The Witness - Saturday, 3 January, 1874


AGNEW--December 26, at Eglinton Street, Belfast, the wife of Samuel Agnew, of a daughter.

BAILEY--Dec. 21, at Bow Street, Lisburn, the wife of Mr. W. J. Bailey, of a son.

CHAPMAN--Dec. 28. at Upper Malone, Belfast, the wife of Hugh Allen Chapman, of a daughter.

GEDDIS--December 29, at 278 South Wellington Street, Glasgow, the wife of Mr. James Geddis, of a son.

GRAY--December 28, at New Road, Donaghadee, the wife of Alexander Gray, of a daughter.

IRVINE--Dec. 26. at Hampton, Belfast, the wife of the Rev. Richard Irvine, of a son.

MACAW--December 25, at Bushmills, the wife of James Macaw, Esq., M.D., of a daughter.

M'CULLOUGH--Dec. 27, at 18 Conway Square, Newtownards, the wife of Mr. William M'Cullough, of a son.

PRICE--Dec. 27, at Mountcollier Terrace, Belfast, the wife of Wm. Price, of a daughter, stillborn.

SCOTT--Dec. 28, at Daisy Hill Manse. Killishil, Aughnacloy, the wife of the Rev. J. L. Scott, of a son.

SIMPSON--Dec. 28, at Hill Street, Ballymena, the wife of Mr. Thomas Simpson, of a daughter

WILLIAMSON--December 26 at 208 York Street, Belfast, the wife of Hugh Williamson, of a son.


BOWMAN--CREE--December 25 at Hillsborough Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. John M'Kee, Dromore, Alexander, only son of Mr. David Bowman, Belfast, to Rachel, fourth daughter of the late Mr. Alexander Cree, Legacurry, Lisburn.

FERGIE--CORRY--December 26, in the Presbyterian Church, Regent Street, Newtownards, by the Rev. T. Watters, James Fergie, Portavo, to Eliza Jane Corry, Dunover.

GALLOWAY--MAXWELL--Dec. 27, at Groomsport Church, by the Rev. A. H. M'Causland, incumbent, Captain Frank Galloway, Royal Artillery, to Madelina Dorothea, Second daughter of Robert Percival Maxwell, Esq., Finnebrogue, and Groomsport House. Co. Down.

GLEN--KIDD--Dec. 27, at Malone Presbyterian Church. Belfast, by the Rev. Andrew Molyneux, uncle to the bride, assisted by the Rev. Joseph Mackenzie, Robert Glen, Edinburgh, to Dora, daughter of the late Watson Kidd, formerly of Keady, Co. Armagh.

HARRISON--HARRISON--Dec. 29, at St. Catherines Church, Tranmere, Birkenhead, by the Rev. M. L. Jones, John Harrison, North Street, Belfast, to Mary, eldest daughter of the late Robert Harrison, Higher Tranmere.

LINDSAY--DICKSON--December 30, at Moneyrea Meetinghouse, by the Rev. David Thompson, Mr. Thos. Lindsay, jun., Dunleddy, to Miss Susanna Dickson, Tullygirvan, daughter of the late Mr. James Dickson, Ohio, U.S.

M'CLURG--M'BRATNEY--December 25, at May Street Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. J. S. MacIntosh, Mr. Robert M'Clurg, to Mary Anne, eldest daughter of Mr. Andrew H. M'Bratney, both of Belfast.

STEWART--ROWAN--December 23, at St. Anne's Church, Belfast, by the Rev. R. Hannay, D.D.. Mr. William W. Stewart, to Jane, youngest daughter of John Rowan, Esq., Brookhill. Lisburn.

WILSON--ALLAN--Dec. 31, at Connor Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Samuel Lyle, David Wilson, Ballymena, to Miss Ellen Allan, Connor.


BAYNE--Dec. 26, at Grace Hill, Ballymena, Mary Catherine, relict of the Rev. George Bayne, Moravian Missionary, aged seventy-one years.

BEATTY--December 30, at 4? Fitzroy Avenue, Jemima, second daughter of William Beatty, aged sixteen years.

BOAL--December 26, at her late residence, Slatt, Lydia, relict of the late John Boal, sen., aged eighty-five years.

CARLILE--December 3, at his residence, Purdysburn, Mr. John Carlile.

COWAN--December 24, at his residence, 17 Canning Street, Belfast, Mr. James Cowan, merchant, son of John Cowan, Esq., Ashton Villa, Shawlands, Glasgow.

CRYMBLE--December 28, at Macclesfield, Arthur C. Crymble, formerly of Newtownards, aged seventy six years.

DICKSON--Dec. 27, at Belmont Nursery, near Belfast, John Cooper, infant son of Mr. Hugh Dickinson.

EMERSON--December 26, at Ballysillan, John Emerson, Esq.

EVANS--Dec. 27, at Knock View, the Knock, Co. Down, John Evans, Esq., late of H.M. Customs, Belfast.

FAIR--December 26, at Derriaghy, Richard Fair.

FIELD--December 25, at her residence Killyleagh, Rose, youngest daughter of the late Mr. John Field.

HUTCHINSON--December 30, at 23 Fleet Street, Belfast, Mr. William Hutchinson, Deputy Harbour-Master, aged thirty six years.

JOHNSTON--Dec. 23, at 122 High Street, Holywood, James Johnston, in the ninety-second year of his age.

M'CREADIE--Dec. 24, at his residence, 7 Cromac Park Terrace, Ormeau Road, Belfast. A. D. M'Creadie.

MONTGOMERY--December 4, at the Manse, Benburb, the Rev. Hugh Montgomery, aged sixty-six years.

PENTLAND--Dec. 26, at his residence, William Street, Lurgan, William Pentland, Esq., aged sixty-one years.

SMITH--December 3, at her son-in-law's residence, 251 Shankill Road, Jane, relict of the late James Smith, Cromac Street, Belfast.



The following members have been returned in Ireland:--
Armagh City--J. Vance, Conservative.
Bandon--A. L. Wanston, Liberal (new member).
Carlow County--H. Bruen, Conservative; A. Kavanagh, Conservative.
Downpatrick--John Mulholland, Conservative (new member).
Dublin University--Dr. Ball, Conservative; Hon. D. Plunket, Conservative.
Dublin County--Colonel Taylor, Conservative; I. T. Hamilton, Conservative.
Kinsale--Collins, Home Ruler (new member).
Kerry County--Captain Herbert, Liberal; Blennerhassett, Home Ruler.
Kilkenny City--Sir J. Gray, Home Ruler.
Lisburn--Sir R. Wallace, Conservative.
Londonderry--Mr. Lewis, Conservative.
Mallow--J. G. MacCarthy, Home Ruler.
Newry--W. Whitworth, Liberal.
Portarlington--Colonel D. Dammer, Conservative.
Sligo County--Sir R. Brook, Conservative; O'Conor, Liberal.
Youghal--Sir J. N. M'Kenna, Home Ruler.


On 3rd January will appear the First Number of "THE WITNESS," a new weekly Journal, in the interests of Evangelical Religion. The want of such a Journal has so long been felt and lamented, and the disadvantages resulting therefrom are so manifest, that it is useless to enlarge upon them.

The plan of the New Paper is briefly as follows -- It is intended to be a newspaper in the ordinary sense of the term, with the addition of a large religious element. About one-half the paper will chronicle the general news of the week, foreign and domestic. The other moiety will contain news of the various Churches, with interesting articles on religious subjects. In short, the new serial will be a newspaper and magazine in one.

The paper will be entirely non-political.

All the religious questions of the times will be discussed in its pages. A firm and unflinching testimony will be borne to the grand truths of Evangelical Protestantism, while matters in which the Presbyterian Church is more directly concerned will receive special attention.

Well-written reviews of new books will appear from time to time. Biographies of our Church's worthies will be given. Stories for theyoung will not be forgotten. In a word, it will be the aim of the conductors to produce a paper which will be received as a welcome visitor in every household, and as advertisements and other matter of an objectionable character will be rigorously excluded, parents may with safety admit the new Journal into their family circles.

The services of Correspondents all over the globe will be engaged to communicate the latest and moat trustworthy information regarding the several countries where they reside.

Our Missionary enterprises will find in "THE WITNESS" a hearty friend. The Sutenation Fund may reckon on its constant support. The Bible and Colportage Society, the Orphan Society, the Sabbath School Society, and all our benevolent agencies, will have their proceedings duly recorded and their claims urged. The cause of Temperance will also be faithfully advocated.

"THE WITNESS" is intended to consist of eight large pages of the ordinary newspaper form, six columns in each page, and to be printed from a new and beautiful fount of type on paper of the best quality, so as to vie in appearance and style with the first journals of the day.

The price will be One Penny.

It is fondly hoped that this attempt to use the Press in the good cause will meet with the support and sympathy of every true and loyal lover of Zion. It is in the Church's interest the enterprise is undertaken -- let the Church extend to it her cordial help. Hitherto the Press has not been used as it ought, and all the Churches interests have suffered in consequence. Let "THE WITNESS" have the support of both ministers and people, and the results or good cannot but be great and lasting.

The following, among many others, give their cordial support and recommendation to the new "WITNESS."

Rev. William Johnston, Moderator of the General Assembly.
Rev. Thomas Hamilton, M.A., Belfast.
Rev. T. Y. Killen, Belfast.
Charles Finlay, Esq., J.P., Belfast.
William Bell, Esq., Belfast.
Thomas Sinclair, Esq., J.P., Belfast.
J. Milford Barnett, Esq., M.D., Holywood.
John Arnold. Esq., Belfast.
W. Muffatt, Esq., Belfast.
Rev. James Glasgow, D.D., Belfast.
Rev. William Macloy, Ballymena.
Dr. J. Milford Barnett, lndian Army (Croft House, Holywood).
John Arnold, Esq., Belfiiat.
W. Moffatt, Esq., Belfast.
Rev. James Glasgow, D.D., Belfast.
Rev. William Macloy, Ballymena.
James Sharman Crawford, Esq., J.P., Rademon, Crossgar.
Rev. W. B. Kirk patrick, D.D., Dublin.
Rev. James G. Murphy, LL.D., Belfast.
Rev. Robert Watts, D D., Belfast,
Rev. J. Maxwell Rodgers, M.A., Derry.
Wm. F. Biggar, Esq., J.P., Derry.
Aaron Baxter, Esq., Derry.
Rev. Professor Smyth. D.D., Derry.
Rev. J. S. Moore. Ballymena.
William James Craig, Esq., Ballymena.
William Tillie, Esq., J.P., Derry.
Rev. J. G. Robb, Clogher.
Rev. J. T. M'Gaw, Professor, Magee College, Derry.
Rev. John H. Orr, Antrim.
Rev. Nathaniel M. Brown, Newtownlimavady.
Rev. Wm. Magill, Trinity Church, Cork.
Rev. Andrew Charles Murphy, M.A., Londonderry.
Wm. Youns, Esq , J.P., Finaghy, Ballymena
Rev. W. D. Killen, D.D., Assembly's College, Belfast.
David Drummond, Esq., J.P., Rathgar, Dubin.
Rev. Charles L. Morell, Dungannon.
Rev. Hugh Hanna, St. Enoch's, Belfast.
Rev. H. M. Willamson, Belfast.
Rev. Henry Wallace, Profesaor, Assembly's College, Belfast.
William Edgar, Esq., Belfast.
William Carson, Esq., Holywood.
Rev. Jackson Smyth, Armagh.
James Campbell, Esq., J.P., High-Sheriff, Galway.
Rev. David Wilson, D.D , Limerick.
Rev. L. E. Berkeley, Lurgan.
George W. Slator, J.P., Meath and Longford.
Rev. Matthew Leitch, M.A., Maghera.
Rev. Matthew Kerr, Templemore.
P. Mackintosh, Esq., J.P., Newtownards.
Rev. John S. MacIntosh, Belfast.
Rev.W. Todd Martin, M.A, Newtownards.
Rev. Thomas Huston, D.D., Knockbraken.
Rev. A. Robinson, Broughshane.
Rev. I. N. Harkness, Stewartstown.
S. M. Greer, Esq, Q.C., Recorder of Derry.
Rev. J. D. Crawford, Hillhall.
Rev. James W. Whigham, Ballinasloe, &c., &c.


The Witness will be published in town and Country every Saturday morning, on and after January 3rd, 1874. Belfast subscribens will have it delivered at their residences, free of extra cost, on Friday evening. The delivery elsewhere will be in the hands of Agents, one or more of whom will be appointed in every town and considerable village in the North, which can be reached by rail or car. These will have their supply of papers on Saturday mornings. More distant subscribers will be supplied by post.


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The Witness - Saturday, 17 January, 1874


ALDERDICE--Jan. 14, at 35 Lavinia Street, Ormeau Road, the wife of Thomas Alderdice, of a son.

CARLISLE--Jan. 14, at 23 Cromac Street, Belfast, the wife of Edmund Carlisle, of a daughter.

DUNSEATH--Jan. 7, at 2 Alfred Street, Belfast, the widow of the late Mr. John Dunseath, of a son,

GUILER--Jan. 12, at Everley Villas, Ballynafeigh, the wife of James Guiler, of a son.

HARVEY--Jan, 8, at 49 Ormeau Terrace, Belfast, the wife of James Harvey, of a daughter.

JOHNSON--Jan. 13, at the Railway Station, Portadown, the wife of Mr Thomas Johnson, of a son.

M'DONALD--Jan. 5, at Bridge Street, Ballymena, the wife of Thomas M'Donald, of a daughter.

ROBB--Jan. 8, at Vicinage Park, Belfast, Mrs. A. Robb, of a son.

ROBINSON--Jan. 13, at Dunedin Terrace, Antrim Road, Belfast, the wife of J. Robinson, of a son.

SNAPE--Jan. 9, at 72 Bark Street, Bolton, the wife of Mr. Thomas Snape, Engineer, of a daughter.

WILSON--Jan. 8, at the Manse, Minterburn, the wife of the Rev. A. J. Wilson. of a daughter.


BARR--MAGLADERY--At the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Rathfriland, by the Rev. A. M. T. Lyons, Newry, David Barr, Toronto, to Eliza Jane, only daughter of Mr. Robert Magladery, Sheepton, Newry.

CAMPBELL--BROWN--Jan. 9, at the Presbyterian Church, Lyle Hill, near Templepatrick, by the Rev. James Black, Mr. Robert Campbell, Belfast, to Miss M. A. Brown, youngest daughter of Mr. John Brown, Lyle Hill.

KINKEAD--M'CASKY--Jan. 8, at Drumlegagh Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. J. E. Henry, M.A., Mr. Andrew Kinkead, to Jane, eldest daughter of the late Mr. Thomas M'Casky, Magheralough.

PORTER--FOSBROKE--Jan. 8, at the Parish Church, Bidford, Warwickshire, Robert Porter, Esq., of Castlebar, son of the late Rev. Robert L. Porter, of Mountnorris, Co. Armagh, to Sarah Elizabeth, eldest daughter of G. Haynes Fosbroke, Esq., of the farmer place.

REYNOLDS--COOTE--Jan. 13. at Ekenhead Presbyterian Church, Belfast, by the Rev. Mr.Greenlees, John Reynolds to Mrs. Coote, both of Belfast.

SCOTT--NEILL--Jan. 8, at Millrow Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Thos. A. West, Thomas H. Scott, Belfast, to Agnes, second daughter of Jas. Neill, Ballyrobin House, Killead.

TREANOR--ROBINSON--Jan. 7, at St. John's Church, Malone, Belfast, by the Rev. Walter Riddal, John Treanor, to Rebecca, youngest daughter of Mr. Richard Robinson, of Westmeath.


ANDERSON--Jan. 10, at his residence, St. Angelo, Enniskillen, Joseph Anderson, Esq., aged 63 years.

BARRY--Jan. 11, Maggie Boyd, youngest daughter of Robert Barry, Prince's Street, Belfast.

FERGUSON--Jan. 7, at her residence, Kilbegs, Alice, relict of the late Samuel Ferguson.

FITCHIE--Jan. 10, Martha, wife of Mr. James Fitchie, Ballyminstra, Killinchy.

FULTON--Jan. 4, at his residence, Friary, William B. Fulton.

GAMBLE--Jan. 11, at her residence, Ballymoney, Martha, relict of the late Alexander Gamble, aged 76 years.

GIBSON--Jan. 8, James Gibson, of Drumbroneth, Co. Down, aged 78 years.

KANE--Jan 11, at his late residence, Baloo, Islandmagee, Robert Kane, aged 87 years.

KEARNS--Jan. 7, suddenly, at his residence, Mr. William Kearns, for many years a ruling elder in Loughaghery Church, aged 85 years.


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The Witness - Saturday, 24 January, 1874


ARMTRONG--Jan. 16, at Lisburn, the wife of P. Armstrong, of a son.

BUNTING--Jan. 17, at 93 Corporation Street, Belfast, the wife of James Hunting, of a daughter.

CRAWFORD--Jan. 20, at Windsor Avenue, Belfast, the wife of Wm. Crawford, jun., of a son.

GARDNER--Jan. 19, at Fountainville Terrace, Belfast, the wife of Campbell Gardner, of a son.

GLEN--Jan. 16, at 55 Ormeau Road, Belfast, the wife of H. G. Glen, of a son.

KNOX--Jan. 12, at Long Tower, Derry, the wife of Mr. Wm. Knox, of a son.

M'DOWELL--Jan. 13, at 29 Fleetwood Street, Belfast, the wife of H. M'Dowell, of a daughter.

STEVENSON--Jan. 19, at 23 Clarendon Street, Londonderry, Mrs. Wm. Stevenson, of a daughter.


CARSON--MAJOR--Jan. 15, by special licence, at Parkville, Holywood, by the Rev. C. J. M'Alester, William Carson, Esq, Belfast, to Isabella Jane, only daughter of the late Thomas S. Major, Esq., Dunmurry.

COOKE--PRESTON--Jan. 21, at St. James's Church, Belfast, by the Rev. J, Bristow, assisted by the Rev. Dr. Hannay, Vicar of Belfast, Alexander, son of Geo. Cooke, Esq., Ramelton, to Eliza J., daughter of John Preston, Esq., Dunmore, Belfast.

DAVIS--PHILLIPS--Jan. 14, in the Presbyterian Church, Drumbo, by the Rev. James M'Neill, Wm. Davis, Drumbo, to Sarah Phillips, Drumbo.

M'CLEAN--HUNTER--Jan. 16, at the First Presbyterian Church, Donegore, by the Rev. S. Smythe Alison, M.A., Mr. Stafford M'Clean, Ballynure, to Christina, youngest daughter of Mr. John Hunter, Doagh.

M'CRACKEN--SMYTH--Jan. 16, at the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Linenhall Street, by the Rev S. B. Stevenson, assisted by the Rev. John White, John M'Cracken, to Sarah, second daughter of John Smith, both of Belfast.

PARK--EDGAR--Jan. 21, at Elmwood Presbyterian Church, Belfast, by the Rev. J. H. Moore, the Rev. William Park, to Susan, youngest daughter of the late Rev. John Edgar, D.D., Belfast.

WHEELER--MOORE--Jan. 7, at the British Legation, Yokohama, Edwin Wheeler, M.D., to Mary, second daughter of George L. Moore, The Farm, Balmoral, Belfast (By telegram).


DELACHEROIS--Jan. 15, at Ballywillian, Donaghadee, Nicholas Delacherois, Esq., J.P.

DOBBIN--Jan. 16, at Keady, James Dobbin, Esq., aged 85 years.

GLASS--Jan. 8, at 2 Regulation Place, South Shamrock Street, Glasgow, Allison Tofts, wife of Richard Glass, letterpress printer.

HAMILTON--Jan. 19, at Carrickfergus, Joseph Hamilton, gunmaker, aged 85 years.

JOHNSTON--Jan. 15, at the residence of her son-in-law, James Austin, Ahoghill, Joanah, relict of the late John Johnston, Corbilly.

LENNON--Jan. 19, at the residence of his son-in-law Mr. Stephen M'Kenna, 14 Gt. Patrick Street, Richard Lennon, aged 82 years.

MONRO--Jan. 18, of fever, John Monro, tailor, aged 30 years.

MULHOLLAND--Jan. 17, at Warrenpoint, Hugh, eldest son of the late Henry Mulholland, The Quay, Lisburn.

ROBB--Jan. 18, at the residence of his son-in-law, Charles Thompson, Alma Cottage, Rugby Road, Belfast, Alexander Robb, aged 81 years.

SHERLOCK--Jan. 20, at his residence, Dunadry, Thomas Sherlock, aged 71 years.

SiMPSON--Jan. 1, at New York, Robert, fourth son of Mr. Wm. Simpson, Ballycloughan, Saintfield.

WHITE--Jan. 13, at his residence, Irish Street, Downpatrick, William Newport White, M.D., F.R.C.S.I, &c., in his 59th year.



THE Gazette announces that the Lord Lieutenant has appointed the following gentlemen High Sheriffs for the places named:--Antrim.--Thomas Casement, Ballymena. Armagh.--James Johnston, Dundalk. Carrickfergus.--Conway Dobbs. Donegall.--James B. Delop, Strabane. Down.--Stephen Woulfe, Ennis. Fermanagh.--John C. Bloomfield, Castleconnell. Londonderry.--Wm. F. Bigger. Louth. --Thomas Richardson, Dundalk. Monaghan.--Sir Wm. Power, Newbliss. Tyrone.--Capt. Lowry, Dungannon.


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The Witness - Saturday, 31 January, 1874


BLAIR--Jan. 13, at 15 Scotland Street, Belfast, the wife of Mr. Wm. John Blair, of a son.

CHARLES--Jan. 26, at 59 York Street, Belfast, the wife of Mr. S. Charles, of a son.

HENRY--Jan. 26, at the Manse, Drumlegagh, the wife of the Rev. J. Edgar Henry, of a daughter.

KERR--Jan. 22, at 4 Rosemary Street, Belfast, the wife of Mr. William Kerr, of a son.

MUNROE--Jan. 23, at Wardlow Avenue, Lower Windsor, Belfast, the wife of Richard Munroe, of a son.

M'MURTRY--Jan. 23, at Eglinton Place, Belfast, the wife of Dr. A. H. H. M'Murtry, or a daughter.

ROWNEY--Jan. 25, at Palmyra Crescent, Galway, the wife of Professor Rowney, Queen's College, Galway, of a daughter.

THOMAS--Jan. 24, at 12 Claremont Terrace, Belfast, the wife of Henry F. Thomas, of a daughter.

WILSON--Jan. 25, at 140 Donegall Pass, Belfast, the wife of Wm. M. Wilson, of a daughter.


BULLOCH--CLARKE--Jan. 8, at Fisherwick Place Presbyterian Church, Belfast, by the Rev. H. M. Williamson, A.M., and the Rev. D. N. Hogg, Aughtermuchty, Scotland, brother-in-law of the bride, John Bulloch, Esq., to Barbara, daughter of John Clarke, Esq., M.R.C.R.E, Donegall Street, Belfast.

DICK--GLASS--Jan. 23, at the First Presbyterian Church, Ballymacarrett, Belfast, by the Rev. J. Meneely, John Richard Darly Dick, to Miss Maggie Glass, both of Belfast.

DOWNING--KEEGAN--Jan. 21, at St. Malachy's Roman Catholic Chapel, by the Most Rev. Dr. Dorrian, Lord Bishop of Down and Connor, assisted by the Rev. G. Brennan, Admr., Eugene F. Downing, Esq., Killarney, to Theresa, eldest daughter of P. Keegan, Esq., J.P., Hampton Villa, Belfast.


ANDERSON--Jan. 24, at 44 Auburn Street, Belfast, Mary Edwards, wife of Samuel H. Anderson.

DAVISON--Jan. 26, at 1 Hampton Terrace, Belfast, Alexander Davison, J.P, aged 75 years.

DICK--Jan. 28, at Ballycarry, Mr. Wm. E. Dick.

DICKSON--Jan. 25, at her residence, Townhead, Antrim, Mrs. Margaret Dickson, relict of the late William Dickson, aged 62 years.

DUNSEATH--Jan. 26, at 2 Alfred Street, Belfast, Wm. John Cameron, fifth son of the late Wm. John Dunseath, aged 2 years.

FRAZER--Jan. 23, at 99 City View Terrace, Belfast, Alexander L. Frazer, aged 44 years.

GAMBLE--Jan. 22, at her residence, Cratch, Mllford, the beloved wife of Daniel Gamble, aged 44 years.

GIBSON--Jan. 26, at Ballywalter, Jane, wife of William Gibson, aged 35 years.

HUGHES--JAN. 24, at Dunadry, Mr. Edwd. Hughes.

MORRISON--Jan. 23, at Granshaw, Bangor, George Morrison, aged 94 years.


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