Presbyterian Church In Ireland -- Roll of Honour 1914-1919

Extract for Congregations in the Cork Presbytery


Surname First Name House Address Rank Regiment, Battalion or Unit Remarks
Armstrong William 95 Edinburgh St., Belfast Sergeant Royal Army Medical Corps
Bishop Cecil
Castle Bernard Gunner Royal Field Artillery
Bishop J. Harold
Castle Bernard Driver Royal Field Artillery
Boyle Thomas
Kilbeg Trooper South Irish Horse
Boyle William
Kilbeg Private Army Service Corps
Grieg J.
Shannon Street Sergeant R. Marine Art
Harman Robert
Myrtle Grove A.B. Royal Navy
Johnston Fred
Bandon Gunner Royal Field Artillery
McLean George
Laragh Gunner Royal Field Artillery Died of Wounds
McLean John
Laragh Rifleman Royal Irish Rifles Killed in Action
McLean Robert
Laragh Private Cheshire Regiment Killed in Action
Thomson George
Kilbrogan Private Royal Air Force
Wilson William
Bray Sergeant Royal Engineers

Bishop William
Castle Bernard Private Canadian Force
Bunker William E.
Castle Road Trooper U.A. Army
Dixon James
Bandon Private Australian Force Died in Hospital
Dixon William
Bandon Sergeant Canadian Force Died of Wounds
Dow William
Bandon Private Canadian Force
Wyllie Jack
Hill Ho., Dunmanway Sergeant King's African Rifles

Cork, Queen Street

Surname First Name House Address Rank Regiment, Battalion or Unit Remarks
Adam Andrew

Adam James

Adam Robert

Boyd James

Royal Navy
Boyd Samuel

Canadian Rifle Brigade Killed in Action
Baker Eddie

Canadian Ex. Force
Baker Jack

New Zealand Rif. Brig. Killed in Action
Birrell Robert

M.G.C. Wounded
Burbridge Henry

Middlesex Wounded
Cummins Andrew

M.T. Army Service Corps
Cooper George

Munster Fusiliers Wounded
Cooper Louis

Connaught Rangers Wounded
Dalton Richard

Canadian Pioneers
Dalton William

Army Service Corps
Greig George

R.N. Transport
Goodall Archibald

R.N. Transport
Gray William

Harper Prof.

Killed in Action
Houston Edmund

Connaught Rangers Wounded
Houston Richard

Canadian Ex. Force Prisoner of War
Houston Thomas

M.T. Army Service Corps
Hogg Albert

R.M.F. Wounded
Hatton Gerald

Royal Engineers
Hill Isaac

Munro John

Munro Herbert

Royal Air Force
McCallum Campbell

Royal Air Force
McNaughton Hector

McArthur Lindley

South Irish Horse
MacIlwraith William

Mine Sweeper
Mahony George

Captain I.M.S.
Miller J.

R.M.F. Killed in Action
Minto Thomas

London Scottish Died
Paterson John

Paterson David

Cameron Highlanders
Paterson Alexander

Scots Guards Killed in Action
Rollo John

R.A. Prisoner of War
Ross John Popham

Redmond Thomas

R.M.F. Prisoner of War
Souter Peter

Lieutenant Royal Scots Wounded
Welch Thomas

M.T. Army Service Corps
Wyllie John

Warriner James

Royal Navy

Cork, Trinity Church

Surname First Name House Address Rank Regiment, Battalion or Unit Remarks
Barrie Alex. B. 10 Patrick Street Chief Engineer Transport Service Killed in Action
Beatson James 11 Myrtle Hill Terrace Engineer R.N. Transport
Beatson Robert 11 Myrtle Hill Terrace Engineer R.N. Transport
Bennie Harold E.
Blackrock Road Lieutenant R. Marines Died of Wounds
Berry Rowan J.
Frankfield Terrace Lieutenant South Irish Horse
Buchan Walter J.
Alexandria Terrace Corporal O.T.C., Dublin Univ.
Cairnduff Andrew
Fernhurst Avenue Lieutenant Royal Air Force Prisoner of War
Cairnduff John
Fernhurst Avenue Captain Indian Army Wounded
Cairnduff Norman
Fernhurst Avenue Lieutenant Royal Garrison Artillery Killed in Action
Dale John Francis 16 Morrison's Island Lieutenant R. Welsh Fus. Wounded
Flood Wm. J. Lowe
Summerhill South Lieutenant Leinster Regiment
Greadon Arthur 5 Little William Street
Royal Navy Drowned
Hall Norman 4 Sunmount Lieutenant R.I. Reg. Wounded
Hatton Fred
Douglas Road
Railway Brigade
Henderson George Logan
Ardrum Private Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers M.C., Wounded
Henderson Thomas
Ardrum Private R. Tank Corps Wounded and Missing
Highet Dr. Hugh
Strawan Villas Captain Royal Army Medical Corps
Leavis Henry
Ellerslie Major Royal Army Service Corps
Lunham Dr. John L.
Lotamore Major Indian Medical Service
McCluskey Alan Jas. 3 Ossery Place Private Royal Engineers
McCluskey John Grieve 3 Ossery Place Corporal Royal Army Service Corps
McElnay George H. 1 Victoria Terrace Lieutenant R.D.F. Wounded
McKechnie John W.
Buxton House Driver Mech. T. Corps
McKenzie Alastair 15 Myrtle Hill Terrace
Royal Navy Reserve
McKenzie James M. 15 Myrtle Hill Terrace Captain Indian Cavalry M.C.
McMillan Jas. Patterson 48 L. Glanmire Road Private Irish Guards Wounded
Mark Ernest Campbell 4 Park Villas Captain Royal Garrison Artillery Gassed
Mark John M. 4 Park Villas Surgeon-Dentist Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve
Munro Robert
Summerhill South Lieutenant R.I.F. Wounded
Murphy John Howard B.
The Manse Lieutenant Egyptian Labour Corps
Murray Alexander 13 Telephone Terrace, Blarney Private Cameron Highlanders
Patterson William 29 Alexandria Villas Private R.M.F. Wounded
Ridge Arthur 6 Sidneyville Lieutenant Royal Engineers
Ridge Dr. Percy B. 6 Sidneyville Captain Royal Army Medical Corps Died
Robinson James 18 Crown Park Captain R.M.F.
Robinson Maurice 18 Crown Park Lieutenant Leinster Regiment
Ross Dr. George
Fernhurst Avenue Major Royal Army Medical Corps
Ross Dr. Henry
Fernhurst Avenue Colonel Indian Medical Service
Ross Percy C.
Sunday's Well Corporal Army Service Corps
Smith Dr. John B. 2 Verdon Place Colonel Indian Medical Service
Sutton Richard T.
Ellesmere Lieutenant R.I.F. Killed in Action
Thomson Benjamin
Blarney Private W. Yorks
Thomson David M. 3 St. Helen's Terrace Lieutenant R. Berkshires Wounded
Thomson Dr. John 3 St. Helen's Terrace Captain Royal Army Medical Corps
Thomson Norman 3 St. Helen's Terrace Private Army Service Corps
Thompson Dr. Logan 2 Strowan Villas Captain Royal Army Medical Corps M.C.
Tyrie Donald Grant 6 Ferncliffe Villas Lieutenant Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve
Wallace Alexander
Old Blackrock Road Trooper Queen's Light Hussars Wounded
Whitaker Samuel
York House Lieutenant Connaught Rangers
Wilson James V. 1 Lansdown Captain R. Fus. Wounded

Highet Campbell McGregor 2 Strowan Villas Lieutenant Canadian Engineers
Langlands John G.
Richmond Hills Corporal S.A. Ex. Force Wounded
McKenzie John K. 15 Myrtle Hill Terrace
N.Z. Engineers
Mark Arthur Russell 4 Park Villas Lieutenant Canadian R.A.F.
Milligan Jos. Edmund 70 Gardiner's Hill Private 1st Canadians Died of Wounds
Murray Thomas
Blarney Lance-Corporal Canadian Transport
Smith Louis G.
Egerton Villas Private Can. Vict. Rifles Wounded


Surname First Name House Address Rank Regiment, Battalion or Unit Remarks
Dixon Charles George
Bawnaglough 2nd Lieutenant R.I. Killed in Action
Flack Rev. W. T., M.A.
Curragh Camp C.F. C.F.
Heathcote Stanley
Buxton Sergt.-Major Army Service Corps Mentioned in Despatches
Kyle David L., B.A., B.E.
Rathealy Road 2nd Lieutenant Royal Engineers Killed in Action
McBride William
Barrack Hill Ass.-Paymaster Royal Navy
McBride James Tait
Barrack Hill Ass.-Paymaster Royal Navy
McCausland Jas. Ed., M.D.
Coole Abbey Surgeon Royal Navy
Tyers Arthur
Newark Sergeant Leicester Missing


Surname First Name House Address Rank Regiment, Battalion or Unit Remarks
Glynn Arthur

Private R.I.F. Killed in Action
Glynn Jack

Private R.I.F.
Grant William

Private English Regiment
Young John

Private Royal Engineers


Surname First Name House Address Rank Regiment, Battalion or Unit Remarks
Robinson Victor
R.I.C. Barracks, Castletownroche Private Irish Guards


Surname First Name House Address Rank Regiment, Battalion or Unit Remarks
Elliott James
Castlemary Private M.T.C.
Humphreys Carl
Rostellan Private K.R.R.
Humphreys Jim

Corporal Irish Guards Wounded
McFie Robert
Plunket Terrace Mate R.N.R., H.M. Tug America Died
McQueen Campbell
Rushbrooks Major Royal Army Medical Corps M.C.
Ryan Fred. C. P.
Plunket Terrace Q.-M.-Sgt. 2nd Wiltshire Regiment Wounded and Gassed
Wilson William
Ballincarrig Private Black Watch Killed in Action


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