Presbyterian Church In Ireland -- Roll of Honour 1914-1919

Congregation of Hamilton Road, Bangor

I have compared the entries in the Roll of Honour with the names recorded on the Memorial installed in the church. I have added those names not recorded in the Roll and noted any differences etc. I found either as a footnote or in brackets. For those fallen, where possible, I have also added a link to the relevant entry on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website ( and/or Soldiers Died in the Great War I have transcribed.

Surname First Name House Address Rank Regiment, Battalion or Unit Remarks
Allen [1] Agnes

Armstrong [1] John

Armstrong [1] Wm. W.

Baxter Harry 15 Ward Avenue Private R.M.L.I.
Beckett [1] William

Bell [2] Austin 45 Holborn Avenue Sergt.-Major 16th Batt., Royal Irish Rifles Killed in Action (CWGC; SDGW)
Bell [3] Alex. 55 Railwayview Street Steward H.M.H.S. Magic II
Berkeley Lowry E.
Ardmore Lieutenant Connaught Rangers Wounded
Berkeley [1] William J.

Brown Hugh 4 Bryansbum Road Driver Royal Army Service Corps
Burroughs Thos. J. 3 Mount Royal Captain 13th Royal Irish Rifles
Cairns [1] Agnes

Campbell [1] Etta K.

Claney John 80 Ballymagee Street Trooper Fortgary Horse
Claney Robert 80 Ballymagee Street Private Princess Patricia's Light Infantry Killed in Action (CWGC)
Claney Samuel M. 80 Ballymagee Street Lieutenant

Clegg [1] John A.

Combe George
Gray's Hill Sergeant 13th Royal Irish Rifles
Davies [1] Cyril

Deconink [1] Paul

Dickson [1] William

Ferguson [1] Hugh

Flack [1] Rev. W. T., M.A., B.D.

Frackelton [1] Samuel S.

Godson Harry (Henry)
Gray's Hill Sergeant Royal Army Medical Corps
Gordon [1] Robert

Gordon [1] William

Gorman William. J. R.
Bridge Street Private 4th Canadians. 11th R.B. Killed in Action (CWGC)
Greenwood [1] Albert V.

Greenwood [1] John E.

Died (CWGC)
Halllday John
Church Street Private Royal Army Medical Corps
Hamilton [1] Robert

Hanna [1] Archibald McM.

Died (CWGC)
Hayes John
Castle Street Private Royal Army Medical Corps
Hughes Bert. (Robert)
Ballyholme Private 14th Royal Irish Rifles (Y.C.V. I) Killed in Action (CWGC; SDGW)
Hughes Willie
Ballyholme Private 14th Royal Irish Rifles (Y.C.V. I) Killed in Action (CWGC; SDGW)
Johnston [1] Williamson

Kirkpatrick [1] David J. T.

Marshall [1] A. Stanley

Mercer [1] Samuel

Mercer [1] Walter S.

Murphy [1] John

McCartney James
Ballymagee Street A.S. Submarine E56
McChesney John
King Street Private 13th Royal Irish Rifles
McClune John
Castle Street Sergeant Royal Army Medical Corps
McCreadie [1] Robert

McCready [4] Robert. Jr.
Springfield Road P.O. Royal Naval Air Service
McEwan [1] Charles H.

McGimpsey Thos. Jr.
Sheridan Drive Private M.T. Army Service Corps
McGimpsey Wm.
Sheridan Drive P.O. Royal Naval Air Service
Neill [1] J. Wilson

Neill [1] William C.

Oliver John
Church Street Seaman H.M. Monitor
Paton [1] Norman G.

Patton [1] John

Pugh [1] David E.

Paton Frank
Ardmore Q.M. Sergeant 18th Royal Irish Rifles
Rea David
Broadway Private 18th Royal Irish Rifles
Simpson [1] James

Small [1] Dr. James

Smith [1] Rev. Fred, M.A.

Spiers [1] James

Stewart [1] William H.

Templeton George
Southwell Road Major 2nd Royal Irish Rifles
Thompson Wm. J.
King Street Rifleman 12th Royal Irish Rifles
Wallace [1] Thomas

Wightman [1] James

1. Recorded on the church memorial but not in the Roll of Honour.

2. Name was recorded in Roll of Honour as "Austin" but probable entry in SDGW lists it as "Arthur".

3. Alexander S. Bell is recorded on the church memorial as having died.

4. Spelling of name recorded on the church memorial as "McCreadie".


Original image courtesy of Barry Niblock.

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