Presbyterian Church In Ireland -- Roll of Honour 1914-1919

Extract for the Congregation of Broughshane, First

Surname First Name House Address Rank Regiment, Battalion or Unit Remarks
Acheson David R.
Knockboy Lieutenant Royal Army Medical Corps
Acheson Jas. A.
Knockboy Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery
Acheson Samuel
Dunaird Captain Royal Army Medical Corps
Alexander John
Coreen Private

Armstrong John
Bushyfield 2nd Lieutenant Royal Irish Rifles
Armstrong Robert
Rokeel Aircraftsman R.N.A.F.
Currie Wm. Jas.
Loughloughan Gunner R.H.A.
Dicky Robert
Broughshane Private R.E.F.
Fleck Wm.
Broughshane Private Siege Battery
Gibson James
Rathsherry Private Royal Air Force
Gilchrist David
Royal Navy
Gilchrist John
Dunaird Private North Irish Horse
Gilchrist Wm.
Broughshane Private Royal Irish Rifles
Johnston John J.
Elgany Private Brigade Wounded
McBride A. Stewart
Tullymore Cottage Private Army Service Corps M.T.
McBurney Frank
Ballylig Gunner R.H.A.
McCaughey F. H.
Broughshane Captain Royal Army Medical Corps
McClure Robert
Broughshane Sergeant Army Service Corps
McClure Wm.
Broughshane Sergeant Royal Irish Rifles
McCosh Robert
Kenbally Corporal Royal Engineers
McCully James
Caugherty Private Royal Irish Rifles
McCully John
Caugherty Rifleman 18th Royal Irish Rifles
McTurk Wm. John
R.N. Mine Sweeping
Mawhinnie John
Little Ballymena Private Argyle & S. Highlanders
Mitchell Rev. D. R.
The Manse Captain C.F. 10th Royal Irish Rifles
Montford John
Lisnamurricane Cadet North Irish Horse
Peden Robert G.
Ballymena Private Army Service Corps M.T.
Ritchie David
Ballylig Private Royal Irish Rifles Killed in Action
Ritchie James
Ballylig Private North Irish Horse
Robinson James
Rokeel Lieutenant 12th Royal Irish Rifles
Robinson Wm. J.
Rokeel Corporal North Irish Horse Killed in Action
Taggart Ben
Knockboy Trooper North Irish Horse
Welsh David
Elgany Private

Wilson J. B.
Knowehead Major-General Royal Army Medical Corps

Armstrong Andrew
Polee Private N.Z. Killed in Action
Cameron Robert Hugh
Ballycloughan Rifleman N.Z. R.B. Missing
Hutchinson James
Coreen Private N.Z. Wounded
Hutchinson Thomas
Coreen Private N.Z.
McBride Wm. J.
Coreen Private N.Z. Wounded
McBride Moses
Coreen Private N.Z. 2nd Otago Killed in Action
McBride Samuel
Coreen P.O. American Navy
McCully A.
Caugherty Private N.Z.E.F.
McCosh Samuel

Private Canadians
Maybin Richmond
Dunaird Private Canadians Killed in Action
Smith Thomas
Rokeel Private Can. Artillery


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