Ulster General Advertiser - Saturday, 24 January 1863


On the 21st inst., in St. Anne's Church, Mr. Robert Patterson, of the Knock, County Down, to Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. Edward Nicholl, Russell Street, Belfast

On the 16th inst., in St. Anne's Church, Belfast, by the Rev. Mr. Anderson, Mr. Archibald Branagh, to Mary, eldest daughter of the late Mr. Edward Hunter, both of Belfast.

On the 19th instant, at the Roman Catholic Chapel, Londonderry, by the Rev. John M'Loughlin, Clonmany, Mr. James Campbell, Belfast, to Mary, daughter of Mr. Wm. Gallagher, Londonderry.

On the 39th October, at Toxeth Chapel, Sydney, New South Wales, by the Rev. John Egglestone, Arthur H. C. Macafee, Evp., son of the Rev. Daniel Macafee, of Belfast, Ireland, to Richarda, third daughter of the Hon. George Allen, of Toxeth Park Glebe.


On the 19th inst., at 2, Antrim Terrace, Belfast, the wife of Mr. William H. Kisbey, of a son.

On the 17th instant, at 1, Landscape Terrace, Belfast, Mrs. Alexander Cuming, of a son.

On the 17th instant, at Fleet Street, Belfast, the wife of Mr. James Hamilton, solicitor, a son.


On the 21st instant, at her residence, 12, Cambrai Street (Spencer Street), Belfast, Mary, wife of John Macartney, aged 65 years.

On the 21st inst., at Laburnum Place, Antrim Road, Belfast, of croup, James Aiken Brown, youngest son of Mr. Joseph M'Cloy, aged three years.

On the 20th inst., at her residence, 6, Prince's Street, Mrs. Mary Hampson, aged 86 years.

On the 20th instant, at 68, Christopher Street, Belfast, ann, wife of the late Mr. D. J. Conroy, Athy, County Kildare, aged 85 years.

On the 18th instant, at Belfast, Miss Mary Jane M'Comb, daughter of the late Mr. John M'Comb, of Lisburn, and sister of the late Rev. William J. M'Comb, Derby.

On the 19th inst., at the residence of his daughter, 27, Henrietta Street, Belfast, Mr. St. John Coates, sen.


Destitution in New York. -- There is an untold amount of misery and of destitution in this city. It does not get into the papers, except occasionally.

Insolvent -- Petition to be Heard. -- At Belfast, on Wednesday, 8th April, Alexander Hunter, late of Dunmurry, in the County of Antrim, cornmiller; previously of the same place, bleacher and linen merchant.

The new Congregational Church in the Queen's Rooms, Glasgow, have offered the splendid stipend of 1,000 per annum to the Rev. Alexander Raleigh, of London, whom they recently called as their pastor.

"General" said Major Jack Downing, "I always observe that those persons who have a great deal to say about being ready to shed their last drop of blood are amazin' pertic'lar about the first drop." We have too many of that style of patriots now-a-days." -- American paper.

Extraordinary Birth. -- During the past week the wife of a farmer named Timothy O'Sheehan, of Currahaly, in the parish of Aglish, in this county, was delivered of three fine boys, at a birth. All the children and mother are doing well.

During the month of December there were registered in the eight principal towns of Scotland 3,932 children, of whom 1,498 were males, and 1,494 females; 2,617 of those were legitimate, and 315 illegitimate, being 10.7 percent, of the whole.

An aged couple residing in Pathhead, Fifeshire on Handsel Money received by the same post delivery four letters, one from each of their four sons -- of whom two are 500 miles, one 15,000, and another 17,000 miles distant from the parental roof.

A Lady Swindler. -- A lady, moving in the first circles of society in Toronto, has recently been arrested for purloining goods from stores. She has been very successful, and thousands of dollars worth of silks, laces &c., have been traced to her.

Dreadful Death. -- A man was being raised up the shaft of a pit at Gawtborpe, near Dewsbury, and war within a few feet of the top when the rope broke and he was precipitated to the bottom. On examination, it appeared that the rope had been nearly severed in two by some miscreant. He only lived a few minutes.

The Tables Turned -- At the fortress of Wesel, Prussia, an officer finding a sentry asleep on his post, struck him. The sentinel was condemned to some disciplinary punishment; but the ill-treatment to which he had been subjected having expired, the officer was in his turn brought before the military tribunal, and sentenced to fifteen years' imprisonment for having struck a soldier on guard.

The Circuits. -- The Judges have made the following arrangements relative to the circuits they are to go at the ensuing Assizes:-- Home. -- The Chief Justice of the Queen's Bench and the Chief Justice of the Common Pleas. North-East -- Judge Ball and Baron Deasy. North-West. -- Judge Hayes and Baron Fitzgerald. Connaught. -- Judge Keogh and Judge Christian. Leinster. -- Judge O'Brien and Baron Hughes. Munster. -- The Chief Baron and Judge Fitzgerald.

Forbidding the Banns. -- On Thursday last, John Young, a miner from Denny, was charged before Sheriff Robertson, at Stirling, with theft, in so far as on 11th October last, Marianne Smith, a girl belonging to Denny, and the prisoner, having given up their names to the Session Clerk, with a view to the proclamation of banns for their marriage, and the girl having paid the dues for proclamation, amounting to 6s, he, on the Sunday morning, went to the Session Clerk, and, saying he "rued" what he had done, got the 6s returned, and appropriated it to his own use. The Sheriff found the pannel guilty of theft, as libelled, and he was sent to prison for twenty days.


Local Intelligence

Night Refuge for the Homeless Poor. -- The total number of admissions for the past week was 105, previous week, 116. The nightly admissions were -- Monday, 9; Tuesday, 13; Wednesday, 13; Thursday, 20; Friday, 27; Saturday, 11; Sunday, 12; total 105.

Swearing in of Sheriffs of County Antrim for 1863. -- On Monday, Mr. Samuel Teirney, Commissioner of the Court of Exchequer, administered the customary oaths of office to John Young, Esq., of Galgorm, as High-Sheriff, and Henry H. Bottomley, Esq., of Belfast, as Sub-Sheriff of this county for the present year.

Northern Counties Railway. -- The directors of the Belfast and Northern Counties Railway, at their board meeting, on Monday, decided upon recommending the shareholders at the approaching half-yearly general meeting to declare a dividend at the rate of 4½ per cent per annum, for the half-year ending 31st ult; and to transfer 2,452 to the reserved fund, and carry forward 1,212 to credit of next account.

Address and Presentation. -- On Monday evening the 19th inst., a few of the friends of Mr. John Jamieson, late of Mr. John Riddel's, assembled at his own house, previous to his leaving for Birmingham, and presented him with a suitable address, a gold watch and chain, and a tea and coffee service for Mrs. Jamieson. Mr. Jamieson made an appropriate and feeling reply. The watch and chain were purchased at Messrs. Harbinson & Co.'s, High Street, and the tea and coffee service at Messrs. M'Coy & Manning's.

Elopement in Low Life. -- Friday last, a person who has resided for some time in Belfast, and has given himself out as "a French doctor," eloped with a washerwoman. "The doctor" is a married man, and has considerately left his wife and three children to the care of the Poor-law Guardians. His companion is also married, and the mother of a little boy about four years old, but her husband, a sailor, has not been heard of for three or four years. The washerwoman was industrious, and had saved some money, and it is just possible that the man of pills and blisters may have been aware of that interesting fact when he proposed an elopement.

City of London Fire and Life Insurance Company (Limited). -- We have pleasure in announcing that Mr. Gustavus Heyn, Belfast, has been appointed agent of this company for all Ireland, and arrangements will immediately be made for carrying out the Belfast agency. It is proposed that a local board shall be appointed in this town and, as the City of London it not one of the tariff offices, but will take each risk on its own merits, it may fairly be expected that insurers will regard it with favor. Mr. Heyn, has already opened the branch at his offices, Ulster Chambers. Only a limited number of the shares of the company have been apportioned to Ireland, and, as they are already at a premium, we have no doubt they will be quickly applied for. We understand the share list will close in Belfast, on the 29th inst.

Annual Election of Harbour Commissioners. -- The annual election of Harbour Commissioners will be held on 5th February. There are five members retiring from the Board who are eligible for re-election. We understand that Messrs. Coates, J.P., Mullan, and Grainger, have been nominated as new candidates for the honour of seats at the Harbour Board. A deputation, consisting of R. Grimshaw, J. Charters, James Macaulay, William Campbell, G. C. Pim, R. Boyd, Thomas Bushell, James Lemon, & James Girdwood. Esqrs., waited on John Clarke, Esq., J.P., Chairman of the Board, and requested him to allow himself to be nominated for re-election. We are glad to learn that Mr. Clarke has waived his objections, and has acceded to the request of the deputation. He will, consequently, continue to fill his responsible position, as Chairman of the Harbour Board, which he has filled with to much credit to himself, and satisfaction to the public.

People's Reading Rooms -- Annual Meeting. -- On Thursday evening, at eight o'clock, the annual meeting of the above institution was held in the Library, Donegall Street. There was a large attendance. Mr. Young, one of the vice-presidents, occupied the chair. The proceedings were commenced by Mr. Thomas Morrison (hon. secretary) reading the report, which stated that the institution continued to maintain its position steadily; that there was a considerable increase in the number of subscribers; and that the finances were never in a better position. It expressed regret, however, that the committee were unable to purchase more new books for the library, a want which was very much felt by the readers; and stated that efforts were being made to obtain donations for that purpose, and that several donations of both money and books had already been received. The report next referred to the educational classes in English, Mathematics and Algebra, and French, which were being conducted by the Rev. H. Hanna, Thos. M'Clinton, Esq., and Mons. Bossu de Vallency, and paid a warm tribute to the two former gentlemen for their valuable and gratuitous services in connection with the classes. After referring to a number of other matters, the report concluded by noticing the success which had attended the members of the institution at the late competitive examinations in connection with the Society of Arts, London. An animated discussion ensued, and the report was unanimously adopted, on the motion of Mr. Elliott, seconded by Mr. Chapman, Mr. Samuel Tasney, treasurer, then read the financial statement, which was considered very satisfactory, and was also unanimously adopted, on the motion of Mr. T. Henry, seconded by Mr. John Ireland. Messrs. M'Cormac and Sempill having been appointed auditors, a cordial vote of thanks was passed to the Rev. Hugh Hanna and Thos. M'Clinton, Esq., for their great kindness in conducting the educational classes, at much personal inconvenience, which was moved by Mr. C. N. Davis, seconded by Mr. George Hamilton. After transacting some routine business, the meeting proceeded to the election of office-bearers, when the following gentlemen were elected:-- S. G. Getty, Esq., M.P., president; Messrs. William Young and John Lynn, vice-presidents; Mr. Samuel Tasney, treasurer; Mr. Thomas Morrison, hon. secretary; and Messrs. George Reilly, William Steele, Thos. Shields, John Smilie, Robt. M'Kenzie, William Cambridge, and Thomas Elliott, members of Committee. The proceedings then terminated.

Launch of a Vessel. -- On Wednesday, at noon, being high water a splendid new screw steamship was successfully launched from the ship-building yard of Messrs. Harland & Wolffe, Queen's Island. The steamer is built for the firm of Messrs. Bibby, Sons & Co., of Liverpool, who patronise ship building in Belfast so extensively. The new vessel is the largest of their magnificent Mediterranean steam fleet, the great majority of which were constructed by the prosperous and enterprising firm alluded to. With three or four exceptions, the new vessel is the longest in the British mercantile marine. Nothing could have exceeded the completeness of the arrangements for giving the new steamer a successful launch into the regions over which old Neptune sways the trident, and the operation was accomplished without the slightest accident. The length of the vessel is 375 feet, and her tonnage is 3,800 tons. Her engines, which are 400-horse power, were supplied by Messrs. MacNab & Co., of Greenock, and are constructed on the nearest and most approved principles. The vessel, which has been named the Persian, draws 26 feet of water, and is one of the handsomest models of marine architecture, taking her immense size into consideration, and her construction is highly creditable to the eminent firm to which the building of the vessel was entrusted.


TO be LET, in perpetuity, MILL SITES, in suitable Lots, on the lands of Clonard and Edenderry, comprising upwards of forty acres, within one mile of the Belfast Exchange.

There is a large Dam on the Premises, supplied by the Forth or Springfield, and Oldpark or Shankill Rivers, which run through the grounds, making the Sites most desirable for Mills or other works requiring a plentiful supply of water.

Apply to JAMES KENNEDY & SON, Clonard House, Belfast.


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