.

BROWNE -- January 28, at 8, Holborn Terrace, Bangor, John H., dearly-beloved husband of M. R. Browne, formerly of Cooke Terrace, Ormeau Road.

BROWNE -- January 29, at her residence, Violet Hill, Tandragee, after a lingering illness, Ann, the beloved wife of Robert Browne.

COLLINS -- January 26, at 5, Willowfield Street, Daniel Collins, late of Newcastle, County Down, aged 82 years.

COONEY -- January 30, at her residence, Clonavon House, Ballymena, Jane Perrin, the dearly-beloved wife of Edward Cooney, Mums. Doc., T.C.D., aged 53 years.

CRAWFORD -- January 27, at his residence, Wallace's Street (No. 1), Newtownards, Hamilton Crawford.

CURRIE -- January 26, at his brother's residence, Drumaness, Ballynahinch, John Currie, of the firm of Currie & Johnston, Belfast.

DOWLING -- January 31, at his residence, 167, M'Clure Street, Belfast, John Dowling, aged 64 years.

ELLIOTT -- January 27, in the Adelaide Hospital, Dublin, James Joseph Elliott, fourth son of the Rev. John Elliott, Armagh, aged 23 years.

ERSKINE -- January 28, at Ballymagee, Isabella Erskine.

GAMBLE -- January 30, at 5, Stoneybatter, Dublin, Lizzie, the beloved wife of James G. Gamble, and eldest daughter of the late William Robinson, Belfast.

GOWEN -- January 30, at Hospital, Roseboro', Tipperary, Thomas Gowen, R.I.C., aged 22 years, second son of William Gowen, ex-Sergeant R.I.C., Lisburn.

HANLEY -- January 30, at 92 and 94, Hillview Street, Hugh, infant son of Hugh and Mary Jane Hanley.

HAUGHTON -- January 24, at 21, Lower Mount Street, Dublin, Maria C. Haughton, widow of the late Benjamin Haughton, Fitzwilliam Place, Belfast.

JOHNSON - January 25, at his brother's residence, Broomhill, Muckamore, John Johnson, late of Liverpool, aged 54 years.

KAMCKE -- January 26, suddenly, at her residence, Fitzwilliam Place, Helene, beloved wife of W. R. Kamcke.

KNOX -- January 29, at 40, Melrose Terrace, George William Hill Knox, eldest son of the late George Knox, Dunmurry, aged 22 years.

LIVINGSTON -- January 26, at Jubilee Terrace, Lurgan, Kathleen Maud, only and dearly-loved daughter of George and Seyra Livingston, aged 2 years and 2 months.

LOWRY -- January 27, 1894, at his residence, Drumhirk, Comber, William Lowry, aged 32 years.

MORROW -- January 26, at Mulnagore, County Tyrone, Emiley Jane, widow of the late William Morrow.

MORROW -- January 30, at Glenavon, Newtownbreda, Belfast, Margaret Morrow, of Eden House, Taugherane, Parish of Maralin.

MORROW -- January 24, at the "Old House at Home," Ballymagee Street, Bangor, Annie, daughter of David and Annie Morrow, aged 6 years.

MURPHY -- January 25, at No. 2, Osborne Park, Belfast, Joseph John Murphy, aged 67 years.

MacILWAINE -- January 30, at Armidale, New South Wales, Mary Lloyd MacIlwaine, wife of Frederick B. MacIlwaine, and second daughter of William H. Patterson, Garranard, Strandtown, Belfast.

M'ADAM -- January 29, at 26, Vicinage Park, Belfast, Maggie, dearly-beloved daughter of John M'Adam.

M'BROOM -- January 29, at his grandmother's residence, 169, Antrim Road, Harry Flannigan, infant son of Mr. J. M'Broom, Carlisle Circus, Belfast.

M'CORMICK -- January 27, at 13, Wesley Street, Belfast, Catherine M'Cormick, aged 84 years, for thirty years a faithful servant of Mrs. Massy, 3, Wellington Park Terrace.

M'CORRY -- January 27, at Kylemore, Adelaide Park, Lisburn Road, Kathleen, third daughter of James M'Corry, aged 14 years.

M'KINSTRY -- January 27, suddenly, at his residence, 124, Ellenborough Terrace, Castlereagh Street, Samuel, the beloved husband of Helena M'Kinstry.

PATTISON -- January 25, 1894, at the residence of his son-in-law, Ballyrobert, County Down, John Pattison, sen., formerly of Lisburn, aged 78 years.

PATTISON -- January 30, at he residence of her son-in-law, Ballyrobert, County Down, Jane Pattison, aged 76 years.

PERCEVAL -- January 28, in Dublin, Elizabeth, widow of Spencer Perceval, Esq., of Dillon House, Downpatrick.

POLLOCK -- January 27, at Belfast, James John Pollock.

REA -- January 29, 1894, at Kilgreel, Francis Rea, aged 74 years.

REILLY -- January 27, at his residence, 63, Palmerston Road, Rathmines, Dublin, after a lingering illness, Thomas H. Reilly (formerly of Belfast), in the 82nd year of his age.

ROONEY -- January 31, at 6, Lower Windsor Terrace, Miss Isabella Rooney.

SMITH -- January 28, at Sorrento Terrace, Dalkey, Travers Blackley Smith, Esq., formerly of Bangor and Sandymount, Belfast, aged 57 years.

SMYTH -- January 28, at his residence, Moneycarrow, County Down, Hugh Smyth.

THOMPSON -- At her residence, 88, Hanover Street, Elizabeth G. G. Johnston, the dearly-beloved wife of Robert J. Thompson.

THOMPSON -- January 28, 1894, at his father's residence, 46, Everton Street, Archibald, only son of Archibald and the late Mary Thompson, aged 17 years.

TOWE -- January 28, 1894, at 54, Richardson Street, Hugh Henry, eldest son of Hugh Towe, aged 15 years.

VALENTINE -- January 24, at Glenavna, Whiteabbey, William Valentine.

WATSON -- January 20, at Tamnaskenny, Cookstown, Sarah, the beloved wife of Henry Watson.

WYLIE -- January 27, at Zanzibar Cottage, Exeter, the residence of the Ven. Archdeacon Hodgson (her son-in-law), Margaret Wylie, mother to Mrs. Robert Montgomery, The Manse, 1, Shaftesbury Square.

In Memoriam

BEST -- In ever-loving memory of Annie, widow of the late Robert Best, who died at her residence, Richhill, 29th January, 1891.

Missing Friends

Under this heading we will be pleased to insert, free of charge, notices of absent friends whose whereabouts our readers may for any reason wish to discover. Communications of this nature must bear the signature and address of the writer.

Anyone wishing a notice to appear more than once can have inserted at the normal charge of 6d for one extra week, or three weeks extra for 1s. Those notices which have previously appeared can be republished on these terms.

BONAR. -- William Bonar, Clonkeen, Randalstown, would like to know the address of John Bonar, who left Clonkeen, Randalstown, in 1882, for America. Last heard of in 1887, when he lived in Randolph Street, Chicago, after which is believed he left for Australia. American and Australian papers please copy.

CURLISS. -- Wanted to know anything about Rebecca or Anne Curliss, whose brother served his time in the "Ulster Times." -- Please reply to their sister, Mrs. John Pettigrew, No. 101, West Avenue, N., Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

CRAWFORD. -- Information wanted of Mrs. Mary Anne Crawford. When last heard from, five years ago, was living and 78, Leopard Street, Belfast. Any information of her present address will be thankfully received by her brother, William M'Burnie, Tullyvallen, County Armagh.

MILLER. -- John Miller, 7, Richmond Street, Belfast, is anxious to know the whereabouts of his brother, Robert Miller. When last heard of he was the owner of a spirit store in Greenwich Street, corner of Money Street, New York.

MULVENNA or SHEPHARD. -- Wanted to know the whereabouts of John Mulvenna or Shephard. Last heard of in Belfast sixteen years ago. -- Should this meet the eye of any of their friends or themselves would they communicate with their sister Mrs. Jane Harper or Mulvenna, Box 403, Greenwich, Conn., America.

M'KENNA. -- Wanted, information regarding Mrs. Mary M'Kenna, who was last heard of eleven years ago. She was then living at South Boston, Mass., America, with her son, Charles M'Kenna, cabinetmaker. Any information regarding her will be thankfully received by her sister, Catherine Silvey, 56, Brick Row, Greencastle.

M'GOVERN. -- Wanted to know the whereabouts of Mrs. M'Govern. Last heard of living in 15 Gamble Street, Belfast, in 1876. Any information as to her whereabouts will be thankfully received by her son, Thomas M'Govern, 10, Waterloo Road, Dublin.

PLUMMER. -- Alice Plummer, or Mrs. White, desires information with regard to Mary Plummer, resided in Belfast from 1870 to 1884. Any information thankfully received by Mrs. White, 23, Taylor Street, Glasgow.

ST. LEDGER. -- Thomas St. Ledger, A.B., formed one of the crew of the well-known timber-trading ship Queen of the West, 1869-70, and was man at the wheel in steering her out of Belfast Lough, en route for Québec. On her return to Belfast he left that vessel, and joined the Royal Navy Reserve Force, putting in his first drill at Larne. The only news concerning him since was to the effect that he had joined a ship named the Conflict, of London, which took out emigrants from that port to New Zealand, some of whom belonged to the North of Ireland. His family at that time residents of No. 9, Joy Street, Belfast, and having shortly afterwards removed to England it is feared that he became broken from the family chain, and is in absolute ignorance of his relatives' whereabouts. Any information concerning him will be gratefully received by his brother, Harry St. Ledger, of 9, Hanover View, Park Lane, Leeds, England. [Australian and American papers please copy.]


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Belfast Weekly News - 10 February, 1894

Missing Friends

COX: Philip Cox, of Blocknet, Bohoe, Enniskillen, would like to know the whereabouts of his uncles, James, John and Patrick Cox. Patrick was a blacksmith, and last heard of about twenty years ago; were working in MacMahons Foundry, Cincinnati, Ohio.

PYPER: Information desired concerning Richard Pyper, who left Lurgan about twenty years ago. Any information will be thankfully received by his wife, Mrs Hessie Pyper, Fountain Street, Antrim, County Antrim. Foreign papers please copy.


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Belfast Weekly News - 17 February, 1894

Missing Friends

CROW or KIRK: Wanted to know the whereabouts of Julia Crow or Kirk: Last heard from eleven years ago when living in Main Street, Patterson, New Jersey. Any information of her present address would be thankfully received by her sister, Mary Ward, Schoolwell Street, Stevenston, Ayrshire.

HUTCHISON: Wanted the address of Mary or Olivia Hutchison, by their brother John.- Mrs Hutchison, 94 Parson Street, Town Head, Glasgow.


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Belfast Weekly News - 24 February, 1894

Missing Friends

MACKEY: Wanted, the address of Samuel Mackey who left Maryhill, Glasgow, for New York about seven years ago; last heard of about four years ago in New York. Robert M'Millan, 22 Argyle Street, Maryhill, Glasgow. American papers please copy.


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