Presbyterian Church In Ireland -- Roll of Honour 1914-1919

Extract for the Congregation of Ormond Quay

Surname First Name House Address Rank Regiment, Battalion or Unit Remarks
Anderson H. McD. 32 Dargle Road Lieutenant Machine Gun Corps Killed in Action
Anderson W. 32 Dargle Road Lieutenant Northumberland Fus.
Anderson G. 32 Dargle Road Engineer Officer Royal Navy Reserve
Beattie S. H. 46 Fitzwilliam Square Lieut.-Colonel Royal West Kents Mons M., M.C.
Beattie A. E. 46 Fitzwilliam Square Major Royal Army Service Corps Mons Medal
Beattie J. O. 46 Fitzwilliam Square Captain 16th Rajputans
Beggs Samuel 107 Botanic Road Trooper 21st Lancers
Binnie Norman 110 Drumcondra Road Lieutenant R.I. Fusiliers
Bowler H.

Private 21st Northumberland Fus.
Bowler Edward

Private Royal Irish Rifles Killed in Action
Browne A. J. 52 Lr. Lesson Street Corporal R.M. Police
Campbell Wm. 31 Finglas Road Lieutenant Royal Flying Corps Killed in Action
Colter George 18 Carlisle Avenue Q.M.S. R.N. Lancs.
Cooper Thomas
Harding Home Private H.L. Infantry
Coupar Allan
Harding Home Private Royal Scots Killed in Action
Coupar Henry
Harding Home Private Royal Dublin Fusiliers
Dunckley Samuel 1 Vernon Grove, Rathgar Captain Royal Flying Corps
Fortune Jack
Glenone, D'condra Park Private Army Service Corps
Fyffe Robert
Bellacolla, Queen's Co. Private Royal Dublin Fusiliers
Gunning Edward

Private A.O.C.
Heggie Thomas
Home Farm Road Trooper South Irish Horse
Horne Alexander

Private Irish Guards
Jamieson William 7 Anglesea Street Private Royal Dublin Fusiliers
Keilty John
Andrew's Hall, Comber Private Royal Army Medical Corps
Lambert M.

Q.M.S. Army Pay Corps
Little Sidney 91 Botanic Road Private Royal Engineers
Low Gavin
Sabblestown Captain Royal Engineers
Lowe Bertie 58 Grove Park Captain R.V.C.
Lucas Henry 3 Up. Ormond Quay Lance-Corporal Royal Dublin Fusiliers
Lucas T. G. 3 Up. Ormond Quay Private M.G.C.
Mackie Alexander 3 Up. Ormond Quay Cadet H.L.I.
Magee H. G. 3 Up. Ormond Quay Sergeant R.I. Fusiliers
McClean J. N. 3 Up. Ormond Quay Private A. & S. Highlanders Killed in Action
McConnell Hedley 203 N. Circular Road Lieutenant Royal Flying Corps
McConnell Norman 203 N. Circular Road Private 6th Black Watch Wounded
McConnell Robert 3 Little Strand Street Private Royal Garrison Artillery
McClelland William
Up. Leeson Street Lieutenant R.I. Fusiliers
McClelland Jack
Up. Leeson Street Lieutenant R.I. Fusiliers
McDonald Wm.
Up. Leeson Street Private Cameron Highlanders
McEntire James 23 Pembroke Park Major Royal Army Medical Corps Legion of Honour
McEntire Gordon 23 Pembroke Park Captain Royal Army Medical Corps
McEntire Henry 23 Pembroke Park Captain 125th Rajputans
McEntire Drummond 23 Pembroke Park Captain Royal Army Medical Corps
McFarlane Wm. 23 Pembroke Park Sapper Royal Engineers Prisoner of War
McMaster David 23 Pembroke Park Private Army Service Corps
McNeight Herbert
Lorne Ter., N.C.R. Cadet O.T.C., Dublin
Methven Colin
Harding Home Private Royal Flying Corps
Morris W. O.

Lieutenant King's Liverpool Regiment Killed in Action
Morris William 63 Cadogan Road Telegraphist Officer Royal Navy Reserve
Myles Finlay 7 Adelaide Terrace Q.M.S. Royal Dublin Fusiliers
Myles David 7 Adelaide Terrace Sergeant Royal Dublin Fusiliers
Myles John 7 Adelaide Terrace Private Royal Dublin Fusiliers
Nelson William 74 Seaview St., Belfast Sapper Royal Engineers Killed in Action
Nimmo Thomas 44 Cadogan Road Sergeant Connaught Rangers
Nimmo James 44 Cadogan Road Private Connaught Rangers Killed in Action
Petters Constance 11 Suffolk Street Private Royal Army Medical Corps
Pinkerton David
Edinburgh Sapper Royal Engineers
Sloan Norman Ed.
Dunsinear, Dublin Lieutenant R.I. Fusiliers
Sloan Harold
Dunsinear, Dublin Lieutenant Royal Garrison Artillery Killed in Action
Seymour R.
Dunsinea, Dublin Corporal Royal Flying Corps
Seymour Edward
Dunsinea, Dublin Private 5th Royal Dublin Fusiliers
Smyth Albert 14 Cabra Park Lieutenant Machine Gun Corps Wounded
Smyth James 14 Cabra Park Gunner Motor M.G. Section Killed in Action
Smyth Samuel 14 Cabra Park Cadet Sandhurst M.T.C.
Taylor R. G.

Corporal South Irish Horse
Tucker A. W.
Four Courts, Dublin Lance-Corporal Royal Dublin Fusiliers
Tucker Richard
Four Courts, Dublin Trooper South Irish Horse
Watters Alexander 17 Harold's Road Sapper Royal Engineers
Watson Harvey

Lieutenant 2nd Royal Irish Regiment
Whyte T. J.

Army Scrip. Reader Scripture Reader
Robinson William 51 Capel Street Private Motor Transport

Battison Peter 7 Citric Road Sergeant Can. E.F.
Beattie Vernon 46 Fitzwilliam Square Private R.M. American E.F.
Campbell E.

Private Can. E.F. Killed in Action
Stuart W. S.
Kimage Road Sergeant Can. E.F. Wounded


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