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The Great War

This "Roll of Honour" appeared in the Northern Constitution on 11th December 1915. With thanks to Great War Ulster Newspaper Archive for the original images.

Roll of Honour


Bacon, Robert.
Bacon, Alexander.
Bacon, Charles.
Bacon, James.
Bacon, Mark.
Bacon, Jack.
Boyd, James.
Boyd, William.
Boyd, William.
Boyce, James.
Boyd, Edmund.
Black, Herbert.
Bradley, Henry.
Browne, William.
Burleigh, Andrew.
Crawford, Theo., Lieut.
Campbell, John.
Campbell, Daniel, Sergt.
Campbell, William.
Campbell, William.
Doole, James.
Doran, Stephen.
Doran, David.
Davidson, James.
Davis, Thomas.
Davis, James.
Douglas, Daniel.
Esdale, Charles.
Finlay, Thomas.
Gaussen, Horace, Capt.
Gilbert, Joseph.
Hayes, Thomas (reported missing)
Hayes, James.
Hamilton, Archie.
Kilpatrick, William.
Kane, James.
Kyle, Thomas.
Lyons, James.
Leighton, William.
Leeke, Edward.
Logan, Andrew.
Logan, William.
Montagu, R. A. C., J.P. (Cromore).
Montagu, Fred (H.M.S. Shannon).
Montagu, Alex, (killed on H.M.S. Bulwark).
Millar, William.
Martin, Thomas (Bellemont).
Millar, William.
Moore, William.
Martin, Allen.
Moreland, George.
M'Gugan, W. J. (Cromore).
M'Gugan, W. J. (Portstewart).
M'Gowan, Harry.
M'Gowan, Robert.
M'Gowan, Angus.
M'Gowan, Andrew.
M'Gugan, William.
M'Kinney, Joseph.
M'Vicker, Aaron.
M'Kirgan, William.
M'Michael, William.
M'Peak, William John.
M'Curdy, James (Portstewart).
M'Curdy, James (Mullaghacall).
M'Curdy, Henry.
Oliver, Alexander.
Richardson, S. R., M.D.
Rafferty, T.
Rafferty, Arthur.
Rawle, D. W., Sergt.
Rafferty, John.
Reid, William James.
Ross, Hedley.
Smith, John.
Shaw, Samuel.
Spence, Daniel.
Shaw, William.
Scott, Edmund, Sergt.
Spence, William.
Turner, William.
Upson, John (reported killed).
Winchester, Walter.
Wilton, William.

If any names have been inadvertently omitted, we shall be pleased to publish a supplemental list.


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