Presbyterian Church In Ireland -- Roll of Honour 1914-1919

Extract for the Congregation of Knowhead

I have compared the entries in the Roll of Honour with the names recorded on the Memorial installed in the church. I have added those names not recorded in the Roll and noted any differences etc. I found either as a footnote or in brackets. For those fallen, where possible, I have also added a link to the relevant entry on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website ( and/or Soldiers Died in the Great War I have transcribed.

Surname First Name House Address Rank Regiment, Battalion or Unit Remarks
Bell [2] Robert
Drumacross Private 2nd Life Guards (6th D. G.) Died
Burns John
Muff Private (Sapper) Royal Enginneers Wounded
Dinsmore Henry
Muff Lieutenant (Captain) Kings Royal Rifles M.C.
Hadden John H. M.
Muff 2nd Lieutenant Royal Irish Rifles Killed in Action (CWGC)
Jervis [1] T.

Private Canadians
Keys [3] John
Birdstown Private 11th Royal Inniskilling Fusilers Killed in Action (CWGC; SDGW)
Keys Thomas
Muff Private 9th Royal Inniskilling Fusilers Wounded
Long Samuel
Muff Private 9th Royal Inniskilling Fusilers (MGC) Wounded
Moon [1] J.

Trooper 9th Batt. Royal Irish Fusiliers (North Irish Horse) Died (CWGC; SDGW)
Moorehead Andrew
Muff Private Canadians Wounded
Thompson James
Muff Private 2nd Gar. Batt. Royal Inniskilling Fusilers Wounded
Thompson John J.
Culmore Corporal Canadian Police
Wylie Albert
Ardmore Private Royal Field Artillery
Wylie Arthur H.
Muff Private 9th Royal Inniskilling Fusilers
Wylie Joseph G.
Muff 2nd Lieutenant 9th Royal Inniskilling Fusilers Wounded
Wylie [4] Samuel
Muff Mechanic Royal Naval Reserve (Royal Air Force)
Hadden [1] Ethel

Platt [1] Elizabeth

Wyile [1] Martha


1. Recorded on the church memorial but not in the Roll of Honour.

2. Regiment recorded on church memorial as "6th D. G.".

3. Battalion recorded in Roll of Honour as 10th Batt. but in SDGW and CWGC as 11th Batt.

4. Regiment recorded in Roll of Honour as "Royal Navy Reserve" but on church memorial as "Royal Air Force".


Knowhead Presbyterian Church War Memorial
Original image courtesy of Alastair Rosborough.

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