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In Northern Ireland church records are the property of the church concerned. While copies of church records are available for perusal in the Public Records Office obtaining copies of those records or publishing the information should only be done with the permission of the church concerned. The following records have been extracted by me for my personal use in tracing my family tree and for no other purpose.

Marriages relating to Jackson and Fleming

Marriages 1820-1839 extracted from First (Millrow) Presbyterian Church, Antrim (Ref: MIC 1P/3/2)

Date Details
1820, Dec 11 Samuel Jackson, Oldstone to Eliza M'Clure, Oldstone
1823, Feb 6 James Stewart, Islandbawn to Ann Fleming, Ladyhill
1825, Jan 27 George Jackson to Eliza Clemens, Oldstone
1826, Mar 1 David Fleming, Bush to Elizabeth Nutt
1826, Mar 1 Robert Nutt, Donegore to Nancy Fleming, Bush
1830, May 21 William Jackson to Jane Suffern, Oldstone
1831, Nov 26 Alexander Bell to Nancy Fleming, Ladyhill
1835, Feb 26 John Hall to Nancy Fleming, Whinpark
1835, Nov 24 John Donaghy, Roughloning to Mary Fleming, Ladyhill (in John Taggarts)
1837, Jan 27 George Fleming, Whinpark to Jane Gleghorn, Roughloning
1837, Oct 19 Robert Adair, Ladyhill to Ann Fleming, Ladyhill


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