Other Extracts

Roll of Honour 1914-1919

St. Michael's Church of Ireland, Belfast

Where I have been able I have added a link to the relevant entry on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) website, Soldiers Died in the Great War (SDGW) which I have transcribed. With thanks to John McCormick for the original transcription.

Surname Forename House Street Rank Regiment, Battalion or Unit Notes
Adamson Robert 15 Morpeth Street     Wounded
Addis George 22 Denmark Street     Wounded
Addis Edward 64 Heather Street     Wounded
Aiken Herbert 44 Belgrave Street      
Aiken James 70 Bristol Street      
Allen Andrew 79 Fortingale Street      
Allen J. (Junior) 81 Fortingale Street      
Allen J. (Senior) 81 Fortingale Street      
Anderson John 25 Brownlow Street      
Anderson James T. 24 Malvern Street      
Anderson Francis 1b Malvern Street      
Anderson David 47 McTier Street      
Anderson Benjamin 132 McTier Street Rifleman 9th Batt. Royal Irish Rifles Killed (GWGC; SDGW)
Anderson John 30 North Boundary Street      
Andress John 15 Downing Street     Wounded
Andress E. J. 15 Downing Street      
Andrews Edward 1 Belgrave Street      
Andrews Jonas 80 Tennent Street      
Arbuthnot J. (Junior) 18 Springmount Street      
Arlow James 90 McTier Street      
Armstrong Joshua 62 Charleville Street      
Armstrong Francis 15 Crosby Street      
Armstrong James 25 Denmark Street     Killed
Armstrong William 14 Matchett Street      
Arnold John 11 Crosby Street     Wounded
Arnold Samuel James 11 Crosby Street Private 1st Batt. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers Killed (CWGC; SDGW)
Ashe Walter Henry 21 Hudson Street      
Atcheson James A. 17 Bellevue Street   Royal Navy Killed (poss CWGC)
Atkinson W. J. 34 Kendal Street      
Bainbridge Robert John   Address Unkown     Killed (poss CWGC)
Baxter Hugh 5 Eccles Street      
Beedim James 40 Dagmar Street      
Bell William 7 Cavour Street     Wounded
Bell William J. 33 Cumberland Street     Killed
Bell Samuel E. 115 Fortingale Street Corporal 1st Batt. Royla Irish Rifles Killed (CWGC; SDGW)
Bell William J. 63 Snugville Street      
Berry David 17 Bellevue Street      
Berry Joseph 17 Bellevue Street      
Best Alexander 24 Tyne Street     Wounded
Best William 24 Tyne Street     Wounded
Bickerstaff William J. 123 Westmoreland Street     Killed (poss CWGC)
Blain Joseph 35 Joseph Street      
Blain John 35 Joseph Street      
Blair John 28 Joseph Street      
Blair Robert 28 Joseph Street      
Blaney David 1 Eighth Street      
Bolton William 52 Foreman Street     Killed
Boreland John 7 Conlon Street      
Bothwell James 84 Israel Street      
Bothwell John 22 North Boundary Street      
Bothwell George 22 North Boundary Street      
Bothwell William 35 North Boundary Street     Wounded
Bowman J. 9 Crosby Street      
Bowman George 9 Crosby Street      
Boyd Alexander 12 Langford Street      
Boyd John 12 Langford Street      
Boyd Henry 12 Langford Street      
Boyd Thomas 12 Langford Street      
Bradley Henry 12 McTier Street      
Bradley William 12 McTier Street     Killed
Bradley J. 12 McTier Street     Killed
Bradshaw W. 13 Foreman Street     Killed
Bradshaw John 70 Hopewell Street      
Braithwaite Robert 12 Hopewell Street      
Branagh Robert 27 Upper Charleville Street     Killed (CWGC; SDGW)
Bridle Harry T. 293 Cupar Street      
Bridle H. T. (Senior) 293 Cupar Street      
Briggs Joseph 1 Lawnbrook Avenue      
Briggs Thomas (Junior) 1 Lawnbrook Avenue Rifleman 1st Batt. Royal Irish Rifles Killed (CWGC; SDGW)
Bristow William 7 Bisley Street     Wounded
Brown Francis J 26 Brownlow Street      
Brown Francis 148 Cupar Street     Wounded
Brown David 2 Glentilt Street      
Brown Robert 68 Hopewell Street      
Brown Henry 20 Howe Street      
Brown David 20 Howe Street      
Brown James 31 Joseph Street      
Brown Edward 45 Malvern Street L/Corporal 13th Batt. Royal Irish Rifles Killed (CWGC; SDGW)
Brown Moffatt 45 Malvern Street      
Brown Thomas 45 Malvern Street      
Brown Thomas 16 Maria Place      
Brown James 16 Maria Place      
Brown David 179 Snugville Street      
Brown William   Address Unkown     Wounded
Bruce George 47 McTier Street     Wounded
Bruce Henry 47 McTier Street     Wounded
Buller William John 24 Langford Street Rifleman 1st Batt. Royal Irish Rifles Killed (CWGC; SDGW)
Bunting Thomas 76 Ainsworth Avenue      
Burdge D. F. 43 Battenberg Street     Killed
Burgess James 90 Old Lodge Road      
Burns Isaac 63 Brownlow Street Rifleman 15th Batt. Royal Irish Rifles Killed (CWGC; SDGW)
Burns Samuel 41 Conlon Street      
Burns R. J. (Senior) 16 Foreman Street      
Burns R. J. (Junior) 16 Foreman Street      
Burns James 5 Springmount Street      
Butler John Wm 88 McTier Street      
Cadoo A. W. 25 Langford Street      
Cairns Robert Alexander 1 Mayo Street      
Cairns George 1 Mayo Street     Killed
Cairns John 1 Mayo Street     Killed
Cairns Walter 1 Mayo Street     Killed
Cairns Duncan 5 Tyne Street Rifleman 8th/9th Batt. Royal Irish Rifles Killed (CWGC; SDGW)
Campbell W. J. 20 Brennan Street     Wounded
Campbell Walter 1 Foreman Street      
Campbell Alexander 9 Nore Street     Killed
Campbell W. J. 95 Silvio Street     Killed
Carleton Jack 44 Belgrave Street     Killed
Carleton Herbert 44 Belgrave Street      
Carlisle John 18 Denmark Street      
Carroll John 3 Hudson Place      
Carson Alexander 22 Hudson Street      
Carson Andrew 84 Shankill Road     Killed
Carvill A. B. 15 Brownlow Street      
Cassidy William 114 McTier Street      
Caughey James 26 Clements Street      
Chambers Samuel 179 Cambria Street     Wounded
Chambers Robert 179 Cambrai Street      
Cherry Thomas 84 Paris Street      
Clark David 8 Bristol Street      
Clarke Alphie 11 Dundee Street      
Clarke John 23 Hemsworth Street      
Clenaghan R. J. 49 Conlon Street     Wounded
Clenaghan Thomas 49 Conlon Street      
Clucas Thomas 48 Belgrave Street      
Clugston Thomas J. 66 Brownlow Street      
Clugston Francis 28 Springmount Street      
Coates Matthew 59 Brownlow Street      
Coates W. 1 Joseph Street     Wounded
Cochrane James 2b Blenheim Street      
Cochrane Albert 2b Blenheim Street      
Collins William 6 Ariel Street      
Connelly Edward 31 Oregan Street      
Connolly David Rutherford 2 Dewey Street     Killed
Connolly George 46 Malvern Street      
Connor George H. 7 Hopeton Street      
Connor Francis 40 Matlock Street      
Connor George 92 Snugville Street      
Connor Henry 92 Snugville Street     Killed
Connor John 92 Snugville Street     Killed
Cooper John 48 Carnan Street     Wounded
Cooper William 48 Carnan Street      
Copeland James 52 Perth Street     Killed
Corry R. H. 3 Shaftesbury Street      
Corry F. 30 Warkworth Street     Killed
Costello James 40 Joseph Street     Killed
Cotter George 49 Battenberg Street     Wounded
Cotter J. P. 105 Broom Street     Killed
Cotter Samuel 105 Broom Street      
Courtney T. E. 48 Everton Street      
Cousins Nathaniel 19 Fifth Street      
Craig Thomas 35 Malvern Street      
Craig Andrew 7 Ninth Street     Wounded and Prisoner
Craig James 7 Ninth Street     Wounded
Craig Thomas 7 Ninth Street      
Crawford Archie 30 Belgrave Street      
Crawford Isaac 28 Lime Street      
Crawford William 84 McTier Street     Wounded
Crawford Harper 12 Riversdale Street      
Creighton John 43 Bradford Street     Wounded
Creighton Charles 61 Malvern Street     Wounded
Creighton William 61 Malvern Street      
Creswell F. 26 Nth Howard Street      
Croft David 29 Belgrave Street     Wounded
Croft T. J. 29 Belgrave Street     Wounded
Croft Joseph 135 Fortingale Street      
Crone Ernest 43 Hopeton Street      
Crothers W. (Senior) 2 Springmount Street      
Crothers W. (Junior) 2 Springmount Street      
Crowe Samuel 3 Bootle Street      
Cully John 67 Dundee Street      
Cumming Herbert 128 Fortingale Street      
Cummings Robert John 54 Cumberland Street     Wounded
Cunningham Samuel J. 29 Langford Street     Killed
Curry Wm. McCord 12 Arkwright Street      
Curry William 34 Dundee Street     Killed
Curry Daniel 137 Fortingale Street      
Curry James 137 Fortingale Street      
Curry Robert 137 Fortingale Street      
Dalton Samuel 30 Killarney Street      
Darragh Joseph 17 Joseph Street      
Darragh W. J. 245 Springfield Road     Killed
Davidson William J. 94 Nth Howard Street     Wounded
Davidson Henry 11 Richmond Street      
Davis Thomas 42 Glenwood Street      
Davison Joseph 12 Bowness Street      
Davison William 105 Malvern Street      
Davison Joseph 105 Malvern Street      
Derby John 13 Ghent Street      
Dickson James 46 Dagmar Street      
Ditty David 66 Belgrave Street      
Dixon Thomas 10 Winchester Street      
Doherty James 20 Langford Street      
Donaldson Andrew 1 Eighth Street     Wounded
Doran Arthur 12 Merkland Street     Killed
Dornan George E. 30 Upper Riga Street      
Dougan Charles 9 Glentilt Street     Wounded
Doyle William B. 97 Malvern Street      
Doyle James 54 Snugville Street     Wounded
Duggan Humphrey 41 Seventh Street     Killed
Duggan Matthew 41 Seventh Street     Wounded
Dunning Thomas John 16 Haddow Street Rifleman 9th Batt, Royal Irish Rifles Killed (CWGC; SDGW)
Dyer John 37 Hudson Street     Killed
Dyer James 37 Hudson Street      
Easton George 15 Upper Charleville Street      
Edgar William John 73 Sugarfield Street      
Edwards Robert John 180 Urney Street      
Ellis Oscar 7 Richmond Street      
Elwood James 54 Downing Street      
Elwood Robert 54 Downing Street      
English Sandy 90 McTier Street      
Falls Thomas 116 Cambrai Street     Killed
Farguhar Samuel 11 Linview Street      
Fenning George 35 Glenwood Street     Wounded
Fenning Arthur 35 Glenwood Street      
Finn William John 89 Hopewell Street      
Flack James 2 Westland Street      
Fleming H. A. 64 Downing Street     Wounded
Fleming George 28 Seventh Street      
Forde William 31 Tenth Street      
Forsythe James 71 Joseph Street      
Foy John 44 Brownlow Street      
Foy Thomas 44 Brownlow Street      
Foy Henry Charles 44 Brownlow Street      
Frampton John 70 Beverley Street      
Fullerton William 25 Eighth Street      
Gamble David 21 Matlock Street     Killed
Garrett Robert 6 Blenheim Street     Killed
Garrett William A. 147 Manor Street      
Garrett James 28 Summerhill Street      
Geddis Milne 37 Cumberland Street      
Getgood S. 19 Glentilt Street     Wounded and Prisoner
Gibbons James 55 Brownlow Street      
Gibbons A. 67 Malvern Street      
Gibson Joseph 56 Brownlow Street      
Gibson William G. 6 Clements Street     Wounded
Gibson John 44 Glenbank Place      
Gibson Robert 123 Snugville Street      
Gibson Samuel 123 Snugville Street      
Gibson William 123 Snugville Street     Wounded
Gilfillan Robert 66 McTier Street      
Glover Matthew 232 Cupar Street      
Gordon James 39 Malvern Street      
Gorman John 31 Brownlow Street      
Gorman William 16 Wilton Street      
Gourley Hugh 7 Ninth Street     Killed
Graham John 21 Hemsworth Street     Killed
Graham John 52 Joseph Street      
Graham Edward 27 Langford Street     Killed
Graham James 26 Richmond Street      
Graham David 231 Shankill Road     Wounded
Grant Malcolm 72 Beverley Street     Killed
Gray W. J. 36 Belgrave Street     Killed
Gray William 30 Mansfield Street     Killed
Gray Hugh 43 Sixth Street      
Green George 1 Klondyke Street      
Green John S. 1 Klondyke Street     Killed
Green W. J. 52 Rosapenna Street      
Green James 52 Rosapenna Street     Prisoner
Greer William 74 McTier Street     Killed
Gregg Walter 27 Brownlow Street      
Griffiths Samuel 161 Cambrai Street      
Hall A. 8 Linen Street      
Hall George 154 Shankill Road      
Hally Robert 126 McTier Street     Killed
Hally John 126 McTier Street     Killed
Hally Thomas 126 McTier Street      
Hamilton W. J. 81 Bristol Street      
Hamilton Andrew 6 Malvern Place      
Hamilton Thomas 6 Malvern Place      
Hamilton William 6 Malvern Place      
Hamilton James 6 Malvern Place      
Hanley Frank 29 Upper Meenan Street      
Hanlon Thomas   Address Unkown      
Hanna William John 1 Jersey Street      
Hanna James 24 Matlock Street     Wounded
Hanna Samuel 19 Wilton Street      
Hardy James 244 Cambrai Street      
Harland James 88 Malvern Street      
Harland J. (Senior) 88 Malvern Street      
Harland J. (Junior) 88 Malvern Street      
Harris Samuel 15 Eastland Street     Wounded
Hassett JS 168 Foreman Street      
Hayes A. (Junior) 38 Downing Street     Killed
Hayes A. (Senior) 38 Downing Street      
Hayes William 61 Joseph Street      
Hayes Robert 61 Joseph Street     Wounded
Hazel Samuel 66 Belgrave Street      
Hazlett Stewart 6 Ariel Street      
Headley Matthew 18 Raleigh Street      
Headley William 18 Raleigh Street      
Heasley William 19 Manor Drive     Wounded
Heathwood T. J. 38 Hudson Street      
Heffren John 54 Agnes Street     Killed
Hegans James 146 McTier Street      
Henderson W. J. 8 Shaftesbury Street     Wounded
Henry W. 56 Malvern Street     Wounded
Herman Charles 3 Merkland Street      
Herman Robert 3 Merkland Street      
Herron Henry 9 Springmount Street      
Herst James 45 Glenwood Street      
Hewitt James 171 Cambrai Street     Wounded
Hewitt R. J. (Senior) 14 Killarney Street      
Hewitt R. J. (Junior) 14 Killarney Street      
Higginson John 14 Hopewell Street      
Hill Alfred 25 Killarney Street      
Hill Richard 5 Olive Street      
Hiller John 84 Foreman Street      
Hollywood W. J. 19 Springmount Street     Prisoner
Hooks R. T. 26 Hanover Street      
Hooks John 56 Old Lodge Road     Killed
Hooks James 5 Upper Meenan Street      
Hopping Edward 41 Snugville Street      
Horne J. C. (Junior) 61 Cumberland Street      
Horne J. C. (Senior) 61 Cumberland Street      
Howe James 8 Riversdale Street      
Hunt Francis D. 20 Arkwright Street      
Hunt Francis 20 Arkwright Street      
Hunter Alexander 27 Belgrave Street      
Hunter David 51 Belgrave Street     Wounded
Hunter Samuel 74 Brookmount Street     Wounded
Hunter Albert 74 Brookmount Street      
Hunter William 42 Crosby Street     Wounded
Hunter John 54 Leadbetter Street      
Hyde A. E. 63 Brownlow Street      
Hyland Francis 55 Malvern Street      
Hynds William C. 159 Manor Street      
Hynes Robert 91 Fortingale Street      
Irvine Arthur 8 Denmark Street      
Irvine William 32 Kendal Street      
Irvine John 67 Langford Street      
Irvine James 47 Leadbetter Street      
Irvine George 47 Leadbetter Street      
Jackson John 21 Dundee Street      
Jackson Andrew 55 Malvern Street      
Jameson Samuel 34 Belgrave Street      
Jennings John 26 Southport Street      
Jennings Thomas 26 Southport Street      
Jennings William R. 26 Southport Street     Killed
Johnston Alexander 37 Berlin Street      
Johnston John 111 Cambrai Street     Wounded
Johnston W. 38 Crosby Street      
Johnston Charles 16 Eton Street      
Johnston H. 6 Woburn Street     Wounded
Kane Robert 6 Mountview Street      
Kane Walter 6 Mountview Street      
Kearney Thomas 54 North Boundary Street      
Keenan G. C. 94 Dover Street     Killed
Keithly James 62 Langford Street      
Kelly D. (Senior) 61 Conlon Street      
Kelly D. (Junior) 61 Conlon Street     Killed
Kelly David 42 Langford Street      
Kelly Thomas 9 Riversdale Street      
Kelly Robert 9 Riversdale Street      
Kelly John 9 Riversdale Street     Killed
Kennedy John 23 Killarney Street      
Kennedy Henry 2 Klondyke Street      
Kennedy F. D. 77 Lawnbrook Sq     Killed
Kennedy David 64 Northumberland Street      
Kerr Joseph 22 Argyle Street      
Kerr W. 324 Shankill Road      
Keyes T. J. 64 Hopewell Street      
Keyes William 24 McTier Street      
Kidd William 61 McTier Street      
Kidd Alfred 61 McTier Street      
Kidd Alfred K 61 McTier Street      
Kidd Samuel 61 McTier Street     Wounded
Killops Joseph 81 Palmer Street     Killed
King Frank 4 Jersey Street      
King John 52 Joseph Street      
King William 19 Sugarfield Street      
Kinner David 16 Langford Street     Killed
Kinner James 16 Langford Street      
Kinner Edward 16 Langford Street      
Kirkpatrick Robert 90 McTier Street      
Knox John James 108 Crimea Street      
Kyle William 41 Tyne Street      
Kyle Edward 41 Tyne Street      
Leaghey Hugh 207 Tennent Street     Killed
Leaghey Robert 207 Tennent Street      
Leathem John 69 Westmoreland Street      
Legg John 21 Matlock Street      
Leighburn James 52 Langford Street      
Leighton Thomas 25 Crosby Street      
Letson Henry 15 Crosby Street      
Lewis William 3 Malvern Street     Wounded
Lewis Thomas 167 Shankill Road      
Lindores James   Address Unknown     Wounded
Lindsay James 27 Cumberland Street     Wounded
Lindsay James 16 Langford Street      
Lindsay WJ 41 McCandless Street      
Lockhart Edward 54 Foreman Street      
Lockhart James 155 Silvio Street      
Lockhart John 36 Wigton Street      
Lockhart William 36 Wigton Street      
Logue John 119 Fortingale Street      
Lonsdale James 22 Langford Street      
Loughlin Alexander 42 Carnan Street     (W&P)
Lowans William 25 Glencairn Street      
Lynch David 57 Summer Street     Killed
Lyttle WJ 21 Wilton Sq South      
Magee Joseph 108 Grosvenor Road      
Magee John 14 Maria Place      
Magee James A. 33 Richmond Street     Killed
Magee W. J. 26 Santiago Street      
Magilton John 51 Aberdeen Street      
Mailey J. H. 15 Crosby Street     Killed
Majury William 48 Brownlow Street      
Mann Thomas 23 Sherbrook Street      
Mann George 23 Sherbrook Street      
Marshall Robert 1a Malvern Street      
Martin Andrew 65 McTier Street      
Martin A. McC. 154 Sugarfield Street     Wounded
Martin J. G. 154 Sugarfield Street     Wounded and Prisoner
Martin W. J. 163 Sugarfield Street      
Mateer James 106 Sugarfield Street     Wounded
Matthews W. J. 18 McTier Street      
Matthews James 18 McTier Street      
Matthews Peter 18 McTier Street      
Maxwell William 23 Eighth Street     Wounded
Maxwell R 88 Everton Street     Killed
Maxwell John 2 Jackson Street      
McAleer William 40 North Boundary Street     Killed
McAlister James 41 Arkwright Street      
McAlister S. J. 40 Belgrave Street      
McAlister E. A. 71 Hudson Street     Killed
McAlister Alexander 87 Malvern Street      
McAlister William 87 Malvern Street      
McAvoy E. 43 Christopher Street     Wounded
McCallum Robert 88 Mountjoy Street      
McCarron Joseph 24 Mansfield Street      
McClean John 131 Fortingale Street      
McCleery A. 44 Arkwright Street     Killed
McClelland James 48 Joseph Street      
McClelland Robert 25 Matlock Street      
McClelland William 25 Matlock Street      
McClelland W. J. 26 Meenan Street     Killed
McClelland C. (Senior) 28 Meenan Street      
McClelland G. (Junior) 28 Meenan Street      
McClenaghan W. D. 14 Langford Street      
McCluggage Thomas 1 Donegall Street      
McClurg W. J. 8 Israel Street      
McComb William 23 North Howard Street     Killed
McCombe Thomas 46 Richmond Street     Killed
McCombe James 46 Richmond Street      
McComish Samuel 27 Paris Street      
McComish James 27 Paris Street      
McConnell David 58 Joseph Street      
McConnell A. 154 Sugarfield Street     Wounded
McCormack Joseph 64 Westland Road     Killed
McCormick Thomas 22 Clements Street      
McCormick Robert 69 Langford Street      
McCracken Robert 36 Downing Street      
McCrea James 173 Canmore Street      
McCrea David 62 Glenfarne Street      
McCrea Samuel 62 Glenfarne Street      
McCrea Albert 103 Malvern Street Private 6th Batt. Royal Irish Fusiliers Killed (CWGC; SDGW)
McCreedy George 90 Glenwood Street     Killed
McCrum Alexander 82 Joseph Street     Killed
McCulloch John 23 Springmount Street      
McCullough William John 38 Cumberland Street     Wounded and Prisoner
McCully William 52 Bellevue Street      
McCully John 24 Winchester Street     Killed
McCurry James A. 67 Wall Street     Wounded
McCurry Thomas 67 Wall Street     Prisoner
McDermott W. J. 8 North Boundary Street      
McDonald James T. 8 Israel Street      
McDowell William 13 Malvern Place     Killed
McDowell James 13 Malvern Place     Killed
McDowell John 13 Malvern Place     Killed
McDowell Henry 13 Malvern Place     Killed
McDowell James 56 McTier Street      
McDowell Arthur 114 McTier Street     Killed
McDowell Joseph 54 Snugville Street      
McFadden Andrew 65 Hudson Street     Wounded
McFarlane W. J. 16 Argyle Street     Wounded
McFarlane John 90 Northumberland Street     Killed
McGowan John 30 North Boundary Street      
McGranaghan Charles 50 Malvern Street      
McGrath James 67 Bristol Street      
McGrath William J 43 Riga Street      
McGrath William 43 Riga Street      
McIlvenna John 68 Hopewell Street      
McIlvenna John 68 Hopewell Street      
McIlvenny Thomas 8 McTier Street     Killed
McIlwrath W. J. 102 McTier Street      
McIntosh A. 30 Hopewell Street      
McIntyre Alexander 28 Langford Street      
McKay Albert S. 10 Killarney Street      
McKee Alexander 35 Belgrave Street      
McKee George 35 Belgrave Street      
McKee John 92 Fortingale Street      
McKee Robert 10 Riversdale Street      
McKee James 121 Westmoreland Street     Prisoner
McKee John 121 Westmoreland Street      
McKenna James 14 Maria Place L/Corporal 1st Batt. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers Killed (CWGC)
McKeown Felix 73 Joseph Street      
McKeown Samuel 27 Richmond Street      
McKergine John 3 Fifth Street      
McKinley Archibald? 43 Christopher Street     Killed (prob CWGC; SDGW)
McKinley Edward? 43 Christopher Street     Killed (poss CWGC)
McKittrick Samuel 23 Ainsworth Avenue      
McKittrick W. J. 23 Ainsworth Avenue      
McKnight William 16 Westmoreland Street      
McLaughlin John 53 Downing Street      
McLernon William 53 Upper Charleville Street     Prisoner
McMenemy George 10 Tenth Street      
McMinn John 178 Manor Street     Killed
McMullan William 37 Glenwood Street     Killed
McMullan Thomas 37 Glenwood Street      
McMullan John 8 Hopewell Street     Prisoner
McMullan Joseph 20 Vistula Street      
McMurray Ernest 23 Dover Street      
McNeice John 89 Malvern Street     Wounded
McNerlin James 11 Linview Street      
McQuillan W. J. 102 Battenberg Street      
McQuiston David 1 Eighth Street      
McQuitty E. J. 22 Campbell Street      
McWatters James 34 Lanark Street      
Meaney Thomas 34 Kendal Street      
Megarry William 14 Malvern Place      
Mercer William J 161 Agnes Street      
Mercer George 17 Paris Street      
Mercer Samuel 163 Snugville Street     Killed (prob CWGC; SDGW)
Metcalfe R. 102 Lower Boundary Street      
Metcalfe Thomas 102 Lower Boundary Street      
Middleton John 7 Hudson Place      
Millar William 54 Glenwood Street     Wounded
Millar Archibald 232 Mayo Street      
Miller William 65 Joseph Street     Killed
Miller John 65 Joseph Street      
Miller Joseph 65 Joseph Street      
Miller John 2 Langford Street      
Milligan W. J. 59 Malvern Street      
Mills David 23 Belgrave Street      
Mills Alexander 23 Belgrave Street      
Mills Hugh 23 Belgrave Street      
Mills William J 53 Joseph Street      
Mills Robert 53 Joseph Street     Killed
Mills Thomas 53 Joseph Street      
Mills Joseph 90 Malvern Street      
Mills John 90 Malvern Street     Killed
Mills Alexander 129 Malvern Street     Killed
Mitchell Samuel 26 Springmount Street      
Moffatt William 134 McTier Street      
Moffatt James 134 McTier Street      
Moffatt Edward 134 McTier Street      
Moffatt Herbert 134 McTier Street      
Montgomery Samuel 38 Crosby Street Private 1st Batt. Royal Irish Fusiliers Killed (CWGC)
Morrison James 26 Richmond Street      
Morrow Andrew 58 Malvern Street      
Morrow Samuel 15 Up Meenan Street      
Munce George 71 Tobergill Street     Killed
Neill Edward 56 Hopewell Street     Wounded
Neill James 11 Malvern Place      
Neill William 11 Malvern Place      
Newell Robert 72 Malvern Street      
Nicholl Hugh 30 Downing Street     Wounded
Nicholl William J. 40 Hopewell Street      
Nicholl Robert 40 Hopewell Street      
Nicholl Robert H. 40 Hopewell Street      
Noble James 14 Richmond Street      
Owens Robert 90 Malvern Street      
Parker Thomas 5 Rusholme Street     Killed
Patterson Ernest 3 Ambleside Street     Killed
Patterson Aubrey 5 Ambleside Street Rifleman 2nd Batt. Royal Irish Rifles Killed (CWGC; SDGW)
Patterson David 37 Foreman Street      
Pierce John William 90 Dover Street     Wounded
Pierce William E. 90 Dover Street      
Porter James 42 Crosby Street Private 4th Batt. Royal Irish Fusiliers Killed (CWGC; not in SDGW)
Prentice Robert 32 Springmount Street      
Preshur Robert 60 Canmore Street      
Preshur William 57 Langford Street Rifleman 9th Batt. Royal Irish Rifles Killed (CWGC; SDGW)
Preshur James 57 Langford Street      
Preshur Matthew 57 Langford Street Rifleman 8th Batt. Royal Irish Rifles Killed (CWGC; SDGW)
Pritchard William 6 Ceylon Street      
Pryde Charles 15 Maria Street      
Quinn Albert 75 Cumberland Street Private 9th Batt. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers Killed (CWGC; SDGW)
Quinn Wilson 93 Malvern Street      
Quinn, B.A. Rev. James   St. Michael's Church      
Quinn James 56 Old Lodge Road      
Quinn William 19 Winchester Street      
Rafferty John 79 Hudson Street      
Rainey William 10 Riversdale Street      
Rainey Samuel 13 Tenth Street     Wounded
Ralph William 258 Crimea Street     Wounded
Reavey Samuel 119 Lawnbrook Avenue      
Reid Samuel 31 Belgrave Street      
Reid James 23 Cumberland Street     Wounded
Reid William 31 Emerson Street     Killed
Reilly Adams 10 Springmount Street      
Reynolds Harry 70 Townsend Street      
Richmond Charles 55 Malvern Street      
Richmond Robert 55 Malvern Street      
Riddles John 2 Mansfield Street      
Rigby George 7 Stanhope Street      
Robinson Samuel 47 Brownlow Street      
Robinson James 50 Hudson Street      
Robinson Thomas 61 Sydney Street West     Killed
Rowntree Thomas 58 Carlow Street     Wounded
Rules John 6a Conlig Street      
Sales David 23 Sugarfield Street     Wounded
Sands J. 46 Glenwood Street     Wounded and Prisoner
Scott George G. 71 Downing Street      
Scott Samuel 84 Foreman Street      
Scott William 36 Hopewell Street      
Scott R. J. 75 Hopewell Street     Killed
Scott John A. 75 Hopewell Street      
Scott William 86 Hopewell Street      
Scott Jacob 2 Malvern Place     Wounded
Scott William 2 Malvern Street     Wounded
Scott Samuel 62 Orkney Street     Killed
Scott William J. 62 Orkney Street     Prisoner
Scott Henry 10 Rosewood Street     Wounded
Scott John 10 Rosewood Street     Wounded
Sefton Thomas Henry 2 Maria Place     Killed (poss CWGC)
Sefton William John 2 Maria Place      
Selby Alexander 41 Springfield Village      
Semple Samuel 18 Derry Street      
Sewell Albert 45 Hudson Street      
Sewell Alexander 45 Hudson Street      
Sewell James 45 Hudson Street      
Sewell William J. 45 Hudson Street      
Sewell John 32 Southport Street      
Shanes Samuel 18 Brownlow Street      
Shannon Thomas 18 Lr Meenan Street      
Shaw Alfred 53 Langford Street      
Sims Henry 26 Malvern Street      
Sinclair Samuel J. 6 Fourth Street      
Sinclair Andrew 41 Seventh Street      
Skelly William 31 Brownlow Street      
Sloan John 32 Dundee Street      
Sloan Samuel 8 Olive Street     Wounded
Sloane Hubert 9 Elswick Street      
Sloane Thomas G. 9 Elswick Street     Wounded
Small James 22 Downing Street      
Small Walter 22 Downing Street      
Smartt James 37 Brownlow Street      
Smeeth William 7 Malvern Street      
Smeeth Roland 7 Malvern Street      
Smeeth James Burrows 7 Malvern Street Rifleman 15th Batt. Royal Irish Rifles Killed (CWGC; SDGW)
Smith Hugh 4 Belgrave Street      
Smith Fred 4 Belgrave Street      
Smith Robert 14 Diamond Street     Wounded
Smith George 19 Hudson Street      
Smith George 43 Joseph Street     Killed (prob CWGC; SDGW)
Smyth Robert 29 Killarney Street     Wounded
Smythe John F. 51 McTier Street      
Speers John 1 Eighth Street     Wounded and Prisoner
Spence David 20 Carlow Street      
Spence M. 15 Foreman Street     Wounded
Spence John 24 McTier Street      
Stannex Robert 21 Carlow Street      
Starrett James 104 Fortingale Street Rifleman 12th BAtt. Royal Irish Rifles Killed (CWGC; SDGW)
Sterritt Thomas 52 Snugville Street     Killed
Sterritt William N 53 Snugville Street      
Stewart S. 57 Cavour Street      
Stewart John 53 Fifth Street      
Stewart Robert J. 12 Hopeton Street      
Stewart Thomas D. 12 Hopeton Street      
Stewart William J. 77 Hopeton Street      
Stewart John 17 Hudson Street     Killed
Stewart John R. 5 Richmond Street     Wounded
Stewart John 41 Shankill Road      
Stitt William J. 1 Blackwater Street      
Stitt John 20 Sixth Street     Killed
Stitt Thomas 20 Sixth Street     Wounded and Prisoner
Stitt Nathaniel 20 Sixth Street      
Stringer George 32 Kendal Street      
Stringer James 32 Kendal Street      
Strutt George 9 Brookmount Street      
Swayne George 26 Killarney Street      
Taggart Thomas R 32 Bellevue Street      
Taggart Samuel J 11 Maria Street     Wounded
Taylor Thomas 16 Azamor Street      
Taylor John 51 Carlow Street      
Taylor William James 51 Carlow Street Rifleman 9th Batt. Royal Irish Rifles Killed (CWGC; SDGW)
Taylor William 10 Riga Street     Killed
Teeney Thomas 130 Silvio Street      
Teer James A. 12 Louden Street     Wounded
Thompson John 69 Belgrave Street      
Thompson James 55 Cambrai Street      
Thompson J. 61 Hopewell Street      
Thompson F. 61 Hopewell Street     Killed
Thompson W. J. 62 Penrith Street      
Thompson A.   Address Unkown     Prisoner
Tinsley David 78 Sugarfield Street      
Todd Hugh 20 Campbell Street      
Topping William 79 Hudson Street     Killed (CWGC; SDGW)
Torbitt William 46 Summer Street Private 6th Batt. Royal Irish Fusiliers Killed (CWGC; SDGW)
Torbitt Samuel 46 Summer Street      
Totton S. (Senior) 71 McTier Street      
Totton S. (Junior) 71 McTier Street      
Totton James 71 McTier Street      
Traynor Robert 8 Hazelfield Street     Prisoner of War
Traynor James 39 Malvern Street     Wounded
Traynor Joseph 39 Malvern Street      
Truesdale Joseph 90 McTier Street      
Turner William 25 Brownlow Street      
Turner Thomas J. 45 Crosby Street      
Turner James 71 James Street      
Uprichard C. L. 12 Rosebank Street      
Upton William 40 Northumberland Street      
Vance William Frederick 5 Battenberg Street Rifleman 1st/8th London Regiment (Royal Irish Rifles) Killed (CWGC; SDGW)
Vaughan John 53 Belgrave Street     Wounded
Verner Frank 120 McTier Street      
Vogan Robert 135 Silvio Street Private 2nd Batt. Royal Irish Regiment Killed (CWGC; SDGW)
Vosper John 95 Malvern Street      
Waddell William 15 Keswick Street      
Waddell Hugh 127 Riga Street     Wounded
Wade W. J. 57 Brownlow Street      
Wadsworth Stanley 37 Joseph Street Rifleman 7th Batt. Royal Irish Rifles Killed (CWGC; SDGW)
Wadsworth Albert 37 Joseph Street      
Walker Alexander 17 Brownlow Street      
Walker George 20 Downing Street      
Walker Isaac 89 Fortingale Street      
Walker James 89 Fortingale Street      
Walker William 36 Israel Street     Wounded
Walker James 26 Malvern Street      
Walker James 8 Snugville Street     Wounded
Wallace James 37 Brownlow Street      
Walsh James 12 Campbell Street      
Walsh Thomas 26 Campbell Street      
Warden William 104 Fortingale Street     Wounded
Warden Samuel 104 Fortingale Street      
Warden Thomas 117 Lawnbrook Avenue      
Warren Fred 29 Killarney Street     Wounded
Wasson W. T. 11 Percy Street      
Waterworth Robert 280 Old Lodge Road      
Waterworth Rowland 8 Penrith Street      
Watson James 224 Conway Street      
Watters John 40 Langford Street      
Weir Albert 97 Enfield Street     Killed
Weir Robert Vance 97 Enfield Street     Killed
Weir William 97 Enfield Street      
Weir John 97 Enfield Street     Killed
Welshman Samuel 10 Yarrow Street      
West Isaac 65 Fortingale Street Rifleman 8th Batt. Royal Irish Rifles Killed (Name was wrongly listed as "'T' West" on CWGC but corrected after I contacted them; SDGW)
West James 140 Fortingale Street     Killed
West Robert 140 Fortingale Street     Wounded
West John 140 Fortingale Street     Wounded
Wetherall Albert 18 Cumberland Street Private 8th Batt. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers M.M.; Killed (CWGC; SDGW)
White John A. 16 Matlock Street      
Whiteside William 109 Malvern Street      
Whiteside G. L. 16 Manor Drive     Prisoner
Whitley Samuel 50 Foreman Street      
Whitley James 21 Winchester Street     Wounded
Williamson J. A. J. 25 Brownlow Street      
Williamson William 31 Dargle Street      
Williamson Robert 52 McTier Street      
Wilson John 15 Crosby Street      
Wilson William 79 Fortingale Street      
Wilson Arthur 79 Fortingale Street      
Wilson John 79 Fortingale Street      
Wilson Richard 135 Fortingale Street      
Wilson Charles 77 Hopewell Street      
Wilson Albert 87 Hopewell Street     Wounded
Wilson David 61 Manor Street      
Woodhead Edgar 87 Fortingale Street      
Worthington Samuel 159 Snugville Street      
Wright Frederick 87 McTier Street      
Wright Craig 161 Shankill Road      
Yates John 7 Springmount Street      
Young Henry 70 Beverley Street      
Young Percy 70 Beverley Street      
Young Samuel 162 Sugarfield Street     Killed
Young Thomas 162 Sugarfield Street     Wounded
Yuile Digby 19 Langford Street     Entry on LOTFWW gives the name as "Digley".


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