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In Northern Ireland church records are the property of the church concerned. While copies of church records are available for perusal in the Public Records Office obtaining copies of those records or publishing the information should only be done with the permission of the church concerned. The following records have been extracted by me for my personal use in tracing my family tree and for no other purpose.

Marriage Records Second Presbyterian Islandmagee

MIC 1P/337 B/1 Marriages 1845–99

Page Entry Date Name and Surname Age Condition Rank or Profession Residence Father's Name Father's Occupation Witnesses Minister
8 16 24 July 1851 James M'Dowell Full Bachelor Farmer Magheramason Andrew M'Dowell Farmer John Shaw by Licence
      Jane Houston full Spinster   Islandmagee Robert Houston Farmer James Houston David Porter
10 20 8 April 1852 John Shaw Full Bachelor Farmer [---?---] Jas Shaw Farmer James Houston by Licence
      Susan Houston Full Spinster   Cloughfin Robert Houston Farmer James [--?--] David Porter
11 22 17 Jan 1853 James McNeely Full Age Bachelor Farmer Mullaghboy, Islandmagee John McNeely Mariner William White by Licence
      Jenny Arthurs Minor Spinster   Ballyharry, Islandmagee William Arthurs Mariner James McKinstry William Campbell
12 24 6 May 1854 James Busby X Full Bachelor Servant Whitehead John Busby Labourer Andrew Lewis by Licence
      Martha Connolly X Full Spinster   Ballymoney, Islandmagee John Connolly Labourer Sarah Kane RH Shaw
19 38 6 Nov 1856 John Connolly Full Bachelor Mariner Ballymoney John Connolly Labourer James Fleck by Licence
      Mary McNeilly Full Spinster   Ballymoney James McNeilly Farmer Jane Larmour RH Shaw
27 54 23 Nov 1860 John Meneily Full Bachelor Servant Ballymoney, Islandmagee James Meneily Labourer Andrew McKay by Licence
      Margaret McCalmont Full Spinster   Ballymoney, Islandmagee Charles McCalmont Labourer Sylvia Templeton RH Shaw
30 60 28 Mar 1862 Robert Cunningham Full Bachelor Sailor Carnspindle William Cunningham Sailor James Fleck ? by Licence
      Susan McNeely Full Spinster   Mulloughboy James McNeely Farmer Sarah Thane RH Shaw
31 61 6 Oct 1862 William Bell X Full Bachelor Labourer Bank Larne   Carpenter Archibald M'Faul by Licence
      Mary Shearer X             Ann Jane Sheare RH Shaw
31 62 11 Nov 1862 Robert M'Arthur full widower Ships Carpenter Cloughfin, Islandmagee William M'Arthur Labourer Samuel M'Kee by Licence
      Mary Houston full Spinster   Cloughfin, Islandmagee Robert Houston Farmer Elizabeth Houston RH Shaw
40 80 30 Jan 1868 Robert Wright X Full Bachelor Farmer Islandmagee Robert Wright Farmer Andrew McNeilly by Licence
      Jenny McNeeley X Full Spinster   Islandmagee James McNeely Farmer Isabella Kane RH Shaw
41 82 10 Dec 1868 Thomas Templeton Full Bachelor Mariner Mullaghboy, Islandmagee Samuel Templeton Farmer Andrew McNeilly by Licence
      Margaret McNeilly Full Spinster   Mullaghboy, Islandmagee James McNeilly Farmer Isabella Kane RH Shaw
42 83 17 Dec 1868 James McNeilly Full Bachelor Mariner Islandmagee James McNeilly Farmer James Templeton by Licence
      Martha Templeton Full Spinster   Islandmagee Robert Templeton Mariner Isabella Kane RH Shaw
64 127 13 Apr 1877 Thomas Cunningham Full Bachelor Wine & spirit merchant Islandmagee William Cunningham Carpenter William Arthur by Licence
      Jemima Arthurs Full Spinster   Islandmagee John Arthurs Farmer Sarah Kane RH Shaw
66 132 10 May 1878 James Bell 28 Bachelor Stonecutter Ballymena James Bell Stonecutter William B Hill by Licence
      Mary Boyd Full Spinster   Islandmagee James Boyd Labourer Isabella Kerr RH Shaw
68 136 26 Sept 1879 Malcolm M'Neil Houston Full Age Bachelor Sailor Larne James Houston Sailor Samuel Robinson by Licence
      Mary Ellen Robinson Full Age Spinster ------ Islandmagee Samuel Robinson Labourer Margaret English RH Shaw
69 137 21 Nov 1879 Hugh McCalmont Full Bachelor Mariner Islandmagee John McCalmont Farmer John Jackson by Licence
      Sarah McNeilly Full Spinster   Islandmagee James McNeilly Farmer Ann Jane Meneilly RH Shaw
76 152 26 August 1885 Thomas Hill Full Age Bachelor Farmer Ballykeel, Islandmagee Thomas Hill Farmer Samuel Houston by Licence
      Elizabeth Houston Full Age Spinster ------ Cloughfin, Islandmagee Robert Houston Farmer Maggie Hill RH Shaw
98 196 11 Jan 1899 Thomas Campbell Full Bachelor Master Mariner Islandmagee William Campbell Mariner S Kane by Licence
      Jennie Meneilly Full Spinster   Islandmagee James McNeely Farmer Lizzie Meneilly HH Macready


MIC 1P/337 B/2 Marriages 1899–1933

Page Entry Date Name and Surname Age Condition Rank or Profession Residence Father's Name Father's Occupation Witnesses Minister
2 3 25 Apr 1900 Thomas Kane Full Bachelor Seaman Islandmagee Thomas Kane Seaman Matthew H Hill by Licence
      Elizabeth Meneilly Full Spinster   Islandmagee James Meneilly Farmer Agnes McGarell HH Macready
2 4 20 Jun 1900 Nathaniel Pollin Full Bachelor Blacksmith Islandmagee Robert Pollin Carpenter James Wright by Licence
      Nancy Meneilly Full Spinster   Islandmagee Andrew Mcneilly Farmer Maggie McNeilly HH Macready
3 5 3 Oct 1900 James Wright Full Bachelor Carman Islandmagee James Wright Labourer Andrew Wright by Licence
      Maggie McNeilly Full Spinster   Islandmagee Andrew McNeilly Farmer Mary McNeilly HH Macready
22 43 30 Dec 1914 Robert Purdy Full Bachelor Mariner Islandmagee John Purdy Mariner William Busby by Licence
      Martha Busby Full Spinster   Islandmagee John C Busby Postman Fanny Dick HH Macready
27 53 23 May 1917 Samuel Busby Full Bachelor Mariner Islandmagee John C Busby Postman John Quiate by Licence
      Anna Matilda Quaite Full Spinster   Islandmagee John Quaite Farmer Mary A M Woodside HH Macready
28 56 23 Apr 1919 John Bell Full Bachelor Farmer Islandmagee John Bell Farmer James Kerr by Licence
      Violet Kerr Full Spinster   Islandmagee David Kerr Master Mariner Jamesina Kerr HH Macready
29 57 26 Jun 1919 Wiliam Busby Full Bachelor Mariner Islandmagee John C Busby Postman William Hunter by Licence
      Mary Jane McMurtry Full Spinster   Islandmagee James McMurtry Master Mariner Agnnes Jane Geddies HH Macready
34 68 21 July 1920 John Houston Full Bachelor Labourer Larne Malcolm Houston Fisherman Robert Gillespie by Licence
      Wilhelmina Gillespie Full Spinster   Islandmagee William Gillespie Labouer Agnes Barry HH Macready

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