The Witness - Friday, 7 May, 1875


COSGROVE--May 3, at 19, India Street, The Plains, Belfast, the wife of Mr. Henry Cosgrove, of a son.

CALDWELL--April 28, at 33, Derry Street, Belfast, the wife of Mr. Samuel Caldwell of a daughter.

GRAY--May 2, at 18, Trinity Street, Belfast, the wife of James Gray, of a son.

HUNTER--May 4, at 40, Virginia Street, Mrs. William Hunter, of a son.

HART--April 30, at Island Row, Lisburn, the wife of Mr. Thomas Hart, of a son.

KERBY--May 3, the wife of Captain Edward Kerby, Royal Navy Training-ship Gibraltar, of a son.

MECREDY--April 30, at 83, Harcourt Street, Dublin, the wife of the Rev. J. C. Mecredy, M.A., LL.B., of a son.

MOORHEAD--May 1, at Derby Terrace, Sydenham, Mrs. Robert Moorhead, of a son.

ROSS--The wife of John Ross, jun., Lurgan, of a daughter.

SLOAN--May 6, at 4, Cranbourne Street, Belfast the wife or R. G. Sloan, of a son.

SEDGWICK--April 27, at Church Street, Holywood, the wife of R. Sedgwick, of a daughter.

VINT--April 30, at 97 and 99, York Street, Belfast, the wife of Mr. Geo. A. S. Vint, of a daughter.

WILSON--May 4, at The Manse, Cookstown, the wife of the Rev. John P. Wilson, of a son, stillborn.


BROWN--TEMPLETON -- April 27, at Clifton Street Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. John Mecredy, Mr. John Brown, to Miss Mary Templeton, both of Banbridge.

FALKNER--WILLIAMSON -- April 29, at the Presbyterian Church, Kingstown, by the Rev. Samuel J. Hanson, Robert Falkner, Esq., M.D., L.R.C.S.I., La Vallie, Bray, to Annie, third daughter of Gerald Williamson, Esq., Cortubber House, Co. Cavan.

FRAME--YOUNG -- April 28, at Great Victoria Street Presbyterian Church, Belfast, by the Rev. E. T. Martin, Robert G. Frame, Dundonald, to Lizzie, youngest daughter of Alexander Young, The Grange, Randalstown.

KIRKBY--MOORE -- May 6, at the First Presbyterian Church, Larne, by the Rev. James White, Carrickfergus, Charles Alexander Kirkby, to Jane, second daughter of Thomas Moore, both of Carrickfergus.

M'ALLAN--AYRE -- April 28, at Alyth, Scotland, by the Rev. Archibald Ferguson, Alexander M'Allan, ProvincIal Bank of Ireland, Belfast, to Marion Reid, eldest daughter of the late Wm. Ayre, Belfast.

M'FALL--PARK -- May 3, at the Old Meeting-house, Cairncastle, by the Rev. Robert Hall, assisted by the Rev. John Jellie, Mr. Robert M'Fall, Kilwaughter, to Agnes, third daughter of Mr. Jas. Park, Ballytober, Killyglen.

MILLS--BLAIR -- April 23, at Agnes Street Wesleyan Church, Belfast, by the Rev. T. Dwyer, assisted by the Rev. T. J. Forsythe, Thomas Chambers Mills, Belfast, to Lizzie Blair, Dunsaney, Co. Antrim.

MARWICK--WILSON -- April 28, by special license, at the Presbyterian Church, Holy Island, Northumberland, by the Rev. Geo. Douglas Walker, the Rev. Isaac E. Marwick, Loanends Church, Templepatrick, to Mary Crossman, only daughter of Ralph Wilson.

POWELL--GREEN -- April 29, at St. George's Church, Dublin, by the Rev. William M'Jennett, A.M., St. David's, Naas, Co. Kildare, George B. Powell, Esq., L.R.C.P., Nottingham, son of the Rev. John Powell, Lisburn, Co. Antrim, to Ellen, second youngest daughter of the late Charles James Green, Esq., Abbeyfield Cottage, Naas.


ANDREWS--April 30, at her residence, Reidstown, Glenwherry, Elizabeth, relict of the late Rev. Henry Reid Andrews.

ANDREWS--April 30, at his residence, the Cottage, Ardoyne, Thomas Corbitt Andrews, aged 25 years.

ADAM--April 30, at 9, Garmoyle Street, Belfast, Elizabeth Niblock, daughter of Mr. Jas. Adams, age 3 years and 7 months.

ANDERSON--April 29, at his residence, Antrim, Rev. Robert Anderson, Minister of Rathmullen, aged 73 years.

BOYD--May 6, Sarah, relict of the late William Boyd, Ballibay, Co. Monaghan.

BERRY--April 29, at Trim, the Ven. Edward Fleetwood Berry, Archdeacon of Meath, aged 58 years.

BRADSHAW--May 1, at 54, Eglinton Street, Belfast, Edward Bradshaw, aged 38 years.

COX--April 30, at the residence of his brother Rev. Thomas Cox, The Glebe, Newtowncrommelin, Mr. John Cox, aged 21 years.

DOWNING--April 19, at the residence of his father, Charles, fifth son of Mr. William Downing, Hillhall, Lisburn, aged 23 years.

DORNAN--May 3, at 15, King Street, Belfast, Thomas, eldest son of Mr. Robert Dornan, aged 2o years.

DARBISHIRE--May 4, at Antrimville, Annette, eldest and dearly-loved child of Herbert and Maria Darbishire,

DOUGLAS--May 4, at 51, Dagmar Street, Belfast, Charlotte, third daughter of John D. Douglas, aged 4 years.

FULLERTON--May 3, at Point Street, Larne, James, infant son of John Fullerton, aged 6 weeks.

KANE--May 1, at the residence of her husband, 85, Shankhill Road, Belfast, Mary Kane, aged 31 years.

KENNEDY--May 1, at his residence, 184, North Street, Belfast, Ritchie Kennedy, aged 46 years.

LINDSAY--April 29, at 105, York Street, Belfast, Josephine Janet Elizabeth, infant daughter of John Lindsay.

MORTON--May 2, at No. 23, Carlisle Street, Belfast, Anna, relict of the late James Morton.

M'CARTER--May 1st, after a short illness, at his residence, Ard Villa, Waterside, Londonderry, George M'Carter, Esq., T.C., aged 44 years.

M'GUINESS--April 30, in London, Joseph, eldest son of the late John M'Guinness, Laurencetown.

M'KENZIE--May 1, at Lisburn, George Alexander, son of Alexander M'Kenzie, aged 12 years.

NELSON--May 4, at Langford Lodge, Crumlin, Anna, eldest daughter of Mr. James Nelson.

POWER--April 29, at Holywood, John, eldest son of the late Mr. John Power.

SNEDDY--May 4, at the residence of her father, Mr. James Nelson, Langford Lodge, Crumlin, Mrs. Anna Sneddy, aged 32 years.

SUFFERN--May 3, at 16, Bentinck Street, Belfast, Isaac M. Suffern, late of Killead, Co. Antrim, aged 58 years.

WILSON--May 3, at 3, Athol Terrace, off College Street South, Belfast, Martha Matilda, wife of Thomas Wilson.

WILSON--May 4, at Summerfield, Ballymena, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. William Wilson.



It is with sincere regret we record the death of George M'Carter, Esq., T.C., which melancholy took place on the evening of Saturday last, the 1st May instant, at his residence, Ardvilla House, Waterside, Londonderry, after a comparatively short illness.George M'Carter was pre-eminently a man of warm and cordial sympathies, kind, generous, and friendly in the highest degree, and he was accordingly a favourite even amongst parties who differed most widely from his political opinions. During a considerable number of years past, he has represented the East Ward in the Town Council, in which civic body he secured the friendship of all parties by the frankness and geniality for which his character was uniformly distinguished. On Monday last, the Town Council, on the motion of gentlemen who, on many public questions, differed widely from Mr. M'Carter, voluntarily paid to his memory the very unusual compliment of postponing, till Friday next, the transaction of the quarterly public business specially appointed for Monday. On Tuesday his funeral took place amidst demonstrations of regret and sympathy, on the part of an immense processional concourse of his former fellow-citizens, composed of men of all political parties, and of all religious denominations in the community - Derry Standard. [These remarks will be fully endorsed by all who were acquainted with the deceased. Mr. M'Carter was a man of warm heart, generous impulses, and enlarged sympathies, an upright and honourable citizen, and a firm and disinterested friend. His death leaves a blank which will be felt by a large circle of friends and relatives. The deceased was connected with the First Presbyterian Church, Londonderry, in which his attached brother, Mr. William M'Carter, Jun., J.P., has long been a ruling elder.]


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The Witness - Friday, 14 May, 1875


ANDREWS--May 10, at 79, Hopeton Street, Belfast, the wife of William Andrews, of a daughter.

BROWN--May 7, at 213, Agnes Street, Belfast, the wife of Mr. John Brown, of a daughter.

CAMPBELL--May 4, at 99, Great Victoria Street, Belfast, the wife of R. S. Campbell, Esq., of a daughter.

DOUGLAS--May 5, at Glassdrummond, Co. Down, the wife of Hugh R. Douglas, of a son.

DAVISON--May 6, at 56, Nelson Street, Belfast, the wife of Captain Thomas Davison, of a daughter.

GRAHAM--May 4, at 42, Upton Street, Belfast the wife of William Graham, of a son, stillborn.

HARRISON--May 5, at 44, Matilda Street, Belfast, the wife of Mr. Thomas Harrison, of a daughter.

HUNTER--May 9, at Tullyglush, Dromore, the wife of Mr. Johnston Hunter, of a son.

KILLEN--May 5, at Knockmore Greenisland, the wife of Wm. Killen, of a son.

MAGEE--May 10, at Mary Street, Upper Newtownards, the wife of R. F. Magee, of a son.

NESBIT--May 6, at 33, Howard Street South, Belfast, the wife of Mr. Samuel Nesbit of a son.

SMYLY--May 7, at 4, Merrion Square North, Dublin, the Hon. Mrs. Smyly, of a daughter.

TURNBULL--May 10, at The Brewery House, Sandy Row, Belfast, the wife of W. J. Turnbull, of a son.

WATTERS--May 9, at Craig View, Holywood, the wife of Joseph Watters, of a son.

WARD--May 5, at 18, Prospect Street, Belfast, the wife of Edward J. E. Ward, of' a son.

WORKMAN--April 30, at Church Street, Coleraine, the wife of Mr. Richard Workman, of a daughter.


ADAMS--CRAIG -- May 7, at Ballydown Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. James Wilson, B.A., Mr. Wm. Adams, Ballydown, to Miss Ellen Craig, Lisnaree.

CHRISTY--M'CRUM -- May 7, at Parkgate Presbyterian Church, by Rev. H. M. Hamilton, Wm. Christy, Esq., second son of Captain Samuel Christy, late of Carnanee House, to Agnes Matilda M'Crum, fourth surviving daughter of the late Samuel M'Crum, Esq., of Kilgrue House.

GALLOWAY--CORBETT -- May 11, at the Presbyterian Church, Townsend Street, Belfast, by the Rev. John Knox Leslie, uncle to the bridegroom, assisted by Rev. William Johnston, Charles Leslie, second son of Charles Galloway, Ballymoney, Co. Antrim, to Jessie, second daughter of John Corbett, Ballyinn, Lismore, Co. Waterford.

HALL--BROOKE -- April 28, at Dublin, Wm. J. Hall, Major Royal Artillery, Narrow Water, Co. Down, to Florence Selina, youngest daughter of the late George Frederick Brooke, Esq., and Lady Arabella Brooke, Ashbrook, Co. Fermanagh.

KIRKBY--MOORE -- May 6, at the First Presbyterian Church, Larne, by the Rev. James White, Carrickfergus, Charles Alexander Kirkby, to Jane, second daughter of Thomas Moore, both of Carrickfergus.

MOORE--GALWAY -- May 6, at Cookstown, by the Rev. William Wray, Orritor, William James, eldest son of William Moore, Derry, near Dungannon, to Maggie, only daughter of John Galway, Cookstown.

M'CAUGHEY--WOODS -- May 12, at Hillsborough Church, by the Rev. Mr. Robinson, John M'Caughey, of Lurgan, to Lizzie, third daughter of John Woods, Esq., Kilwarlin House Hillsborough.

NELSON--PENNINGTON -- May 6, at Donacloney Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. James Moorehead, D.D., Thomas Nelson, Ballycross, to Lizzie, second daughter of Robert Pennington, Tullyrane, Banbridge.

OSBORNE--JOHNSTON -- May 5, in the Killinchy Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. D. R. Moore, Mr. Samuel Osborne, of Tullynagee, to Miss Martha Johnston, of Lisbarnett.


BAXTER--May 7, at Newtownards Road, Ballymacarrett, Belfast, Margaret, relict of the late Robt. Baxter.

BEST--May 6, at Jerritspass, Rebecca, relict of the late Edward Best, New York.

BOYD--May 6, Sarah, relict of the late Wm. Boyd, Ballibay, Co. Monaghan.

CAMPBELL--May 7, at Cromac Cottage, Belfast, Minnie, eldest daughter of Mr. Edward Campbell, aged 12 years.

CARR--May 6, the wife of Mr. John Carr, Downpatrick, aged 47 years.

CAVE--May 5, at 5, Silvergrove Street, Belfast, Margaret, fourth daughter of Mr. John Cave, formerly of Lurgan, aged 23 years.

CLINGEN--May 9, at the residence of Mr. John Tate, Derryall, Portadown, of water on the brain, Alice, only daughter of the late Detective officer Clingen, aged 5 years and 4 months.

DONNELLY--May 9, at his residence, Ellis Street, Carrickfergus, William Donnelly, aged 77 years.

EDGAR--May 11, at his residence, Beechfield, Mountpottinger, Belfast, William Edgar.

GIVAN--May 7, at his father's residence, 32, Clarendon Street, Derry, John Givan, Sizar in Trinity College, the dearly-beloved son of the Rev. Dr. Givan deeply lamented by his sorrowing parents, and died in the full assurance of everlasting salvation.

HAMILTON--May 11, at 9, Crown Terrace, Belfast, Margaret Hood Hamilton, eldest daughter of the late Rev. William Ross Hamilton, LL.D., Galway, aged 10 years.

JOHNSTON--May 7, at Dromore, Castleblayney, Jane Johnston, wife of the late -- Johnston, aged 69 years.

M'CONNELL--May 10, at Cairncastle, Robert E. M'Connell, aged 38 years.

MAGEEAN--May 10, at Killynure, Mary, relict of the late Lieutenant William Mageean, R.M., aged 83 years.

M'ARTHUR--May 1, at 402, Wylie Avenue, Pittsburg, PennsylvanIa, U.S., Jane, wife of John W. M'Arthur, Esq., late of Londonderry.

PATTON--May 8, at 55, North Thomas Street after a painful illness, Robert, eldest son of Mr. Robert Patton.

ROWLEY--May 4, at Toronto, Canada Richard Stewart, eldest son of James and Margaret Rowley, Warrenpoint, County Down, aged 44 years.

SHANNON--May 5, at 20, Grove Street, Belfast, Henry Shannon, aged 38 years.

STRONG--May 10, at her residence, Waringsford, Sarah, wife of Mr. James Strong.

STEWART--May 7, at her residence, 15, Lancaster Street, Belfast, Elizabeth, relict of the late Daniel Stewart, Newtowncrumlin, Co. Antrim, aged 48 years.

STUART--May 7, at Armagh, Charles Stuart, of Darkley, Keady.



It is announced that Austria will put in force to their full extent the prescriptions of the statutes dealing with the settlement of foreigners in connection with the colossal immigration with which the country threatened by the members of religious and monastic orders expelled from Prussia.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


THE returns of the Registrar-General show that the number of Irish emigrants in the first four months of the present year was 17,720 which, compared with 22,429 in 1874 show a decrease of 4,709.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


The boot stock of this company, which is now under liquidation, was sold on Tuesday by auction, by Mr. Hamilton. After spirited competition Watson, Henderson, Lester, & Co., The Globe, 35, High Street, were declared the purchasers.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


Mr. R. E. Thompson, formerly of Donacloney, Co. Down, who was not long since made Professor of Social Science in the University of Pennsylvania, has published a. work on Social Science and National Economy, which is meant to be a text book for those teachers who, like himself, approve of the doctrine of "protection," as distinguished from the adverse doctrine of "free trade."

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

HEAD-CONSTABLE GLASCO has, on the recommendation of Town-Inspector Bailey, been promoted to the rank and pay of first-class head-constable. Head-Constable Glasco has been in this town for more than ten years, and from the uniformly able and courteous manner with which he discharged all his duties, he won the respect and esteem of all classes. His many friends will rejoice at his well-merited promotion. He is a most deserving officer.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

A LADY who arrived at Plymouth on Sunday in the Hamburg-American steamship Pommerania, on being informed of the wreck of the Schiller, observed that she had indeed had a narrow escape. At New York she had taken a berth in the Schiller, but on proceeding on board found a lady already in possession, who stoutly refused to quit, and disappointed at her obstinacy, the surviving lady left the ship and went on board the Pommerania.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

IN the Saxon army corps, amounting on the peace establishment to 17,114 men, the deaths in 1873 were 108, including twenty-four suicides. Nearly a fourth of the mortality of the army corps was thus due to self-murder.


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The Witness - Friday, 21 May, 1875


BAXTER--May 13, at 115, Agnes Street, Belfast, the wife of Mrs. John Baxter, of a son.

BROWN--May 14, at Old Lodge Road, Belfast, the wife of Thomas Brown, prematurely, of a daughter.

DAVIDSON--May 13, at Fortwilliam Park, Belfast, the wife of S. C. Davidson, of a daughter. HUNTER--May 9, at Tullyglass, Dromore, the wife of Mr. Johnston Hunter, of a son.

LYTLE--May 8, at Derryvolgie Avenue, Belfast, the wife of D. B. Lytle, of a son.

LOUGHBRIDGE--May 13, at Beresford Place, Coleraine, the wife of Mr. C. M. Loughbridge, Head Master of the Hon. the Irish Society's Schools, of a son.

MOORE--May 14, at the Manse, Nun's Island. Galway, the wife of the Rev. J. C. Moore, of a son.

MOORE - May 17, at 32, St. Lawrence Terrace, The Plains, Belfast, Mrs. Andrew Moore, of a son.

MILLIGAN--May 3, at Springfield House, Clogher, the wife of S. R. Milligan, of a daughter.

MAGEE--May 10, at Mary Street, Upper Newtownards, the wife of R. F. Magee, of a son.

M'CAW--May 14, at 66, Hanover Street, Belfast, the wife or Hugh M'Caw, of a daughter, stillborn.

MATHEWS--May 13, at Wellington Park, Belfast, the wife of Thomas Mathews, of a daughter.

SLATER--May 13, at 22, Lower Mount Street, Dublin, the wife of the Rev. S. Slater, of a daughter.

SQUIRE--May 18, at Roselands, Belfast, the wife of Edwin Squire, of a son.


BELL--WILSON -- May 18, by special license at the residence of the bride, by the Rev. D. Gordon, Conlig, assisted by the Rev. J. C. M'Cullough, Bangor, and Rev. John Anderson, Creggan, brother-in-law of the bride, Henry Bell, Esq., L.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., to Maggie Wilson, eldest daughter of Hugh Graham, Esq., Ballyholme, Bangor.

GARDNER--GREER -- May 14, at Muckamore Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Thomas West, B.A., John Gardner, Antrim, to Elizabeth Clotworthy, eldest daughter of John Greer, Muckamore.

LYLE--CARMICHAEL -- May 18, at First Larne Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. James Whiteford, Rallo, assisted by the Rev. J. B. Meak, Mr. William Lyle, Rungill, Rallo, to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of Mr. John Carmichael, Ballyvewrenstown, Glynn.

M'CAUGHEN--WOODS -- May 12, at Hillsborough Church, by the Rev. Mr. Robinson, John M'Caughey, of Lurgan, to Lizzie, third daughter of John Woods, Esq., Kilwarlin House, Hillsborough.

M'COMBE--BINGHAM -- May 13, at Castlewellan Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. H. Watson, Robt. M'Combe, to Eleanor, second daughter of James Bingham.

REID--GIBSON -- May 14, at Mary Street Presbyterian Church, Belfast, by the Rev. Alex. Dobbin, Thomas Reid, to Susanna, eldest daughter of the late John Gibson, both of Drumalig.


M'LARNON--At his father's residence, 8, Washington Street, William, second son of W. M'Larnon. His remains will be removed for interment in the Borough Cemetery, on Saturday, the 22nd inst., at three o'clock evening.

BOYD--May 17, Agnes, relict of the late Mark Boyd, Tullyvallen.

COOKE--May 7, at Weston Hill, Bath, Mary Jane, youngest daughter of the late Joseph Cooke, Esq., Cordanagan, J.P. and D.L. of the Co. Tipperary, aged 48 years.

CRAWFORD--May 14, at Cliftonville Road, Belfast, Carrie, daughter of Mr. Elisha Crawford, aged 3 years and 6 months.

DOWLING--May 12, at Brookvale Avenue, Antrim Road, Belfast, Ann M'Caughtry, daughter of John M. Dowling, aged 1 year and 1 month.

EARDLEY--May 13, of consumption, at Paris, Sir Eardley Gideon Culling Eardley, Bart., aged 37 years.

EWART--At her father's residence, 85, M'Tier Street, Agnes, wife of Francis Ewart, aged 22 years.

FINLAY--May 16, at his residence, Tullylish, Lawrencetown, William Finlay, aged 67 years.

GURD--May 12, at Rathmore House, Stradbally, Queen's County, William Gurd, Esq., aged 72 years.

HOLMES--May 15, at his residence, Ballinameen, Garvagh, Thomas Holmes.

HAMILToN--May 11, at 9, Crown Terrace, Belfast, Margaret Hood Hamilton, eldest daughter of the late Rev. William Ross Hamilton, LL.D., Galway, aged 10 years.

HUNTER--May 19, at 159, St. Helen's, Mountpottinger, Belfast, Johnston, eldest son of Mr. A. B. Hunter, aged 3 years.

HOUSTON--May 12, at Norah Street, off Oldpark Road, Belfast, Mary, wife of Thomas Houston.

HILTON--May 9, at the residence of her sister, Mrs. Kernahan, Kilrea, Elizabeth Hilton.

KINLEY--May 8. at the residence of her son-in-law, the Rev. Robert Hamilton, Drumcree Rectory, Portadown, Emily, widow of Thomas Kinley, Esq., late of Dungannon, aged 86 years.

KENNEDY--May 18, at his residence, Ballyutoage, Hugh Kennedy.

M'BRATNEY--May 12, at Belfast, Margaret, relict of the late Alexander M'Bratney, Church Lane Belfast, aged 49 years.

M'CAW--May 14, at 66, Hanover Street, Belfast, Mary Anne, wife of Hugh M'Caw, aged 36 years.

MAGILL--May 13, at Dunluce Street, Larne, Mr. Matthew Magill, aged 30 years.

MERCER--May 12, at the residence of his brother-in-law, George Warburton, Strasbourg Terrace, Mountpottinger, Belfast, John Witherow, youngest son of Samuel Mercer, Derryware, Dungiven, aged 16 years.

M'CLEAN--May 17, at her father's residence Killylea, Maggie, the youngest and beloved daughter of George M'Lean, aged 12 years.

M'CAMMOND--May 16, at 1, Brookvale Terrace, Antrim Road, Belfast, Jane, daughter of Wm. M'Cammond.

MATHERS--At her father's residence, Dromore, Sarah Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Mr. Fredk. Mathers, Market Square, Dromore, aged 14 years.

MACAULEY--May 15, at 9, North Ann Street, John Macauley, aged 43 years.

NICHELSON--May 19, at Fountain Bridge, Edinburgh, after a lingering illness, John Nichelson, formerly of Belfast.

NESBIT--May 17, at Linen Hall Street, Armagh, Sarah, daughter of Richard Nesbit, aged 7 years and 6 months.

ROBINSON--May 17, at Clough, Co. Down, Anne, youngest daughter of Mr. Isaac Robinson, aged 21 years.



A Post telegram states that, according to the Invalide Russe the civil war in Affghanistan is at an end, Shere Ali remaining victorious. Yakub, by failing to escape, is a prisoner for life. His chief general, a Persian dignitary, has given up his cause as hopeless.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


ON Saturday, in the Landed Estates Court, the case of the Fermanagh Estate of Mr. J. C. Bloomfield was at hearing upon an objection to the rental by Mr. Robert E. Johnston, who claims under fee-farm grant the mines and minerals of the estate. It is alleged that the mines and minerals were exempted in the deed, which, however has been lost. Judgment was reserved. Messrs. H. Fitzgibbon, Q.C., and Gerald Fitzgibbon, Q.C., for owner. Messrs. P. White, Q.C., and Holmes, for Mr. Johnston.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


THE accounts of the Post Office Savings Banks just presented to Parliament show that on the 1st of January, 1874, there was a balance, due to depositors of 21,167,749 16s 2d. During the year 1874, cash was received from depositors to the amount of 8,431,256 3s 2d. The interest due on these sums up to 31st December, 1874, was 524,559 11s 11d, making a total of 30,033,565 11s 3d. The repayments during 1874, in cash paid and warrants issued but not cashed, was 6,876,095 12s 5d, and the balance due to depositors, inclusive of interest on the 31st of December, was 23,157,469 18s 10d.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


THOMAS PARK, LEFT NEWTOWNLIMAVADY on February 21st, and has not since been heard of. He is about five feet high, with dark blue eyes and brown hair, and when last seen wore a grey coat, moleskin trousers, and light cap. Any information regarding his whereabouts will be thankfully received by his father, JAMES PARK, Ballykelly, Londonderry.


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