Presbyterian Church In Ireland -- Roll of Honour 1914-1919

Extract for the Congregation of Limavady, Second

Surname First Name House Address Rank Regiment, Battalion or Unit Remarks
Alcorn Henry
William Street Sergeant 10th Inniskillings
Baird William
Roemill Road Sergeant 10th Inniskillings Wounded
Blackburn James
Irishgreen Street Sergeant 10th Inniskillings Wounded
Bond Alexander
Kennaught Street Private 10th Inniskillings Killed in Action
Boyd Harris
Barley Park Signaller North Irish Horse
Boyd Robert J.
Roemill Road Sergeant 5th Can. Siege Battery
Campbell Daniel H.
Main Street Lance-Corporal Dub. Fus. Wounded
Drennan James W.
Carse Hall 2nd Lieutenant 10th Inniskillings Killed in Action
Gault William
Main Street Q.M. Sergeant Labour Corps
Hunter Benn M.
Market Street Sergeant 10th Inniskillings Military Medal, Wounded
Irwin Fred.
Roemill Cottage 2nd Lieutenant 10th Inniskillings M.M., Killed in Action
Irwin Harry
Main Street Signaller 10th Royal Irish Rifles Wounded
Kyle James B.
Main Street Gunner R.M.A. Wounded
Livingstone Samuel
Protestant Street Private 10th Inniskillings
Lowry Henry
White Hill Corporal 2nd Anzac Corps
Marshall Robert
Bovally Sapper 121st Co. R.E. M.M.
Martin James
Carbullion 2nd Lieutenant Royal Irish Rifles Wounded
Montgomery Thomas V.
Catherine Street Sergeant Irish Guards
Moody David
Main Street Private Australian Field Force Wounded
Morrison Thomas A.
Terrydremond Corporal Signals R.E.
McCay Alexander
Isle of Man Street Corporal 10th Inniskillings
McLaughlin John
Irishgreen Street Corporal 10th Inniskillings Wounded
Purcell Charles
Railway Place Signaller 10th Inniskillings
Purcell W. P.
Railway Place 2nd Officer H.M.T. Vancura
Purdy John
Terrydremond Private 10th Inniskillings
Simpson James
Deerpark Private 10th Inniskillings Wounded
Smyth James
Linenhall Street Private 10th Inniskillings Missing
Smyth John
William Street Private 10th Inniskillings Wounded
Warke Henry
Ballymullen Private 10th Inniskillings Wounded
White Gerald
Albert Terrace Private Tank Corps
White John
Albert Terrace Captain 1/8 Lancashire Fus.
White Wallace
Albert Terrace Rifleman 10th Royal Irish Rifles


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