Presbyterian Church In Ireland -- Roll of Honour 1914-1919

Extract for the Congregation of Rathgar

Surname First Name House Address Rank Regiment, Battalion or Unit Remarks
Adam Alfred C.
Holywood House Captain Royal Garrison Artillery
Adam William B.
Holywood House Midshipman Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve
Anderson Alfred W.
Brentford, Orwell Park Captain 1st Batt. Royal Irish Regiment
Anderson Lionel J.
Brentford, Orwell Park Private London Royal Army Medical Corps
Anderson M. Kebble
Brentford, Orwell Park Lieutenant Royal Irish Regiment Died of Wounds
Anderson Robert W. G.
Brentford, Orwell Park Corporal Sussex Yeomanry
Barlas A. R., M.B.
Palmerston Gardens Captain Royal Army Medical Corps
Barlas Thos. W. C.
Palmerston Gardens Lieutenant Gordon Highlanders
Blue Archibald J.
London Captain Royal Army Ordnance Corps
Blue Dugald

Private Army Service Corps
Browne Wm. H. 41 Ashdale Road Private Royal Dublin Fusiliers
Buckham Bert T. 14 Airfield Road Private 2nd Royal Irish Regiment
Burrows Oswald, M.B. 30 Kenilworth Square Captain Royal Army Medical Corps M.C.
Carson Geo. W. 51 Palmerston Road Lieutenant King's Liverpool Regiment M.C.
Carter Robert W. 17 Ashdale Road Lieutenant Royal Dublin Fusiliers
Cherry James F.
Clonallen, Kimmage Road Private Army Service Corps
Cherry Robin
Orchardtown House Boy, 1st Class Royal Navy
Cleland T. W. 32 Berea Terrace 2nd Lieutenant Army Service Corps
Clouston Noel S.
Ashmere, Orwell Road Lieutenant Royal Engineers
Collie Alexander 9 York Avenue Private Gordon Highlanders
Craig Samuel M. 6 Kenilworth Road 2nd Lieutenant 123rd Outram Rifles
Cunningham James P. 37 Grosvenor Square S. Sergt.-Major South Irish Horse
Dalgetty Alexander 1 Ashfield Villas Sergeant Royal Engineers
Draffin James A. L. 41 St. Kevin's Park Captain Welsh Regiment
Drury G. Maurice 22 Victoria Road Captain Army Service Corps
Drury Noel E.
Swiftbrook, Saggart Lieutenant 6th Royal Dublin Fusiliers
Dunckley Samuel W. 1 Vernon Grove Captain Royal Flying Corps
Dunlop R. Gordon 10 Ashfield Terrace Gunner Hon. Artillery Co.
Dunlop Thomas Quinton 38 Moyne Road Private Royal Dublin Fusiliers
Eaton Oscar A. M. 3 Belgrave Terrace 2nd Lieutenant 1st Queen's Westminster R. M.C.
Fallon Robert
Terenure Road S. Private Royal Irish Regiment
Fallon Thomas H.
Falburg, Terenure Private 10th Royal Dublin Fusiliers
Fawcett Robert
Kincora, Zion Road Private Army Service Corps
Ferguson Augustus K. 49 Brighton Road 2nd Lieutenant Royal Irish Regiment
Ferguson Karl E. A. 49 Brighton Road Lieutenant Royal Irish Regiment
Harris Alfred 14 Highfield Road 2nd Lieutenant 12th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers M.C.
Harris Basil M. 14 Highfield Road Cadet Royal Air Force
Harris David W. 14 Highfield Road 2nd Lieutenant 1st Royal Dublin Fusiliers
Henchie Wm. H. 7 Ashfield Terrace Private Army Service Corps
Hughes Lancelot E. 2 Winton Avenue Sergeant London Irish Rifles
Hunter Herbert
Elsinore, St. Kevin's Park Captain Army Service Corps
Inglis C. H.
Leinster Road 2nd Lieutenant Army Service Corps
Inglis H. F.
Leinster Road 2nd Lieutenant Leinster Regiment
Jones Walter V. 67 Grosvenor Square Sergeant Royal Army Medical Corps
Kirker James A. 28 Grosvenor Square Lieutenant Royal Air Force
Larmour Arthur 1 Vesey Tce., Garville A. Lance-Corporal Royal Engineers
Leask J. Cunliffe
Newcastle-on-Tyne Captain Northumberland Fus. M.C., Died
Lees David W. 1 Victoria Road 2nd Lieutenant Royal Air Force
Lees G. Martin 1 Victoria Road Lieutenant Royal Air Force M.C.
Lemon David W. 2 Winton Avenue Lieutenant 7th Leinster Regiment M.C., Killed
Lemon Gilbert M. 2 Winton Avenue Lance-Corporal 10th Royal Dublin Fusiliers Killed in Action
Martin R. S. 16 Edenvale Road Signaller Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve
Mitchell Donald O.
Edenvale Road Lance-Corporal 6th Black Watch Killed in Action
Moore Oldham S. 18 Belgrave Road Private Black Watch
Moore Robert, M.D.
Grosvenor Road Captain Royal Army Medical Corps
Munro J. Bayne 25 Charlesville Road 2nd Lieutenant Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
McAlister Wm. C. 38 Hannahville Park 2nd A.M. Royal Air Force
Macaulay Rev. Jas. J., B.A. 6 Palmerston Villas Captain Chaplain
McElnay G. Herbert 16 Grosvenor Place Lieutenant Royal Dublin Fusiliers M.C.
McGugan James N. 36 St. Kevin's Park Private Royal Irish Regiment
MacHutchinson Wm. F. 6 Mount Temple Terrace 2nd Lieutenant 7th Royal Dublin Fusiliers Died of Wounds
McKean Lionel 4 Rostrevor Terrace Flight Lieutenant R.N.A.S.
McKnight Matthew, M.D.
Nevara, Temple Gardens Captain Royal Army Medical Corps
McMurtry Alex. D. 43 Ashdale Road 2nd Lieutenant R.I. Fusiliers
Nisbet Robert H.
Rosenau, Zion Road Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery
Nixon Arthur Cecil
Ardmore, Highfield Road Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery
Preston George D.
Bardowie, Orwell Park Lieutenant Yorkshire Regiment
Quirk Phinlo St. John 31 Garville Avenue Private Royal Army Medical Corps Died
Robertson Ian W.
Dunbrody, Orwell Park Cadet Royal Air Force
Robertson John B. 11 Whitton Road Private M. Transport
Robinson D. P. 19 Terenure Park 2nd Lieutenant Army Service Corps
Robson Ernest
North Shields Lieutenant 5th Durham L.I.
Robson Jack C.
North Shields Driver Heavy Artillery
Rodgers David H. C.
Acrebrook, Rathfarnham Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery
Rodgers George
Acrebrook, Rathfarnham Private 7th Leinster Regiment Died of Wounds
Rodgers Richard
Acrebrook, Rathfarnham Private M.G. Corps Killed in Action
Scott Robert T. M. 33 Garville Avenue Lieutenant Yorkshire Regiment
Semple J. Mervyn
Frankfort Avenue 2nd Lieutenant Royal Irish Rifles
Seyers William G. 6 Moyne Road Private R. Warwickshire Regiment Killed in Action
Smyth Nelson
Kincora, Zion Road Private Army Service Corps
Taylor W. J. 18 Mountainview Road Private Royal Field Artillery
Thomson R. Peel, M.B. 39 Harcourt Street Lieutenant Royal Army Medical Corps
Trotter James A. 30 Kenilworth Park Private Royal Dublin Fusiliers
Woods John McB.
Terenure Road Captain 1st Batt. R. Marines
Woods Wm. W.
Terenure Road Private Royal Dublin Fusiliers

Buckham Andrew G. 14 Airfield Road Trooper Can. Cavalry
Eaton John Wallace 3 Belgrave Terrace Lieutenant Intel. Corps 2nd Can. Div.
McGregor Wm. J. 61 Frankfort Avenue Corporal 66th Can. E.F.


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