The Witness - Friday, 4 August 1915


MITCHELL -- August 2, at Fairy Fort, Limavady, to Rev. Wm. and Mrs. Mitchell -- a son.


REA--MARTIN -- July 26, at First Dromore Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. David Baird, Garvaghy, assisted by the Rev. Herbert Martin, B.A., Mourne, brother of the bride, Alexander Haslett Rea, eldest son of Samuel Rea, Drumdrinagh House, Rathfriland, to Annie Martin, youngest daughter of the late Thomas Martin, Diamond View, Dromore.


COTTER -- August 1, at his residence, 229, Albertbridge Road, John Cotter (late of Harland & Wolff, Ltd.).

CRAWFORD -- July 26, at her residence, Edenville, Seacliffe Road, Bangor, Mary Howe, widow of the late Thomas Crawford, The Green House, Dunmurry.

CRAWFORD -- July 29, at the residence of her uncle, Samuel Orr, Farranshane, Mary Jane Crawford, only daughter of William and Martha Isobella Crawford.

DRENNAN -- July 29, at his residence, Carsehall, Limavady Junction, John W. Drennan.

DRUMMOND -- July 30, at his brother's residence, Ballygowan, Ballynure, John Drummond, of Marshallville, Bay Road, Larne Harbour.

FRASER -- July 29, at her residence, 1, Garra Terrace, Shore Road, Maria, widow of the late Michael Fraser, passed away on her sixty-eighth birthday.

KENNEDY -- July 30, at her residence, Ballyhenry, Carnmoney, Sarah Kennedy.

LINDSAY -- July 29, at his residence, Dunleady, Dundonald, William Lindsay, in his eighty-seventh year.

MATTERSON -- July 31, at the residence of her nephew, Fruit Hill, Anahilt, Hillsborough, Mary Matterson.

MERCER -- July 28, at her residence, Manor House, Upper Ballinderry, Jane, relief of the late Robert Mant Mercer.

MILLAR -- July 30, at his residence, Glenone House, Portglenone, Robert John Millar.

MITCHELL -- August 2, at the residence of J. Alexander Gibson, Endfield, Craigavad, Jane, third daughter of the late Samuel Mitchell, Briansburn, Bangor, aged eighty-nine years.

MOODY -- July 27, at Bangor, Co. Down, Eva, beloved wife of Andrew T. Moody, of Saintfield.

MURRAY -- July 31, at his residence, 2, Skegoniel Avenue, William Murray.

M'CANDLESS -- August 1, at her residence, Glenhugh, Elizabeth Weir, willow of the late Wm. M'Candless.

M'CURDY -- August 2, at his residence, Vow, Ballymoney, Robt. B. M'Curdy, J.P., aged seventy years.

M'ILREE -- July 27, at his residence, 47, Brunswick Road, Bangor, James, the beloved husband of Isabella M'Ilree.

SCOTT -- At his residence, 109, Greenore Street, Stanley Beresford, beloved husband of Annie Scott.

SIMPSON -- August 2, at her residence, Railway Place, Coleraine, Sarah Ann, widow of the late Thos. Simpson.

WEIR -- July 27, at Tyne Terrace, Jordanstown, Whiteabbey, David, second son of William and Helena Weir.

WHITESIDE -- August 1, at her son's residence, 23, Dunluce Street, Larne, Maria, widow of the late William Whiteside.

Killed in Action

OWENS -- Killed in action, on July 1st 1916, Sergeant Alfred Owens, Machine Gun Corps, Ulster Division, younger son of the late W. J. Owens and Mrs. Owens, 4, University Street, Belfast, aged 24 years.





Another German outrage against humanity, comparable in some respects with the shooting of Edith Cavell, is revealed in their official announcement of the execution, after Court-martial at Bruges, of Captain Charles Fryatt, of the captured Great Eastern Railway Company's steamer Brussels, on the ground that he "tried to ram U33" in March last.

The German official message is as follows --

On Thursday, at Bruges, before the court-martial of the Marine Corps, the trial took place of Captain Charles Fryatt, of the British steamer Brussels, which was brought in as a prize. The accused was condemned to death because, although he was not a member of a combatant force, he made an attempt, on the afternoon of March 28th, to ram the German submarine U33 near Maas Lightship. The accused, as well as the first officer and the chief engineer of the steamer, received at the time from the British Admiralty a gold watch as a reward for his brave conduct on that occasion, and his action was mentioned with praise in the House of Commons. On the occasion in question, disregarding the U boat's signal to stop and show his national flag, he turned at a critical moment at high speed on the submarine, which escaped the steamer by a few metres only by immediately diving. He confessed that in so doing he had acted in accordance with the instructions of the Admiralty. The sentence was confirmed yesterday r. Thursday) afternoon, and carried out by shooting. One of the many nefarious "franc-tireur" proceedings of the British merchant marine against our war vessels has thus found a belated, but merited, expiation.

Shot as a Franc-Tireur.

The official German reply to Viscount Grey says the German war tribunal sentenced Captain Fryatt to death because he had performed an act of war against German sea forces, although he did not belong to the armed forces of his country. He was not deliberately shot in cold blood without due consideration, as the British Government asserts, but he was shot as a franc-tireur after calm consideration and thorough investigation. As martial law on land protects the soldier against assassination by threatening the offender with the penalty of death, so it protects the members of the sea forces against assassination at sea. Germany will continue to use this law of warfare in order to save her submarine crews from becoming the victims of franc-tireurs at sea.

Pension for the Widow.

The Board of Trade have decided to grant to Mrs. Fryatt a pension of 100 per year in addition to the Government scheme pension. The Great Eastern Railway Company have granted her an annuity of 250 per annum.


Mr. Asquith's Declaration.

In answer to Sir Edward Carson, Mr. Asquith, in Parliament on Monday evening, said -- I deeply regret to say that it appears to be true that Captain Fryatt has been murdered by the Germans. His [--?--] Government have heard with [--?--] [--?--] indignation of this atrocious crime against the law of nations and the usages of war. (Cheers.) Coming, as it does, contemporaneously with the lawless cruelty towards the population of Lille and other occupied districts of France -- (cheers) -- it shows that the German High Command, under the stress of military defeat, have renewed their policy of terrorism. (Cheers.) It is impossible, of course, to conjecture to what further atrocities they may proceed. His Majesty's Government, therefore, desire to repeat emphatically their resolve that such crimes shall not, if they can help it, go unpunished. (Loud cheers.) When the time arrives they are determined to bring to justice the criminals, whoever they may be and whatever station they may hold. (Loud cheers,) In such cases as these the authors of the system under which such crimes are committed may well be the most guilty of all. (Cheers.) The question of what immediate action can be taken is engaging the earnest consideration of the Government, and I hope very soon to announce to the House of Commons what we will do. (Cheers.)

Sir E. Carson -- May I ask the Prime Minister whether, in considering the motion, he will consult his colleagues as to whether the time has not come when some Act should be passed by this House that will show that at the end of the war the German people will not be admitted within the comity of nations until these crimes have been expiated. (Cheers.)

Mr. Asquith said he would bear the suggestion in mind.



A girl named Annie Dimsdale, 100, Hyndford Street, Belfast, was crossing the railway line at the Kinnegar Halt, County Down, when she was knocked down and killed by a train on Saturday.

Definite steps have been taken by the Clogher Guardians to have the body of the Workhouse closed up. The net saving would be 251 per annum, after paying for the paupers' upkeep in another union.

William Morton, Flurrybridge, was found lying dead in a drain. He had left his house to go to work on a newly-purchased farm, and as he did not turn up the usual time a search was made with the result stated.

Capt. W. Ferguson, who has retired from the command of the Dundalk and Newry S. P. Co.'s steamer Earl of Erne, has, during his thirty-nine years' service, crossed the Irish Sea 4,000 times. He went to sea when 13½.

A three-and-a-half-year-old child, named Edward Watson, of Magheragall, Lisburn, was found drowned in a mill dam. At the inquest a telegram was received, stating that the deceased's father had been wounded at the front.

At Tuesday's meeting of the Belfast City Council it was decided to invest 150,000 in the Government funds. The money consists of sinking funds set aside by the Corporation in connection with the repayment of their various loans.

At the meeting of the Ballymoney Urban Council Mr. Alexander Donaghy, who presided, paid a tribute to the heroism of the Ulster Division, and said that many homes in the district were now in mourning. A resolution of sympathy was unanimously adopted.

As the result of a wheel weighing 8cwt. falling on his right leg,, a young lad about sixteen years of age, named Matthew Scullion, son of Mr. Hugh Scullion, Leighmore, Ballymena, sustained such injuries as necessitated his removal to the Ballymena Infirmary.

The tonnage of vessels entering Belfast Harbour for the past seven months decreased by 302,687 tons compared with the same period last year. The decrease is largely due to dislocation of the traffic with England and Scottish ports. There is an increase in foreign tonnage.

At the meeting of Omagh Rural Council the Clerk reported that during the recent storm a cottage in Derroar had been struck by lightning and the roof completely destroyed. He had lodged a claim with the insurance company in respect of the damage. The Council approved.

At Belfast Corporation the co-option of Mrs. M'Mordie, widow of the late Lord Mayor, was suggested for a vacant Councillorship, and the matter was referred to a meeting or the corporation in committee. If elected Mrs. M'Mordie will be the first lady Councillor in Belfast.

Rev. Robert Byers, who has been for sixteen years superintendent of the Londonderry Methodist City Mission, has left Londonderry to take up his new appointment as superintendent of the Newry circuit. A large crowd of friends assembled at the station and gave Mr. and Mrs. Byers a cordial send off.

On behalf of the British Red Cross Society a concert was held in the Parochial Hall, Whitehead, on Thursday evening. The function was liberally supported by the residents and visitors. Rev. James Richardson, M.A., rector of Templecorran and Islandmagee, who presided, introduced a high-class musical and elocutionary programme, which was greatly enjoyed.

But for the plucky action of Master W. Taylor, Enniskillen, a Portora boy, a soldier would have been drowned in Lough Erne. He was bathing and got into difficulties. Taylor, hearing his cries for help, jumped into the water out of his boat with an oar, and swam to the drowning man with it. The soldier caught the oar, and Taylor swam ashore with the man and saved him.

A memorial service for the officers and men belonging to Londonderry, who fell in action during the last year, was held in the Derry Cathedral on Sabbath, afternoon. There was a large attendance, which included the Mayor and members of the Corporation. The Dean of Derry delivered an address, and other clergymen taking part in the services were Revs. B. S. Lyons and R. Scandrett.

Many Enniskillen families have been hard hit during the recent advance. Mr. and Mrs. Simpson, Castlecoole, had lost already one son by disease in the war, and two who were in the Inniskillings, James and Joseph, were killed on the 1st ult. Mr. George Evans, of Abbey Street, has lost two sons in action, and Mr. Patrick Higgins, Abbey Street, has had two sons killed and one discharged through the seriousness of his wounds.

As Mr. John Morgan, farmer, Clonvaraghan, was chatting in the house of his cousins, Messrs. Hugh and John Kelly, at Backaderry, their servant man, Hugh Smyth, approached the house, carrying a fowling-piece. As he passed the kitchen window the gun was accidentally discharged through the window, and Morgan received the pellets in his face. The injured man was conveyed to the infirmary, and it will be necessary to remove the right eye.

A delightful garden fete was held at Drumbanagher Castle, near Newry, the residence of Major Maxwell A. Close, D.L., J.P., in aid of the Red Cross Society. Major Close, Lady Muriel Close, and Mrs. Close, wife of Lieutenant Close, 4th Hussars, were present, and did all in their power to make the fete the success it turned out to be. Others present were his Grace the Primate of Ireland (Most Rev. Dr. Crozier); Mr. James N. Richardson, D.L., and Mrs. Richardson, Bessbrook; and many other ladies and gentlemen of the Co. Armagh.

A sad shooting tragedy, resulting in the death of Jeannie Craig, aged nine years, occurred near Castlederg. Her sister, Mary Craig, aged thirteen years, was seriously wounded, and is lying in a critical condition. A bank clerk named Smith, home on holidays, went out to take photographs of neighbours' children. He took with him a single-barrelled breech-loading gun and some cartridges to shoot rabbits. His gun was left down, and it is alleged that a lad named Bertie Moffett picked it up and it exploded when the girls were in position for being photographed. A verdict of accidental death was returned by the jury at an inquest held later.

According to "Stubbs' Weekly Gazette," the failures in the United Kingdom, including registered deeds of arrangement, for week ending 29th July, 1916, were 62 (England and Wales 48, Ireland 6, Scotland 8) against 82 (England and Wales 71, Ireland 4, Scotland 7) for corresponding week last year; decrease 20. Total for the thirty weeks to date 2,150 (England and Wales 1,801, Inland 129, Scotland 220) against 3,279 (England and Wales 2,802, Ireland 182, Scotland 295) for the corresponding period of last year; decrease 1,129.



At a meeting of the Presbytery of Kirkcudbright, held at Castle Douglas on Monday, the Rev. D. Davis, of Buittle, son of the late Mr. Davis, Third Ballynahinch, Co. Down, made application for extended leave of absence for the, purpose of entering the R.A.M.C., the chaplain's department being over-applied for. It was decided to grant the request, and the Moderator of the Presbytery (Rev. Luke M'Quitty, formerly of Templepatrick) said they were sorry to lose. Mr. Davis. They had four members of Presbytery already serving, each of whom had gone without waiting to be called upon. They now had five, none of whom had been, called upon, and they heartily congratulated Mr. Davis on the patriotism he had shown, and on the way he had come forward. They wished him all success and a safe return.

Tyrone Presbytery have granted leave of absence to Rev. R. Hyndman, B.A., minister of First Cookstown, to engage in Y.M.C.A. work with the troops, his congregation having decided during his absence to unite alternate, months with Second and Third Cookstown, under Rev. D. Maybin, B.A., and Rev. John Entrican, B.A.



Deep regret will be felt at the death of Mrs. Gilmore, wife of the Rev. W. J. Gilmore, B.A., Presbyterian minister, Newtowncrommelin, which occurred on Thursday. The deceased lady was apparently in her usual health up till a short time before her death, but owing to an internal malady she was advised by her medical attendant to undergo an operation in Belfast. Despite the best medical aid she passed away on Thursday evening. Mrs. Gilmore was the daughter of Mr. Jas. Alexander, Lisbreen Cottage, Martinstown, and leaves two boys and a girl to mourn, her loss, all of whom, it may be said, have highly distinguished themselves in their collegiate career. Mrs. Gilmore's death will be deeply regretted in Ballymena, and her memory will long be cherished for her amiable manner and her many acts of charity. Her sister, Mrs. Alexander, of Moylarg, Glarryford, was buried on Friday afternoon, in the family burying-ground, Clough, as the result of injuries received in an accident some time ago.



A very largely, attended flower and gift service for wounded soldiers was held in Broadway Presbyterian, Church on Sabbath. In addition to the regular congregation there were present a number of wounded soldiers from the Royal Victoria Hospital, and about one hundred Boy' Scouts in charge of Mr. W. Roberts, scoutmaster, and representatives of the Home Defence Corps. The pulpit was beautifully decorated with flowers, which had been sent in by friends, while in front of the pulpit there was a large supply of flowers, which were afterwards sent to the hospitals. Parcels containing chocolates, cakes, fruit, cigarettes, tobacco, and other useful articles were handed in as the worshippers entered the church, and such was the generosity o the people that not only did each soldier receive a parcel, but a large consignment was sent direct to the Royal Hospital and to the Ulster Volunteer Hospital. The service was conducted by the Rev. J. W. Gibson who spoke in appropriate terms of the sacrifices of the soldiers in the cause of patriotism. The soldiers at the conclusion of the service were entertained to tea.



Rev. Dr. Osborne and the members of Rutland Square Presbyterian Church Choir, Dublin, assisted by several well-known artistes, gave a concert to the men of the R.F.A., at Phoenix Park Camp. Rev. Dr. Osborne, on behalf of the artistes and himself, expressed the pleasure it gave them to be of some service to his Majesty's Forces. The following gave their services -- Miss Lena Munro, Miss F. Howley, Miss Coulahan, Miss Brock, Miss C. Lyon, Miss Cormack, Miss Templeton, Messrs. A. Lucas, Irvine Lynch, and Wilson Kelly, Trooper Wilmot, Trooper Mags, Driver Green. The various items were enthusiastically received and met with repeated encores. At the close Captain Darbyshire called for cheers for Dr. Osborne and the concert party, which were readily given, and the National Anthem, was sung.

On the following evening a concert was given by Rev. Dr. Osborne and a concert party at the King George V. Hospital, Dublin, at which fruit was kindly provided for the men present. Several members of the Middlesex Imperial Yeomanry and the A.S.C. gladly gave their services. Sergeant-Major Cruden and Sergeant W. H. Jones, always popular with Dublin audiences, received repeated encores. Miss D. Smith, Miss E. Smith, and Miss Brock gave valuable assistance. Sergeant Jones, on behalf of all present, thanked Rev. Dr. Osborne for his great kindness.






Amount previously acknowledged 23,657 18 11              
Dowager Lady Smiley, Drumalis, Larne 500 0 0              
The United Distillers, Ltd., Imperial Bldgs., 72, High Street, Belfast (per the Lord Mayor of Belfast) 500 0 0              
Thomas Gallaher, Esq., J.P., Ballygoland House (per the Lord Mayor of Belfast) 300 0 0              
Talbot Ewart, Esq., New York (per E. W. Ewart, 9, Bedford Street, Belfast) 300 0 0              
James Mackie, Esq., and Thomas F. Mackie, Esq., Albert Foundry, Belfast 250 0 0              
Messrs. W. & R. Barnett, Ulster Chambers, Belfast 250 0 0              
The Staff of the Head Office and Branches of the Belfast Bank 210 10 6              
Andrew A. Watt, Esq., D.L., Thorn Hill, Derry, per the Mayor of Derry 200 0 0              
Officials of Head Office and Branches of Ulster Bank -- "E. B. K."       1 0 0
Head Office --             "M. B. K."       1 0 0
   J. Graham 5 0 0       "B. B."       1 0 0
   J. R. Love 5 0 0       Mr. W. T. Polley, 131, University Street       1 0 0
   J. D. Houston 5 0 0       Mr. John Lawson, Messrs. John Lawson & Son, Portaferry       1 0 0
   Henry Anderson 3 0 0       Mr., Mrs. De Vere Crossley, 3 Wellington Park Terrace, Belfast       1 0 0
   Wm. Porter 3 0 0       Mr. George W. Davison, Tandragee, Co. Armagh       1 0 0
   Robert Russell 3 0 0       Mr. James H. Cowan, Annahavil, Moneymore       1 0 0
   M. D. Gray 2 2 0       Miss M. C. Kinkead, Springfield, Warrenpoint       1 0 0
   F. F. Hyde 2 0 0       Mrs. E. B. M'Kinstry, 4, Sunbury Avenue, Bloomfield       1 0 0
   R. M. B. Harrison 2 0 0       Mr. David M'Kay, Wellman, Iowa       1 0 0
   W. H. Russell 1 2 0       Miss M'Cotter, 73, Charlewood St., London, S.W.       1 0 0
   John J. D. Kerr 1 1 0       Mr. Wm. S. Walker, 16, Cedar Avenue, Belfast       1 0 0
   R. T. Smith 1 1 0       Mrs. Hugh Hamilton, Windsor Park       1 0 0
   S. H. Leathern 1 0 0       Mrs. H. G. Brenan, The Closes, Edgeworth, Gloucestershire       1 0 0
   R. T. Forde 1 0 0       Miss Violet MacNaughton, Dundarave, Malone Park       1 0 0
   W. M'Robert 1 0 0       Mr. W. H. Owen, 77, Eglantine Ave.       1 0 0
   Thos. M. Heron 1 0 0       The Misses Owen, 77, Eglantine Ave       1 0 0
   F. L. Ringland 1 0 0       Miss Molly M'Neill, 12, Deramore Park, Belfast       1 0 0
   W. Patterson 1 0 0       Mr. and Mrs. Woodside and Family, 43, Waring Street       1 0 0
   M. Ellis 1 0 0       Miss T. Cupples, 230, Springfield Road, Belfast       1 0 0
   H. Gore 1 0 0       Mr. Robert Cousley, Bedford, Moneymore       1 0 0
   R. Hume 1 0 0       Mrs. W. H. Shepperd, Tyneholme, Bangor, Co. Down       1 0 0
   E. J. Morrow 1 0 0       Mrs. Tedford, 7, Wellington Park, Belfast       1 0 0
   A. F. Leatham 1 0 0       Miss A. Tedford, do. do.       1 0 0
   Thos. H. Kennedy 1 0 0       Miss M. Tedford, do. do.       1 0 0
   Jas. H. Coulson 1 0 0       First Ballyeaston Presbyterian Sabbath-school, , per Fras. Lawson, Ballyclare       1 0 0
   A. G. Sproule 0 10 0       Miss Watt, Portrush       1 0 0
   F. J. Houston 0 10 0       Mrs. D. P. Gaussen, The Hill, Dunmurry       1 0 0
   W. H. Nicholas 0 10 0       Mrs. T. H. M'Caul, Fairview, Osborne Park       1 0 0
   Georges A. Armstrong 0 10 0       Miss Warner, Netherby, Farnham Park, Bangor       1 0 0
   T. Gilmore 0 10 0       Mrs. Birch, Donaghta, Greencastle       1 0 0
   R. N. Morrison 0 10 0       "J. H. W." Belfast       1 0 0
   H. H. Houston 0 7 6       J. Smith, Comber       1 0 0
   J. V. Tighe 0 5 0       Mr. John Hayes, per the Mayor of Derry       1 0 0
   W. J. Johnston 0 5 0       Mr. J. P. Thompson, Ferryquay St., Derry, per the Mayor of Derry       1 0 0
   A. B. Walker 0 5 0       "J. G. Ulster"       1 0 0
   A. Friend 0 5 0       Messrs. MacBride, Portavogie, Kirkcubbin       1 0 0
Dublin Branch --             Ferguson Memorial Girls' School, in lieu of Prizes, per Miss M'Kee, Principal       1 0 0
   A. H. Moody 2 2 0       Miss J. M. Whittaker, Tullaghmurry Cottage, Portstewart       1 0 0
   H. Turner 1 1 0       Rev. Canon Geo. S. Greer, Portaferry Rectory       1 0 0
   V. Hawthorne 1 0 0       Miss Dyer       1 0 0
   J. Couser 0 10 0       "Statist"       1 0 0
   C. Pender 0 10 0       Mr. B. Edgar       0 10 0
   Charles F. Hyde 0 10 0       Mr. Wm. Chew, 73, Blythe St., Belfast       0 10 0
   W. Jackson 0 5 0       "Some of the Boys of the Island," per R. H. and H. G.       0 10 0
   H. Meeke 0 5 0       Mr. Robert Wm. Johnston, The Holme, Churchill       0 10 0
   G. L. Kinch 0 5 0       Mr. James Harper, Victoria Street, Carrickfergus       0 10 0
   A. Esler 0 5 0       Mr. Richard C. Owen, 77, Eglantine Avenue       0 10 0
   A. M'Murray 0 5 0       Mr. John Best, 4, Eglantine Place Miss Speers. Rathmore, Dunmurry       0 10 0
   W. I. Ramage 0 5 0       Mr. Edward A. Bradshaw       0 10 0
   E. W. M. Cochrane 0 5 0       Miss Edith Wilson, 28, College Park Avenue, Belfast       0 10 0
   I. K. H. Young 0 5 0       Mr. Wm. Caldwell, Maghernageeragh, Castlederg       0 10 0
   R. D. Neill 0 5 0       Mrs. W. R. Creswell, Stag Hall, Belfast       0 10 0
   R. H. Huggard 0 5 0       The Misses A. and J. Jackson, Mount Ava, Bloomfield       0 10 0
   J. Crawford 0 5 0       Rev. J. Moody, Boardmills       0 10 0
Belfast Branches (Carlisle Circus)             Miss Annie Agnew, Moneydarragh, Annalong, Co. Down       0 10 0
   A. G. Cromie 5 5 0       Thompson's "Buffet," Donegall Place, per Miss Ina Horsby       0 10 0
   W. A. Graham 1 1 0       Mr. Wm. Sinclair, 22, Century St., Belfast       0 10 0
   F. F. Vint 0 10 6       Mrs. Dudley James, 9, Upper Clonlee, Larne       0 10 0
   H. Taggart 0 5 0       Miss Bax, c/o Dr. Neatby, Bramblebrough, Hartfield, Sussex, per Lady Mayoress       0 10 0
Cromac Street Branch --             Miss Russell, Glenard, Londonderry, per the Mayor of Derry       0 15 0
   H. P. Pinkerton 0 10 0       Mr. Thomas Johnston, Simla, Bloomfield       0 10 0
Donegall Plage Branch --             Mrs. H. Weilding, Duncairn Gardens, Belfast       0 10 0
   John Carr 5 0 0       Master Alexander D. Patton, 27, Wellington Park       0 10 0
   R. H. Shepperd 1 0 0       "A Few Little Boys with a Tin-Can Band," per Wm. Gourley, Secty.       0 12 6
   S. H. Lowry 1 0 0       Messrs. Swindells & Co., 11, Tate's Avenue       0 10 0
   A. T. Annesley 1 0 0       "H."       0 10 0
   C. B. Swain 1 0 0       Mrs. Irwin, 18, York St., Penzance per "Belfast News-Letter"       0 10 0
   J. E. M. Logan 1 0 0       Mrs. Denham, 4, College Park East, Belfast       0 10 0
   T. C. Gordon 1 0 0       "A Few Forget-me-not Club Girls," per Mrs. Abercromby       0 6 0
   A. J. P. Irvine 1 0 0       Mr. John Tyler, Market Place, Tandragee       0 5 0
   William Jameson 1 0 0       Mr. Samuel A. Greer, 291, Crumlin Road, Belfast       0 5 0
   William Taylor 1 0 0       Mr. John M. Scott, 48, Eglantine Avenue (2nd Subscription)       0 5 0
   N. Drake 0 10 0       Mr. John Lee, per Mr. Jas. Wright, Coatbridge       0 5 6
   N. S. Lowry 0 10 0       Mr. James Wright, 297, Bank Street, Coatbridge       0 5 6
Shankill Branch --             Mr. James Turnbull, per James Wright, Coatbridge       0 5 0
   A Friend 5 0 0       Mr. Allan Price, per Jas. Wright, Coatbridge       0 5 0
   William Shaw 0 10 0       Miss Greenleese, Ballycraigy, Carnmoney       0 5 0
   W. H. L. Irvine 0 2 6       "Yours Fraternally"       0 5 0
   James F. Lynne 0 2 6       "J. M. of M."       0 5 0
   Miss Lytton-White 0 2 6       "I. E. S."       0 5 0
York Street Branch–             Miss Dudley James, 9, Upper Clonlee, Larne       0 5 0
   G. W. Shaw 2 2 0       Miss J. Dudley James, 9, James Clonlee, Larne       0 5 0
Cork Branch --             Miss Denison, Fez, Morocco, N. Africa, per C. J. Boucher, M.B., Donacloney, Co. Down       0 5 0
   J. S. Kirkpatrick 1 1 0       Master Ernest Cleland, Hazeldene, Kingsmere Avenue       0 5 0
   Wm. Gardiner 1 0 0       Mr. Hugh Torrens, Drumsara, Kilrea       0 5 0
   H. F. Dodd 0 10 0       Miss Annie Madden; Northumberland Street, Wallsend-on-Tyne       0 3 0
   Gerald E. Brown 0 2 6       Miss Ethel G. Jackson, Mount Ava, Bloomfield       0 2 6
   James Barrer 0 2 6       Per. Mr. James Wright, Coatbridge--            
Antrim Branch --                Mr. Robert Totton       0 2 6
   J. W. Girvan 1 0 0          Mr. Jos. Morrison       0 2 6
   J. B. M'Carrison 0 10 0          Mr. John M'Intosh       0 2 6
Ardee Branch --                Mr. Robert Clark       0 2 6
   A. Gordon 1 1 0          Mr. Archd. Reid       0 2 0
   C. W. Lester 0 10 0          Mr. Alex. Raeside       0 1 0
Athenry Branch --                Mr. John Forest       0 1 0
   W. G. W. Moore 1 10 0          Mr. John Buttery       0 1 0
Aughnacloy Branch --                Mr. John Epston       0 1 0
   S. Barkley 5 0 0          Mr. John Bryans       0 1 0
   James Hood 1 0 0          Mr. Hugh Evans       0 1 0
   E. Frazer 0 5 0          Mr. Wm. M'Cormack       0 1 0
Ballyconnell Branch --                Mr. John Docherty       0 1 0
   Henry Adams 0 5 0          Mr. J. H. Napier       0 1 0
Ballyhaunis Branch --                Mr. Thomas Gough       0 1 0
   J. M'Carthy 0 5 0          Mr. Sam Napier       0 1 0
   W. F. Multan 0 3 0          Mr. Wm. Totton       0 1 0
Ballymena Branch --                Mr. Wm. Gough       0 1 0
   R. R. Porter 2 2 0          Mr. James Kelly       0 1 0
   T. T. Flynn 0 5 0          Mr. Wm. Mallaghan       0 1 0
Ballymoney Branch --                Mr. David Tedford       0 1 0
   A. M'Gugan 2 2 0          Mr. Wm. Cunningham       0 1 0
   S. Wilson 1 0 0               31,144 18 5
   W. B. M'Gugan 0 5 0       BANBRIDGE COLLECTION
Ballymote Branch --             2nd List of Subscriptions
   Wm. Adams 2 0 0       Mr. and Mrs. Jas. White (Chicago)       52 10 0
   David C. Aiken 0 10 0       Lady Liddell       50 0 0
Belturbet Branch --             Mrs. T. S. Ferguson, Iveagh House       25 0 0
   J. C. Wilson 0 5 0       Mr. and Mrs. A. Andrews       10 10 0
Blackrock Branch --             Mr S. G Fenton, Seapatrick House (2nd subscription)       5 0 0
   Henry P. Hill 5 0 0       Mr A. C. Davies, Lenaderg (2nd subscription)       5 0 0
Carrickmacross Branch --             Mr. and Mrs. John Murphy       10 0 0
   Geo. B. Steen 1 1 0       Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Fryar       10 0 0
   A. Woodside 1 1 0       Mr. J. U. Finney       10 0 0
Castlederg Branch --             Mrs. Fenton, Seapatrick House       10 0 0
   R. Murray 1 0 0       Mrs. Emerson       10 0 0
   J. S. Donaldson 0 10 0       Mr. and Mrs. Norman T. Dickson, Edenderry Cottage       10 0 0
Castlepollard Branch --             Messrs. T. Young & Co.       10 0 0
   Wm. Kerr 1 0 0       Messrs. T. & A. Wallace       10 0 0
   J. C. Love 1 0 0       Mr. R. J. Hale       5 5 0
Castlerea Branch --             Mr. G. F. Power       5 5 0
   D. J. Nolan 1 0 0       Mr. S. Dickson       5 5 0
Clogher Branch --             Mr. James Crozier       5 5 0
   A. Bradbury 1 0 0       Mr. and Mrs. S. Cunningham       5 5 0
Coleraine Branch --             Mr. Robert Wallace       5 5 0
   C. C. Huston 1 0 0       Mr. and Mrs. Coburn       5 5 0
   F. Wright 0 10 6       Mr. J. Alexander, Ulster Bank       5 0 0
Cookstown Branch --             Mr. W. T. Gill       5 0 0
   S. R. Magill 1 1 0       Mr. James Scott       5 0 0
Cootehill Branch --             Misses Davies       5 0 0
   Mr. and Mrs. Hall 2 2 0       Mr. J. Dunwoody       3 3 0
   J. F. Griffith 0 10 0       Mr. A. Johnston       3 3 0
Donaghadee Branch --             Mr. S. A. Hamilton       3 3 0
   R. F. M'Crea 2 2 0       Mrs. T. Hagan       3 3 0
   S. T. Smith 1 1 0       Mr. W. MacCormac       2 2 0
Donegal --             Miss D. C. Fenton, Seapatrick House       2 2 0
   S. Stewart 1 0 0       Miss I. L. Fenton, Seapatrick House       2 2 0
   J. K. M'Gugan 0 5 0       Mr. H. D. Fleming       2 2 0
   Henry Clark 0 2 6       Mr. W. J. Harris       2 2 0
Downpatrick Branch --             Mr. Robert Gilmore       2 2 0
   S. C. N. Lowry 5 0 0       Mr. James Agnew       2 2 0
   J. S. Stephens 0 10 6       Mrs. David Thomson       2 2 0
   C. D. S. Cochrane 0 10 6       Mr. J. P. Parke       2 2 0
Dromore Branch --             Mr. Thomas Haughey       2 2 0
   E. W. Stevenson 1 0 0       Mr. John Dornan       2 0 0
   J. J. Gillmor 0 10 0       Mr. W. R. Johnson       2 0 0
   Isaac J. Knox 0 5 0       Mr. Donaldson       1 1 0
Dundalk Branch --             Mr. G. Creighton       1 1 0
   R. P. O'Neill 2 2 0       Mr. S. M'Ilroy       1 0 0
Edenderry Branch --             Mr. William Ellis       1 0 0
   R. G. Brown 10 0 0       Mrs. Kennedy, Mount Royal       1 0 0
   I. A. Montgomery 2 0 0       Mr. and Mrs. John Smith       1 5 0
   T. J. Logan (retired) 1 0 0       Mr. H. Laverty       1 0 0
   David C. Browne 0 10 6       Mrs. Craig, Mourne View       1 0 0
   W. J. A. Bulloch 0 1 0       NEWRY STREET AND NEWRY ROAD
Edgeworthstown Branch --             Messrs. Willis Bros.       10 0 0
   S. A. Griffiths 1 1 0       Rev. W. Wallace       10 0 0
Glenties Branch --             Mr. H. L. Chambers       10 0 0
   W. H. Anderson 0 10 0       Mr. T. Proctor       5 5 0
   W. J. H. Davison 0 5 0       Messrs. Walsh Bros       5 5 0
Killeshandra Branch --             Dr. and Mrs. Boyd       5 5 0
   J. C. L. Davison 1 0 0       Mr. T. Burnett       5 5 0
   J. A. Thompson 1 0 0       Mr. John M'Kee       5 0 0
Kingstown Branch --             Mr. A. Finlay       5 0 0
   Chas. D. Eccles 1 0 0       Mr. A. Quail       5 0 0
   M. Georgina M. Lyney 0 10 6       Mrs. Alingham       5 0 0
   B. G. F. Shaw 0 10 0       Mr. W. M'Caldin       5 0 0
Letterkenny Branch --             Messrs. Harvey & Co       3 3 0
   John Simpson 5 0 0       Mr. D. Walsh       3 3 0
   W. E. Martin 1 0 0       Messrs. M'Cabe Bros       3 3 0
Lisburn Branch --             Mr. J. Beattie.       3 0 0
   Thos. Malcomson 1 0 0       Messrs. G. Logan & Son       2 2 0
Lisnaskea Branch --             Mrs. and Miss Walker       2 2 0
   Jas. Currie 1 1 0       Mr. William Bell       2 2 0
   R. H. Stephens 1 1 0       Mr. Hugh Dale       2 2 0
Longford Branch --             Mr. Hugh Burnett       2 2 0
   R. A. Gordon 1 0 0       Messrs. M'Cormick & Co.       2 2 0
   W. B. Hope 0 10 0       Mr. W. Cannaway       2 2 0
Maghera Branch --             Miss M'Cullough       2 0 0
   W. Steele 1 0 0       Mr. W. Black       1 10 0
   Jas. Wright 0 10 0       Mr. G. W. Thompson       1 1 0
Monaghan Branch --             Miss Dale       1 1 0
   A. M'Cartney 3 3 0       Mr. W. Bambrick       1 1 0
   J. M. M'Cully 1 1 0       "A Friend"       1 1 0
Naas --             Mr. James Boyd       1 0 0
   P. A. Maguire 2 0 0       Mr. and Mrs. Radcliffe       1 0 0
   W. Donaldson 1 0 0       Mr. E. Wyly, "Creggmore"       1 0 0
   J. A. Black 1 0 0       Mr. R. Fryer       1 0 0
Newtownards Branch --             Mr. D. Patterson       1 0 0
   James S. Moore 1 1 0       Mrs. D. Dickson, Mount Royal       0 10 6
   James M'Auley 0 10 6       Mr. R. Derby       0 10 0
   John Oram 0 5 0       Mr. T. Stanage       0 10 0
Omagh Branch --             Mr. and Mrs. A. M'Quaid       0 7 6
   J. A. Davidson 1 1 0       Mr. J. M'Cormick       0 10 0
   G. S. Netterfield 0 10 6       Mr. W. Leese       0 10 0
   A. Grant 0 5 0       Mr. W. Dalton       0 10 0
   Thomas Graham 0 5 0       "A Friend"       0 6 6
   J. R. Williams 0 2 6       Mr. A. Lewis       0 5 0
   W. Cunningham 0 1 6       Mrs. Thomas Bell       0 5 0
Sligo Branch --             Mr. W. Bell       0 5 0
   R. L. R. Robinson 0 10 0       Mr. H. J. Martin       0 5 0
   J. G. Madill 0 10 0       Mr. J. Lewis       0 5 0
Strabane Branch --             Misses Tumbleson       0 5 0
   Wm. Hoy 3 0 0       Mr. D. Cupples       0 5 0
   J. Ingram 1 0 0       Misses Hemphill       0 5 0
   W. A. Wilson 0 10 0       Mr. and Mrs. Jameson       0 3 6
   C. W. Hoy 0 5 0       Mr. M'Roberts       0 2 6
   W. G. Morrow 0 5 0       Mr. D. M'Kee       0 2 6
Tuam Branch --             Mrs. Campbell       0 2 6
   Jas. Corry 1 10 0       Mr. J. Moore       0 2 6
Waterford Branch --             Miss Bell       0 2 6
   J. W. O'Laughlen? 0 7 6       Mr. C. Creighton       0 2 0
   T. J. M------- 0 5 0       Mrs. M'Fadden       0 2 0
   S. H. Revels 0 5 0       Mr. J. Ferguson       0 2 0
Westport Branch --             Mrs. Moffatt       0 2 0
   J. Murray 0 10 0       Mrs Wilson       0 2 0
   A. S. B. Banks 0 2 6       Mrs. M'Callister       0 1 6
   J. J. Rochford 0 2 6       Mrs. Grattan       0 1 0
Enniskillen Branch --             Mrs. Creighton       0 1 0
   Jas. Ussher 1 1 0       Mr. J. M'Caldin       0 1 0
   Jas. F. Finlay 0 10 0       Mrs. Brown       0 1 0
Dublin Branch --             Mrs. Irwin       0 1 0
   Geo. W. Hamill 0 10 0       Mrs. M'Climonds       0 1 0
Dublin (South) --             Mr. Hayes       0 1 0
   J. T. Scarlett 0 10 0       Mrs. Craig       0 1 0
      200 0 0 Mrs. Cully       0 1 0
Rt. Hon. Lord and Lady Pirrie, 1a, Cockspur Street, London, S.W.       105 0 0 Mr. Kernaghan       0 0 6
Rev. David and Mrs. Miller, 2, Charlemont Place, Armagh       100 0 0 Mrs. M'Dowell       0 0 6
Mr. D. H. Dunseath, 19, James Street South, Belfast       100 0 0 Mrs. Scott       0 0 6
Wm. Clark & Sons, Ltd., Upperlands, County Derry       100 0 0 Mrs. Lytle       0 0 6
Mrs. John Lepper, Barnageeha, Belfast       100 0 0 BRIDGE STREET, CHURCH SQUARE, AND BALLYDOWN
The Irish Flax Spinning Co., Ltd., Belfast       100 0 0 Mr. F. W. Crothers       10 0 0
Messrs. Blow & M'Keag, Donegall Square South       100 0 0 Mrs. Bethel, Chinauley       10 0 0
Messrs. S. T. Maclean, Ltd., Ormeau Avenue (2nd Subscription)       100 0 0 Mr. T. B. Wallace       7 7 0
The Blackstaff Flax Spinning and Weaving Co., Ltd., Belfast       100 0 0 Dr. Chancellor       5 0 0
Messrs. the Albion, Ltd., Belfast       100 0 0 Mr. Alex. M'Caldin       5 0 0
Messrs. James, Murland, Ltd., Annsborough, Co. Down       100 0 0 Mr. Arthur Haire       5 0 0
Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Cowdy, Edenderry Lodge, Banbridge       100 0 0 Mr. James Chambers       4 4 0
Mr. John S. Porter, Waterford House, Newcastle, Co. Down       50 0 0 Mr. James Simms       4 4 0
Durham St. Weaving Co., Ltd., Durham St. Mills, Belfast       50 0 0 Mr. M. W. M'Lean       3 10 0
Douglas & Green, Ltd., St. Anne's Bldgs., Donegall St., Belfast       50 0 0 Mr. C. Halliday       2 2 0
Bedford Linen Co., Ltd., 10, Donegall Sq. South, Belfast       50 0 0 Mr. A. Hood, Northern Bank       2 2 0
A. & S. Henry & Co., Ltd., Wellington Place, Belfast       50 0 0 Mr. James Gordon       2 2 0
Wm. Adams & Co., Ltd., Adelaide Street, Belfast       50 0 0 Mr. H. Morrison, Ballydown       2 2 0
Messrs. Ross Bros., Ltd., 18, Linenhall Street, Belfast       50 0 0 Mrs. S. Finney, Ulsterville       2 2 0
"A Friend of Major H. A. Uprichard"       50 0 0 Mrs. Simms, Moorlands       2 0 0
Mr. Horace Bayer, London Wall, London, High Sheriff City of Derry, per the Mayor of Derry       50 0 0 Mr. David Simms, Moorlands       2 0 0
"R. D. N."       50 0 0 "Two Sovereigns"       2 0 0
Stevenson & Turner, Metal Warehouse, 1-17, West St. (Smithfield), Belfast       50 0 0 Mr. W. Stevenson       1 5 0
The Members of the Down Hunt, per Sir Robert Kennedy, Cultra Manor, Craigavad       50 0 0 Mr. Hugh M'Caw       1 0 0
Messrs. Gunning & Campbell, Ltd., Belfast       50 0 0 Mr. J. C. Lovett       1 1 0
Mr. W. M'Crum, Milford, Armagh (2nd Subscription)       50 0 0 Mr. R. Martin       1 1 0
Messrs. Little & M'Clean, Ltd., Church Lane, Belfast       50 0 0 Mr. Joseph Mulligan       1 1 0
Mr. George Allen, Mountpanther, Clough, per the Ulster Bank, Ltd.       50 0 0 Mr. James M'Keown       1 0 0
Messrs. Marsh & Co., Ltd., Donegall Street --       50 0 0 Mr. Wm. Laverty       1 0 0
The Ards Weaving Co., Ltd,, Newtownards       50 0 0 Mr. S. Gilmore       1 0 0
Workers of Messrs. John S. Brown & Sons, Ltd., Ulster Works       50 0 0 Mr. Robert M'Cracken       1 0 0
Lisnafillan Bleaching, Dyeing, and Finishing Co., Ltd., Galgorm, Ballymena       50 0 0 Miss Nancy Parke       0 10 6
"In loving memory of Captain John Stuart M'Clinton"       50 0 0 Miss Mary Parke       0 10 6
"C" Company, 5th Battalion North Belfast Regiment, part proceeds of Concert, per Jos. Martin and George Howard       50 0 0 Miss Davis       0 10 0
Mr. and Mrs. Coey, Merville, Whitehouse       40 0 0 Mr. M. Davidson       0 10 0
From the Workers in Comber Spinning Mill, per John M. Andrews, Esq.       40 0 0 Mr. Sam Bell       0 10 0
Down County Officials War Distress Relief Fund Committee       35 0 0 Mr. D. O'Callaghan       0 10 0
Proceeds of Competitions at Helen's Bay Gold Club, per T. H. M'Murray, Hon. Sec., 10, Mayfair, Belfast      32 10 0 Mrs. Kirkpatrick       0 7 6
The High Sheriff of Belfast and Mrs. Dunlop       31 10 0 Miss Douglas       0 5 0
Mark, Roulston, & M'Laughlin, Foyle Street, Derry, per Mayor of Derry       30 0 0 Mr. Moses Black       0 5 0
Mr. Arthur Gregg, Exchange Street, Belfast       25 0 0 Mr. Wm. Trotter       0 5 0
Mrs. Andrews, Conway, Dunmurry       25 0 0 Miss Fullerton       0 5 0
The Lambeg Weaving Co., Ltd., Lambeg       25 0 0 Mr. M'Crory       0 5 0
Messrs. J. Balmer & Co., Ltd., 26, Ann Street, Belfast       25 0 0 Mrs. Scott       0 5 0
Mr. and Mrs. Ogilvie B. Graham, Larchfield, Lisburn       25 0 0 Mrs. Quail       0 5 0
Robert Smyth & Sons, Sandy Row, Belfast       25 0 0 Miss L. Brown       0 4 0
Colonel and Mrs. Chichester, Ormiston, Strandtown       25 0 0 Mr. Samuel Barnett       0 4 0
Messrs. Jas. M'Caughey & Co., Ltd., Henry Street, Belfast       25 0 0 Mr. Joseph M'AIlister       0 2 6
Messrs. John Martin & Co., Ltd., Shrigley Mills, Killyleagh, County Down       25 0 0 Mrs. Bunting       0 2 6
Mrs. M. Sinton, Ballyards, Armagh       25 0 0 Mrs. Graham       0 2 6
Mr. S. C. Bayne, The United Distilleries, Ltd., Imperial Buildings, High Street, Belfast       25 0 0 Mrs. Sleator       0 2 6
Messrs. David Allen & Sons, Ltd., Corporation Street       25 0 0 Mrs. Young, Ballydown       0 2 6
Colonel Langford, Porton Barracks, Gosport, Hants       25 0 0 Mrs. Fleming       0 2 6
Captain G. R. Irwin, 16, St. James Sq., London, S.W. (for benefit of men of 9th R.I. Fusiliers)       25 0 0 Mr. James Beck       0 2 0
Messrs. Crockett is Guy, Ltd., Strand Road, Derry, per Mayor of Derry       25 0 0 Mrs. David Patterson       0 2 0
Messrs. John Gunning & Son, Ltd., Adelaide Street       25 0 0 Mrs. Watson       0 1 0
Workers of Lambeg Bleach Works, Ltd., Lambeg       25 0 0 Mrs. Harper       0 1 0
Part proceeds of Concert and Entertainment, per Miss L. M'Murray, Drumkeen, Newtownbreda. Belfast       25 0 0 Mrs. Mills       0 1 0
Ballynafeigh and Newtownbreda Unionist Club       25 0 0 Mr. Wm. Sullivan       0 1 0
No. 1 Battalion East Belfast Regiment (Ballynafeigh and Newtownbreda)       25 0 0 Mrs. Willis       0 1 0
Messrs. Holmes, Mullin, & Dunn, Ltd., Waterloo Place, Derry, per the Mayor of Derry       21 0 0 Miss Russell       0 1 0
Mr. and Mrs. David Reid., Rathmona, Donaghadee       20 0 0 Mrs. M'Knight       0 0 6
Messrs. Hugh Larmor & Co., 38, Bedford Street       20 0 0 Mrs. Mulligan       0 0 6
Messrs. M'Cue, Dick, & Co., Duncrue Street Saw Mills, Belfast       20 0 0 Mrs. Jackson       0 0 6
Mr. John Patrick, Dunaird, Broughshane, County Antrim       20 0 0 SCARVA STREET AND SCARVA ROAD
Mr. George. M'Neill, 12, Deramore Park       20 0 0 Miss J. B. Smyth, Brookfield       25 0 0
Mr. Hunter Moore, Moore Lodge, Newry       20 0 0 Mrs. Smyth, Brookfield       20 0 0
Messrs. Henry Lane & Co., The Quay, Derry, per the Mayor of Derry       20 0 0 Miss M'Clelland, Rosemount       5 0 0
Mr. Joseph A. M'Guiness, Lawrence Hill, Derry, per the Mayor of Derry       20 0 0 Mr. and Mrs. A. Harvey       4 0 0
"Anonymous"       20 0 0 Mrs. W. J. Holton       2 2 0
Mr. James Moore, J.P., The Finaghy, Belfast       20 0 0 Mr. Wm. Anderson, Edenmore       2 2 0
Miss L, White, Orange Hill, Tanderagee       20 0 0 Mr. Herbert Anderson, do.       2 2 0
The Ladies of the First Presbyterian and Methodist Churches of Islandmagee       20 0 0 Mr. H. Henry       2 0 0
19th Battalion Royal Irish Rifles --       20 0 0 Miss Olive Fryar       1 1 0
Proceeds of Sports, Concert, and Collection–       20 0 0 Mr. Liggett       1 0 0
Battalion Sports 5 0 0       Mr. R. J. Hamilton       1 0 0
Battalion Concert 4 13 0       Mr. Wm. Hamilton       1 0 0
Collection per Corporal Brownlee, R.A.M.C. 7 14 0       Miss Hamilton       1 0 0
      17 7 0 Miss J. B. Wilson       0 10 0
Mr. Wm. Coates, Rathmore, Dunmurry       15 0 0 Mr. James Heron, Drumnagally       0 7 6
Mrs. W. S Crichton, Broad Strand, Hoylake, Cheshire       15 0 0 Mr. Thomas Golligher       0 5 0
Collection in Dunluce Presbyterian Church, Bushmills (Earmarked tor Bushmills District)       14 7 4 Mr. Robert Heron       0 5 0
Miss A. M. Sinclair, 1, Sunnyside, Princes Park, Liverpool       12 10 0 Mr. Harry Heron       0 5 0
Miss L. M. Sinclair, 1, Sunnyside, Princes Park, Liverpool       12 10 0 Mr. Wm. Cross       0 5 0
Proceeds of Entertainment given by Mr. Barry, Barry's Electric Theatre Co., per Lieut.-Col. E. S. Maude, North Irish Horse, Antrim       12 19 6 Mr. Wm. J. Craig       0 5 0
Mr. John Patton, Ulster Bank, Ltd., Belfast       10 10 0 Mr. James Campbell       0 5 0
Mr. T. H. Dunlop, Chichester Gardens, Belfast       10 10 0 Miss Sarah Hawthorne       0 5 0
Messrs. M. & M. Scott, Diamond, Derry, per the Mayor of Derry       10 10 0 Mrs. Byrne       0 5 0
Mr. W. F. Uprichard, Springvale Bleach Works, Laurencestown, Co. Down       10 10 0 Mrs. M'Kee       0 5 0
Mr. Edwin D. Hill, Northern Banking Co., Ltd., Belfast       10 10 0 Mr. George Willis       0 5 0
Mr. Richard S. Grainger, 86, Donegall Street, Belfast       10 10 0 Mrs. Cross       0 4 0
Miss Mary W. Stevenson, Glencregagh, Belfast       10 10 0 Mr. Robert Ervine       0 4 0
Mr. W. Wilson, 24, Windsor Park, Belfast       10 10 0 Mr. James Anderson       0 4 0
Mr. and Mrs. Rowley Russell, Windsor Park       10 10 0 Mr. Wm. Forsythe       0 4 0
Mr. R. I. Calwell, E.C., 16, Donegall Square South, Belfast       10 10 0 Mrs. Ervine       0 3 0
Denis S. Henry, Esq., K.C., M.P., 28 Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin       10 10 0 Miss Mary Ann Rea       0 2 6
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Workman, Cultra       10 10 0 Mr. David Sands       0 2 6
Wm. M. Killen, Esq., M.D., 34, Clifton Street, Belfast       10 10 0 Mrs. Bryson       0 2 6
The Scottish Legal Life Assurance Society, 84, Wilson Street Glasgow, per the Lord Mayor of Belfast       10 10 0 Mrs. Arriott       0 2 6
Chambers Motors, Ltd., University Street, Belfast       10 10 0 Mr. Robert       0 2 6
"A Few Golfers"       10 10 0 Mrs. White       0 2 6
Mr. Edward S. Nugent, Portaferry House, Co. Down (2nd donation)       10 10 0 Miss Fullerton       0 2 6
Mr. T. A. and Mrs. Archbold, Carnmoney       10 10 0 Miss Minnie Caughey       0 2 0
Mr. Gilbert M. Young, Broomhill, Londonderry, per the Mayor of Derry       10 10 0 Mrs. M'Dowell       0 2 0
Sir John B. Johnston, Crawford Sq., Derry, per the Mayor of Derry       10 10 0 Mrs. Lyttle       0 2 0
Mr. John Pinkerton, Middle Quay, Derry, per the Mayor of Derry       10 10 0 Mrs. Elliott       0 2 0
North of Ireland Produce Co., Ltd., Raleigh House, Queen St., Belfast       10 10 0 Mrs. Watson       0 2 0
"In Memoriam Jas. Gordon Caruth, 2nd Lieut. 5th Battalion Royal Irish Rifles"       10 10 0 Mrs. Preston       0 2 0
James Chambers, Esq., K.C., M.P., Grove House, Foxrock, Co. Dublin       10 10 0 Mrs. M'Meekin       0 2 0
Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Shaw, Rosemount, Comber       10 10 0 Mr. Beaumont       0 2 0
Mr. John K. Scott, 9-11, Church Street, Belfast       10 10 0 Mrs. Shanks       0 2 0
Offertory, Castlerock Parish Church       10 7 11 Mrs. Williamson       0 1 0
Miss Boscoe's Pierrots, Newcastle       10 3 4 Mrs. Charlotte Weir       0 1 0
Mr. James Heron, Dillon House, Downpatrick       10 0 0 Mrs. M'Combe       0 1 0
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Callwell, Larkfield, Dunmurry       10 0 0 Mrs. Nesbitt       0 1 0
Miss Tennent, Rush Park, Belfast       10 0 0 Mrs. Gault       0 1 0
Mr. Robert M'Bratney, 121-3, Franklin Street, New York       10 0 0 Mrs. M'Caldin       0 1 0
Mrs. S. M. M'Causland, Redlands, Adelaide Park, Belfast       10 0 0 Mrs. Ruddick       0 1 0
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Elwood, Ardtara, Adelaide Park       10 0 0 Mrs. Clements       0 1 0
Howard Stevenson, Esq., F.R.C.S., 23, College Gardens, Belfast       10 0 0 Miss Finney       0 1 0
Mrs. H. Ferguson Smyth, Fertole, Mayfield, Sussex       10 0 0 Mr. Campbell       0 1 0
Miss M. Gamble, Lorne, Craigavad       10 0 0 Mrs. Mooney       0 1 0
Messrs. James Mackie & Sons' Drawing Office and Counting House Staffs, Albert Foundry, Belfast       10 0 0 Mrs. Sands       0 1 0
D. H. Hughes, Esq., Moran, 49, Wellington Road, Bournemouth       10 0 0 Mrs. Kirkpatrick       0 1 0
Mr. William Andrews, Ardara, Comber, County Down       10 0 0 Miss Fleming       0 1 0
Dr. J. W. Taylor, Dunelin, Malone Park       10 0 0 Miss Nixon       0 1 0
Mr. Charles M'Closkey, Donard, Malone Park       10 0 0 Mrs. Jonahan Ewart       0 1 0
Mr. Henry M'Closkey, Mount Vista, Dunmurry       10 0 0 Mrs. Magill       0 0 6
M. Wylie, Esq., LL.D., 11, Chichester Street, Belfast       10 0 0 Mrs. Finney       0 0 6
Mrs. Reed, Red Roof, Derry (per the Mayor of, Derry)       10 0 0 Mrs. Adamson       0 0 6
Mr. Joseph H. Welch, Dunruadh, Londonderry (per the Mayor of Derry)       10 0 0 Mrs. Leary       0 0 6
Capt. the Hon. Hugh O'Neill, M.P., Headquarters, 36th (Ulster) Division, B.E.F.       10 0 0 Mrs. M'Clean       0 0 6
Mr. John H. Ross, Cadogan Park, Belfast       10 0 0 Mrs. Stewart       0 0 6
Mrs. John Torrens, Rostulla, Whiteabbey       10 0 0 RATHFRILAND ST. AND KENLIS ST.
Miss Ethel Davidson, Windsor Park, Belfast       10 0 0 Mr. William Kennedy       10 0 0
Mrs. Marcus Gibson, Bonnington, Lansdowne Road, Belfast       10 0 0 Mrs. W. Wright       3 0 0
Messrs. Thos. Hunter & Sons, 11-13, Fountain Street, Belfast       10 0 0 Mr. and the Misses Forbes       2 2 0
Mrs. Lytle, St. Louis (per Miss Rankin, Moneycarrie, Killykeegan, Coleraine)       10 0 0 Mr. John E. Campbell       1 1 0
Mrs. Gardiner, Dunarno, Annadale Avenue, Belfast       10 0 0 Mr. John Buchanan       1 0 0
Mr. Barry Nicholson, Crannagael, Annaghmore, Co. Armagh       10 0 0 Mr. Robert Shooter       1 0 0
The Committee of Moneymore Women's Work Guild (per Mrs. M. Pattleton, Hon. Secty., and Miss J. Miller, Hon. Treasurer)       10 0 0 Mr. Wm. Gallagher       0 10 0
Mrs. S. Sinclair, Inglewood, Adelaide Pk. (per the Lord Mayor of Belfast)       10 0 0 Mr. J. Gallagher, sen       0 10 0
Mr. and Mrs. David Strain, 9, University Square       10 0 0 Mr. John M'Ilroy       0 10 0
Mr. Allen S. Carey, Mourne Grange, Kilkeel, Co. Down       10 0 0 Mr. J. Woods       0 10 0
Mr. J. W. Bennett, 64, Esplanade, Greenock, per Dr. A. R. B. Moore       10 0 0 Mr. S. M'Cormac       0 10 0
Mr. R. B. Hardy, Provincial Bank House, Belfast       10 0 0 Mr. M'Dowell       0 5 0
Mr. James T. Reade, 4, Donegall Sq. North       10 0 0 Mrs. Barr       0 5 0
Miss Matier, Victoria College, Belfast       10 0 0 Mr. J. Gallagher, jun.       0 5 0
Mr. J. A. Roden, Ferryquay Street, Derry, per the Mayor of Derry       10 0 0 Mr. Wm. Cherry       0 5 0
Mr. W. H. Chadwick, Bridge Commissioners, Shipquay Street, Derry, per the Mayor of Derry Miss Coates, Clonallon, Strandtown       10 0 0 Mr. John Cummings       0 5 0
Council Donaghadee Golf Club, per W. B. Fennell, Hon. Secty.       10 0 0 Mr. A. M'Cracken       0 5 0
Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Johnston, 14, University Square       10 0 0 Mr. Hislop       0 5 0
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Maxwell, Enfield, Dunmurry       10 0 0 CHURCH STREET AND LURGAN ROAD
Anthony Cowdy, Esq., Mountpleasant, Gilford, Co. Down       10 0 0 Mrs. Cowdy, Millmount       25 0 0
Mr. and Mrs. M'Calla, Greenoge, Strandtown       10 0 0 Mr. C. H. M'Call, Dunida       10 10 0
J. B. Johnston, Esq., M.D., Gilford, County Down       10 0 0 Mrs. M'Call       5 5 0
Mrs. Ferguson, Shimna, Windsor Pk.       10 0 0 In Memoriam R.A.M.C.       5 5 0
Mr. H. Walker, Killard, Newtownards       10 0 0 Mrs. M'Glelland, Riversley       5 0 0
"K. M. C."       10 0 0 Mrs. Monroe, Riversley       5 0 0
Collection at United Services of Church of Ireland and Presbyterians, in memory of the Ulster Division heroes, per Rev. B. Leslie Smith, the Rectory, Strangford       8 0 0 Mrs. Moore       1 0 0
Part Proceeds of Concert given by the Children of the Model Schools, Newry, per W. H. Scott, Headmaster       8 0 0 Mr. W. Moore       1 0 0
Proceeds of Concert at Listooder, per Lady Clanwilliam, Montolto, Ballynahinch       7 3 0 Mr. R. Shannon       1 0 0
Mr. Jas. Caskie, Drummon, Limavady       6 0 0 Mr. Wm. J. M'Curray       1 0 0
Intercessory Service, Presbyterian Church, Crossgar, per Rev. Robt W. Dodds, The Manse, Crossgar       5 7 6 Mr. and Mrs. Willie Wilson       0 10 0
Mr. and Mrs. Tulloch, Haslemere, Myrtlefield Park       5 5 0 Anonymous       0 5 0
Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton Ross, Springmount House, Glarryford, Belfast       5 5 0 Mrs. Gallagher       0 5 0
Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Richardson, Pembroke Lodge, Dunmurry       5 5 0 Mrs. Willie M'Murray, jun       0 5 0
Mr. G. Higinbotham, Fair Acre, Fortwilliam Park       5 5 0 Anonymous       0 3 0
Mr. Marshall Kennedy, Gt. James St., Derry, per the Mayor of Derry       5 5 0 Mr. W. Stevenson, Church Street       0 2 6
Mr. John G. Turner, Clonkirk, Knockbreda Park       5 5 0 Mr. Rosenfleld       0 2 6
Mr. Wm. M'Mullen, 30, Eglantine Ave., Belfast       5 5 0 Agnes Irvine       0 2 6
Major F. A. Cunningham, Somerset, Fortwilliam Park       5 5 0 S. G. Preston       0 2 6
Mrs. F. A. Cunningham, Somerset, Fortwilliam Park       5 5 0 Miss Sands       0 1 0
Messrs. Hanna & Browne, 21-23, Arthur St., Belfast       5 5 0 Thomas Adamson       0 1 0
Mrs. H. Kirk, Ardmore, Myrtlefield Park, Belfast       5 5 0 Smaller Sums       0 1 0
Lieut. Col. J. Courtenay Haslett, M.D., R.A.M.C. (ret.), 2, Adelaide Park, Belfast       5 5 0 DROMORE STREET AND ROAD
Mrs. Crawford, Ballievey, Banbridge       5 5 0 Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Larmour       5 0 0
Messrs. J. B. Anderson & Co., Ltd., Market Street., Omagh       5 5 0 Captain M'Culloch       2 2 0
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. MacArthur, Windsor Park, Belfast, per the Lord Mayor       5 5 0 Mrs. M'Mullan       1 0 0
Messrs. Frank and Geo. M'Dowell, Windsor Park       5 5 0 Mrs. Watt       1 0 0
Mr. Herbert M. Thompson, Rea's Buildings, Royal Ave., Belfast       5 5 0 Mrs. Sheridan       1 0 0
Mr. Peter Barry, 11, St. Jude's Av., Ormeau Road       5 5 0 Miss Mulligan, Rathmore       1 0 0
Mr. A. L. Porter, Eskbank, King's Road, Knock       5 5 0 Mrs. M'Carthy       1 0 0
Canon W. H. Davis, M.A., St. Jude's Rectory, Ballynafeigh, Belfast       5 5 0 Mrs. Mackey       0 10 0
Mrs. Sophia Coffey, 13, Esplanade, Dover       5 5 0 Mrs. Bambrick       0 2 6
Mr. E. H. Shaw, Craigavad, Co. Down       5 5 0 Mr. W. Bradford       0 2 6
Belfast and North of Ireland Cement Importers' Association, per Arthur S. Atkinson, Secretary       5 5 0 Mrs. Kerr       0 2 0
Messrs. Graham & Heslip, 41, Franklin Street       5 5 0 Mr. J. Graham       0 2 0
Lieut.-Commander Mark M'Donald, R.N.V.R., Portaferry       5 5 0 Mrs. Ferris       0 2 0
Mr. E. J. Elliott, 29, Bedford St.       5 5 0 Mrs. Cowan       0 1 0
Mr. W. J. Lennox, 17-19, Market Street, Armagh       5 5 0 Miss Derby       0 1 0
Mr. and Mrs. J. Wallace Blackwood, Beaconsfield, Windsor Ave., Belfast       5 5 0 Mrs. M'Candless       0 1 0
Mr. Thos. M'Cully, J.P., Waterside, Derry, per the Mayor of Derry       5 5 0 Mrs. Fryar       0 1 0
Mr. J. Gilbert Magee, Castle Street, Derry, per the Mayor of Derry       5 5 0 Mrs. Mulligan       0 1 0
Dr. and Mrs. Joe Martin, Lorneville, Albertbridge Road       5 5 0 Mr. J. Mulligan       0 1 0
W. D. Donnan, Esq., M.D., 12, High Street, Holywood       5 5 0 Mrs. Graham       0 0 6
Mr. Hampton A. Gray, The Mall, Armagh       5 5 0 Miss M'Burney       0 0 6
Mr. A. C. Davies, Lenaderg House, Banbridge       5 0 0 Mrs. Quail       0 0 6
Mrs. Richardson and Capt. H. S. C. Richardson, Rifle Brigade, Rossfad, Ballinamallard       5 0 0 SEAPATRICK
Mr. W. P. Grubb, Claremont, Osborne Park       5 0 0 Mr. J. Hozack       1 1 0
Mr. Miles Carbery, Ashfield, Strandtown       5 0 0 Mr. J. Smith       1 0 0
Mr. T. Meek, Heatherview, Moneymore       5 0 0 Robert Wright, R.N., Greenhill       1 0 0
Part Prize Money from the Pupils of The Lodge, per the Lady Mayoress       5 0 0 Mr. Neil Wright       0 10 0
Mr. Jas. M'Bride, Glenmount, Windsor Avenue       5 0 0 Spooling and Balling Dept. (F. W. Hayes & Co., Ltd.), per W. Wilson       2 0 0
Mr. Robt. H. Kinahan, Danescroft, Somerton Road       5 0 0 Mr. and Mrs. M'Clure       0 15 0
Mr. Walter Lindsay, Ballydown, Banbridge       5 0 0 Mr. R. Templeton       0 10 0
Miss Blakiston-Houston, Orangefield, Belfast       5 0 0 Mr. Sears, Burnley       0 10 0
Mr. W. B. Haughton, Newcastle, Co. Down       5 0 0 Mrs. Radcliffe       0 7 6
Rev. T. and Mrs. Boyd, Banbridge       5 0 0 Mrs. F. Bell       0 5 0
Mr. A. P. Dalzell, 15, Royal Avenue, Belfast       5 0 0 Mrs. H. Templeton       0 3 0
Dr. and Mrs. MacIlwaine, 26, College Gardens       5 0 0 Mr. Neill       0 2 6
Rev. A. G. Lecky, Feddyglass, Raphoe, per the Mayor of Derry       5 0 0 Mr. John Templeton       0 2 6
Part Proceeds of Sale in Drumbeg School, Raphoe, per Rev. A. G Lecky       5 0 0 Mrs. H. Cheney       0 2 0
Mrs. M. G. Mawhinney, Chichester Avenue, Belfast       5 0 0 Mrs. A. Preston       0 2 0
Mr. Wm. Rosbotham, Cultra       5 0 0 Mrs. R. Martin       0 2 0
"H. A. B."       5 0 0 Mrs. T. Scott       0 2 0
Samuel and Margaret Dunlop, Philadelphia, Pa.       5 0 0 Mr. F. Hale       0 2 0
"A Few Golfers"       5 0 0 Mr. H. Hale       0 2 0
Miss Lily Dunseath, 130, Seacliffe Road, Bangor       5 0 0 Mrs. Thomson       0 1 0
Mr. John O. Lowry, Killinchy, Co Down       5 0 0 Mrs. J. Pentland       0 1 0
Miss Stranahan, St. Leonards, Newcastle       5 0 0 Mrs. M'Meekin       0 1 0
Miss Stranahan, St. Leonard's, Newcastle       5 0 0 Mrs. M. Green       0 1 0
Mrs. and Miss Gardner, Greenmount, Craigavad       5 0 0 Mrs. Lunn       0 1 0
A Friend       5 0 0 Mrs. R. Bell       0 1 0
Mr. G. M. Magee, 12, Linenhall St.       5 0 0 Mr. Alex. M'Kane       0 1 0
Mr. J. W. Dickson, Riverbank, Pettigo, County Donegal       5 0 0 Mr. S. Gamble       0 1 0
Mrs. F. E. MacNaughton. Montrose, Downview Avenue, Belfast       5 0 0 Mrs. J. H. M'Coy       0 0 6
Mr. James J. Robinson, Tremont, Newry       5 0 0 Mrs. J. Barr       0 0 6
Miss E. Stewart Moore, Moyarget, Ballycastle, County Antrim       5 0 0 Mrs. M. Taggart       0 0 6
Mr. John J. Andrew, 23, University Square       5 0 0 Mrs. A. Wilson       0 0 6
The Kilskeery ½ Co., U.V.F. Fund, Per George C. Lendrum, Corkil, Kilskeery       5 0 0 Mrs. J. Savage       0 0 6
Mr. John Higginson, 50, North St., Belfast       5 0 0 Mrs. R. Martin, jun       0 0 6
Mrs. Alfred C. Trench, 147, Victoria Street, London, S.W.       5 0 0 Mrs. Small       0 0 6
David P. Gaussen, Esq., M.D., The Hill, Dunmurry       5 0 0 LENADERG
Captain C. R. Judd, per Mrs. Boyle, Tyrella, County Down       5 0 0 Mr. J. Douglas Smyth, Milltown       10 0 0
A Unionist       5 0 0 Mrs. J. D. Smyth, Milltown       5 0 0
Mrs. E. H. Moore, Moore Lodge, Newry       5 0 0 Miss W. A. Dickson, Bellfield       5 5 0
Miss Dot Proctor, Tullydoey, Moy, County Tyrone -- "In Memory of Captain J. C. B. Proctor, 10th Inniskilling Fusiliers"       5 0 0 Rev. J. Kyle, Tullylish Manse       3 0 0
"1st July: A Donation from the Front"       5 0 0 Mr. James Forsythe       0 6 0
Mr. Alex. Weir, Convoy, Co. Donegal, per Mayor of Derry       5 0 0 Mrs. Cameron       0 6 0
---?--] Kilpatrick, Esq., Ferryquay St., Derry, per Mayor of Derry       5 0 0 Mrs. John Williamson       0 5 0
Sir Wm. M'Learn, Knt., Foyle St., Raphoe, per Mayor of Derry       5 0 0 Mr. Hugh Forsythe       0 5 0
Messrs. S. Wilson & Co., Dalton St., Belfast       5 0 0 Mr. J. Kidd       0 5 0
Mr. James P. Ewing, Carrig Gorm, Helen's Bay       5 0 0 Mr. H. Kerr       0 5 0
Messrs. Craig & Paton, Ltd.. 11 Fisherwick Place       5 0 0 Miss Rogers       0 3 0
Staff of Messrs. Craig & Paton, Ltd., 11, Fisherwick Place       5 0 0 Mr. Wm. Chambers       0 3 0
Miss Eveleen Proctor, Tullydoey, Moy, County Tyrone -- "In Memoriam to Captain J. C. B. Proctor, 10th Inniskilling Fusiliers"       5 0 0 Mrs. Lafferty       0 2 6
Mr. Alex. Crornie, Millvale, Ballynamagna, Rathfriland       5 0 0 Mr. Richard Major       0 2 6
Mr. Thomas L. Hardy, 10-12, Grosvenor Road       5 0 0 Mrs. Moses Kerr       0 2 6
The Hallidays Bridge U.V.F. Volunteers and "V.A.D.," Hillsborough, County Down, per Mrs. M'Leavy, The Barns, Hillsborough       5 0 0 Mrs. English       0 2 6
Gregory Dyer       5 0 0 Miss M'Clellland       0 2 6
Mrs. Higgin, Malone House, Malone, Belfast       5 0 0 Mrs. Moses Alexander       0 2 6
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Nicholl, Dunedin, Randalstown       5 0 0 Mrs. John Jerr       0 2 6
Messrs. Allingham & Co., Ltd., 30, North Street       5 0 0 Mr. J. Forsythe       0 10 0
Miss Lepper, Thomfield Cottage, Whiteabbey       5 0 0 Mrs. W. H. Kerr       0 10 0
Mr. W. Joseph Stokes, Bedford St., Belfast       5 0 0         750 7 11
Employees of Messrs. Henry Campbell & Co., Ltd., Mossley       5 0 0 LURGAN
Messrs. M'Dowell & Co., Strand Rd., Derry, per Mayor of Derry       4 0 0 3rd List of Subscriptions
Mr. J. Montgomery, Arlington, Cranmore Avenue       3 3 0 Mr. William Douglas, Lurgan       100 0 0
Proceeds of small Violin Recital in Cookstown, Co. Tyrone, per Mrs. Helen Burnett, Powis House, Aberdeen       3 3 0 Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Bell, Belle Vue, Lurgan       50 0 0
Mr. Thomas B. Wallace, Solicitor, Dromore       3 3 0 Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Bell, Solitude, Lurgan       50 0 0
Mr. J. M. Pollin, 41, Donegall Street, Belfast       3 3 0 Messrs. Lurgan Weaving Co., Ltd., Lurgan       50 0 0
Mr. R. D. Megaw, 44, Northumberland Road, Dublin       3 3 0 Mr. John Douglas, High St., Lurgan       25 0 0
Messrs. R. P. Gorman & Co., 3, Hope Street, Belfast       3 3 0 Miss Emily J. Bell, Bessbrook       20 0 0
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Lawlor, Killygaddy, Windsor Avenue       3 3 0 Mrs. Liddell, Wimona, Donacloney       10 10 0
Miss Crozier, 88, Brompton Road, London, S.W.       3 3 0 Miss Douglas, High Street, Lurgan       10 0 0
Part Proceeds of Entrance Fee for Prizes given by Captain of Holywood Golf Club, per H. L. Garrett       3 3 0 Mr. F. W. G, Best, Broommount, Aghalee       5 5 0
Mr. Wm. Chisholm, Leiganfield, Cammoney       3 3 0 Mr. James English, J.P., Oakley, Lurgan       5 5 0
Mr. John Chisholm, Knockinagh, Whiteabbey       3 3 0 Messrs. Mathers & Bunting, Lurgan       5 5 0
Mr. George G. Ward, 13, Wellington Place       3 3 0 Miss R. M. Frazer, B.A., The High School, Lurgan       5 0 0
W. J. Donnelly Esq., J.P., Messrs Wm. Liddell & Co., Ltd       3 3 0 Mr. G. T. M'Caw, Taghneran House, Lurgan       5 0 0
Messrs. Leahy, Kelly, & Leahy, Ltd., 2-6, Castle Place, Belfast       3 3 0 Mr. Thomas Ross, 46, High Street, Lurgan       5 0 0
Miss M'Killip, Crawford Sq., Derry, per the Mayor of Derry       3 3 0 Mr. Wm. R. Ross, 46, High Street, Lurgan       5 0 0
Messrs. T. M'Elhinney & Sons, Strand Road Derry, per the Mayor of Derry       3 3 0 The Rev. Canon Clarendon, B.D., Maralin       5 0 0
Mrs. Beath and Miss Hardy, 5, Wellington Park, Belfast       3 0 0 Mr. W. J. Fleming, B.A., Mourne View, Lurgan       3 3 0
Mrs. Magill, Holmesleigh, Elmwood Avenue       3 0 0 Messrs. Robert Uprichard & Co., Lurgan       3 3 0
The Misses Cahoon, 5, Belgravia, Belfast       3 0 0 Mr. David Johnston, Grace Hall, Lurgan       3 3 0
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Fullerton, 88, Malone Avenue       3 0 0 The Misses Turtle, Leansmount, Lurgan       2 2 0
Mrs. L. M. Blakemy, 15, Park Mansions, Vauxhall Park, London, S.W.       3 0 0 Miss J. H. Cuppage, Silverwood       2 2 0
Messrs. Wm, M'Carter & Sons, Waterside, Derry, per the Mayor of Derry       3 0 0 The Rev. W. B. and Mrs. Sproule, Lurgan       2 2 0
The Misses Martin, 42, Bawnmore Road, Belfast       3 0 0 Dr. Frew, Waringstown       2 2 0
Interest on Exchequer Bonds       2 5 2 Dr. T. B. Pedlew, Lurgan       2 2 0
Ballintemple, Co. Cavan, L.O.L. No 641       2 10 0 Mr. C. W. Neill, Lurgan       2 2 0
Strabane Troop Boy Scouts, per Rev. A. H. Delap, S.M., The Rectory, Strabane       2 4 3 Mr. A. W. Mann       2 2 0
Ireland's First Ladies' L.O.L., per Mrs. Lennox, Treasurer, 36, Melrose St., Lisburn Road, Belfast       2 2 0 Messrs. Carson & Co.       2 2 0
Mrs. F. J. Robertson, Fairleigh, Newcastle, Co. Down       2 2 0 Mr. Ernest Green       2 0 0
Mr. and Mrs. Atkinson, Crowhill, Co. Armagh       2 2 0 Mr. Joseph M'Geown, Prospect Hall, Aghagallon       1 10 0
Miss Dickie, 17, Claremont St., Belfast       2 2 0 Mrs. Greer, Woodville, Lurgan       1 1 0
Mr. J. J. Houston, Atlantic Buildings, Waring Street, Belfast       2 2 0 Mrs. Mary Malcomson, Market St., Lurgan       1 1 0
G. H. Elliott, Public Library, Belfast       2 2 0 Miss Meta Malcolmson, Market St., Lurgan       1 1 0
Mr. Wm. Magowan, 50, May Street, Belfast       2 2 0 Miss A. L. Malcomson, Market St., Lurgan       1 1 0
Mr. F. Bradbury, Langdale, Somerton Road, Belfast       2 2 0 Mrs. Sara. J. Dunwoody, Jubilee Terrace, Lurgan       1 1 0
Rev. Samuel Meek, Raphoe       2 2 0 Mr. H. L. Bell, Lakebank, Lurgan       1 1 0
The Misses Meek, Knockdene Park, Belfast       2 2 0 Mr. Joseph Harrison, Holmehurst       1 1 0
Mrs. Haslett, 2, Adelaide Park, Belfast       2 2 0 Mr. Andrew Knox, Edward Street       1 1 0
Mrs. J. P. Beadle, 17b, Eldon Road, Kensington, London, W. (2nd Subscription)       2 2 0 Mr. John Lyle, 6, High Street       1 1 0
Wm. Shannon and Jas. White, 86-88, Shankill Road, Belfast       2 2 0 Mr. George Ruddell, Market Street       1 1 0
Major H. Richardson, Summerhill, Clones, Co. Monaghan       2 2 0 Mr. John Hopps, Hill Street       1 1 0
Mr. Wm. Jackson, Castlerock       2 2 0 Mr. Robert M'Court, Dougreagh, Lurgan       1 1 0
Carnlough Lime Co., Ltd., Carnlough       2 2 0 Mr. John Mahaffy, Church Place, Lurgan       1 1 0
James Gracey, Portaferry       2 2 0 Mr. Wm. Johnston, 12 and l4, High Street, Lurgan       1 1 0
John Gracey, Portaferry       2 2 0 Mr. Joseph E. Lonsdale, Maralin       1 1 0
Thos. J. Brittain, 2, Ward Avenue, Bangor       2 2 0 Mr. Francis Boston, High Street, Lurgan       1 0 0
Mr. George Black, Ravenhill Park, Belfast       2 2 0 Mr. Thomas Kennedy, Lurgan       1 0 0
Mr. and Mrs. J. Bodel, Auburn, Malone Park       2 2 0 Mr. John Black, Church Place, Lurgan       1 0 0
Miss Eva J. Roe, Ardnaveigh, Antrim       2 2 0 Mr. Thomas Matthews, Avenue Road, Lurgan       1 0 0
Mr. J. Magowan, 4, Sandford Avenue, Bloomfield       2 0 0 Mr. James M'Carter, Market Street       1 0 0
The Officers and Members of Imperial Temperance Murphy Memorial L.O.L. 929, per John W. Alexander, W.M., and Albert D. Perry, D.M.       2 2 0 Mr. Samuel A Lynn, High Street       1 0 0
Messrs. Wm. Dobbin & Co., Ltd., North Street       2 12 0 Mr. Alexander Maxwell, Bleary       1 0 0
The Employees of Wm. Dobbin & Co., Ltd., per Mr. Wm. Wallace       2 8 0 Mr. Thomas Moffett, Windsor Ave.       1 0 0
Messrs. D. Spiro & Son, Manchester, per Jas. G. Marks (Messrs. Cinnamond Park & Co., Ltd.)       2 2 0 Mr. Henry Megarry, Hill Street       1 0 0
L.O.L. 925, per Mr. John Wilson, 60, Donegall Street       2 2 0 Mr. John Gracey, William Street       1 0 0
Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Blackwood, Ulster Bank, Mountpottinger       2 2 0 Mr. James Calvert, Avenue Road       1 0 0
Mr. Thos. G. Bible, J.P., Templemore Park, Derry, per the Mayor of Derry       2 2 0 Mr. Thomas Bunting, Aghagallon       1 0 0
Mr. R. D. Kerr, Newry       2 2 0 Mr. Samuel Green, Aghalee       1 0 0
Rev. J. M. and Mrs. M'Ilrath, 51, Ulsterville Avenue       2 2 0 Dr. Hugh Reid, Derryadd       1 0 0
Mr. Cecil Bailie-Gage, Lansdowne Lodge, Dublin       2 2 0 Mr. David N. Cairns, William Street, Lurgan       0 10 6
The Misses Nesbitt, Mount Royal, Banbridge       2 2 0 Mr. Wm. M'Court, Donegreagh       0 10 6
Mr. James Maikle       2 2 0 Miss. H. Megarry, Hill Street, Lurgan       0 10 0
Mr. J. B. Greaves, Ratheane, Coleraine       2 0 0 Miss M. A. Fforde, Tanaghmore Lodge, Lurgan       0 10 0
Mrs. M. O. Walkington, Oatlands, Ballinderry, Co. Antrim       2 0 0 "F. H. W."       0 10 0
The Misses Haughton, Seaside, Newcastle, Co. Down       2 0 0 Mr. Samuel Martin, Watson's Lane, Lurgan       0 10 0
Miss Jane Moutray, 9, Marine Terrace, Kingstown, Co. Dublin       2 0 0 Mr. W. J. Hamilton, William Street, Lurgan       0 10 0
Mrs. Robert Gaboon, 5, Belgravia, Belfast       2 0 0 Mr. Edward Stevenson, Bannfoot, Lurgan       0 10 0
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. C. Cahoon, Osborne Park       2 0 0 Mr. J. K. Christie, 8, Wellington St., Lurgan       0 10 0
Children of Currie Sabbath-school, Lilliput, per Mr. John Young, 179, Alexandra Park Avenue       2 0 0 Mr. J. Rogers, Stationmaster, Lurgan       0 10 0
The Misses Dill, Mount Pleasant, Bangor       2 0 0 Mr. Joseph Lyttle, Maralin       0 10 0
Mrs. Hugh C. Kelly, Hecklands, Strandtown       2 0 0 Mr. Wm. E. Cairns, 49, Market St.       0 10 0
Mr. John Pim, J.P., Bonavon, Antrim Road, Belfast       2 0 0 Mr. Wm. Summerville, Factory Lane       0 10 0
Mr. James Pyper's School Children, Crawfordsburn National School       2 0 0 Mr. E. R. Moffett, Market Street, Lurgan       0 7 6
H. C. Kelso       2 0 0 The Misses Creaney, Hill Street       0 5 0
Miss M. E. M'Guire, Mertoun Hall, Holywood       2 0 0 Mr. James Wilkinson, Renton, Dumbartonshire       0 5 0
Mrs. M'Cullagh, Rosegarragh, Ravenhill Road       2 0 0 Mr. Edward Magill, William Street, Lurgan       0 5 0
J. B. Galway & Hawthorne, Mayfair, Arthur Square       2 0 0 Mr. David M'Connell, 38, William Street, Lurgan       0 5 0
Shantallow Sympathisers, per the Mayor of Derry       2 0 0         423 13 6
Alexander Porterfield, Ballylennan, Raphoe, per the Mayor of Derry       2 0 0 DROMORE
"One Who Lost a Brother in the Ulster Division"       2 0 0 2nd List of Subscription            
Miss H. Crookshank, The Glen, Limestone Road       2 0 0 Miss Georgie Liddell       10 0 0
Trawl Twine Spinning Dept., Belfast Ropework, per Miss M'Kee and Miss M'Comb       1 10 0 John Graham       5 5 0
Belfast Cycling Club, per Thos. Makemson, 35, Roe St., Cliftonville, Belfast       1 1 0 D. T. Martin       5 5 0
Mr. Arthur Gaussen, Ballyronan House, Ballyronan       1 1 0 Abraham Combe, J.P.       5 0 0
Mrs. David Gilliland, Kildrum, Derry, per the Mayor of Derry       1 1 0 Henry Hobart       5 0 0
Mr. H. Weilding, 7, Duncairn Gardens, Belfast       1 1 0 J. A. Doak       5 0 0
Mr. Geo. Condell, 241, Shankill Rd.       1 1 0 James Dickson       5 0 0
Mr. S. L. Cleland, Hazeldene, Kingsmere Avenue       1 1 0 W. J. Baxter       2 2 0
Jury's Fee on Inquiry -- Holmes v. Brown; Thomas Scott, J.P., Foreman, per Mr. John Bristow, Under Sheriff, Co. Antrim       1 1 0 C. M. Baxter       2 2 0
"A Friend, M.M.,'' per Miss Mills, Queen's Arcade       1 1 0 James Dale       2 2 0
Miss Florence A. Anderson, 41, Market Street, Omagh       1 1 0 F. R. Hamilton       2 2 0
Mr. H. M. Dunlop, 25, Gt. Edward Street, Belfast       1 1 0 George Hobart       2 0 0
Mrs. Barrow, Eglantine Gardens, Belfast       1 1 0 Alexander Dunlop       2 0 0
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. J. Orr, Westhaye, Marlborough Park       1 1 0 Rev. James Rentoul       2 0 0
Mr. John Geary, Thornville, 122, Cliftonpark Avenue       1 1 0 Mrs. D. T. Martin       2 0 0
Mr. Albert E. Burns, Queen's Island, Belfast       1 1 0 H. E. Monteith       1 0 0
Miss Theodora Coates, 93, Lichfield Grove, Church End, Finchley, London, N.       1 10 0 W. J. Hutchinson       1 0 0
Mr. Wm. Wellon       1 16 0 Alex. Millls       1 0 0
Mr. and Mrs. Ainsworth Barr, Malone Park, Belfast       1 1 0 Red Cross Nurse       1 0 0
Mr. Thomas Houston, 125, Duncairn Gardens, Belfast       1 1 0         60 18 0
Members of Sirocco Silver (Prize) Band       1 1 0 Total --   32,513 5 11
Mr. J. R. A. Ferguson, Mount Royal, Newcastle       1 1 0              
Messrs. Porter Bros., Sackville St., Derry, per the Mayor of Derry       1 1 0 On behalf of the Committee I beg to acknowledge the foregoing subscriptions, and shall be glad to receive further contributions.
A. E. Hill, "Belfast News-Letter" Office       1 1 0  
Foreman and Jury of a Civil Case, Downpatrick       1 1 0 (Signed on behalf of the Committee)
A Few of the Employees of Messrs. Edward Gribbon & Sons, Ltd., per David Rainey       1 1 0 R. M. LIDDELL, Honorary Treasurer




The German submarine liner Deutschland sailed from Baltimore on Tuesday.

The Governor of Wellington has given his assent to a Compulsory Service Bill.

The late Mr. Pierpont Morgan's estate has been valued at 15,630,000. His sons share between them 10,738,000.

The Austrian Ministry of Finance has ordered the withdrawal of all nickel coins. Iron coins will be issued as substitutes.

A meeting of the publishers of the newspapers in New York has decided to decrease the size of the papers owing to the high price of printing paper.

The subscriptions received by the Lord Mayor in London for the Lord Kitchener National memorial Fund have now reached a sum of 177,500.

A committee has been formed for the purpose of settling 300,000 Belgian and German children in Holland owing to lack of foodstuffs in Germany.

It is officially announced in Dublin that the regulation under martial law requiring the people to be indoors between midnight and four a.m. has been withdrawn.

A movement is on foot among railwaymen to cancel the existing truce and open up negotiations for an all-round increase in wages equivalent to the enhanced cost of living.

During War Savings Week 2,926,035 certificates were sold. The aggregate sales for five months, from Feb. 22 to July 22, was 14,385,980, Ireland's aggregate being 312,902.

The King and Queen inspected in the grounds of Buckingham Palace fifty motor ambulances, the gift of the United Provinces of India. A hospital ship is also included in the gift.

According to the "Nieuwe Rotterdamsche Courant" the Prussian casualty lists 580 to 587 give the names of 42,405 killed, wounded, and missing, bringing the total losses up to 2,843,926.

Practical demonstration has been given of the patriotism of the Zulus. A large consignment of sticks and crutches collected by natives have been handed to a magistrate for hospitals in England and elsewhere.

Another attempt to escape by a German prisoner at Donington Hall was made on Sunday night about ten o'clock. When challenged the prisoner instantly surrendered and pleaded for mercy. He was arrested and placed under a strong guard.

Dr. H. Barringer Cox, who is connected with the United States Forestry Service, has announced that he has perfected a subterranean wireless telephone. The discovery was made in an effort to perfect the system of wireless [--?--] for forest fires.

The French Government will commemorate the second anniversary of the declaration of war by publishing a Yellow Book branding the Germans for ever in the eyes of the civilised world for their treatment of the civilian population in the occupied districts of France.

A Reuter's telegram from Ontario states the towns of Cochrane, Matheson, Mushka Station, Timmins, and Porguis Junction have to destroyed by forest fires. About 200 persons have been killed, and many injured. The great paper mills at Iroquois have been saved.

Two men have been remanded at Glasgow in connection with a charge of attempting to transport opium to China. The discovery was made by the Customs authorities, who found [?]lb., of opium concealed in the interior of a [--?--] which was marked for transport to China.

News reached the Merchant Service Guild of an unsuccessful attempt to escape from Ruhle?n, by Mr. Thomas Leathem, of Belfast, who has been interned since the outbreak of war, when he was third officer of the steamer [?onauk] Point. He is now confined in a fortress near Berlin.

A proclamation of marriage under the Act recently passed by the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland for the convenience of soldiers and sailors on short leave was made from the door of Largs Parish Church on Monday by the minister of the parish. Only two witnesses were present.

Admiral Sir John Ommaney Hopkins died at Chewton Lodge, Highcliffe, on Sabbath, aged eighty-two. Deceased had a distinguished career, during which he had been Junior Lord of the Admiralty, Superintendent of Portsmouth Dockyard, and Commander-in-Chief of North America and Mediterranean stations.

The Minister of Munitions announces that he has made further orders under the Munitions of war Acts, 1915 and 1916, under which 124 additional establishments have been declared controlled establishments. The total number of controlled establishments under the Munitions of War Acts, 1915 and 1916, is now 4,052.

The Wholesale Co-Operative Society, Manchester, has purchased from Sir J. D. Broughton, Bart., of Doddington, four of his largest farms at Weston, near Crewe railway station, and intends to develop agriculture, dairy produce, feeding of stock, &c. The farms comprise 1,200 acres, and are amongst the finest pasture and dairy lands in Cheshire.

At Cork Assises Michael Larkin, a baker, was sentenced to death for the murder of Mr. O'Connor, hotel proprietor, Milltown. County Kerry, on the night of December 20 last. The Prosecution stated that accused shot O'Connor dead with a revolver, and that the motive for the crime was ill feeling over a monetary transaction. The execution September 1 at Tralee.

Thirteen persons were injured by a collision which occurred on Glasgow Subway on Monday between Buchanan Street and Cowcaddens Stations. A car broke down and ran down the incline in the direction from which it had come. Another car reversed its power and ran away from the first, but a third car came along and a collision occurred. The injuries to the passengers were not serious.

Sir William Power, K.C.B., whose death is announced, was a distinguished sanitarian and epidemiologist, and rendered great service by his investigation of outbreaks of infectious diseases and their causation. In 1878 he demonstrated the spread of diphtheria by means of milk and his work in regard to scarlet fever, smallpox, and other branches of medical research was widely recognised.

The report of the Scottish Land Court for 1915 has been issued. In a review of the work of the Court during the three years and nine months in which the Act has been in operation it is stated that first fair rents have been fixed for 1,597 holdings. The old rents amounted to 14,590 and the fair rents to 10,205, a reduction of over 30 per cent. The arrears of rent amounted to 6,718, of which the Court cancelled 3,603, or over 53½ per cent.

Several instances of excessive drinking amongst munition workers have been brought to the notice of the Nottingham magistrates, The Chairman commented on the fact that such high wages were paid that the men did not seem to know how to squander their money sufficiently fast. The chief constable said it would be a good thing if some of the worst of the delinquents could be kept within an enclosure, as after drinking they could not be trusted at large.



The funeral took place on Monday, at Coleraine, of Miss Nora Dugan, second daughter of Mr. Matthew Dugan, Barmouth, Castlerock, who died in Birmingham No. 2 Military Hospital in discharge of a noble and self-sacrificing duty. She had only been three weeks in the hospital as a volunteer nurse under the St. John Ambulance Association. The remains reached Coleraine by the mid-day train, and the funeral was largely attended, the members or the local branch of the V.A.D. attending, in uniform. The chief mourners were:-- Mr. and Mrs. Dugan (parents), Miss Dugan (sister), Miss Irwin (aunt), Messrs. Arthur and John Dugan (brothers), and T. J. Martin, solicitor (cousin). The interment took place at Articlave Presbyterian burying-ground -- Rev. Prof. Law Wilson and Rev. J. G. Keers (Dunboe) officiating at the graveside.




The Secretary to the War Office has issued the following announcement --

The public are informed that the following regulation will, on and after the 1st July, 1916, apply to printed matter despatched to

(a) All European countries and their colonies and dependencies in Africa and America, except France, Russia, and Italy, and British, French, and Italian territory

(b) Neutral countries of America;

(c) British and Allied subjects interned id enemy countries --

Printed matter -- i.e., newspapers, magazines, books and other printed publications other than trade circulars -- will not be sent forward unless posted direct from the office of publishers or newsagents who have obtained permission from the War Office for this purpose. Persons desiring to send printed matter should therefore give their orders for execution to publishers or newspapers who have obtained such permission.

It should be noted that this regulation does not apply to newspapers going to the British troops in France or any of the other war areas, nor to agents who have obtained such permission.

Persons, therefore, who have hitherto sent "The Witness" direct to friends in the United States and neutral countries are no longer at liberty to do so, but such may have the paper sent direct from "The Witness" Office, Royal Avenue, Belfast, at the following rates -- She months, 4/4; Twelve months, 8/8 -- paid in advance.



The following particulars are specially prepared for "The Witness" by Messrs. Rayner & Co., Registered Patent Agents, of 5, Chancery Lane, London, who will give all assistance and advice quite free to any of our readers on all matters relating to patents and inventions, trade marks or designs:-- 5049, Measuring Yarn. -- W. Johnston, of Milfort Weaving and Finishing Co., Belfast. -- Yarn-winding machines, &c., are fitted with a measuring device, in which the yarn is passed through a guide, a tension pulley round a measuring-drum beneath a weighted arm, and through a guide, this drum being rotated by the yarn and connected by gearing with a pair of pointers rotating in front of a dial. Full copies of the specification can be obtained from Messrs. Rayner & Co., at the price of 1s.


Sergeant Alfred Owens, Machine Gun Corps of the Y.C.V.'s, killed in action on the 1st ult., was the younger son of the late W. J. Owens and Mrs. Owens, 4, University Street, Belfast, and was twenty-four years of age. He was a brother of Mr. T. Owens, secretary of the Belfast Ropeworks, Ltd., and a nephew of Mr. G. L. Owens, honorary secretary of the Central Presbyterian Association. Before the war he was on the technical staff of Messrs. Workman, Clark, & Co., Ltd. He was a member of the C.P.A. Rifle Club.


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The Witness - Friday, 11 August 1916


HAY -- July 30, 1916, at Ardcame, Dunamanagh, to the Rev. and Mrs. David Hay -- a son.

HOUSTON -- August 5, at Letterbratt House, Plumbridge, the wife of Mr. James Houston, Auctioneer -- a daughter.

ROULSTON -- August 4, at Redrock Manse, Armagh, the wife of the Rev. Thomas Roulston, of a son.

SAVAGE -- July 27, 1916, at Derg View, Ardstraw, County Tyrone, to Mr. and Mrs. John Savage -- a daughter.


MUSGRAVE--LINDSAY -- August 3, 1916, by special licence, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. William S. Carey, B.A., Holy wood, assisted by the Rev. Jones Whitla, Newtownards, John Riddel, only son of the late David Musgrave, Craigavad, to Jeannie Madeline, only daughter of James Lindsay, Dunleady, Dundonald.


SMYTH -- August 4, 1916, at his residence, Moneyveigh, Newmills, Dungannon, Robert Smyth, aged seventy-seven years. Interred in Newmills Cemetery.

BEGLEY -- August 4, at her residence, Magheragall, Lisburn, Jane, dearly-loved wife of J. B. Begley.

BURROWES -- August 5, at his parents' residence, Church Street, Antrim, Charlie, aged eighteen years, the beloved son of Charles and Rose Burrowes.

CASKEY -- August 7, at his residence, Cillmanach, Portrush, Joseph Henry Caskey, youngest son of the late Joseph Wardin Caskey, Coleraine.

DICK -- August 6, at his residence, Easton Lodge, Cliftonville, Rev. Prof. James Dick, M.A., D.D.

DRUMMOND -- August 8, at her residence, Tobergill, Bella Drummond.

DUNCAN -- August 6, suddenly, at her residence, Laurelvale, Antrim Road, Lisburn, Elizabeth Jane, the dearly-beloved wife of Thomas Duncan.

FARRELL -- August 5, Arthur T. Farrell, Solicitor, Portadown.

FIELD -- August 6, at Edenderry, Malone Road, Margaret, widow of Thomas Field.

FITZSIMMONS -- August 3, at The Hospital, Belfast, Nurse Agnes Matilda Fitzsimmons.

GAMBLE -- August 3, at her residence, Stread Hill Farm, Matilda, widow of the late John Gamble.

GILL -- August 7, at his residence, 1, Cargy Villas, Knock, William Gill.

GREEN -- August 7, at his residence, 8, Delaware Street, Belfast, Thomas Green, late of Bessbrook.

GREEVES -- August 3, at his residence, Grange Farm, Moy, William Greeves, in his ninety-second year.

HENDERSON -- August 3, at his residence, 157, Belmont Road, Henry Henderson, beloved husband of Annie Henderson.

HAMILTON -- August 5, at his residence, Cargycroy, Bailiesmills, Lisburn, Samuel Hamilton, late of 99, Oldpark Road, Belfast.

JOHNSTON -- August 5, at Ballyrainey, John Johnston.

LIGHTBODY -- August 9, at 23, Bingham Street, Bangor, Jeanie, the beloved wife of R. W. Lightbody.

MAWHINNEY -- August 9, at his residence, Edenvale, Kells, Ballymena, Samuel, dearly-beloved son of Samuel and Jane Mawhinney.

MAZE -- August 5, at Portrush, Mary, widow of James Maze, Wellington Park, Belfast, and eldest daughter of the late Henry Hart, Ravarnette House, Lisburn, in her seventy-ninth year.

M'CONNELL -- August 8, at the County Antrim Infirmary, Lisburn, Robert, dearly-loved husband of Mary M'Connell, of Old Forge Cottages, Dunmurry.

M'CUTCHEON -- July 23, at Kalimpong, India, Oliver Howard, aged ten months, only son of Dr. Oliver M'Cutcheon.

M'DOWELL -- August 8 (suddenly), at Royal Victoria Hospital, Harriett (Maternity Nurse), fourth daughter of the late Henry White, Ballymaconaghy.

M'DOWELL -- August 5, at her residence, Ballymaconaghy, Newtownbreda, Jane, relict of the late James M'Dowell.

MERCER -- August 8, at The Beeches, Cultra, Elisabeth Anna, wife of Hugh Mercer, and eldest daughter of Thomas Armstrong, Eden Hall, County Armagh.

M'EWAN -- August 5, suddenly, at the Northern Hospital, Liverpool, William Arthur, third and dearly-beloved son of Annie and the late George M'Ewan, R.N., 28, Croft Street, Bangor.

RODGERS -- August 5, at her residence, 124, Duncairn Gardens, Eliza Rodgers (late of Monkstown), the beloved sister of Jane Rodgers.

SMYTH -- August 6, at his parents' residence, 41, Fort Terrace, Low Road, Lisburn, John ("Wee Jackie"), infant son of John and Eva Smyth.

WALKER -- August 3, at his residence, 4 Erin View, Greencastle, Samuel, eldest and beloved son of William and Eleanor Walker.

WALL -- August 2, at her residence, Glenarm, Mary Ann, widow of the late John Wall, R.N., aged eighty-one years.

WHYTE -- August 7, at the residence of his son, James A. Whyte, Carncarn, Broughshane, Robert T. Whyte, late of Kinbally.

WILSON -- August 2, at her husband's residence, Bridge Street, Coleraine, Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Joseph Wilson, senior.

Killed in Action

MILLAR -- July 29, killed in action, Second-Lieutenant J. Lytton Millar, Royal Irish Rifles, only son of the Rev. and Mrs. Ross Millar, Hillmount, Letterkenny, and nephew of Dr. and Mrs. Leslie, St. Heliers, Strandtown, in his nineteenth year.



Mr. J. Hempton, gas and water manager, Newtownstewart, has resigned owing to ill-health.

At Omagh Rural District Council, Mr. Lynam, County Surveyor, reported that in consequence of the recent storm fifteen bridges had been washed away.

Mr. Denis M'Cullough (Belfast) and Dr. Dundon, who were arrested on suspicion in connection with the rebellion, have been released from Reading Jail.

The death occurred at his residence, Campsie House, Omagh, on Saturday, of Dr. H. B. Fleming, one of the most prominent medical practitioners in County Tyrone.

Charged with unlawful assembly to carry out a cock fight, informations were refused at Lifford against nineteen defendants from different parts of Donegal and Tyrone.

Isaac Holmes, of Glassdrummond, was killed at Goraghwood Quarry, by a stone about 14lbs. weight falling from the top of the quarry and striking him on the head, smashing his skull.

While bathing at Newcastle, County Down, on Monday, David Bell, Scotch Street, Downpatrick, an expert swimmer, got into difficulties a considerable distance from the shore, and was drowned.

Patrick M'Donald, a labourer, who had been mowing during the intense heat of Saturday at Liseggerton, Clones, was found dead in the meadow in the evening. He leaves a widow and seven children.

At an intercessory service in Portadown the Lord Primate, Most Rev. Dr. Crozier, said he observed that since the beginning of the war 400 men from that town had been reported killed, wounded, or missing.

A number of Portadown Nationalists who had been registered in Scotland under the Military Service Act, and returned home, have been arrested by the police and sent to Armagh Jail to await an escort.

The Cavan Urban Council have passed a resolution that the country "condemned the action of the Government in carrying out the sentence of death on Roger Casement, one of the greatest Irishmen that ever lived."

James Bell, of Everton Street, Belfast, while bathing at Bangor on Saturday, took a cramp, and was drowned. It was stated at the inquest that he had been three-quarters of an hour in the water before he disappeared.

A sale and entertainment took place in the Town Hall, Warrenpoint, on Tuesday, under the auspices of the local Red Cross and Voluntary War Work Guild, the opening ceremony being performed by Lady Muriel Close, Drumbanagher Castle, Newry.

A lad named Michael O'Keefe, Lindsay Hill, Newry, lost his life while bathing in the Newry River. A gallant, but unsuccessful, attempt to rescue him was made by W. J. M'Crum, who also got into difficulties, and had to be rescued by a billposter named Geo. Hughes.

At the monthly meeting of Ballymena Urban Council Mr. Jas. N. Lament was unanimously elected a governor of the Ballymena Academy to represent the Council, in place of Mr. John M. Beaumont, solicitor, who has been appointed secretary to the Board of Governors.

An old man named Alex. King, a well-to-do farmer, has died at his residence, Outlacken, Newtownhamilton, from the effects of injuries which were inflicted on him by a bull belonging to him. The animal knocked the deceased down in a field and severely gored him.

Mr. Archibald Edward Dobbs, D.L., a former High Sheriff of County Antrim, died on Wednesday at his residence, Castle Dobbs, near Carrickfergus, in his seventy-ninth year. He was an ardent Unionist, and was keenly interested in charitable and philanthropic work.

The Newcastle (County Down) Urban Council have acceded to the request of Miss Gray, scoutmaster, that the local scouts and guides should be afforded an opportunity of attaining efficiency in fire brigade work, so that their services could be availed of in the event of a fire.

Robert Hollywood, street newsagent, Combermere Street, Belfast, whose sudden death has been declared to have been due to natural causes, left a will showing that he was the possessor of a considerable sum of money, in addition to extensive house property valued in thousands of pounds.

While boating near Portaferry pier a boy named Tweedie Tell overboard, and was almost exhausted by his struggles when a visitor to the place, Mr. Wm. Millar, Carlton Cafe, Belfast, pluckily jumped from the pier into deep water, caught the lad as he was sinking, and brought him in safely to land.

At a meeting of the Derry No. 1 Rural District Council the County Surveyor reported on the damage wrought by the recent torrential rains in the district. Apart from the injury to crops, houses, furniture, trees, cattle, sheep, &c., he reported that the damage done to roads and bridges amounted to 2,021.

At the meeting of the Lisburn Guardians the Local Government Board intimated that they were unable to sanction the proposal ot the Guardians to abolish the position of maternity nurse. It was pointed out that the nurse had only one case in two years, and the Guardians decided to adhere to their decision.

A report of Dr. Stephenson, Local Government Board Inspector, on the public health of Newry, stated that there had been seven cases of enteric fever in the town, and the outbreak was attributed to the consumption of ice-cream in Belfast, the disease developing in the first patient fourteen days after a visit to the city.

The 227th anniversary of the Relief of Derry is to be celebrated in the Maiden City tomorrow, the requisite permission for the customary procession having been obtained from the military authorities. The sermon at the Cathedral will be preached by the Lord Bishop of Derry and Raphoe (Right Rev. Dr. Peacocke).

Mr. Thos. Dunne, 47, Farnham Street, Belfast, has been elected a Fellow of the Royal Economic Society, London. Mr. Dunne is a past student of the Commerce Department of the Belfast Municipal Technical Institute, and has just now completed a course of study at the London School of Economics and Political Science (University of London).

The death occurred on Saturday of Mr. Arthur Thornton Farrell, a well-known Portadown solicitor. Deceased, who was sixty years of age, was a prominent member and officebearer in Thomas Street Methodist Church, Portadown. He was a staunch Unionist, and was ever ready to assist the local temperance organisations in the work in which they were engaged.

A fire occurred in the bleaching and finishing works at Muckamore, belonging to the York Street Flax-Spinning Co., early on Saturday morning, and resulted in the complete destruction of the building in which the finished linen and cloth were stored, the loss being estimated at many thousands of pounds. Two members of the Belfast Fire Brigade had narrow escapes owing to the sudden collapse of a wall.

At the monthly meeting of the General Committee of the Belfast branch of the Soldiers' and Sailors' Help Society, the report for the half-year showed the total expenditure to be as follows -- National Relief Fund, 5,674 16s 4d; general account, 29 3s 5d; special war fund, 436 16s 4d; leaving funds in the hands of the society on the 30th June, 1916 -- General Fund, 60 5s 7d; special war fund, 1,107 16s 3d.

At a special meeting of the Magherafelt Board of Guardians the House Committee reported that they had gone fully into the matter of the amalgamation of Cookstown Union with Magherafelt, and recommended the following scale of charges -- 8s per head per week for paupers in the body of the house; 10s for infirmary inmates, and 15s for patients in the Fever Hospital. The report was approved of.

The following committee has been appointed by Lurgan Town Council under the Naval and Military Pensions Act -- The chairman, vice-chairman, and Clerk of the Council: Mr. T. G. Menary, solicitor, Soldiers' and Sailors' Families Association; Mr. Wm. Cummins, Winders' and Weavers' Union; Miss M'Keown, Hemmers and Veiners; Mr. Wm. Greer, Soldiers' and Sailors' Help Society; and Mr. David M'Gibbon, representing other organisations.



Mr. Robert Smyth, Newmills, Dungannon, an elder of the local Presbyterian Church, passed peacefully away on the 4th inst. He had been in failing health for some time, and paralytic seizures hastened his end. He was seventy-seven years of age, and had long been a prominent man in the locality. To the Presbyterian public he may be best known as the father of Rev. T. A. Smyth, Belfast. But he was himself a man of marked individuality and ability, both physical and mental. And had he entered one of the learned professions he would, in all probability have risen to eminence. He had very considerably veterinary skill, which was freely placed at the service of his neighbours. While in politics he consistently supported the Unionist cause, he retained strongly the Liberal principles which he had early imbibed in his native County Derry. He was warmly attached to the Presbyterian Church, and on several occasions, in the absence of the minister, acceptably conducted the Sabbath service.








8th JULY, 1916


The Hon. Treasurer begs to acknowledge receipt of the following:--



Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Virtue, Helen's Bay 25 0 0
Mrs. J. D. Smith 5 5 0
Alderman James Craig, J.P. 5 5 0
John Cleland & Son, Ltd 5 5 0
The Lily L.O.L. No. 1602, per the W.M. 5 5 0
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Dudley 5 0 0
Mrs. Lamb, 55, Cliftonville Avenue 5 0 0
John Workman 5 0 0
Miss Susan Moore, Derryvolgie Ave., per Mr. Graham, Ulster Bank 5 0 0
Mr. and Mrs. Hanna 3 0 0
Miss Syd. Dudley 2 10 0
Miss Ethel Dudley 2 10 0
Sir Crawford M'Cullagh 2 2 0
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Hume 2 2 0
H. L. Martin, Knock 2 2 0
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. B. Morrow, 7, Cliftonpark Avenue 2 2 0
Sec.-Lieut. R. S. Jackson, Donaghadee 2 0 0
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Gilpin 2 0 0
Miss Kamcke 2 0 0
Rev. Canon C. W. Frizell 2 0 0
Mrs. (Sherman Crawford, per Mrs. A. Morrison 2 0 0
Mr. Hazlett 2 0 0
Ardeen, Antrim Road 1 7 6
F. W. Moneypenny 1 1 0
David Clarke 1 1 0
Mrs. John Forbes, 72, Eglantine Av. 1 0 0
Councillor Edward Leathem 1 0 0
Mrs. R. D. M'Clure, Odense, Knock 1 0 0
Mr. and Mrs. James Wagner 1 0 0
Mrs. Hillen, 99, Bridge End 1 0 0
Saml. Stewart, Islandbawn, Cranmore 1 0 0
Mrs. A. B. White, 7, Hopefield Av. 1 0 0
Mrs. Frackleton, 3, Endsleigh Gdns. 1 0 0
Miss Frackleton, 3, Endsleigh Gdns. 1 0 0
Mr. and Mrs. R. L. M'Keown 1 0 0
Mrs. M'Clinton, Windsor Park 1 0 0
Per Lady Helper 732 1 0 0
Jas. M'Roberts, 308, Springfield Rd 1 0 0
F. F. Parker 1 0 0
A Few Girls -- Messrs, W. J. Jenkins & Co. 1 0 0
Mrs, J. C. Browne, Latharna, Jordanstown 1 0 0
Mrs. Kelly, 28, Canterbury Street 1 0 0
Mr. and Mrs. Kelly, Ardclinis, Waterloo Gardens 1 0 0
A Sympathiser, Joy Street 1 0 0
Mount Lyons Miss Lily Evatt 1 0 0
Per Miss Henderson, Norwood Tower 0 13 0
Harbour Police, per E. H. Williamson 0 11 0
A. Coppel 0 10 0
Mrs. Timbey, Donaghadee 0 10 0
Miss H. Frackleton, 3, Endsleigh Gardens 0 10 0
J. H. Nesbitt 0 10 0
O. A. and N., Whitehead 0 10 0
T. G. Ward 0 10 0
Edward Browne, Latharna, Jordanstown 0 10 0
Mrs. Robinson, 140, Mountcollyer St. 0 10 0
Saml. M'Bride, per H. Whitaker 0 10 0
Mrs. M'Gregor 0 10 0
Miss M'Gregor 0 10 0
S. M. and S 0 10 0
Dr. M'Kenna, Forster Green Hospital 0 10 0
A. Jamison, B. Dept., Sandy Row 0 8 0
Sympathiser, 5 S.B 0 7 0
Wm. M'Cann, Taunton Avenue 0 5 0
Miss Alexander, 93, Malone Avenue 0 5 0
John Houston, 81, Manor Street 0 5 0
Rev. David Purves 0 5 0
A. M. P. and H. H 0 4 0
S. Ritchie 0 3 0
2s 6d each -- Miss M. Tedford, Donaghadee; Mrs. J. Wright, 91, Southwell Road, Bangor; Miss F. Entwhistle, 15, Atlantic Av.; A Friend, R. Garrett, Ltd.; Anon. 0 15 0
John Johnston 2s 3d, Miss Mundell 2s 1d 0 4 4
Miss M'Kellar 2s, Wm. Brew, 2s, M. Y. M. S. B. 2s, A. Turner 2s, W. J. Hamill 2, East Belfast 2s, R. Douglas 2s 0 14 0
H. F. Davy, 1s, Mr. Hynds 1s 0 2 0
130 9 4
St. James District, per W. H. Alexander, Esq.: --
Miss D. J. Anderson 1 0 0
Mrs. Wakeman 1 0 0
John Ferguson 1 0 0
120, Antrim Road 0 11 0
Mrs. Saunderson 0 10 0
R. V. S. 5s, Jas. Holmes 5s, F. B. and L. D. 5s 0 15 0
K. O. Thomson 3s 6d, 13, Shandon St. 3s 3d 0 6 9
Sympathiser 3s, Mrs. Ingram 3s 0 6 0
2s 6d each -- Friend, Mrs. Harris, Mrs. Burrows, Friend, M. Leckey, M. Greenfield, Mrs. Knight 0 17 6
2s each -- Mr. Todd, E. B. Cullen, G. W. Hall, Miss Stevenson 0 8 0
1s 1d -- W. E. M'Clure 0 1 1
1s each -- A. B. Lavelle, W. Colville, M. Weatherup, E. M. Reid, jun.; M. Coburn, D. Cooke, E. J. Oakman, H. Keenan, Mrs. Colgan 0 9 0
6d each -- Mrs. Brooks, F. Collins, E. S. M'Dowell, Mrs. Dolan, Mr. Butterfield, Mr. Curry, Mr. Page 0 3 6
3d each -- Alberta, Mrs. Ferris 0 0 6
Anonymous Contributors 15 16 1
Glandore District, per James Miskimmin, Esq.:--
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Gibson 1 1 0
Mrs. Platt-Higgins 1 0 0
W. Godwin 1 0 0
Hackney 0 10 0
James Dalzell 0 10 0
S. M. Bailey 0 10 0
T. Moore 0 10 0
A. M. A. 0 10 0
5s each -- H. Russell, T. C. Hind, Rev. J. B. and Miss Macartney, Mrs. Marshall, J. R. Moore, Miss E. Freeman, Mrs. Holden 1 15 0
J. Knowles 3s 6d, W. Bell 3s 0 6 0
2s 6d each -- H. W. S., Jas. Hamilton, E. A. S., D. Sinton, Mr. Coulter, Miss Campbell 0 15 0
2s each -- Mrs. Davison, A. E. Moore, Mr. Musson, J. S. H. T. Harrison, Scottish Protestant, Mrs. Beatty, W. E. M'Cammond; Mr. Tully 1s 6d 0 17 6
1s each -- Mr. Hyndman, K. K., Mr. Symington, C. P. H., Mr. Scott, A. Thompson, T. J. H 0 7 0
6d each -- W. A. Mackenzie, W. E. Ward 0 1 0
Anonymous Contributors 21 13
Hemsworth Street No. 3, per W. J. Griffiths --
J. Stephens 2s 6d, H. J. Ritchie 2s 6d, J. J. B. 2s 0 7 0
Anonymous Contributors 5 17 9
Per Francis Wilson:--
Carrick House, per J. M'Clatchey 2 2 1
Samuel M'Bride 0 10 0
Mrs. E. Quirey 0 10 0
2s 6d each -- R. Coates, Mrs. D Lynch, Mr. Wilson 0 7 6
2s each -- Mr. Gribbon, Mrs. R. Hughes 0 4 0
1s each -- A. M'Aleese, P. MacGuire, G. R. Morris, W. J. Mitchell, M. Warwick 0 5 0
S. J. Clarke, 6d 0 0 6
Anonymous Contributors 8 13
Baden-Powell Station, per S. Waring and R. Park --
Miss Walker 0 10 0
Arthur Chapman 0 10 0
Miss J. Bashford 0 10 0
Miss M. Rankin 0 6 6
W. J. Hamilton 5s, Miss Clinton 4s, G. Riley 2s 6d, A. Houston 2s 6d, M. Hutchinson 2s 6d, W. Cairns 2s 6d, M. Wright 1s 8d, Mrs. M'Dowell 1s 1 1 8
Anonymous Contributors 11 19 10
Greencastle, per Miss Luney --
E. Coey 0 10 0
M. Luney 5s, F. Luney 5s, A. Henry 2s 6d, J. J. Law 2s, M. Fleming 1s 6d 0 16 0
Anonymous Contributors 1 2 4
Whitehouse, per Miss Dace --
Mr. Hamilton 0 17 6
Mr. and Miss Dunwoody 5s, D. Montgomery 2s 6d, Mrs. Percy 2s, Sirs. Neill 1s 3d, Mrs. M'Kelvey 1s, Mrs. Gilpin 1s, Mrs. Anderson 1s, J. Mitchell 1s 0 13 9
Anonymous Contributors Greencastle, per Stewart Finlay 0 11 0
Greencastle, per Master Elliott --
B. Smith 5s, Anon. Contributors 14s 6d 0 19 6
Per Messrs. Jas. M'Gaughey and R. J. Haffern--
W. Macpin 0 10 0
Mrs. J. M'Gladery 0 10 0
H. M'Veigh 5s, Mrs. Hollywood 5s, G. Fisher 2s 6d, Mrs. Martin 2s, S. M'Cleery 2s, Mrs. James Is, Fred Bryson 1s 0 18 6
Anonymous Contributors 9 17 0
Tennent Street District, per Robert Tougher--
M. Campbell 1 0 0
Mr. L. Greer 1 0 0
Andrew Irwin 0 10 0
J. Moore 3s, Mrs. M'Ferran 2s 8d, Mrs. Shaw 2s 6d, C. Brown 2s 6d, J. M'Cann 2s 6d, Mr. Stewart 2s, Mr. Elliott 2s, J. P. O'Boyle 1s, J. Kilpatrick 1s 0 19 2
Anonymous Contributors 12 7 11
Berlin Street District, per Arthur Martin--
Jas. Apperson 5s 1d, J. Holmes 2s, Mr. Sterrett 1s 2d, A. E. Homer 1s 0 9 3
Anonymous Contributors 6 7 4
Cliftonpark Station, per R. B. Andrews --
Miss Woods 1 0 0
T. Lodder 0 10 0
Mrs. Kelly 0 10 0
5s each -- Jas. Leathem, Mr. Farquharson, Mrs. Marshall 0 15 0
Mrs. Jackson 4s 6d, S. Reid 3s 0 7 6
2s each -- A. Hamilton, G. and E., A. M. Smyth 0 6 0
1s each -- Mrs. Crozier, A. Taylor, A. Morrison, D. Keenan, F. Colvin, J. K. Liggett, Friend 0 7 0
6d each -- Mrs. Black, Friend 0 1 0
Anonymous Contributors 13 16 6
County Courthouse Station, per Thos. Mitchell --
Masonic Lodge 378 0 10 0
Wm. Morrow 0 10 0
5s each -- J. S. Buick, W. M. Spence 0 10 0
2s 6d each -- Mrs. Armstrong, Mr. Skelly 0 5 0
2s each -- Alex, and Dot, S. Wyley 0 4 0
1s 1d -- J. Purcell 0 1 1
1s each -- A. Arbuthnot, Mrs. Collins, Mrs. Nealey, Mr. Taylor, Mr. Johnston, Mrs. Nelson, Mr. Peden, "Linenlapper" 0 8 0
Anonymous Contributors 13 5 1
Mr. and Mrs. Symington 0 10 0
Mrs. Close 4s, Mrs. J. Currie 4s, Mrs. Neill 2s 6d, W. Burns 1s, J. H. Savage 1s 0 12 6
Anonymous Contributors 9 19 6
174 19 9
Less Amount Transferred to West Belfast 5 0 0
169 19 9
W. K. Gibson 3 3 0
W. H. Alexander 3 3 0
B. Isaacs 2 2 0
178 7 9
John M'C. Loewenthal, Elberon, Marlboro' Park 25 0 0
J. A. and W. A. Lindsay 10 10 0
5th Belfast Company B.P. Girl Guides (May Street Church), per Mr. John Williamson and Miss Irwin 7 8 6
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Finlay, 90, Eglantine Avenue 5 0 0
Jas. Tedford & Co., 5, Donegall Quay 5 0 0
Mr. and Mrs. Rea 5 0 0
Mr. and Mrs. Latimer, 37, Wellington Park 5 0 0
J. J. Wilson, J.P., 1, Eileen Gdns., Windsor Park 5 0 0
A. H. Glendinning, Sans Souci Pk. 5 0 0
H. Hanna 3 3 0
Mrs. E. A. Spiller, Latharna, Wellington Park 3 0 0
F. C. Smyth, M.D., West Elmwood 2 2 0
J. M. Spiller, Latharna, Wellington Park 2 0 0
C. Witherow, Great Victoria Street 2 0 0
John Hunter, 22, Windsor Park 2 0 0
Miss Kennedy 2 0 0
Mrs. Harding, 83, Wellington Pk. 2 0 0
Miss G. M. Kyle, 87, Wellington Pk. 2 0 0
"Montgomery," 120, Eglantine Ave. 1 10 0
Hugh Campbell 1 5 0
Prof. Savory, 25, Eglantine Ave. 1 1 0
Mrs. F. and Miss M'Dowell, Windsor Park 1 1 0
Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Turnbull, 78, Eglantine Avenue 1 1 0
Mrs. J. Stephens, Sans Souci Park 1 1 0
A. Gordon 1 1 0
W. R. Hurley, 82, University Road 1 1 0
Annie Wilson 1 1 0
Mrs. Forbes, 72, Eglantine Ave. 1 0 0
J. S. F. 1 0 0
Mrs. E. Bailey, Windsor Avenue 1 0 0
Robert Reid 1 0 0
Fred Davis, 39, Adelaide Park 1 0 0
Mrs. Clarke 1 0 0
"St. Hilda" 1 0 0
Mr. and Mrs. R. Finlay, 66, Eglantine Avenue 1 0 0
"Duncan" 1 0 0
Mr. and Mrs. Barnett Steen, 92, Eglantine Avenue 1 0 0
Mrs. Purdon and Mrs. Meek 1 0 0
Miss Neill 1 0 0
Mrs. W. Leitch 1 0 0
Miss Reid 1 0 0
Miss Victoria Reid 1 0 0
Ernest J. Travers 1 0 0
Miss E. Steele 1 0 0
Fred Clarke 1 0 0
Joseph Cassels, per Mrs. W. A Smyth 1 0 0
Mr. Simpson 0 14 0
Thos. Macaulay & Co.'s Workers 0 12 6
James Sprott, 40, Adelaide Park 0 10 6
Miss L. Stewart 0 10 0
Miss Balmer, Calabar, Malone Ave 0 10 0
Mrs. Hall 0 10 0
John Sinclair 0 10 0
H. G. Emerson 0 10 0
E. H. Anderson, 28, Stranmill1s Gds. 0 10 0
Miss Hughes, 1, Eglantine Place 0 10 0
G.F.S. Diocesan Lodge 0 10 0
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Dickson 0 10 0
A Friend 0 10 0
Rev. Chas. Davey, B.A., 17, Wellington Park 0 10 0
Mrs. Boyd Campbell 0 10 0
Dr. W. Monypeny, Shaftesbury Sq. 0 10 0
Mrs. Stanley Coates, Shaftesbury Square 0 10 0
St. Nicholas L.O.L. 782, per Miss Lennox 0 10 0
William Mitchell 0 10 0
A. Hall 0 10 0
Miss Irene Emerson 0 10 0
W. A. Cochrane 0 10 0
J. J. Milliken, Church Lane 0 10 0
J. M. Agnew 0 10 0
The Twins 0 8 0
A Friend 0 7 6
Mrs. Bodel, 3, Malone Avenue 0 7 0
9, Melrose Street 0 6 0
J. Berry 0 6 0
R. E. Crawford 0 5 0
5s each -- M'S., Mrs. I. J. H., S. T., G. Steed, Mr. and Mrs. G. O. Kelly, Wm. Leckey, Mrs. W. Graham, J. Gerard, Arthur Yoxall, W. J. Uprichard, Mrs. Espie, D. S. Kerr, John Ireland, Mrs. C. H. Sloane, A Friend, A. E. C., Mrs. Halliday, Mr. Adams, Geo. Semple, M. K. B., G. W. Keith, Mrs. Greer, Ardrey & Co., John Walsh, J. L. Lynas, J. Neill, Mrs. Gardiner, Thos H. M'Kinstry, Hugh N. Simms 7 5 0
4s 6d each -- Albion, Ltd., Thank-offering for Boy Safe in Hospital 0 9 0
4s each -- Little Dorothy Boomer, Mrs. Matthews, Annie Nesbitt, W. R. Gill 0 16 0
3s 6d each -- Miss Lynd, Jas. Wallace, Mrs. Smith, M. Bruce, Mrs. Park 0 17 6
3s each -- 8, Mountcharles, J. A. Hamilton, Mrs. Flanagan, L. Maltman, The Misses O'Connor, The Misses Hodgson, Miss J. Martin, Joseph M'Anally, E. Briggs 1 7 0
2s 6d each -- 11, Adelaide Avenue, 17, Adelaide Avenue, 30, Ashley Avenue, 14, Eblana Street, 24, Ormeau Road, Wm. M'Candless, M. H. Cunningham, T. W. Reynolds, Mrs. Gallagher, Mrs. J. C. Steen, Geo. W. Shaw, S. H., Mrs. H. Blair Dale, W. N. Cross, W. T. Haslett, S. Parkinson, J. M. H., Joan Douglas, S. Lynass, An U.U., Charles Stewart, H. Cowan, J. Maxwell, James Black, Norman Patterson, J. Trevor M'Connell, E. J. H., C. T., M. Moore, Mrs. Ellson, Mrs. Bell, Mrs. Chapman, Mrs. N. H. Davey, Thomas Ferguson, E. H., T. J. Wilson, W. J. Galbraith, Mrs. R. Gordon, Mrs. A. Carr, Mrs. Weir, R. White, Ormeau Ferry, Geo. Mohan, Friends, S. Diplock, Mrs. S. Stafford, A. Sharkey, Mrs. Ward, J. H. Lunn, Miss Mitchell, Mrs. M'Cadden, Mrs. Napier, R. Crawford, W. J. Crawford, S. Hobson, M. Gray, Wm. M'Grew, Mrs. A. Watson, A. M'Gamick, International Hotel, Victoria H.S. Works, Miss J. Hicks, M'Cullough & White, Mrs. M'Millan, and J. J. M'Reynolds 8 2 6
2s each -- J. Callaghan, Jane Ramsey, John T. Nesbitt, Nightingale Home, Jas. Cassels, E. H., A. J. Collis, L. A., W. J. Gilmore, Jas. Adams, Mrs. M. Stuart, W. C. Wilson, Mrs. Wallace, Mr. Aikin, Wm. Cassidy, J. G. Doherty, Mrs. Hall, J. Nelson, Jas. Irwin. J. H. Dalzell, R. A. Morgan, J. B. M'Nally, T. Diamond, John M'Greedy, J. Johnston, Wm. J. Diplock, Mrs. Todd, Charles C. Stewart, Mr. Gamble, Mrs. Carroll, Mrs. E. M'Coy; Mr. Russell, "No Surrender," H. Hunter, C. H., Croskery Bros., J. Cohen, Mr. M'Neilly, Mrs. Orchin, Miss Worcester, Miss E. Paxton, Mrs. Adamson, W. M., A. Boomer, Geo. Hawthorne, The Kidds, R. Stewart, Mrs. Johnston, "Brannen," Mrs. Browne, W. and S. Teasey, Mrs. Goold, Robert Dalzell, John Bell, J. M'Keag, C. R. Meek, Thompson & Co., 54, Eglantine Avenue, 35, Salisbury Street, M. M'Neill 6 0 0
1s 6d each – H. Murray, Mrs. Smyth, T. Spence, Mrs. Burrows, Mrs. Maxwell, M'Manus, Miss P. Wel1s, R. M'Cracken, J. Martin, Mrs. M'Parlin, Jas. Duncan 0 16 6
1s each – 57, Wellesley Avenue, 6, Cussick St., Willie Lindsay, Mr. M'Mullan, A. Bisset, Mrs. Munce, A Friend, E. A. B., Mrs. Shannon, Mrs. Hunter, J. M. H., Edith, R. Button, Mrs. M'Roberts, A Friend, Maria M'Mullan, J. T. Morrison, J. Semple, E. Wales, Mrs. Laird, E. M'Kechine, W. B. White, Mrs. A. Verner, J. Morrow, J. Taylor, S. J. Henderson, W. Dougan, Robt. Brown, "Lado," S. Millar, Mrs. Glass, James Clements, Edward Haughey, John Martin, W. Bailie, Mrs. O'Connell, Harry Martin, Geo. Jones, J. Whiteside, Mrs. Dempster, Mr. Gray, Mr. Stringer, Mr. Hewitt, Mrs. Carse, Mr. Forrester, Miss Mateer, G. Cochrane, C. P., 161, Mrs. M'Knight, H. Hodgen, J. R., James Scott, W. M. Mc., Albion Stores, Mr. Gardner, "No Surrender," Mrs. Vernon, Mrs. Whitten, C. Nicholas, D. Lyons, Mr. and Mrs. Gibson, Mrs. Coote, Mrs. Conn, "No Surrender," H. Loner, James Ferguson, V. Laverty, Mrs. Lawton, J. Wicklow, Wm. Hume, John Miligan, J. Jess, J. Rea, G. Nesbitt, Wm. Coleman, Mrs. Lynn, J. Godfrey, Alex. Johnston, J. M'Kee, Mrs. Conn, J. M'Kenna, Mrs. Darragh, J. B., Miss M. Haughey, Lonely Mother, W. Shane, L. M'Ginley, W. Hughes, R. Davidson, A True Blue, L. Wilson, John Johnston, Baby Breathwait, M. Moore, L. M'Lellan, W. J. Cowan 4 17 0
Subscriptions received from Anonymous Contributors – House to-House Collection .. 225 2 11½
392 5 11½
Additional Envelopes 0 4 6
392 10
Less Amount Transferred to West Belfast 5 0 0
387 10
Bob Rice 2 2 0
Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Miller, Merriott, Bloomfield 2 0 0
Mr. and Mrs. W. Jamison, Hawthornden 2 0 0
G. E. 2 0 0
W. O. Johnston, 221, Woodstock Rd. 1 1 0
J. H. Drennan, 233, York Street 1 1 0
G. Frazer 1 1 0
A. Wilson, 137, York Road 1 1 0
Wm. H. Snoddy 1 0 0
D. Jameson 1 0 0
T. Wilson 1 0 0
Wm. Walsh, Donlure, 127, Upper Newtownards Road 1 0 0
Miss Farrell, Spokane, Knock 1 0 0
J. Kennedy, 9, Boyle Street 1 0 0
Geo. Cuming 1 0 0
– Simms, 28, Ponsonby Avenue 1 0 0
Thos. H. Watson, 103, Castlereagh Road 1 0 0
Maggie T. Todd, 11, Delhi Street, "In Memory of an Ulster Volunteer" 1 0 0
Anzac 1 0 0
O. L., Ballynafeigh 0 17 0
John W. Knox 0 10 6
James Crombie 0 10 6
–– –– –– 0 10 0
Mrs. Woodside 0 10 0
Mr. Cunningham, 1sabella Street 0 10 0
H. Stewart 0 10 0
B. M'K. 0 10 0
Lawson Ure M'Cluskey 0 10 0
W. J. M'Cluskey 0 10 0
J. Thompson 0 10 0
W. Barriskill 0 10 0
J. Barriskill 0 10 0
–– –– –– 0 10 0
Garrett Family 0 10 0
Fred Hogg 0 10 0
Mrs. Gray, Knockdene Park 0 10 0
M. Brown 0 10 0
Thos. Mahaffy, 61, Burnraki Street 0 10 0
D. M'Master 0 8 0
W. Hadden 0 8 0
C. Kelly, E. Steele, G. Shaw 0 6
5s each – 6621, Betty Hume, T. A. Smith, M. Warren, Alex. Galbraith, Mrs. Houston, Blythewood, M. M'Kibben, Miss Malrony, Carl and Denis Beck, Roselawn, Cregagh; S, M'Dowell, Jas. Gibson, M. Watson, The Mount; – M'Mullen, 17, Newington Avenue; J. King, J. M'Dowell, Coomassie Villas, Bloomfield; Mrs. C. W. S. Drean, – Wright, 15, Moyola Street; M. Martin, James Cowie, Knock; T. W., W. M'Murtry, D. Crossan, John, 44, Castlereagh Street; T. H. Adams, T. Lawler, Ambi and Rees, Knock; 39, Jennymount Terrace; Wilson, Mi's. Gribben, W. J. Lynch, Ravenhill Avenue ; D. Ell1s, Mrs. Curbs, Tom Hall, J. and L. Clarke, Mrs. M. M"Murray, R. Winter, Thistle Street 9 5 0
4s 6d – J. Magowan 0 4 6
4s each – Courtney, Mrs. J. Lutton, Cyprus Gardens, Mrs. Weir, 3, Clara Crescent; G. Greig 1 0 0
3s 9d – J. Fullerton 0 3 9
3s 6d each – J. Stewart, Mrs. Nicholl; 31, Canning Street; Mr. Whatmore, Lorna, J. Brownlow, 2, Pansy Street 1 1 0
3s each – Mrs. Heaney, A Friend, Morton, Mrs. J. H. Keown, Mrs. Hamilton, W. B., W. Sloan, Mrs. Dunbar, Lawther Place; Saml. Ruddell, Mrs. Thos. Campbell, 1, Willowfield Drive; Jas. M'Keen, Mrs. Gilmore, "Go on the Blues," Cissie Archer, Mrs. Beattie, 65, Haypark Avenue; Handforth, M. J. Luke 2 11 0
2s 6d each – 14355, A Friend, M. Galway, Mrs. Hammerton, Mrs. Gardiner, 12, Jocelyn Avenue; A. Morr1s, Sister Susie, Wm. Geary, W. and M. Owens, Shields, Wm. Johnston, Robert Patterson, John Dornan, Mrs. Heaney, Beersbridge Road; Mrs. Rice, Mrs. Storey, ––––– , J. Bell, Crystal Street; Mrs. Mackey, A Friend. E.H., Mrs. W. A. Rea, T. H. Milligan, Wandsworth Road, Knock; Thomas Houston, "No Surrender," W. J. Moore, Mrs. Geo. Lee, Reid, Mrs. J. Connor, A Friend, M. M'Creight, A. Gair, James Sloan, 11, Fernwood St.; Miss Irvine, G. Bullymont, J. N. Milne, Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Bruce, 45, Raby Street; Thos. Porter, S. and E. M. Kelly, 245, Albertbridge Road; G. W. Campbell, A. Taylor, Alice Walsh, M. Morrison, Mrs. Gibb, J. Kidd, Upper Meadow Street; Weilding, J. Lowery, Miss E. Morgan, T. Mills, Mrs. Agnew, 114, Upper Meadow Street; Mrs. Bryson, B. Johnston, Wm. J. Edmondson, Custom House; Wm. ––––, 12, Little Ship Street; Mrs. Wilson, W. O. Prig, S. Combes 7 5 0
2s 3d – B.D.L. 0 2 3
2s 1d – Master Leslie Thompson, 88, Dee Street 0 2 1
2s each – Saml. Milligan, Mrs. Crumlin, A.B.C., A.E.B., Mrs. Barkley, Ben Waterhouse, Jas. Ritchie, 31, Woodstock Road; Mrs. Curry, Mrs. Burns, Albertbridge Road; G. M'Conoughey, 94, Beersbridge Road; N.O.P.Q., Gortmerron, Mrs. J. Leitch, –––-, W. Maclean, T. M'G., Mr. Johnston, 19, Clara Crescent; Mr. R. Orr, Mr. M'Gahey, 19, Clara Crescent; E. Crowe, Mrs. M'Caw, A. Warnock – Remember the Boyne; Samuel M'Cullough, Mrs. Black, ––––, A Friend, R. Brown, Samuel M'Dowell, Mrs. Currie, Boston, C.R., A Sympathiser, Mrs. Young, Mr. J. Taylor, Norman Wilson, Miss Woods, 83, Warmer Street; D.S.P., A Friend, A. Wolsey, M. M'Clean, Mrs. Parke, Mrs. M'Dowell, G. B. Patterson, Mrs. Kerr, 23, Ship St.; W. Grant, Mrs. M'Roberts, J. Donaldson, Miss M. Irwin, Mrs. Boyd, Orangeman, 47, Spencer Street; Mrs. D. Wilson, Two Friends 5 4 0
1s 6d each – Mrs. Blakely, Mrs. M. Gordon, A Friend,, E. Johnston, J. and M. Taylor, Mrs. Perry, Mrs. Murphy, Soldier's Mother, A Friend, J. Halliday, 1, Grove Terrace; M. Boyd 0 16 6
1s 3d each – H. S. M. Hutchinson 0 1 3
1s 1d – A. Gordon 0 1 1
1s each – A. Kennedy, Mrs. Warburton, 196, Epworth St.; Y.C.V., W. Boyd, Mr. Holmes, H. Gordon, J. M'Clafferty, Wm. John All1ster, Widow's Mite, T. Wilson, S. Hill, Mrs. Davidson, 9, Pearl Street; J. M'C., C. Neill, Laura Davidson, Mrs. M'Guiggan, W. Boyd, G. Black, Victoria Terrace; A. Stewart, Lynwood, A Well Wisher, 8th. Battalion, Mrs. Molloy, R. R. Reid, J.F., J. Johnston, 130, Woodstock Road; Mrs. Brown, 16, Malcolm Street; Mrs. Cleland, 43, Spring Street; R. Johnston Geo. Stewart, H. Ferguson, T. Macartney, M. Adams, Wilson Chas. Bedford, Miss Gill, D.K., Mrs. Bell, Mrs. Magee, I.G., – Roddie, Mrs. Ramage, A.M., Mr. S. Press, G. Houston, Mrs. Skimmon, 20, Isoline Street; Mrs. Brown, J.A.G., Mrs. Todd, Three Little Boys, Mrs. Robb K.K., D. Shannon, 56, Clandeboye Street; Mrs. M. Donegan, Alexander Conn, A Sirocco Worker, R. W. Leslie, E. A. Burns, Jos. M'Lean, L. Smith, Victoria Phelan, A Friend, W.T., W.H., J.M., Mrs. Argue, Wm. Glover, C. A. Darcus, O.J. Reid, Sinn Fein, Friend, P. Hammel, 106, Deramore Ave.; Wm. M'Avoy, Primrose Street; Mrs. Houston, Miss N. M'Bride, Baillie, Carsonite, Nellie Warnock, J. Armstrong, E. Barry, Mrs. Nixon, Wm. J. Little, 23, Solway Street; M. M'Intosh, Anon., John Gardiner, Mr. Frank O'Neill, Mrs. Hughes 6, Khartoum Street; A.G.M., Saml. Bailie, Mrs. M'Cluskey, Mr. Scott, S. Wylie, Mrs. M'Marron, Annie M'All1ster, Master G. Hamill, S. Mackenzie, Mrs. Leitch, Ellie Neill, Annie Young, Mrs. Spence, Miss Vernon, R. Barns, R. Patterson, Mrs. Keel, E. Rowley, A. Boyd, M.F.W., Mrs. Glendinning 5 12 0
9d – M. M'Candless 0 0 9
6d each – A. M'C., Mrs. A. Davis, Mrs. Blackwood, J.C., – Hill, M. Brown, H. Toom, Rebecca Blanchflowerd, J. Grinlay, J.M.K., J.F.M., J. Kennedy, J. Walker, Mrs. Herriott, T. M'Gowan, J.W., Mrs. Gamble, Geo. M'Coll, J. Blundell, S. Adams, J. May Wilson, J. Sloan, 24, Glendower Street; Andrew Cleland, Baby Roy, L. A. Yaw, M. Thompson, M. M'Kee, J. G. Morrow, Eva Brown, M. Evans, S. Heslip, S. Brown, Thompson, Friend, L. M'Dowell, Mrs. Boyd, The Drift; Pollock, Jas. Shanks, Mrs. Schopp, Mrs. T, Martin, G. Girvan, Mrs. Healey, Mrs. Marsden, Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Vance, Mrs. A. Scott, 71, 1sland Street; S. Black, M. Elney, Mrs. L, Kirk, 28, Ardilaun Street; T. Kirk, Mrs. Boyle, M. Brown, Mrs. Stockton 1 6 6
71 12
Anonymous Contributions 213 0
285 1 1
David Morton 1 0 0
286 1 1
S. B. Quin 10 10 0
West Belfast Medical and Nursing Corps, per Lady Kennedy 10 0 0
Collection by "Billy," West Belfast Collecting Dog 3 8 0
Dr. J. H. Whitaker (London) 3 3 0
Young Ladies' Sewing Guild, Bank Buildings, per Miss Henry 2 2 0
H. E, S. 2 0 0
"Brit1sh Legal" 1 10 0
Miss Whitaker, Antrim House 1 1 0
Miss B. Whitaker, Antrim House 1 1 0
Miss F. H. Whitaker, Antrim House 1 1 0
St. Michael's Mothers' Union 1 0 0
Mrs. Macnaughton 1 0 0
Wm. Graham 0 10 0
H. Morrison 0 10 0
Jas. M'Mullen, 328, Shankill Road 0 10 0
Mrs. Galway 0 6 0
5s each – Joseph Steenson, William Watson, John Williams, F. Carleton, 6, Hugo Street; J. B., Marris (?), Joseph Coulter, A Friend, Mrs. Steenson, J. M'C. 2 5 0
4s 3d – Staff of Alex. Dickson & Sons, Ltd. 0 4 3
4s – A Friend 0 4 0
3s – "Ulster Scot" 0 3 0
2s 6d each – A Friend, – Westhrope, A. M'Bride, Dr. M'Connell, E. R. Oldham, J. Courtney & Co., J. R. W. M'Cullagh, A. Irvine, Jas. M'Cann, Ales. Agnew, "A Sympathiser," J. M'Lorie, S. M. 1 12 6
2s 1d – Suffern, Percy Street 0 2 1
2s each – Clokey, W. J. E., T. Thomson, M. C 0 8 0
1s 10d – J. Agnew 0 1 10
1s 9d – Wm. Marshall 0 1 9
1s 8d – "Sympathisers" 0 1 8
1s 6d each – Isa Templeton, Mrs. Blakeley, 22 Ninth Street 0 3 0
1s each – John Ashcroft, S. Marks, John Maxwell, 28, Warkworth Street; Mrs. Milliken, D. Barrow, James Shaw, J. Neill, – Wright, R. R., David Wilson, – Bradley, – Raynor, John K. Burke, Thos. M'Morran, Mrs. Sloan C. W. S., A Friend, Mrs. Walker, M. J. McCartney, R. M'Crudden, G. M'Cann, Mrs. Jefferson, John M'Kee, – M'Quoid Mrs. Montgomery 1 5 0
46 4 1
Anonymous Contributors 35 14 8
81 18 9
Transferred from North Belfast 5 0 0
Transferred from South Belfast 5 0 0
91 18 9
Sale of Flags 9 16 8
J. H. Peden 1 0 0
D. T 1 0 0
Cooleen 0 14 0
H. J. Beggs 0 10 0
T. Graham 0 10 0
J. A. 0 10 0
Rev. W. D. M'Murray 0 10 0
M. M'Cullough 0 7 0
5s each – A. Forster, Mrs. Robinson, W. B. Mossley, K. C., Mrs. J. M'Calmont, J. Cortmell, J. Johnston, A. Greer, S. M'Fadden, Jordanstown, R. Miskimmon 2 15 0
4s – R. Cassells 0 4 0
3s 6d – A. Boyd. 0 3 6
3s 1d – G. Drennan 0 3 1
3s – Mr. Smith 0 3 0
2s 6d each – J. Tolland, J. Bolt, Mr. Fraser, W. Bell, M. Higgins 0 12 6
Anonymous Contributors 19 9 10
38 8 6
Newtownards Camp, per Miss Jackson and Miss Gourley 2 1 8
Clandeboye Camp, per Miss Jackson and Miss Gourley 3 9 2
North Derry Women's Union1st Association, Coleraine Division, per Mrs. Smyth and Mrs. Edwards 86 9 1
Belfast 729 3 1
See List for Details
1,933 18 9
Hon. Treasurer
Old Town Hall, Belfast




We regret to announce the death of Mr, William M'Loughlin, of Kilmacaran, Shercock, Co. Cavan, who passed away on 4th inst., at the advanced age of eighty-five years. The deceased, who was a successful farmer, will be much missed in the district in which he resided. He was respected and highly-esteemed by all who knew him. All through his long life he bore a fine Christian character. He was a life-long member of Shercock Presbyterian Church, of which he was an elder for over forty years. He was deeply interested in the affairs of the church. He was widely read, and always kept himself in touch with current events, in which he took a deep interest. His wife pre-deceased him a little over a year ago. He leaves a family of four sons and live daughters to mourn his loss, all of whom are in Australia except the youngest son and daughter.

The funeral, which took place on the 6th inst., was large and representative of all classes, being an expression of the regard and esteem in which the deceased was held. The chief mourners were Messrs. Henry M'Loughlin (son), Hubert William White (son-in-law), John Burns, John P. Eakin, George Forsythe, Joseph Wilson, James M'Loughlin, William M'Loughlin (relatives). Rev. F. Moore held a brief service at the house before the remains were removed to Shercock Presbyterian Church burying-ground, and again at the grave. In the course of his remarks he referred to, the useful life of the deceased, the high esteem in which he was held by all who knew him, and how much he would be missed by the congregation with which he had been so long connected.



News has been received by his parents in Bellaghy that Lance-Corporal Harold M'Crea, Australian Infantry, eldest son of Rev. Thos. M'Crea, Presbyterian minister, was severely wounded by a shell in the fighting of July 19. His right foot lias been amputated, but he has so far recovered as to be removed to Wilson War Hospital, Reading. He served in Gallipoli and Egypt before going to France.



At a meeting held yesterday in the City Hall -- the Lady Mayoress (Lady M'Cullagh) presiding -- it was announced that, after defraying expenses, a sum of 2,009 15s 6d bad been realised at the recent fete at Belfast Castle grounds in aid of the British Red Cross Society and the fund for providing comforts for Belgian soldiers.


Six Lives Lost.

It is officially reported that at 3-15 on Wednesday morning a series of Zeppelin raids occurred almost simultaneously at various points on the North-East Coast of England and the South-East Coast of Scotland. Antiaircraft guns were used, and the Zeppelins retired. They did no military damage, but killed six persons and injured seventeen. The damage to property was very slight.



At daybreak yesterday, under heavy fire, an attack was carried out by British naval aeroplanes upon an enemy airship shed at Evere, near Brussels. The objective was successfully bombarded from a height of 200 feet, and eight bombs were observed to hit the shed. Heavy columns of white smoke were seen to issue. Our machines returned safely.



During the past week the German submarines have been very busy in the North Sea, where a considerable number of trawlers were sunk, fortunately without any loss of life, while in the Mediterranean several steamers have been torpedoed, and in one case a number of passengers were drowned. Several vessels chased near the Spanish coast succeeded in escaping.



Mrs. Vance, Riverside, Antrim, daughter of the Moderator of the General Assembly (Right Rev. Dr. West), has received the following telegram from Mrs. C. C. Craig, wife of the member for South Antrim:-- "Captain Craig writes me to tell you he has been in the same hospital as Mr. Vance, who is wounded in the head, but doing well. I am so very glad of this wonderful news for you. Captain Craig and Mr. Vance are not now in the same hospital, but you will, of course, in time hear from your husband." Lieutenant Ezekiel Vance, who was previously reported killed in action, is a son of the late Mr. William Vance, merchant, Antrim. He was educated at the Royal Belfast Academical Institution, and before the war was in the estate agency business with Mr. H. D. M. Barton, of The Bush.



A party of thirteen officers and thirty-nine men from the Ulster Division -- one officer and three men from each battalion -- arrived in Belfast yesterday from the front to assist in a recruiting campaign over the North of Ireland, so as to enable the division to maintain its territorial character. The men, who looked in splendid condition, were accorded a hearty welcome on their arrival at the Great Northern Railway terminus.



The following particulars are specially prepared for "The Witness" by Messrs. Rayner & Co., registered patent agents, of 5, Chancery Lane, London, who will give all assistance and advice quite free to any of our readers on all matters relating to patents and inventions, trade marks, or designs -- 5427. Soda-water fountains, &c. V. Gargano, 7, Grosvenor Road, Belfast. -- An aerated-water machine, &c., comprises an aerating-chamber and alined outlet, gas, water, and exhaust valves which are operable by tappets on a spindle, so that by moving a single handle a supply of running water, or one or more glasses of water, or of aerated water, can be drawn from a common outlet. The aerator is in communication with an outlet pipe to which gas from a bottle may be supplied through the valve. A snifting-pipe in connection with the space above the water-level in the aerator is arranged in the pipe. Full copies of the specification can be obtained from Messrs. Rayner & Co. at the price of 1s.


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The Witness - Friday, 18 August 1916


BROWN -- August 16th, at his residence, The Hill, Ballylintagh, Annahilt, Hillsborough, William, the beloved husband of Margaret Brown, in his ninety-first year. His remains will be removed for interment in the family burying-ground, Cargycreevy, on Saturday, 13th inst., at ten o clock. Friends will please accept this intimation. MARGARET BROWN.

BEATTY -- August 13, at Ledlie Villa, Coalisland, Thomas Herbert, aged eleven years, youngest and dearly-beloved son of Christopher and Annie Beattie.

CREANEY -- August 13, at his residence, Deer Park, Lurgan, Thomas, dearly-beloved husband of Sophia Louisa Creaney, aged sixty-nine years.

CRUDDEN -- August 14, at her friend's residence, 15, Victoria Terrace, Castlereagh Street, Jane, relict of the late William Crudden, of County Tyrone, aged seventy-nine years.

GIBSON -- August 16, at his residence, 3, Devonshire Villas, North Parade, Belfast, Robert Gibson, J.P.

HAZELTON -- August 11, at Dromore Road, Banbridge, Adelaide, widow of the late Abraham Hazleton, Banbridge.

JAMISON -- August 13, at her son's residence, Ogle's Grove, Hillsborough, Margaret, relict of the late Thomas Jamison.

LENNON -- August 15, at his residence, Ballylaggan, Thomas, second son of the late Nathaniel and Henrietta Lennon.

LEES -- August 12, at Broadstone, Dorset, May, wife of Donald H. Lees, I.C.S., and daughter of the late Rev. Thomas Cooper, of Portstewart.

LOUDEN -- August 12, at a Private Nursing Home, Barbara Anna, the beloved wife of James Louden, Shore Street, Donaghadee, youngest daughter of the late B. R. Dixon, Magherafelt.

MACKENZIE -- August 10, at her residence, Loy House, Cookstown, Jane, sister of the late John Mackenzie, M.A.

MacKILLIP -- August 13, at her home, Victoria High School, Londonderry, Mary MacKillip.

MALCOMSON -- August 10 (suddenly), at Cargycroy, Lisburn, Sarah, the beloved wife of Samuel Malcomson.

MITCHELL -- August 13, at her residence, Ballykelly, County Derry, Martha, dearly-beloved wife of Matthew Mitchell, and second daughter of the late John Schoales, Scribley. Letterkenny, County Donegal.

MORROW -- August 11, at the Gas Works, Hillsborough, Mary, widow of the late James Ervine Morrow, 51, Cavehill Road, Belfast.

M'ELROY -- August 12, at the Royal Hotel, Howth, Henry M'Elroy, manager of the Provincial Bank, Kilkenny.

NEWMAN -- August 11, at 4, Adelaide Place, Sheffield, Elizabeth Jane, widow of the late Rev. George Newman.

ORR -- August, 15, at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast, Joseph Orr, ex-Sergeant R.I.C., Donaghadee, dearly-beloved husband of Margaret Orr.

RANKIN -- August 10, at Cloughorr House, Portrush, Rose Anne, the beloved wife of John Rankin.

TEDFORD -- August 16, at 1, Belmont Road, Strandtown, William, third son of the late William Tedford.

VERNER -- August 12, at a London Nursing Home, after a long illness, bravely borne, Harry Felix Verner, of Carlton Hill, N.W., and of Churchill, Moy, Co. Armagh, aged forty-nine years.

VINYCOMB -- August 5, at Sherbrooke, Quebec, Andrew, fifth son of John Vinycomb, M.R.I.A., late of Holywood, Co. Down.

WALKER -- August 12, at his parents' residence, The Green House, Dunmurry, William D. ("Wee Willie"), youngest and dearly-beloved son of John and Nellie Walker.

WALKER -- August 14, 1916, at 2 Mount Royal, Stranmillis Road, Anna M., wife of Herbert Walker, 73, Hamilton Road, Bangor.

YOUNG -- August 15, at his parents' residence, Loughmuck, Omagh, Thomas, aged seventeen years, youngest and dearly-beloved son of Thomas and Elizabeth Young.

Killed in Action

DUNWOODY -- Second-Lieutenant H. Henderson Dunwoody, 9th Royal Irish Fusiliers, youngest, son of Mr. Robert Dunwoody, Holywood Road, Belfast, was killed in action on the 31st July, 1916.

In Memoriam

WRIGHT -- In loving memory of my dear husband, Samuel Wright, who fell asleep in Jesus, August 19, 1915, and was interred in the family burying-ground, Caledon. Gone, but not forgotten. MARY E. WRIGHT.



Alderman C. A. Hanson, Unionist, has been returned unopposed for the Bodmin Division.

General Smuts is suffering from a severe attack of malarial fever in German East Africa.

Just over 5,700 War Savings Associations have now been established, 623 of which were formed last week.

One of the towers of Beverley Minster was struck by lightning on Tuesday, serious damage being caused.

Sir Horace Plunkett is suffering from the effects of accidental burning while undergoing treatment by the X-rays.

Three mild cases of bubonic plague are reported from Bristol. The medical officer of health said he thought it possible that an infected rat which had been found was deliberately infected.

Rev. H. O. Spinks, who was attached to the Lancashire Regiment as chaplain, has been killed at the front while in the performance of his duties. The reverend gentleman had been vicar of St. Clement's, Toxteth Park, Liverpool, since 1912.

Viscount French reviewed a large number of troops on the Parade Ground, Dublin, on Tuesday, and several different regiments took part in the march past. In the afternoon Viscount French formally opened the new Y.M.C.A. marquee at an artillery camp.

At Middlesbrough two Chinese firemen were each sentenced to sixteen weeks' imprisonment for attempting to export opium. The charge was in respect of 6lb. of opium, which was worth 27s per lb. Counsel said that if it had reached China it would have fetched ten times that sum.

As a result of a collision at Bletchley Junction on the London and North-Western Railway between the down express from London and some coaches on the line, a soldier was killed, and the driver and fireman of the express, in addition to a number of passengers were injured.

A sad boating fatality occurred at Sutton, County Dublin, on Sabbath evening. A boat capsized by a squall, resulting in the drowning of Mr. and Mrs. Doyle, of Sutton, and Mrs. Penman, of Dublin. Mr. and Mrs. Doyle leave three children, and Mrs. Penman leaves a child.

There have been over 6,000 victims of the infantile paralysis epidemic in New York and nearly 1,400 fatalities. Adults have also suffered. Mrs. Frank G. Page, daughter-in-law of the U.S. Ambassador in London, who was married only two months ago, died from the complaint on Saturday.

The Greek liner Eleftherea, while on a voyage from Salonica to Volo, with 1,200 passengers on board, consisting chiefly of demobilised men of the Greek Army, caught fire, and forty persons were killed and many injured by the blowing up of the boilers. The vessel was run aground.

At an inquest at Liverpool on Augustus Turtle (71), it was stated that he was very reticent as to his birthplace, but it was believed he came from Ardglass, County Down. He had lodged at Edge Hill for years, but it was not known if he had any relatives. Deceased, who had died suddenly in the street, had almost 400 saved.


District-Inspector T. J. Oates, R.I.C., has been transferred, to Ballymoney from the depot, in room of District-Inspector P. T. B. Brown.

At the annual meeting of-the Irish Association of Gas Managers Mr. A. S. Brook, of Lisburn, was elected president for next year, when the conference will be held in Belfast.

Miss Kathleen Burke, of the Scottish Women's Hospital, who recently made a tour of the Western front, was the first woman to enter Verdun since its evacuation by the civil population.

At Portrush on Wednesday twelve proprietors of local boarding houses were each fined 2s 6d and costs for failing to require persons staying at their houses to register under the Aliens' Restriction Order.

The Derry Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday received a deputation from the Glasgow Corporation, and passed a resolution approving of the objects of the British Industries Fair in 1917 at Glasgow, and promising hearty co-operation.

A "Utility Fair," held in Montalto Demesne, Ballynahinch, in aid of wounded and disabled soldiers, and which was organised by the Countess of Clanwilliam, was opened by Lady M'Cullagh, Lady Mayoress of Belfast, and proved a great success.

At the monthly meeting of the Coleraine Harbour Board the Harbour Master reported that nineteen steamers bad arrived during the month, representing a net registered tonnage of 1,744 tons. During the same period of last year there were twenty-three steamers, of 1,822 tons.

Dr. J. P. M'Ginley was elected dispensary medical officer by the Letterkenny Guardians by 21 votes to 13 for Dr. W. N, Walker. Mr. J. E. Sweeney, in proposing Dr. M'Ginley, said that although 90 per cent, of the inhabitants were Catholics, out of four medical officerships not even one of them was held by a Catholic.

At the meeting of the Newry Board of Guardians Dr. Francis P. M'Dermott, medical officer of the Donaghmore dispensary district, was granted leave to join the R.A.M.C., and Dr. Thomas Cronin, of Newry, was appointed his locum tenens at four guineas per week, subject to the approval of the Local Government Board.

At Coleraine on Monday a deputation of the subscribers waited upon Mr. Robert Lemon, of Belfast, and made him a presentation dt 80 and the vellum certificate and silver medal of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution in recognition of his gallantry on the occasion of the wreck of the ss. Corsewell at the entrance to the River Bann.

On Sabbath afternoon four men -- James Connor, Michael Shea, Denis M'Gillycuddy, and Thomas Currane, all of Waterville -- were drowned in Ballinskelligs Bay, near Waterville, by the capsizing of their boat in a rough sea and gale of wind. Connor, Shea, and M'Gillycuddy were married, and their widows are sisters.

The municipal baths at Warrenpoint last week established a new record in summer bathing, the receipts from Monday, the 7th, to Sabbath, the 13th inst., being 63 8s fid. The best previous week was as far back as the hot summer of 1911, when the receipts for the week beginning on the 14th and ending on the 20th August totalled 63 2s 5d.

At the monthly meeting of the Newry No. 2 (Armagh) Rural District Council, Dr. Irvine. Mountnorris, reported a case of cerebro-spinal meningitis in Carrickgologly, near Balleek. He stated that a case of the same disease was reported to him on 9th June last as having occurred about one mile from the present case, but he could not find that there was any direct intercourse between the two families.

In the course of a letter to the promoters of a Hibernian demonstration at Ballybofey, County Donegal, Mr. Joseph Devlin, M.P., wrote:-- Perhaps it is not the least amongst the results achieved by the Irish party that at a time when every other country is subject to conscription, Ireland is the one country in which military service is purely voluntary, and to which conscription does not apply.

At the monthly meeting of the Holywood Urban Council Councillor John K. Stephens wrote informing them that as he had received e commission in the Royal Engineers he would therefore beg to offer his resignation as a member of the Board Councillor Fee proposed a motion of regret at 'Mr. Stephens' departure, and wishing him success in his new career. This was passed unanimously.

According to "Stubbs' Weekly Gazette," the failures in the United Kingdom, including registered deeds of arrangement, for week ending 12th August, 1916, were 50 (England and Wales 44, Ireland 2, Scotland 4), against 71 (England and Wales 62, Ireland 1, Scotland 8), for corresponding week last year, decrease 21. Total for the thirty-two weeks to date 2,251 (England and Wales 2,933, Ireland 188, Scotland 315), for the corresponding period of last year, decrease 1,185.



Successful Provincial Meetings.

At a meeting held at Portrush under the presidency of Miss Hamilton, chairman of the Urban Council, in support of the Ulster Volunteer Force Patriotic Fund,

Sir Robert Liddell explained the origin and aims of the fund, and said the promoters now aimed at 100,000, and already 40,000 had been received. There were serving from Ulster 60,000 men, and he was not going to stop his work until he had at least 60,000 subscribers. (Applause.)

Captain Watt moved, and Mr. Jas. M'Farlane (vice-chairman of the Urban Council) seconded a resolution, which was passed, commending the fund to the support of every patriotic citizen, and declaring a subscription list open.

Rev. J. S. Pyper, B.A., moved that the following be appointed a local committee, with power to add to their number, to carry out the objects of the fund -- Miss Hamilton, Captain. F. H. Watt, Messrs. J. G. M. Morris, F. Audinwood, John Campbell, A. Graham, W. J. Farren, W. J. Morrow, F. M'Farlane, H. Hamilton, Robert Hart Maze, A. C. Scott, and H. A. G. Black. He said the fund should appeal to every right-thinking man and woman throughout the whole province of Ulster. Speaking as the representative of the Presbyterian community, he could assure the promoters that they would do all they could to help it.

Rev. R. Kirkpatrick, B.A. (curate of Holy Trinity Church), seconded the resolution, which was supported by the Hon. Malcolm Macnaghten, who said that he hoped the fund would become such as would enable them to provide for every Ulsterman who had gone out to serve King and country.

The resolution was passed.

A public meeting was held in the Dufferin Hall, Bangor, on Friday evening, to organise an effort for raising a contribution from the town to the U.V.F. Patriotic Fund. Mr. John M'Meekan, J.P., chairman of the Urban District Council, who presided, said they hoped to raise a contribution of 1,000 at the very least, but judging from the response already made he believed it would be nearer 2,000. (Applause.)

Colonel R. G. Sharman-Crawford, D.L., M.P., in proposing a resolution advancing the claims of the fund to the generous support of the townspeople, said they did not look on this as a charitable scheme, but rather as a tribute to the men. (Applause.)

Rev. W. J. Currie, B.A., First Bangor Presbyterian Church, seconded the resolution Heaven forbid, he said, that they should use the word "charity" in connection with the men who had helped to deliver them and to preserve their possessions from the vile hands of the Huns. It was part of the ransom of their freedom and their brotherhood; part of the debt they had incurred in sending their men to be bruised and broken for them. That debt they must in honour discharge in a fitting way. (Applause.)

The resolution was carried unanimously

Rev. J. A. Carey, M.A., rector of the parish, moved a resolution setting out the method by which the money should be raised, and emphasised the necessity for the fund and the need for generous support.

Rev. John Linahan seconded, and the resolution was adopted.

The Town Clerk, Mr. Jas. Milliken, wa appointed honorary secretary for the local fund, and Mr. Robert Logan, of the Belfast Bank, honorary treasurer.

A committee was appointed to make a house-to-house collection, and the list was opened for subscriptions. Nearly 300 was promised by those present, in addition to an initial contribution by Miss Connor of 50.



Examination on the Assembly's Programme, 1915-1916.

The following are the names of the children who, as certified by the examiners, have repeated the Shorter Catechism from beginning to end without a mistake, and without any assistance whatsoever, and have, therefore, received prizes and diplomas, in the Presbyteries of


BALLYBOLEY N.S. -- Madge Murphy, Maggie M'Cutcheon, Lizzie Hamilton, Maggie Thompson, Elizabeth Brown.

MILLISLE N.S. -- John Boyle, Harold S. Jackson, Hugh Cecil Reid, Mary Shanks. Nine prizes.


MOY N.S. -- Ella Henry, Ida Johnston, Annie Menary, Lizzie Millar, Lydia Millar, Ella Harper.

HAMILTONSBAWN N.S. -- Nan Compston, Lena Hutchinson, Lizzie Hooks, Agnes Allen, Lillie Allen, Willie H. MacLaughlin, Milton Hooks. Thirteen Prizes.


BAILIEBOROUGH MODEL N.S. -- Rebecca Gilmore, Mabel Smyth, Vera M'Elwaine, Lillian Smyth, Pearlie White.

CARRICKGORMAN N.S. -- Lillian Smyth, Maud Millar. Seven prizes.


M'KELVEY'S GROVE N.S. -- Maggie M'Cully, Jane Eliza Martin, Eliza Martin, Robert Montgomery, Wm. Jas. Hanna, Andrew Hall, George Fee, James Hughes. Eight prizes.


BELFAST MODEL N.S. -- Boys -- David Alexander, James Agnew, Wm. Smyth, Alexander Williamson, Harry M'Neilly, Jack Monteith, Alex. M'Clenaghan, Henry Graham, William Hunter, Bertie Smith, Samuel Taggart, Howard Abernethy, David Craig, James Hutchinson, Norman Stewart, W. Gowdy, Dave Skilling, Saml. G. Goligher, Herbert B. M'Connell. Girls -- Isa Tullock, Kathleen Clarke, Ethel Harbison, Joan Crothers, Cynthia Bell, Agnes Lynn, Maggie Davison, Emma Dobson, Frances Buchanan, Ruby Thompson, Lily Pritchard, Rachel Preston, Mary Aiken, Florrie Meeke, Edith Bell, Peggy Smith, Jennie M'Keown, Emma M'Ilveen, Mollie Buchanan, Pearl Buchanan, Nellie Meeke, Isa Smith, Florrie Bell, Elsie Barr, Lily Cassells, Maggie Brown, Essie Brown, Jennie Taggart, Jessie M'Carthy, Harriet Woods, Jennie Hillis, Sadie Black, Evelyn M'Clelland, Lily Karr, Gertie Gibson, Ruby Munn, Kathleen Kirkwood, Adelaide M'Leod, Mollie Coleman, Lily Buchanan, Marjory Hillis.

CLIFTON STREET N.S. -- Willie Hanvill, Rachel Sloan, Francis Finlay, Maggie Crowther, Lizzie Affleck, James M'Kee, Samuel Cromie.

JOHNSTON MEMORIAL N.S. -- Sarah Eason, Sarah Blair, Agnes Robinson, Minnie Laughlin.

CURRIE GIRLS' (NEWINGTON) N.S. -- Lillie Rea, Cissie M'Bride, Annie Livingstone, Gertie Crangle, Kathleen Kenny, Lillie Irvine, Camilla Brecke, Cassie M'Neice.

VICTORIA HOMES N.S. -- Mary Bell, Eva Smith.

WHITEWELL N.S. -- Madge H. Gilmour, Berta Stevenson, Isabella M'Ilroy, Emily Patterson, Eileen Graham, Mary Mulholland, John Miller, James Gordon, Alexander Gilmour. Ninety prizes.


NEWTOWNCROMMELIN N.S. -- Thos. M'Burney, John Preston, James Gillan, Mary Kelly, Mary Swann, Maggie M'Kee.

CLINTY N.S. -- Margaret Montgomery.

TEESHAN N.S. -- Mary Crabbe, Matilda Logan.

MULINDREEN N.S. -- Mary M'Bride.

LEYMORE N.S. -- Maggie N. Wilkinson, Agnes Gaston, Ella May Thompson.

CREAVERY N.S. -- Robert Wilson, Robert Gault, Robert M'Clenaghan, William Millar, Agnes Gault, Sarah Gault, Mary Fletcher, Jeannie Millar. Elizabeth Barnett.

LISLUNAN N.S. -- William Kelly, Jeannie Ireland, Wm. Brown.

CLATTERYKNOWES N.S. -- Sarah Farquhar.

HAZLEBANK N.S. -- Wm. Crookshanks, John Millar, Aggie Kennedy, Esther Millar.

GALGORM GIRLS' N.S. -- Molly Lorimer, Robina Gilmour, Nellie Lamont, Lizzie Moffett, Maggie Harvison.


ROCAVAN N.S. -- James S. Fleck, Maggie M'Neill, Jinnie Esler, Lizzie J. Fleck, Margaret Rea, Agnes Rea.

LOWTOWN N.S. -- Maggie J. Colvin.

LOWER TANNYBRAKE N.S. -- Jas. Hurrell, Jas. Johnston, Lizzie Wylie, Annie Wylie, Annie Andrews.

KILLYGORE N.S. -- Mary Eaton M'Neill, Bella Brown, Tilly Carson.

TULLYNAMULLEN N.S. -- Sarah Ninmon.

UPPER TANNYBRAKE N.S. -- Jeannie Adair.

AUGHAGASH N.S. -- James Wilson, Annie M'Mullan, Maggie Smyth, Joseph Sheriff.

CARNALBANA N.S. -- Maggie Alexander, Lizzie Magee, Hannah Rea.

CROSS N.S. -- Maybin Esler, William Fleck, Margretta M'Croary, Emily Esler, Annie Wharry. Sixty-five prizes.


TILDARG N.S. -- Maggie Knowles.

BALLYCARRY N.S. -- Susan Elizabeth M'Allister.

CAIRNCASTLE N.S. -- Martha Clements, Isabella M'Kay, Madge Todd. Five prizes.


COLERAINE GIRLS' MODEL N.S. -- Amy Love, Moira Henry, Minnie Wilson, Sarah Johnston, Violet Rankin. Six prizes.


TULLYCORE N.S. -- Jas. Fulton, Jas. Carse, William Cochrane.

BALLYMACASHON N.S. -- Sarah Thompson.

KILLINCHY N.S. -- Annie P. Finlay, Jennie Bailie.

CARRICKMANNON N.S. -- Harry Biggart, Andrew Wightman.

OLIVET (BALLYGOWAN) N.S. -- Hilda M'Bride, Henry Crawford, John Galbraith, Maggie Millar. Twelve prizes.


DROMORE WEST N.S. -- Kate Harte. One prize.


ERGANAGH N.S. -- Jean Campbell, Rebecca Boggs, Rachel Porter. Three prizes.


GRESTEEL N.S. -- Mary C. Thompson, Tillie Cochrane, John P. Burns, Bertie Harper. Four prizes.


GLENTIDALY N.S. -- Frances Arthur M'Nutt, Maggie Gallagher, Rebecca Gallagher. Three prizes.


MONAGHAN MODEL N.S. -- Louie Ross, Lily M'Crea, Lily Kinnear.

STONEBRIDGE N.S. -- William Mackarel.

SMITHBOROUGH N.S. -- Lizzie M'Quay, Hazel Gibson, Laura Gibson. Seven prizes.


DERRYCUGHAN N.S. -- Thomas Whiteside, Dolly Lyons, May Block.

SHEEPTOWN N.S. -- Carrie M'Gladdery, Maggie Pollock, Minnie Fullerton.

SANDYS STREET N.S. -- Jeannie Elliott, Ella Toase, Sarah Copeland, Robert Megaw.

SHINN N.S. -- Maud Ward, Annie Magill.

BESSBROOK N.S. -- Irene White, Minnie M'Knight. Fourteen prizes.


ARDAGH N.S. -- Isabel Marion Roulstone, Wm. Jack Lyons. Two prizes.


LANDHEAD N.S. -- Minnie M'Conaghy.

KNOCKAHOLLETT N.S. -- Lizzie Jane Kirkpatrick, May Taggart, Annie Gilmour.

CROAGHBEGG N.S. -- Wm. J. Brown, Bessie M'Killop, Bella M'Killop, Janie M'Gregor, Annie M'Guigan, W. M'Mullan Blair, W. J. Kane, Agnes Blair, Lizzie M'Intyre, S. J. Howard, James Donnelly, D. J. M'Conaghy, Alfred W. Wallace.

CULDUFF N.S. -- Minnie Warnock, Robert Wallace Gilmour.

ARMOY N.S. -- May Higgarty, Hannah Craig, Evelyn M'Kennon, Maggie Kerr, Sarah Ferguson, Mary Hill.

CARRONCRIN N.S. -- Mary K. M'Lernon, Barbara M'Queston. Twenty-seven prizes.


DUNEANE N.S. -- Agnes Stewart, Agnes M'Millan, Maggie Stewart, Tillie Boole, Emma Wolfenden.

BALLYROBIN N.S. -- Hugh Rankin, David Ashe, Agnes M'Adam, Margaret A. F. Wallace, Elizabeth M'Quillan.

BALLYHILL N.S. -- Aggie Thompson, Sarah Thompson, Jessie Thompson, Ena Fleming.

SECOND DONEGORE N.S. -- Jane Mawhinney, W. R. Coulter.

THE LAWTHER N.S. (Dunadry) -- Ena M'Adam, Susan Bell.

LADYHILL N.S. -- Eliza Warwick, Bella Moore, Bella Whyte.

STAFFORDSTOWN N.S. -- Dot Browne, Mary Hume, Tillie Watt, Maggie Watt. Twenty-five prizes.


Children in National schools of eighteen, that is, one-half of the thirty-six Presbyteries of the General Assembly, have successfully competed for the prize. The prize winners are more numerous this than any year since its institution, except in 1908, when there were 303 successful candidates, or two more than this year.

The roll of honour is as follows:-- Presbytery, Ards, prize winners, 9; Armagh, 13; Bailieborough, 7; Ballybay, 8; Belfast, 90; Ballymena, 65; Carrickfergus, 5; Coleraine, 6; Comber, 12; Connaught, 1; Donegal, 3; Glendermott, 4; Letterkenny, 3; Monaghan, 7; Newry, 14; Raphoe, 2; Route, 27; Templepatrick, 25 -- total, 301.

WM. Beatty, Convener.
August, 1916.


Two German seaplanes paid a visit to Dover on Saturday about noon, and in a stay of five minutes or so dropped four bombs before being driven off by anti-aircraft fire and aeroplanes. A few windows were broken, and one officer and six men were slightly injured.



Sincere regret will be felt at the death of Mr. Robert Gibson, J.P., Grand Secretary of the Belfast County Grand Lodge, Loyal Orange Institution, which occurred after a brief illness on Wednesday night at his residence, 4, Devonshire Villas, North Parade. A native of Belfast, the deceased was the eldest son of the late Mr. George Gibson, of Ulsterville Avenue, founder of the firm of George Gibson, & Company, linen merchants, 4, Linenhall Street. He was well known in connection with the staple industry, and carried on the business established by his father with ability and success practically up till the time of his death. From his youth he had been prominently identified with the Loyal Orange Institution, and in course of time he was elected Grand Secretary of the County Grand Lodge of Belfast, discharging the duties of that important office with efficiency and zeal. He was associated with the late Colonel Saunderson, Dr. Kane, Mr. William Johnston of Ballykilbeg, Dr. Hanna, and the other great leaders who have now passed away, and who, fought so finely against the separatist methods. After the great convention of Ulster Unionists, held in "The Plains," he was one of those chosen to represent the Ulster party at Hatfield House, where they were received by the late Marquis of Salisbury. He was a member of the Ulster Unionist Council, and was also associated with the Independent Order of Rechabites. A devoted member of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, the late Mr. Gibson was an elder in the College Square Church for many years when the late Dr. Gray was the minister, but later, when he went to reside in the Ballynafeigh District, he worshipped at the Cooke Centenary Presbyterian Church, of which Rev. Dr. Macmillan is minister, and held the position of secretary of the congregation. The deceased married in 1889 a daughter of the late Mr. George MacClean, of Crunnaght, County Antrim, and is survived by that lady and three sons, two of whom are at present serving their King and country. One of his sons, Second Lieutenant Albert H. Gibson, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, was killed in action on 1st July The utmost sympathy will be extended to the widow and family in their great bereavement. The funeral will take place or Saturday afternoon at 2-30 to the old Borough Cemetery.



At an intercessory service held in Hydepark Presbyterian Church, the Rev. J. D. Craig Houston gave a short address, in the course of which he emphasised the duty of Christian people praying not only for those who are occupying posts of danger at the front, but also for those who are passing through a not less trying ordeal of keeping lonely and anxious vigil at home. By way of enforcing his point of view he read an extract from a letter which a widowed mother had received from one of the three sons which she has in the battle line. "I do not really know," the writer says, "when I may get a run home. The fact of the matter is we are all too busy trying to crush the Huns to have a leave. What do you think of our lads? They fought as none others ever did, and carried the day, and made a name for themselves and for Ulster that will never die. I will remember the 1st July as long as I live. The only regrettable thing about it is that so many of them lost their lives. But do you know, mother, they are all proud to die for their country, and the only thing that grieves them is that when they do get knocked out it makes sore hearts at home. We often say to one another put here that it is a far greater pity of those at home. When I say those at home, I do not mean those termed slackers, for they do not deserve the name of men, but fathers and mothers and wives and sisters, because they have an anxious time thinking about us, while, as a rule, we take life pretty easily, and don't let anything worry us. For the first thing one learns on active service is not to trouble till trouble comes. For, as a chap told me one night when he and I were going up to a dangerous part of the line, he never worried, for if your name is on it you will get it."

[Note: I believe this letter to have been from William Fullerton who served with the Royal Irish Rifles to his mother Isabella Fullerton of Craigarogan. Eddie.]



We deeply regret to have to record the death of Mies Mary MacKillip, one of the principals of Victoria High School, Derry. She had been in failing health for a considerable time, and passed away on Sabbath at the Crawford Square residence. To the building up of Victoria High School, now one of the finest and most advanced educational establishments of its kind in Ireland, Miss Mary MacKillip gave the best part of her life. One of the early graduates of the Royal University of Ireland, her principal work in the school was the teaching of the Latin language, a subject for which she maintained an unwavering devotion. Unassuming in disposition, she was perhaps not so well known in public life as other principals of the school, but the numerous girls, past and present, who have the privilege of her tuition will remember with admiration and gratitude her unfailing interest and earnestness in her work. And as they were witnesses to the success of the united work of the principals of this distinguished school, they will realise all the more the loss of one who bore a name honoured in the educational world and was held in affectionate regard by all who know the principals and their work. The most heartfelt sympathy of the community as well as of past and present pupils will go out to the sisters in their great sorrow.



On Sabbath evening a memorial service was held at Ballyrashane Church for Sapper Chas. W. Martin, killed in action at Thiepval on 1st July, and for Trooper James Wright, wounded at La Boiselle on 22nd July -- subsequently dying at St. John's Military Hospital at Etaples on the 28th ult. The service was conducted by the Rev. James Dewar, Belfast, and the Rev. C. W. Hunter, minister pf Ballyrashane. There was a congregation of about four hundred, and the collection taken was on behalf of the wounded. After the benediction the congregation stood whilst Mr. Brodie, organist, played the "Dead March."



A charming wedding took place at Fisherwick Presbyterian Church, Malone Road, on Wednesday, when Lieutenant George Kirkland, 4th Machine-Gun Section Australian Imperial Forces, son of Mr. James Kirkland, manager of Messrs. John Arnett & Co., Ltd., was married to Miss May Calderwood, eldest daughter of Mr. John A. Calderwood, 248, Newtownards Road. The bridegroom was wounded twice during the Gallipoli campaign, and took part in the evacuation of the peninsula, while his present leave is the result of being wounded on July 1 in the fighting round Pozieres. The bride was given away by her father. The bridesmaids were Miss Bertha Calderwood, sister of the bride and Miss Daisy Kirkland, sister of the bridegroom. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Wm. Witherow, assisted by Rev. D. Tynan and Rev. Thomas M'Ilrath, cousin of the bride. The bridegroom was supported by Mr. James Kelso as best man. After the ceremony a reception was given at the Grand Central Hotel at which many guests were present. Later the happy couple left for Portrush, where they will spend their honeymoon.



Recruiting Campaign.


There was a large gathering at the front of the City Hall on Wednesday when the new recruiting campaign in connection with the Ulster Division was formally inaugurated.

Lieut. Cordner, Royal Irish Rifles (formerly assistant to Rev. John Pollock at St. Enoch's Church), said the Ulster Division went into action something like 20,000 strong, but today it was very far short of that number. Some of their boys were prisoners of war through no fault of their own; others occupied unnamed graves behind the battle line, but they all lived in hearts that loved them well, and they had helped to make Britain's story. He appealed to the strong young men of military age of whom there were many still in the country, to come in and fill the gaps that had been made in the ranks of their brothers. Let them say, "Here am I. Here is my life. I am willing to give that life for the land of my birth and the land of my father's grave." Some might say that that was too much to ask them to give. If he knew anything about the temper of Belfast, any easier appeal would not come home to them. The men of Belfast liked a strong appeal -- something that called to the best and noblest in their nature. They had already got a number of recruits, but they wanted many more. A gentleman who was a patriot had said to him, "But the cream has all gone." His reply I was "that even if that were true they could beat the Germans with the skimmed milk left." (Laughter and cheers.) There were some men who withheld on the ground that they did not like to do so because they had not done so up to now. It just required as much courage to go to-day as it did two years ago. There was then a certain amount of glamour about joining the Army; there was very little about it now. Two years ago it might have seemed pleasure; now it was business. Do not let bright prospects at home, or the wishes of their nearest and dearest, keep them from ging to the recruiting station. It was their duty. A Belfast gentleman who had a son at the front told him the other day that he would rather have his son a dead hero in France than a living slacker at home. (Cheers.)

Lieut. T. M. Bennet, 10th Royal Irish Rifles, said the lads at the front were having to do three times the work they need to because of those who were slacking at home. The Ulster Division was a Volunteer Division, and they did not want it filled with conscripts; yet there would possibly be conscription before Christmas if recruits did not come forward in greater numbers.

Lieut. E. F. Lepper, Royal Irish Rifles (North Belfast) said there were practically no men in the Division at present who were not from Ulster, and he hoped they would be able to maintain that reputation till the end of the war.

Company Sergt.-Major Magookin, D.C.M., said that both the Ulster Division and the other Irish regiments had fought splendidly, and he wanted to keep them filled with their own men from the Old Country.


Captain E. S. B. Hamilton, R.A.M.C., who has been gassed, but has sufficiently recovered to be able to write home, is a son of the Rev. R. W. Hamilton, of Railway Street Presbyterian Church, Lisburn. Capt. Hamilton, who is an old Campbellian and a graduate of Edinburgh University, was in practice in Manchester before the war. On joining the service for the war he was posted to the 45th. Field Ambulance, and was taken prisoner at Mons. After a somewhat prolonged detention in Germany he was released with a number of other medical officers.

Lieutenant Thomas D. Kingan, Royal Irish Rifles (County Down Volunteers), wounded, is the younger son of the late Mr. Samuel Kingan, D.L., of Glenganagh, Bangor, and a grandson of the late Mr. John Sinclair, of The Grove, Belfast. Before obtaining a commission he was a barrister in the North East Circuit. His wound is not serious.

Second-Lieutenant J. W. Shannon, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers (Derry Volunteers) officially reported missing and unofficially reported a prisoner of war, has sent the following communication to his father, Mr. John Shannon, Adelaide Avenue, Coleraine -- "Just a line to say that I am in hospital, as indicated on front of this card (at Wahn, Germany). I was knocked out by a shell, a large fragment of which penetrated my right leg, smashing the bones on both sides. I was picked up, after lying two days in the German trench, by the German soldiers, who carried me to the casualty station. I may say I have received every care and consideration from the German medical authorities, and I trust they will be able to save my leg.

Second-Lieutenant S. W. Maxwell, Royal Irish Rifles (East Belfast Volunteers), recently reported missing, believed killed, has written to his mother, Mrs. Agnes Maxwell, 30, Cliftonville Avenue, Belfast, as follows -- "Just a line to let you know I have decided to live in Germany for the remainder of the war. Am quite well, with the exception of a broken leg, which is being looked after and is doing very well." Second-Lieut. Maxwell, whose father, the late Mr. Samuel Maxwell, was for many years in the Sullatober Print and Dye Works, Carrickfergus, is well known in the tea trade in the city. He was a member of the Fortwilliam Battalion of the North Belfast Regiment, Ulster Volunteer Force, and took an interest in the Boys' Brigade movement, being an officer in the 14th (Cherryville Street Mission) Company.

Second-Lieutenant H. H. Dunwoody, Royal Irish Fusiliers, killed, was educated at Campbell College, Belfast, and then entered Queen's University as a student at civil engineering in which he had almost completed his course. For two years he was assistant master in Larne Grammar School. He joined the cadet corps in Queen's University, from which he received his commission in the Royal Irish Fusiliers (Ulster Division). In less than four months he was sent to the front. He was in the great push of the 1st July, 1916, and came out of it unscathed. After being engaged on patrol duty he was killed by a rifle bullet at a listening post in the front trench on the 31st July, 1916. His father, Mr. Robert Dunwoody, 92, Holywood Road, has received a letter of sympathy from the commanding officer, in which he says -- "Your son had only joined the battalion a short time. He was showing great keenness in his work, and had already been out on patrol under instructions, and done well, and he gave promise of becoming a good officer. My sympathy goes out to you in your sorrow. We laid him to rest in the little cemetery here, and his grave will be marked with a plain cross, with name and date and 'Killed in action.'"


At the August meeting of the Governing Body of the Central Presbyterian Association -- the president, Mr. John Sinclair, in the chair -- the general secretary, Mr. A. T. M'Clelland, reported that since the previous meeting news had been received of the deaths in action of four members of the association. The C.P.A. men who have recently fallen fighting for King and country are Second-Lieutenant H. H. Dunwoody, of the R.I.F., youngest son of Mr. Robert Dunwoody, Connsbrook Terrace, who is also an esteemed member of the association; Second-Lieutenant H. Corry Osborne, of the West Yorks, eldest son of Mr. Joseph Osborne, C.A., one of the honorary auditors of the association; Second-Lieutenant John Lecky, of the R.I.R., only child of the Rev. A. G. Lecky, B.A., Ballylennon; and Private T. G. M'Kinney, one of the Royal Fusiliers, only son of Mr. John T. M'Kinney, Sentry Hill, Carnmoney. The news of the death of Sergeant Alfred Owens, of the Machine Gun Corps, previously reported, had been officially confirmed. Thirteen of the 200 odd members of the association with the colours have made the supreme sacrifice. The President expressed the sympathy of the Governing Body and the entire membership of the association with the bereaved relatives, and the meeting approved of the secretary's action in sending letters of sympathy in the name of the association to the mourners.


Corporal J. H. A. Byrne, of the Royal Flying Corps, who early in the present year was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal, has now been decorated with the "Croix de Guerre" by the French Government in recognition of his heroic deed.

Corporal Byrne, who is to be heartily congratulated on this further decoration, is a native of Belfast, and is a brother of Mr. J. Edwards Byrne, of Royal Avenue, and Chichester Park.


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The Witness - Friday, 25 August 1916


M'CALMONT--MAWHINNEY -- August 16, at the residence of the bride, by special licence, by the Rev. David Steen, B.A., Hugh M'Calmont, Mullaghbuoy, to Mary, eldest daughter of William Mawhinney, Ballyprior, Islandmagee.

M'CAMMON--GRIFFITH -- July 31, at the British Legation Chapel, Peking, the Rev. James M'Cammon, M.A., Manchuria, to Ethel Lyndale Griffith, of the London Missionary Society, Peking, eldest daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Griffith, Weston-super-Mare. England.


TAYLOR -- August 23, at Banchory, N.B., Hugh Stowell, second son of Rev. D. A. Taylor, D.D., aged 33 years. Funeral strictly private.

BOYD -- August, 21, at Hurtletoot, Jane, relict of the late Robert Boyd.

BROWN -- August 19, at Tramore, Waterford, Mary Ann, relict of the late John Brown, Dalmeny House, Bangor.

FISHBOURNE -- August 16, at Mount Donard, Spa, Agnes, the beloved wife of William Fishbourne, Dromore Street, Ballynahinch.

GARDINER -- August 17, at 16, Bridge Street, Portadown, Mary A. Gardiner, the beloved wife of Thomas Gardiner.

GARRETT -- August 21, at Ballybuttle, Millisle, Henry Garrett, aged 68 years.

GETTY -- August 20, at his father's residence, 38, Fitzroy Avenue, Archibald (Archie), eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Getty.

JOHNSTON -- August 19, at his residence, Fourscore, Glenavy, William James, third son of the late Thomas Johnston.

JOHNSTON -- August 20, at Fort Hill, Carr, Lisburn, Elizabeth ("Lizzie"), the dearly-beloved sister of Wm. John Johnston, J.P.

KENNEDY -- August 22, at her residence, Hawthorn Cottage, Lurgan, Mary, eldest daughter of the late Edward Kennedy.

MILLAR -- August 19, at Innishargie, Kirkcubbin, Susanna Millar, aged 81 years.

MONTGOMERY -- June 17, at Timaru, New Zealand, Alexander Montgomery, son of the late Rev. Hugh Montgomery, Benburb, County Armagh, aged 76 years.

M'NARRY -- August 21, at her residence, Shore Street, Donaghadee, Agnes, widow of the late Henry M'Narry.

POTTER -- August 18, at his residence, Ards, Caledon, Thomas Potter.

ROBB -- August 21, at her residence, William Street, Newtownards, Elizabeth Robb, wife of the late Alexander Robb, The Dairy Farm, Ballyskeath, Newtownards.

ROOSTON -- August 19, at his residence, Greenview, Whiteabbey, George, the beloved husband of Grace Rooston.

STEEN -- August 15, at 22, The Drive, Ilford, Florence Ellen, wife of Dr. Ross Steen.

STEVEN -- August 17, at her residence, Ardnacoragh, Belfast, Rebecca, widow of the late John Steven, of Bay View, Sligo, and daughter of the late Captain Robertson, Abbey View, Boyle.

SYTHES -- August 22, at her father's residence, 71, Main Street, Cavan, Dorothy Emily, youngest daughter of Harry and the late Frances Sythes.

TROTTER -- At his residence, 31, Scotch Street, Armagh, W. F. Trotter, the dearly-beloved husband of M. M. Trotter.

WILSON -- August 17, at her father's residence, 20, Bow Street, Lisburn, Margaret (Madge), fifth and dearly-beloved daughter of William and the late Elizabeth Wilson.

Killed in Action

LIVINGSTON -- Killed by a shell in action, Sergeant Albert Hamilton, of the 4th Battalion A. I. Force, aged 22 years, third son of Hamilton J. Livingston, 13, Elmhurst Road, Bruce Grove, Tottenham, N. Deeply and deservedly mourned by his sorrowing Father, Mother, Brothers, and Sisters. He heard the call of the Motherland, and loyally responded.

In Memoriam

MAYBEN -- In loving memory of my dear father, who died August 25, 1914, and was interred in City Cemetery. A. HEARST.



The number of Germans decorated with the Iron Crops of the first-class (says the "Morning Post"), exceeds ten thousand.

For the Commonwealth War Loan the applications to date number 81,700 the amount subscribed being over 22,750,000.

A considerable part of the Marine Station Hotel, Bray, was destroyed by fire on Tuesday, the damage being estimated at 20,000.

By its sensible use of margarine the "Economist" calculates that the nation have saved in one year more than 20,000,000 on its butter bill.

Sir Horace Tover, who was official representative of Queensland in London from 1893 to 1909, died at the age of seventy-two at Brisbane.

Notice is given by the Dublin Post Office that the Sackville Hall, 16, Upper Sackville Street, Dublin, has been taken over temporarily as a General Post Office.

According to a Bremen telegram the owners of the submarine Deutschland announce that the vessel anchored off the mouth of the Weser on Wednesday afternoon. All on board well.

General Sir B. Duff, Commander-in-Chief in India, is coming to England to give evidence at the Mesopotamia inquiry, and General Sir C. C. Monro has been appointed to take his place.

A sailing boat was capsized on Sabbath in the estuary of the River Lune, ten miles from Lancaster, and seven men, nearly all related to each other, were drowned.

The Council of the Dublin Chamber of Commerce have decided on inviting the Irish Chambers of Commerce to hold a meeting in Dublin to discuss the question of trade after the war.

About 100 East Prussians have, according to the Berlin police, been arrested for frauds in connection with the supply of fodder, which they are said to have accumulated and sold at enormous prices.

A correspondent of the "Economist" declares that since the war Germany has managed to produce an artificial rubber at such a price as to compete successfully in the future with the natural product.

The first meeting of the Mesopotamia Commission was held on Monday at the House of Commons -- Lord G. Hamilton presiding. It was decided that the meetings of the body should be held in private.

Official messages regarding the hurricane in Jamaica show that the whole of the banana plants in the island have been destroyed. The loss of life was twelve. His Majesty has sent a message of sympathy.

In Parliamentary circles it is expected that a drastic revision of the pensions system, including the creation of a Control Board under the supervision of a Cabinet Minister, will be effected at an early date.

At Marlborough Street Police Court, London, Messrs. J. E. Taylor, Ltd., a West End firm, were fined 20 and ten guineas costs for applying the false description of "peat-smoked Irish bacon" to Canadian produce.

The number of War Savings Certificates sold during the week ending 5th August was 3,638,446, the highest total reached so far in a week. The aggregate sales to date are now 21,063,789. The sales in Ireland fell off by 7,589.

Cardinal Bourne has returned to London from a visit to the Grand Fleet, during which he gave a series of addresses to Roman Catholics on different ships at various bases, and on two Sundays celebrated mass for large congregations.

The London Metropolitan Special Constabulary have just forwarded a cheque for 100 to General J. A. Byrne, Inspector-General, Royal Irish Constabulary, for the benefit of the families of R.I.C. men who were killed during the recent rebellion.

An engagement is announced, says "The Times," between Captain Judge D'Arcy, R.N., fourth son of the late Major Francis D'Arcy., Indian Army, of Fermanagh, and Beryl Margaret Field, eldest daughter of the late Colonel Field, 15th Hussars.

A new Army Council instruction received in Birmingham states that aliens of Russian nationality may be accepted for service in the British army if classified by a medical Board in any category in which men of British nationality are being accepted for immediate service.

The Right Honourable John Henry, fourth Earl of Erne, K.P., of Crom Castle, New townbutler, Fermanagh, Grand Master of the Orangemen of Ireland, who died on 2nd Dec., 1914, aged seventy-five years, has left unsettled, estate of the value of 16,980 1s 5d, the net personalty being 5,701.

A Secretary of State or the Admiralty or the Army Council has been given powers under the Defence of the Realm Regulations to prohibit from coming to Ireland any person who is not a British subject, or who, being a British subject, has since March 1 come to the United Kingdom from abroad.

From Campbell Island, situated 200 miles south of the South Island of New Zealand, have enlisted in the New Zealand Reinforcements seven brothers -- and these the sole inhabitants of the island! For the past seven years they hav6 controlled a sheep station of 43,000 acres, carrying over 8,000 sheep.

Vice-Admiral Sir D. Sturdee and the officers and crews of H.M. ships Invincible, Inflexible, Carnarvon, Cornwall, Kent, and Glasgow, were in the Prize Court, London, awarded prize bounty amounting to 12,160 for the destruction of four Gorman warships in the battle of the Falkland Islands on December 8, 1914.

According to "Stubbs' Weekly Gazette," the failures in the United Kingdom, including Registered Deeds of arrangement, for week ending 19th August, 1916, were 45 (England and Wales 38, Ireland 3, Scotland 4), against 72 (England and Wales 61, Ireland 2, Scotland 9), for corresponding week last year -- decrease 27.

The King has approved the appointment of the Marquis of Crewe as President of the Board of Education, in succession to the Right Hon. A. Henderson, M.P. Mr. Henderson becomes Paymaster-General, in succession to Lord Newton, who has been appointed Assistant Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.

With a view to accelerating the output in ship-building yards in the Clyde and Scottish districts a scheme has been drawn up for the establishment of a local distributing committee, with power to ascertain where workmen are available for transfer and where they are required. The co-operation of shipbuilding firms and trade unions is sought.

The official announcement is made by the Furness Withy Steamship Company (Limited) that they have acquired a preponderating interest in the Prince Steamship Line. This most recent amalgamation still further extends the ramifications of the Furness Line in the world's shipping, and constitutes them certainly one of the largest shipowning concerns in the world.

The Most Rev. Joseph Ferguson Peacocke, D.D., formerly Archbishop of Dublin, who died on 26th May, left unsettled personal estate in the United Kingdom valued at 22,620, of which 13,187 is in England. He left to his wife the income of his residuary estate for life, and subject to her interest, among other legacies, 200 to the Hibernian Church Missionary Society.

A proclamation has been issued prohibiting all exports to Sweden other than those permitted by licence issued by the War Trades Council. Licences will be subject to a written guarantee by the Handels Kommission (War Trade Commission) and the importer must sign a declaration, stamped and approved by the Swedish Government, as to the destination of the imports.

Sir John Simon has handed in a notice of motion in the Commons recording the opinion that the Parliament to deal with social reconstruction after the war should be elected on a wide franchise exercised by men and women, and that the establishment of such a franchise should be passed during the war. It is understood that steps towards calling a Franchise Conference may be taken by the Government.

The subscriptions received by the Lord Mayor of London for the Lord Kitchener National Memorial Fund in aid of disabled officers and men have now reached the sum of over 243,000.

Lloyd's Ventry, Dingle Bay, agent says -- The steamer Quebra, of London, struck the rocks West of Big Blasket Island, and foundered. Thirty-four of the crew have been landed. The captain and two of the crew are missing in a small boat.

At the Enniscorthy market on Wednesday the very high price of 73s per cwt. (live weight), or about 99s per cwt. (dead), was paid for fat pigs. The market was an exceptionally large one, and a sum of over 4,000 was paid for pigs.

The Irish harvester's who have returned home, following the objection taken to them in some of the English harvest fields, are being picked up in the West of Ireland for munition works in Great Britain. A representative of one of the factories is touring the West at present in search of men. He is obtaining hundreds of labourers, including the harvesters.

Three bad Ulster cycling accidents are reported. Wm. Crozier, an elderly carpenter, is in Newry Hospital suffering from a fractured skull and punctured lung, caused by being thrown over the handlebars. Samuel Archer, contractor, Dungannon, is in the doctor's care, suffering from head injuries caused by a violent fall. Mr. S. J. Dodds, Rathfriland, who collided with a motor bicycle, sustained a fractured collar-bone.

The Committee appointed by the Government to consider the question of relay holidays for munition workers issued their report on Wednesday night. They recommended that in munition works and shipyards a week-end rest period should be given in mid-September. The Minister of Munitions, in view of paramount military considerations, has decided that the week-end should be Thursday, 28th September, to Sunday, 1st October.

The arrest of a sailor gave rise to much violence on Saturday afternoon in Dame Street, Dublin. Apprehended by three military foot policemen, he resisted them strenuously. A Royal Irish Fusilier interfered with the military police, and came to blows with them. In the end, the sailor, the soldier, and a woman who had been arrested as well, were brought to the Castle. During the affray, which lasted a quarter of an hour, both the military police and those who opposed them were bruised and cut.

The equestrian statue to the memory of Lord Roberts, erected on a commanding site at the flagstaff in Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow, was on Monday unveiled by the Countess Roberts, daughter of the late Field-Marshal. The ceremony took place in the presence of a distinguished company, who afterwards proceeded to the Art Galleries, where an address of appreciation of Lord Roberts was delivered by Lord Derby, Under-Secretary of State for War. Viscount French and General Sir Ian Hamilton also paid tributes to their old leader.

A new Defence of the Realm Regulation order that from September 1 motor spirit shall not be used for the purpose of charabancs or other like vehicles on any excursion or trip of any sort except trips in connection with ambulance or hospital work or the conveyance of wounded soldiers, trips in connection with naval, military, or munition service, or the conveyance of munition workers to or from their work, or trips which are certified by the chief officer of the police for the police area in which the motor spirit is used to be necessary or desirable in the interest's of the travelling public.


Lieutenant-Colonel Ross Acheson Smyth, of Ardmore, Drumahoe, Co. Londonderry, has been appointed Deputy-Lieutenant of the County of Londonderry.

A sad fatality occurred at the house of Mark Doherty, of Scriggan, near Dungiven, resulting in the death of his little daughter, who fell into a tub of water outside the door and was drowned.

Master Tom Elliot, Park Road, Dungannon, has established the creditable record of having attended Drumglass Boys' National School, Dungannon, daily for five years and ten months without being once absent.

Dr. Ewing, Strandtown, Belfast, has received 3 from the King in favour of Mrs. Crothers, Kensington Avenue, Strandtown, who recently gave birth to three children -- two boys and a girl. All three children are doing well.

When fishing for congers near Ardglass Harbour, Mr. John Cunningham hooked a monster skate, measuring eight feet from tip to tip of the wings. It weighed almost ten stone, and was got into the small boat with difficulty.

The Local Government Board have declined to sanction the appointment of Dr. J. P. M'Ginley as medical officer of Letterkenny dispensary district, on the ground that he is of military age; but the Guardians decided to adhere to their decision.

On Saturday the body of a farmer named John Connolly, forty, of Killark, Scotshouse, Clones, was found in Drumcor Lake, to which he had gone to fish on the previous day. The fishing rod was on the bank, the line cast, and a fish was attached to the hook in the water.

At the mid-monthly meeting of the Portadown Town Council it was decided to re-open the flax market, which had ceased to exist for some time. Mr. D. F. Bell, J.P., said the farmers of the district were anxious that a market should be established, as a great many of them were now growing flax.

There was a sensational rise in the price of butter in Cookstown market on Saturday, the very keen demand forcing the quotation up to 17d per lb., which is a record. Eggs also advanced 3d per dozen, and pork 2s per stone. There was no hay or straw, all surplus supplies of fodder having been acquired for the army.

When the grave of a family named [Wa------] at Glendermott, Derry, was opened the much decomposed body of a man fully dressed, but without a coffin, was found. The last interment known to the family was that of a child twelve years ago. The boots of the man were taken by the police, who are trying to solve the mystery.

Mr. John Dillon, M.P., writing to Derry A.O.H., claims that the Irish party has saved the national cause from great danger. Refusal of the Lloyd George proposals would have furnished the Government with a powerful argument in supporting the maintenance of martial law in Ireland, and would have strengthened Sir Edward Carson and the English Diehards in any fight against Home Rule in future.

The official figures supplied by the Local Government Boards in England, Scotland, and Ireland respectively show that on a given day in July Belfast had a lower rate of pauperism than any other district in the United Kingdom. The rate for Belfast was 76 per 1,000 of the estimated population as compared with 248 for the Dublin district, 282 for the Cork, Waterford, and Limerick district, and 132 for the Galway district.


Miss Martha O'Prey, daughter of Mr. D. O'Prey, a member of the Newtownards Urban District Council, has been accepted by the War Office for hospital service, and takes up her duties at First Westminster General Hospital, Liverpool, on the 29th inst.


Mrs. Shiels, Crossakea, Ballybay, will be most grateful for any news concerning her son, Private R. J. Shiels (No. 16.133), 9th Batt., R.I.F., Machine Gun Section, who is reported as missing since 1st July.



Provincial Support

At a meeting of the committee of the Ulster Volunteer Force Patriotic Fund, held in the City Hall -- Lieutenant-General Sir George Richardson, K.C.B., presiding -- trustees were appointed for the fund, and the meeting was adjourned with a view to ascertaining what steps the Government propose to take in regard to awarding pensions and supplemental grants.

At a public meeting held at Newtownards, Mr. T. R. Lavery, J.P., chairman of the Urban Council, who presided, said everyone knew that the men of Ulster had sacrificed themselves in the defence of those at home, and it was their duty to see that those wounded and disabled soldiers and sailors, and the widows, children, and other dependents of their gallant Volunteers killed in action should not be left wanting.

Sir Robert Liddell explained the object of the fund which was being raised, and said that should the funds permit the cases of other soldiers from Ulster would be sympathetically considered.

The resolution approving of the forming of a Newtownards and District Branch of the Fund was passed, on the proposition of Rev. Dr. William Wright, seconded by Mr. M. H. Walker, J.P.

On the motion of Mr. J. S. Moore, seconded by Mr. Thomas Drake, J.P., a committee was appointed to make a house-to-house canvass for subscriptions.

Rev. W. L. T. Whatham, A.B., R.D., moved a resolution expressive of their admiration for the devotion and gallantry of the officers and men of the Ulster Division, and of the sincere sympathy with the widows, mothers, and other relatives, with special application to those of the town and district. The resolution was seconded by Mr. Robert Edgar, and passed in silence, the audience standing.

A vote of thanks was passed to Sir Robt. Liddell for his presence and his kind explanation of the scheme.

Mr. M. H. Walker, J.P., was appointed hon, treasurer, and Mr. Hugh M'Cartney, Town Clerk, hon, secretary of the local branch.

During the course of the meeting a cheque for 100 in aid of the fund was received from Mr. Alex Dickson, Royal Nurseries, Newtownards.

At the intercessory service in the Presbyterian Church, Ballyroney, on 4th August, conducted by Rev. W. Morrow, B.A., Glastry, a there was a large attendance. The collection for the U.V.F. Patriotic Fund amounted to 109. Further subscriptions have since come in, bringing the amount up to almost 140, which will be forwarded to Sir R. Liddell in due time. The members of the congregation, both poor and rich, all joined enthusiastically in helping to make provision for our wounded Ulster soldiers and their dependents.



Honoured by the King.


Major John Dunwoodie Martin M'Callum, 8th Battalion Royal Irish Rifles (East Belfast Volunteers), has been appointed a Companion of the Distinguished Service Order in recognition of his gallantry and devotion to duty in the field on 1st July. This officer is the only son of the late Mr. John M'Callum, M.A., some time Head Inspector of National Schools and Financial Secretary to the Board of National Education, and Mrs. M'Callum, Ardenvohr, Windsor Avenue, Belfast. He was educated at the Royal Belfast Academical Institution, and at Queen's University, being a science scholar each of the three undergraduate years of the arts course. He graduated in 1907, and I was admitted a solicitor in 1910, subsequently practising at 7, Wellington Place. On the opening of the present war he was acting adjutant and instructor of the Belfast University Contingent of the Officers' Training Corps, He was appointed adjutant of the East Belfast Battalion, Ulster Division, on 3rd November, 1914, and held that position for a year, being promoted to the rank of major early in the present year. He was slightly wounded in the great attack of the Ulster Division on 1st July.

Captain W. A. Montgomery, Royal Irish Rifles (West Belfast Volunteers), who is at present in Belfast taking part in the Ulster Division recruiting campaign, has been appointed a Companion of the Distinguished Service Order in recognition of his gallantry and devotion to duty in the field on the memorable advance begun on 1st July. Capt. Montgomery, who is to be heartily congratulated on the distinction which has been conferred upon him -- the first of the kind in the Belfast Brigade and the second in the Ulster Division -- is a son of Mr. Harford H. Montgomery, Belfast.

Captain Hugh W. Niven, Canadian Infantry, who has been awarded the Distinguished Service Order for conspicuous gallantry in the field, is a son of the late Dr. J. S. Niven, of Crome Hill, Lambeg, who died in London, Ontario, early in the present year, and a nephew of the late Mr. Richard Niven, a prominent member of the Loyal Orange Institution. He has served with distinction in the present war, and was previously decorated with the Military Cross.

Second-Lieutenant A. Lionel Gordon-Kidd, Royal Flying Corps, who has also been granted the D.S.O. by the King for hazardous feats in the air, is a son of the late Captain James Gordon-Kidd, Indian Army, a native of Ballymena, and a grandson of Captain Carroll, late of the 78th Highlanders. He ia a cousin of Mr. F. A. C. Mills, Cliftonville, Belfast, and a relative of Rev. T. J. Forsyth, B.A., vicar of Randalstown, and of Mr. J. F. Charlesson, chairman of the Ulster District of the Institute of Journalists. Second-Lieutenant Gordon-Kidd was wounded last year while serving on the Western front.

8/12729 Company Sergeant-Major Richard Stanley Drean, Royal Irish Rifles (East Belfast Volunteers), who has been awarded the Military Cross for conspicuous gallantry during a heavy bombardment, is a son of Mr. R. A. Drean, manager of the Belfast Savings Bank. He served his apprenticeship with Messrs. R. Walsh & Son, chartered accountants, and subsequently entered the employment of Messrs. Leslie & Shaw. He joined the army as a private in September, 1914, and had previously been connected with the Ulster Volunteer Force. Company-Sergeant-Major Drean is a member of the Ulster Division recruiting party which is at present in Belfast.

14/8320 Company Sergeant-Major Joseph Lowry, Royal Irish Rifles, who has also received the Military Cross for conspicuous bravery and devotion to duty, is a son of Mr. Richard Lowry, Glenanne, County Armagh. During the Home Rule crisis he was commander of the Glenanne and Loughgilly Companies, Armagh Regiment, Ulster Volunteer Force. He was wounded in the first battle of Ypres, was mentioned in battalion orders of the 1st Gordons in October, 1914, and was promoted to the rank of sergeant for service in the field; while he was also mentioned in despatches by Field-Marshal Viscount French. He was invalided home in February, 1915, owing to frostbite. His time having expired in April, 1915, he promptly extended his service for the duration of the war, transferring to the Ulster Division, and went to the front again with the Young Citizen Volunteers in October, 1915. Company Sergeant-Major Lowry was wounded, after fourteen hours' fighting, on 1st July last, in the great battle of the Somme.

The Military Cross has also been awarded to the following:--

13462 Company Sergeant-Major Henry Walls, Royal Irish Fusiliers.

6858 Company Sergeant-Major John Alfred Byers, Royal Irish Rifles, who was killed in action on 7th July; and

5927 Company Sergeant-Major (A.Q.M.S.) James Redmond, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.

An interesting ceremony took place on Tuesday in the grounds of the Belfast City Hall, when Brigadier-General Hacket Pain presented the Distinguished Conduct Medal to Company Sergeant-Major W. D. Magookin, Royal Irish Rifles, for gallantry. In making, the presentation, the Brigadier-General expressed his admiration for the manner in which the Ulster Division had participated in the British offensive on July 1st, and mentioned that Sergeant-Major Magookin had, on the 21st of November last, at Beaumont Hamel rescued a wounded soldier from within some yards of a German listening post, under heavy machine gun and rifle fire. The Lord Mayor, Sir Crawford M'Cullagh, in congratulating the recipient, regretted that, owing to a misunderstanding as to the time of arrival of the Ulster Division recruiting party, no civil reception had been accorded them. The citizens of Belfast were all proud of the gallantry of the Ulster Division, and he hoped further recruits would come forward. The members of the recruiting party were then entertained by the Lord Mayor, the catering being admirably carried out by Messrs. Thompson's, Ltd., Donegall Place.

At this pleasant function the genial host cordially congratulated Captain Montgomery on having secured the distinction of D.S.O., and Captain Nicholl, proposing the health, of his lordship, referred to the splendid services rendered by Sir Crawford M'Cullagh to the recruiting campaign in Ulster.


Deep regret will be felt in Belfast and throughout the North of Ireland generally at the announcement of the death in action of Second-Lieutenant Chambers, son of Mr. James Chambers, K.C., M.P. The deceased, who was about eighteen years of age, was educated at Harrow, and left that famous public school some months ago on receiving a commission in the Army. He was a young man of great promise, and his death will arouse widespread sympathy.

Lieutenant T. Thompson, Royal Irish Rifles, attached Machine Gun Corps, wounded, is a son of Rev. Professor W. H. Thompson, LL.D., vicar of St. Stephen's, Ealing, London, and a grandson of the Right Honourable Robert Thompson, D.L., M.P., Belfast.

Second-Lieut., H. M. Austin, Highland Light Infantry, missing, believed killed, is a son of Mr. Hugh Austin, 32, St. Jude's Avenue, of the firm of Austin & Co., Waring Street, Belfast. Second-Lieut. Austin joined the Army in Glasgow, where he was in business before the war, and received his commission in the H.L.I. in September, 1915. He has a brother serving in the Balkan Expeditionary Force. The late Dr. Austin, of Clifton Street, was an uncle of Second-Lieut. Austin.

In the Cooke Centenary Church on Sabbath evening, Rev. T. A. Smyth, B.A., read an appropriate reference by Rev. Dr. Macmillan to Second-Lieut. Austin. Dr. Macmillan wrote that as member of a much respected home, as Sabbath-school teacher, and leader among the young men in every laudable enterprise, as one desirous of using every moment of his time and every opportunity of his life in the service of his Divine Master and in the interests of his fellow-men, as a true and faithful friend, they mourned Mr. Austin's loss with no common grief.

Second-Lieut. Thos. Cedric Harold Dickson (Royal Dublin Fusiliers), wounded, is the younger son of Mr. and Mrs. James Dickson, Miltown House, Dungannon, and it will be remembered that his elder brother, Capt. Wm. Dickson, 6th Batt. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, died on 9th ult. from wounds received in action. Second-Lieut. Dickson, who is a son-in-law of Mr. John Sinclair, Windsor Park, Belfast, was formerly associated with his father in the linen business at Dungannon. On the outbreak of war he promptly offered his services, and joined the Australian Hospital Corps, and after being three months at the front he obtained a commission in the Dublin Fusiliers.

Second-Lieutenant W. G. Whitley, The King's (Liverpool Regiment), killed, was the eldest son of Mr. H. T. Whitley, Florida, Ardenlee Parade, Belfast, chairman of the Belfast Trades and Labour Council and treasurer of the local branch of the Typographical Association. The deceased, who was twenty-three years of age, was in the legal profession, and had completed his apprenticeship with Messrs. M'Lean & Son, solicitors, High Street. Deceased was formerly in the M'Quiston Boys' Brigade.

Corporal W. Harold Quarry, Public Schools' Battalion Royal Fusiliers, killed, was a son of Mr. George H. Quarry, solicitor, Princess Gardens, Marino, and Belfast. Educated at Methodist College and Campbell College, Belfast, he served his time to engineering at the Queen's Island, and for some time prior to the war was assistant manager of Messrs, Harland & Wolff's boiler shop and foundries.

Private Fred W. Ekin, Public Schools Battalion of the Royal Fusiliers, who died from wounds, was the elder son of Mr. John Ekin, Clarnico, Ashley Gardens, Belfast, and was formerly in business with his father, a member of the firm of Messrs. Ekin & Prenter, Waring Street. He was twenty-three years of age, and was connected with Newington Presbyterian Church.

The remains of the deceased were interred in the Belfast City Cemetery, the funeral being accorded full military honours. The service at the graveside was conducted by the Revs. T. M. Johnstone, B.A. (Newington Presbyterian Church), and T. A. Smyth. B.A. (Great Victoria Street Presbyterian Church).



The following particulars are specially prepared for "The Witness" by Messrs. Rayner & Co., registered patent agents, of 5, Chancery Lane, London, who will give all assistance and advice quite free to any of our readers on all matters relating to patents and inventions, trade marks or designs:-- 6245. Trueing Crank-pins. S. Stewart, 50, Lisburn Avenue; J. Irwin, 7, Adelaide Avenue, and G. Cosgrove, 8, Elizabeth Terrace -- all in Belfast. -- Locomotive outside crank-pins are trued up in position by a hollow cutter head guided by a cylindrical block screwed on to the end of the pin and carrying a feed-screw engaging a nut attached to the cutter head. Full copies of the published specification can be obtained from Messrs., Rayner & Co., at the price of 1s.



A Week's Campaign.


During the past week a recruiting campaign was conducted by a detachment of officers and men of the Ulster Division throughout the province, and a large number of young men responded to the appeal to fill up the depleted ranks of the Division. The following letter from General Nugent, Commander of the Division, has been received by Brigadier-General Backet Pain, Commanding the Northern District -- "Would you kindly inform the recruiting authorities in Ulster that any men joining for a particular unit will he sent to that unit as soon as they are sufficiently trained. Owing to a mistake during the operations at the early part of last month, men of the Ulster Division were inadvertently sent to divisions other than their own. This is now being rectified, and instructions have been issued that men of the Ulster Division are to be sent to units of the division, and are on no account to be sent elsewhere. I hope that if this fact is known at home it may have the desired effect and induce many to offer their services who up to the present have held back.


The Belfast contingent were entertained at luncheon in the Carlton Restaurant on Monday by the members of the Rotary Club. Mr. J. M. Colton, president of the Rotary Club, presided, and after the loyal toast had been honoured the audience rose and drank in silence to the memory of "Our Fallen Heroes," submitted by Mr. H. H. Montgomery.

The President, on behalf of the Rotarians, heartily welcomed their military friends, and wished them every success in their recruiting campaign. He hoped they would obtain all the men they wanted to fill the gaps in the Ulster Division.

Mr. W. C. Gabbey proposed the toast, "Success to the Ulster Division," which was received with musical honours, and

Major Gunning, in responding, said they were grateful to the members of the Rotary Club for giving them that opportunity of stating their views in regard to recruiting in Belfast. The speaker urged that more women should be employed in occupations for which they were suited, in order that a corresponding number of men might be released for military service. If these men were released on the understanding that their jobs would be kept open for them on their return from the war, he believed they would secure all the recruits they wanted for the Ulster Division. (Applause.)

Captain J. D. Nicholl, who also responded, said he was happy to say that their efforts to obtain recruits had so far been successful. (Applause.) They had also succeeded in arousing the citizens to a sense of their duty, although he was sorry to say that he had come across business men who did not encourage their employees to enlist. It was absolutely necessary that they should get more men: they must get them voluntarily, if possible, but if this method did not succeed they would have to resort to compulsion.

The toast was also responded to by other officers of the recruiting party.

The recruiting campaign conducted by the special party of seventy officers and men of the Ulster Division throughout the province concluded on Wednesday evening. Yesterday afternoon the party paraded in Victoria Barracks Square, and were inspected by Brigadier-General Hacket Pain, C.B., and headed by the band of the Rifles, they subsequently proceeded to the Great Northern Railway terminus, en route for the front. Their departure was witnessed by a large concourse of citizens, and they had an enthusiastic send-off.


There was a crowded congregation in Great Victoria Street Presbyterian Church, Belfast, on Sabbath evening, when Second-Lieutenant James Cordner, Royal Irish Rifles, delivered a rousing address on the interests of the recruiting campaign being carried on in the city. Speaking from the text -- "Who knowest whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this" (Esther iv. 14), the speaker said this message with its ring of destiny was meant for the men of our own time as truly as for that ancient queen. Who knows but that every fit man among us was born at such a time as to be designed to take his place in the tragedies across the sea? This was not merely a war among nations -- it was a war of civilisations, and the question for every capable man was, What am I doing in deciding as to which shall win? Formerly we were said to be fighting for Belgium and France and scraps of paper. Now we have come to see that we are fighting for Britain and Belfast and the homes of County Down. We are contending for great principles -- for honour, justice, liberty, and on behalf of victory for all those nobler sentiments, without which we would be ashamed to live. In winning that victory a man might lose rosy prospects, but he would gain his self-respect and stand well in his own esteem. He might lose a position, but he would gain the gratitude of all true men; aye, he might lose his life, but in doing so he would keep it unto life eternal. He appealed to them to "come on" and help us to see this thing through.

Second-Lieutenant Cordner was formerly minister of the United Free Presbyterian Church, Dublin Road, Lisburn, relinquishing that position last year to become a combatant officer.


We understand that in a recent interview with the Lord Mayor (Sir Crawford M'Cullagh) Brigadier-General Hacket Pain informed his Lordship that he was afraid the progress of recruiting in the city was rather retarded by the fact that some men of military age who have not yet joined the ranks were, in case they enlisted, rather doubtful about being reinstated in their present positions after returning from the war. The Lord Mayor, we learn, assured the General that generally speaking it was the intention of employers when their men came back again as far as possible to reinstate in their former positions any employees who had left their service to join the Navy or Army.


Rev. A. J. Gillespie, minister of Waringstown Presbyterian Church, left on Monday to undertake three months work amongst the troops in France under the auspices of the Y.M.C.A.



Intimation has been received from the War Office that the death took place in action on the 16th inst. of Lieutenant Wm. Urquhart, M.A., B.D., of the Black Watch. Lieutenant Urquhart, who was parish minister of Kinloch Rannoch, enlisted as a private in the Royal Scots early in 1915, and afterwards received his commission in the Black Watch. He had been at the front for about a year, and was married while on furlough in May. He was a native of Aberdeenshire, and was educated at Aberdeen University. He held two assistantships in the South before being ordained to Kinloch Rannoch in 1910.



Further Decorations.

The following distinctions, additional to those recorded in another page, have been awarded to officers and men of the Ulster Division in connection with the 1st July offensive:--


Captain J. E. Sugden, Royal Irish Rifles (South Belfast Volunteers).

Lieutenant H. Gallaugher, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers (Donegal and Fermanagh Volunteers), Manorcunningham.


Lieutenant E. F. Lepper, Royal Irish Rifles (North Belfast Volunteers), Barnageeha, Fortwilliam Park, Belfast.

Lieutenant Frank P. Montgomery, Royal Army Medical Corps, 5, Lower Crescent, Belfast, son of the Rev. Dr. Montgomery, Shankill Road Mission.

Lieutenant T. F. Young, Royal Engineers.

Second-Lieutenant J. Brown, Royal Irish Rifles (East Belfast Volunteers), Holywood Road, Belfast.


Sergeant S. Lowry, Royal Irish Rifles (East Belfast Volunteers).

Sergeant J. M'Mullan, Royal Irish Rifles (East Belfast Volunteers).

Sergeant A. Leach, Royal Irish Rifles (South Antrim Volunteers).

Sergeant F. Kennedy, Trench Mortar Battery (formerly Royal Irish Rifles).

Lance-Corporal J. Fisher, Machine Gun Company.

Lance-Corporal J. A. Hunter, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers (Donegal and Fermanagh Volunteers).

Rifleman J. Kilpatrick, Royal Irish Rifles (County Down Volunteers).

Rifleman W. Duke, Royal Irish Rifles (West Belfast Volunteers),

Rifleman J. Miller, Royal Irish Rifles (East Belfast Volunteers).

Bombardier T. Sharp, Trench Mortar Battery.


Sergeant S. Girvan, Royal Irish Rifles (North Belfast Volunteers).

Sergeant A. T. Buxton, Royal Army Medical Corps.

Corporal G. Bradley, Machine Gun Company.

Lance-Corporal R. M'Kee, Royal Irish Rifles (West Belfast Volunteers).

Rifleman W. Henry, Royal Irish Rifles (East Belfast Volunteers).

Rifleman J. Wilson, Royal Irish Rifles (North Belfast Volunteers).

Private J. Andrews, Royal Army Medical Corps.

Private J. E. Barr, Royal Army Medical Corps.


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