Irish News - 2 March, 1904


[Before Mr. Garrett Nagle, R.M.]

School attendance cases.

The following were fined for neglecting to send their children to school regularly:--
Robert Sharpe, 24 Malt Street;
Agnes M'Alister, 145 Crimea Street;
Peter O'Rorke, 149 York Street;
William Walker, 36 Bann Street;
John Orr, 180 Silvio Street;
Thomas Wilson, 4 Staunton Street;
Aaron Wright, 57 Pathmore Street;
John Harte, 26 Little May Street;
Thomas Lowry, 53 Pilot Street;
Ellen Young, 9 Ayr Street;
Christopher Graham, 71 Carmel Street;
William Meharg, 46 Moreland's Row;
John Galway, 11 Rosebarry Street;
Peter Sharpe, 50 Sheriff Street;
James Noble, 1 Chatsworth Street;
Thomas Rogers, 32 Well Street;
John Knox, 9 Isthmus Street;
Samuel Lowry, 4 Isthmus Street;
and Wm. Campbell, 9 Ballycastle Street.

The following were fined for employing children who were under 14 years of age, and had not obtained certificates of proficiency:--
Thomas Tierney, 121 Newtownards Road;
Edmund Porte, 171 Newtownards Road;
William Benny (Renny?), 56 Old Lodge Road;
George Bruce, 47 M'Tier Street;
Albert Norton, 23 Albertbridge Road;
and Jane Thompson, 340 Beersbridge Road.


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