Extracts from Presbyterian Church in Ireland Roll of Honour 1914-1919


Some years ago while researching my family history I came across a book in the Linenhall Library - a relativley unknown tome - called the Presbyterian Church in Ireland Roll of Honour 1914-1919 published by the Presbyterian Historical Society of Ireland about 1922. Very few copies seem to exist now outside the major Libraries.

I was able to transcribe the information in relation to my paternal Grandfather and Great Grandfather and those of my maternal Grandfather's brothers.

I thought at the time how useful the information could be for those tracing their family history and what a shame such a remarkable book was not more widely known. I considered then transcribing the information but realised that it was going to take far more time than I had at that time so it sort of fell by the wayside.

Several times in the intervening years I was prompted by various incidents to look again at transcribing the book but always felt daunted at the task.

Eventually I felt compelled to start the transcriptions, and with some assistance from Mary Lennon, I present it to you with the hope that it may not only help the family historian but once again be a reminder and a memorial to a time of heroism and the great sacrifice of a generation.

Please remember that, while every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of the transcriptions, errors can occur.

Over time I hope to compare and update the entries against memorials erected in the various congregations in later years.


The Presbyterian Church in Ireland


1914 -- 1919

Burning Bush


The Presbyterian Historical Society of Ireland
Church House, Belfast


Printed by W. & G. Baird Limited, Royal Avenue.


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