Presbyterian Church In Ireland -- Roll of Honour 1914-1919

Extract for the Congregation of Ballymacarrett

Surname First Name House Address Rank Regiment, Battalion or Unit Remarks
Alcorn Robert J. 15 Maymount Street

Anderson Wm. J. 264 Newtownards Road
Royal Navy
Arnold Thomas 92 Madrid Street

Auld Andrew 88 Upper Newtownards Road

Auld Thomas 88 Upper Newtownards Road

Barker Edward

Barker George

Baxter Albert 56 The Mount Lance-Corporal Royal Irish Fusiliers
Baxter Edgar A. 56 The Mount Lieutenant South Lancashire Regiment
Baxter Samuel J. 56 The Mount Air Mechanic Royal Flying Corps
Brown John 3 Ailsa Terrace Captain Royal Irish Rifles M.C., Killed in Action (CWGC)
Brown John 72 Ogilvie Street Private Royal Irish Rifles
Browne [2] John N.

Cathcart Dr.
Ruperta House, Newtownards Road
Royal Army Medical Corps
Cleland Ernest

Craig James 64 Mount Street Private Royal Irish Rifles
Crommie John W. 58 Castlereagh Road

Devlin [1] J

W.A.A.C. (?)
Devlin Robinson
Fire Station, Albertbridge Rd.

Devlin Robinson, Jun.
Fire Station, Albertbridge Rd. Private Royal Irish Rifles
Dornan James 74 Templemore Avenue Corporal Army Service Corps
Dornan Robert 74 Templemore Avenue Sergt.-Major Army Service Corps
Dornan William 74 Templemore Avenue Sapper Royal Enigineers
Ferguson John

Gillespie H. V. 12 Castlereagh Street

Gilmer James 51 Richardson Street Corporal Royal Irish Rifles
Gordon William

Halliday Fred 85 Ogilvie Street

Henderson [3] A.

Jackson John 10 The Mount Corporal 9th Royal Irish Rifles Wounded
Jackson William 10 The Mount Private 14th Royal Irish Rifles (Y.C.V.) Killed (CWGC)
Johnstone Samuel

Jordan William J.

Jameson S. D.
Hillmount, Knockbreda Road

Kingsberry Wm.

Kirk Alister
The Pines, N'breda

Kirk Stanley
The Pines, N'breda

Kirkpatrick James
The Farm, Orangefield Lieutenant Royal Navy
Laird W. A. 2 Temple Street Private Royal Irish Rifles
Lewis Hugh D.
The Lodge, Orangefield Private Royal Irish Rifles
Lewis Samuel
The Lodge, Orangefield Driver Army Transport
Livingstone John 159 Avoniel Road

Livingstone William 159 Avoniel Road

Killed in Action
Logan David 80 Dee Street

Logan Henry 80 Dee Street

Logan James 80 Dee Street

Long J. K. 2 Castlereagh Road

McCabe Denis

McCabe Denis, Jun,

McCabe John

McCann Thomas 255 Mountpottinger Road Farrier Sergt.-Major Royal Field Artillery M.S.M.
McCann William 255 Mountpottinger Road Private Worcester Regiment
McCracken Henry Joy
Austinville, Bloomfield Lieutenant Royal Flying Corps Died on Service (CWGC)
McCrea John 49 Omeath Street Lieutenant

McDowell Isaac 15 Chatworth Street

McFall James 22 Mayflower Street Private
McFarlane Donald 7 Frank Street

McFarlane Neill 7 Frank Street

McKillen David 264a Newtownards Road

McRoberts Joseph 3 Daisyfield Terrace

McRoberts Robert M. 3 Daisyfield Terrace Private Royal Army Medical Corps
McTear Samuel 18 Clara Street

McIlveen William

Maginnis Hugh

Miller J.

Mitchell James 121 The Mount Lieutenant

Moore Archie M.
Ashley House Captain
Moore William
Ashley House Second-Lieutenant Royal Irish Fusiliers Killed in Action (CWGC)
Moore Hugh 80 Woodstock Road

Mullan John 91 Grove Street East Private

Mullan John, Jun. 91 Grove Street East Private

Neely R.
Edenderry, Upper Newtownards Road

Nicholl Joseph D.
Ailsa Ter., Holywood Road Captain

Pettigrew Andrew 68 Jocelyn Avenue Sergeant Royal Engineers
Pettigrew John

Pinkerton George 7 Temple Street

Ritchie Arthur

Seaton [1] D.

Shanks Hiram 67 Madrid Street Gunner H.M.S. Corea
Spence William 203 Albertbridge Road Private 14th Royal Irish Rifles Killed in Action (CWGC)
Steele Thomas 9 The Mount

Torrington James 53 Nevis Avenue

White James

White [1] W.

Wilson John 32 Irwin Avenue

Yeates James 84 The Mount Eng. Lieutenant Royal Naval Reserve
Yeates Robert 84 The Mount Sergt.-Major

Yeates Thomas 84 The Mount Sergeant


1. Recorded on church memorial but not in the printed Roll of Honour.

2. Recorded on church memorial as being killed and with surname spelling of "Browne".

3. Recorded on church memorial as being killed.


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