Presbyterian Church In Ireland -- Roll of Honour 1914-1919

Extract for the Congregation of Buckna

Surname First Name House Address Rank Regiment, Battalion or Unit Remarks
Adams Joseph
Carnstroan Lieutenant Royal Army Medical Corps M.C.
Adams Samuel K.
Ballyligpatrick Captain Royal Army Medical Corps
Bonnar John
Tullough Private Royal Irish Rifles Killed in Action
Bonnar Wm. M.
Tullough Driver Royal Irish Rifles
Boyle Wm.
Upper Buckna Trooper North Irish Horse
Campbell Robert
Longmore Private H.M.S. Sentinel
Campbell William
Longmore Corporal H.M.S. Concord
Clarke Harry
Ballinacaird Private Inniskilling Fusiliers Killed in Action
Clarke William
Ballinacaird Trooper North Irish Horse
Currie Samuel
Rocavan Private Royal Scots
Currie Wm. James
Magheramully Private R.F. Artillery
Davidson David
Rocavan Engineer Royal Engineers
Davidson John
Ballinacaird Private A. & S. Highlanders
Davidson W. John
Rocavan Corporal Royal Irish Rifles
Garret David
Tamneybrack Lance-Corporal Royal Irish Rifles
Garret James
Tamneybrack Private Royal Irish Rifles Killed in Action
Gordon John
Aughacully Private Munster Fusiliers
Greer Joseph
Drumack Lance-Corporal Gordon Highlanders
Jamieson David
Buckna Private Irish Guards Wounded
Kennedy David
Blackstown Trooper N.I. Horse
Logan John
Greenhill Corporal Royal Irish Rifles
Martln John
Glenside Private Royal Irish Rifles
McCauley William
Ballinacaird Rifleman Royal Irish Rifles
McColm John
Blackstown Private Inniskilling Fus.
McColm William
Blackstown Private Inniskilling Fus. Killed in Action
McCullagh Alex.
Aughafatten Gunner Royal Field Artillery
McCurdy John
Rocavan Lieutenant Royal Army Medical Corps
McMaster Frank
Upper Buckna Private Royal Irish Rifles Wounded
Moorehead Wm. J.
Ballinacaird Private A. & S. Hussars
Ramsay James
Drumlickney Private Royal Irish Fusiliers
Ramsay Robert
Drumlickney Private Royal Scots
Ramsay John
Drumlickney Private North Irish Horse
Rea James
Ballyligpatrick Private C.Army Service Corps
Rea Wm. Hugh
Rocavan Rifleman Royal Irish Rifles
Robinson David
Ballinacaird Private 5th Lancers Killed in Action
Robinson Robert
Ballinacaird Trooper North Irish Horse
Robinson William
Tamneybrack Lance-Corporal 5th Lancers
Shaw Joseph
Loughconnolly Trooper North Irish Horse
Sterling Robert
Drumack Private Scottish Rifles
Stewart John
Crevamoy Private Royal Garrison Artillery Killed in Action
Stewart Matthew
Crevamoy Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery
Wallace Samuel
Kilnacolpagh Private North Irish Horse

Cruickshank Robert
Kilnacolpagh Private Can. F.A. Wounded
Currie James
Lisnamurrican Lance-Corporal Auckland Inft. Batt.
Graham Nathaniel
Blackstown Lance-Corporal Can. Ex. Force
Hamilton Wm.
Loughcomly Private Can. Ex. Force
Hood Archie
Rocavan Private 3rd Can. Ex. Force
Hood George
Rocavan Private 42nd Batt. R.H. Can.
Martin R.
Ballyligpatrick Private 3rd Can. Div.
Miller Geo.
Glenside Private N. Zealand Rifles
McAleese Thomas
Rocavan Private Can. Mt. Rifles
McCullagh Wm.
Tamneybrake Private Canadian Force
Rea Wm. J.
Rocavan Rifleman Can. Div. Supply Co.
Redmond C.
Aughafatten Private 13th Coy. N.Z.E. Force
Robinson Jack S.
Tamneybrack Private N. Zealanders Killed in Action
Robinson Wm.
Ballinacaird Lance-Corporal N.Z. R.B.
Smythe Jack
Tamneybrack Private N.Z. R.B. Killed in Action
Turtle Joseph
Ballyligpatrick Private Can. Ex. Force
Wray Robert
Tamneybrack Private Can. Ex. Force


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