Irish News - 19 January, 1920

Partial transcription


In this issue, there was an article about the 17th Annual General Meeting of the United Kingdom Commercial Travellers Association, held in the Central Hall, Rosemary Street, Belfast on Saturday 17th 1920. The membership had increased to 363 members and the new officers for 1920 were as follows: Chairman, Mr John Campbell; Vice-chairman, Mr James.V.Gosney; Treasurer, Mr A. Lee Richardson; Secretary, Mr Jas. A. M'Geown; Hon. Counsel, Mr Henry Hanna, KC; Hon. Solicitor, Mr S.G.Crymble, LLB; Representative on Chamber of Commerce, Mr W.H. Andrews, JP; Committee, Messrs. H. Russell, Frank Taylor, J.A Stanfield, A.G. Wallace, H. Faloon, Robt. Green, J.H. Tisley, G. Cassells, W.G. Stronge, J.R. Marr, W.H. Andrews, JP, W.B. Jones, W. Curry, Hugh Grahame, F.M. Edmundson, George Hutchinson.


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